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Scraped surface crystallizer

Has coaxial double-pipe construction and provided with a screw-type internal surface scrapper
Supersaturation is generated by cooling
Usually small capacity because of the limited heat transfer area
Examples of scrapped-surface are Votator and Armstrong crystallizer and the Swenson-Walker
Used for crystallizing organic compounds like fatty acids, dyes, p-xylene, chlorobenzene, naphathalene
and also for some inorganic materials those have a tendency to form scale on surfaces.
Consists of an open trough with a semicircular bottom of width 0.6 m and length 3 to 6 m, with a cooling
jacket outside for circulation of the coolant.
Provide spiral agitator that rotates at slow speed to help suspend the growing crystals.

Experimental set up with scraped surface crystalizer

Circulating Liquid -Evaporator Crystallizer
Crystals are retained in suspension in a vassel and only the liquor is circulated.
Supersaturation is generated by evaporation.
The circulating liquor is drawn off from the suspension vassel by a screw pump and then passed through
the tubes of a condensing steam heater. The heated liquor is then allowed to flow into a vapour space
where flash evaporation occurs to produce supersaturation