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Instructors Manual

Lesson 3
A. Write an overview of your plan of instruction and technology product by doing the
1. Discuss the following elements of the plan and product: instructional goal, intended
audience, length, delivery approach, instructional sequence, materials needed
The instructional goal of my unit of instruction is to teach plumbers how to manage their
time. The specific goal is to help them submit a bid for typing to the office within 48 hours
of their trip to the customers location. The audience is a group of 12 plumbers, with an
average of close to 15 years plumbing experience. The length of the entire unit of
instruction is approximately eight hours of instruction and the delivery approach is a
combination of teacher-led and group work. The instructional sequence is:
1Whos in charge of your time?
2Timewhat is it and how do we manage it?
3Are you prepared?
4Time wasters
6Stress of NOT prioritizing
7Asking for help
8Bringing it all together
The materials needed are:
List on the white board of 5 different examples of jobs that might need a bid (gas water heater,
house repipe, main water line replacement, gas line replacement, changing out an electric
appliance for a gas one). Pencil and paper for each plumber.
2. Discuss each lesson or module in the plan of instruction.
3Are you prepared?This lesson teaches the plumbers how being as prepared as possible
when they sit down to write their bid can save them time in the long-run and eventually
how that will save them money or make them money.
3. Discuss how student performance is assessed.
The post-assessment in unit 3 is an assessment that has them order items by importance.
This is another self-assessment as each plumber may have different answers, depending on
how he sees the job and the amount of stress that lacking in different skills would have on a
plumber he was training.
Instructors Manual
Lesson 3
B. Describe how the instruction (e.g., planned pedagogies, strategies) is to be delivered so
that its delivery could be re-created from your description.
Overview: 3Are you prepared?This lesson teaches the plumbers how being as prepared
as possible when they sit down to write their bid can save them time in the long-run and
eventually how that will save them money or make them money.
Pre-instructional activity: Facilitate a discussion on why we write bids in the first place.
Role-play a phone call with a frantic customer. He has a leak in the front yard and water is
everywhere. He doesnt know how to shut the water off and needs somebody there right
Content Presentation: Choose plumbers to role-play a phone call from a frantic customer.
(Ask for volunteers if possible.) One plumber to play the role of the frantic customer, one
to play my role as dispatcher and a third to play the role of the plumber who shows up to do
the work. Allow the caller to choose the crisis (they know them all-too-well) and play out
the phone call. See how they handle it to calm the customer down when they are on the
phone and how the plumber handles it when they arrive on the job. Repeat this activity
with new volunteers if there is time.
Learner Participation: Facilitate a discussion on what happens/needs to happen from the
point of the plumber showing up at the job, through the completion of the bid work. (There
are many steps to address here including writing a bid, the office getting down so that
the job can be scheduled, doing the work, obtaining permits if necessary, following up on
the permits, etc.)
Post-assessment: Hand out the checklist entitled You Are Training a New Plumber (in
resource website).
Follow-through activities: none
C. Provide a list of all instructional materials (e.g., handouts, books, assessments,
manipulatives, videos) that are used in the lessons or modules.
http://silveradoplumbing.weebly.com click on Lessons tab, choose Lesson 3 Access the
following items on the Documents needed page: Assessment (You Are Training a New

D. Provide a list of all physical resources needed in the instructional event (e.g., hardware,
lab equipment, calculators).
pencil for each plumber

E. Provide all lesson plans, assessments, and handouts that could be reproduced by those
who use your plan of instruction.
See Weebly website (www.silveradoplumbing.weebly.com)
Instructors Manual
Lesson 3

Note: This could also include media-related documents (e.g., press releases, advertising,

F. Include design elements that contribute to the purpose of the plan of instruction.
Ease of use of the Weebly website, appropriate content that the plumbers can relate to,
consistent navigation throughout the website, choice of images for use on the website (use
of water and above ground plumbing since Im working with plumbers)