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Integrated Performance

Margarita Boyatzi Dempsey
Smithfield High School
Bryant University

What is an IPA and how can I incorporate them
into my curriculum?
ACTFLs Proficiency Guidelines
Can-Do Statements
Why we chose do implement IPAs
What is an IPA?
Examples of IPAs
Lessons weve learned
Q & A
How Much Do You Know About IPAs?
a. LotsIn fact, I should be up there giving this
b. A bitIve heard about them, read about
them but still havent really used them
c. IPA thats a beer, right?!
Ultimately, the goal for all
language learners is to
develop a functional use of
another language for ones
personal contexts and

NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements
Our Motivation
Proficiency guidelines
Can-Do Statements
Changes in grading policy
Wanting more for and from our students
What Is an IPA?
The Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA)
is a cluster assessment featuring three tasks,
each of which reflects one of the three modes
of communication:
The three tasks are aligned
within a single theme or
content area

( reflecting the manner in which
students naturally acquire and use the
language in the real world or the

Each task provides the information
and elicits the linguistic interaction
that is necessary for students to
complete the subsequent task.

IPAs are:
Connected to at least one other goal
area: Cultures, Connections,
Comparisons, or Communities
IPAs are designed to be used with
scoring rubrics that rate performance in
terms of whether the performance:

meets expectations
exceeds expectations
does not meet expectations for the
How to Begin
UBD Tasks / Essential Question/Common
Integrate formative assessments with the
essential question
Create Interpersonal task
Interpretive task
Presentational task
Dont forget cultural component
French III What are the similarities and
differences between American and French
school systems?
Interpretive Reading Task:
1. Read one of two articles
2. Write five important facts you learned from the

French III IPA
Interpersonal Speaking Task
1. Pair with classmate who read a different
2. In French, discuss your article with your
3. Write down three things you learned from
your partner

French III IPA
Presentational Speaking Task
1. Make a video describing your school and
compare and contrast the American school
system with the French system
French III Formative assessments
Blog entries
Phone call to classmate
You can simulate this or have students
record the message and have students email the
audio to you
Email classmate and then classmate responds
Email teacher

French III Everyday Activities
Turn and speak to your partner Choose
topics that refer back to the essential
1. What classes are you taking and who are your
2. What classes do you like and dislike
3. Describe the activities you do after school

1. Make sure you provide enough input before you expect
2. Use as many authentic cultural references as possible
3. Always connect what the students are doing to the
essential question. Make that connection clear to your
4. Have students practice asking questions to one another.
5. Have students self-reflect as to what they can do

French I and Spanish I
Same IPA
Work cooperatively
Have advanced students make videos for your
level I
Soafter five weeks
Students are becoming more comfortable
recording themselves
Students are more accustomed to talking to
their partner in the target language
Students understand why they are doing the
activities they are doing
Students in level I are already communicating
better this year
Searching the Internet sucks the life out of you
I needed to be clearer with the due dates of
the formative and summative assessments.
Students dont read carefully
Its difficult to find appropriate videos and/or
sound clips
I had to adjust the Interpretative task (I found
the articles for students to read)
Its exciting and invigorating to rethink how we

Helpful Websites
Proficiency Guidelines:

Can-do Statements:
Broadcasts in Slow French
TV 5 pour apprendre le franais
Search for French and Spanish videos and
much more

Suggestions from Bob Ponterio -
FLTeach - on downloading videos
Here are a few that I have been testing for the students in my graduate
class on Tech in the Second Language Classroom. More information can be
found on my course page for video downloads:

Two browser add-ons:
- 1-Click YouTube Video Download :
- YouTube Video and Audio Downloader :
One web site:
- ClipConverter <http://www.clipconverter.cc/>

Robert Ponterio : robert.ponterio@cortland.edu