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Financial Update as of September 30 - 2014
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Purchase Price of Building $715,000
Closing Cost $20,000
Estimated Renovation Cost $30,000
Total Purchase Price
Total Funds Raised up to June 25, 2014
Fundraising since start of Ramadan:
Interest-Free Loans $75,000
Donations $240,000
Remaining funds required
ABDELLATIF: (416)671-1190
YOUNES : (416)879-6102
MOHAMED: (647)893-2503
September 30, 2014

The administration team of Masjid Alqalam is greatly pleased
to share with you the latest update of the current financial
state towards the purchase of the new location on 2430
Dufferin street. By the will and the blessing of Allah we have
collectively reached our first step of securing the monetary
objective to close the deal on October 1st.

Alhamdulillah, the objective was attained by taking $75,000 in
Qard Hassan (Interest Free Loan).

By His exalted Mercy and Blessing, we will continue with our
fundraising campaign to achieve the two following objectives:

1/ Free the house of Allah from the debt incurred.

2/ Raise funds to cover the imminent renovation expenses
that lie ahead.

We ask the Almighty Allah to bless everyone and their family
who contributed in this noble cause albeit physically,
monetarily or spiritually by multiplying their wealth and good
deeds in this life and in the hereafter. May Allah bless us with
good health and gather us all in the highest ranking of Para-
dise with our beloved Prophet SAW, Ameen.

Jazakumu Allah Khayran.

2014.(ATaxReceiptwillbeissued:BN/registration number: 854263720RR0001)

This is how you can help - please complete the Pledge Form below:
1. Donate generously to the Masjid (A Donation Tax Receipt will be issued) and please remember that no donation
is small. We accept cheques, Email Money Transfer, Bank Transfer, Paypal and Cash
2. Provide us an interest-free loan to the Masjid . A detailed repayment plan will be presented if you offer
a loan.
3. A combination of a donation and an interest-free loan
4. If you are a professional contractor or an architect, please speak to the Masjids administrator about how you
would like to help (most probably in the month of October).
5. Tell your friends and family members about this noble project and encourage them to participate and to volunteer.