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K1R Castle Cove Public School 2014

For literacy activities, students are grouped according to ability across the areas of the literacy continuum. I have found that smaller groupings work much
better, so there are 8 groups of 2-3 students ranging from Strawberries (support) to Aubergines (extension). Timing will be managed using this online
segmented timer, which helps the students to manage their time and get the most out of learning.
T = Teacher i = iPads
(Spelling on Thursdays)
W = Writing C = Computers G/S = Game &
Comprehension sheet

Students 1 2 3 4 5
(9:35-9:55) (9:55-10:15) (10:25-10:45) (10:45-11:05) (11:05-11:25)

Kira, Sophia B, Josh
T i W C G/S

Joey, Iman, Savannah
W T i C G/S

Sophia K, Freya, Josie
W G/S T i C

Olivia, Damian
i G/S T W C

Zeke, Matthew,
C W i T G/S

Sam, Toby, Hugo
C W G/S T i

Bradley, Christian, Max
i C G/S W T

Dylan H, Dylan M,
G/S C W i T