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Bike to School

Ari :Welcome to our talkshow today ladies and gentlemen. In this nice occasion we would
like to discuss the issue: Bike to school. Today we have two guests namely Yeni and Mita , and
they will both discuss their opinions and argument. Please take a seat, the two of you
N : So let us start with Mitas opinion about this issue. What do you think about student
riding bike to school in Singaraja, Mita?
M :I think its very good for students because riding bike exercise their bodies and make
them healthy. Also, they will learn how to manage time in the morning. Researches show that
exercising your body everyday will make your brain better, which means better cognitive skill
and concentration at school. Not only that, your feelings and emotions will be more stable too,
so stress and depression become more avoidable.
N : Your opinions, Yeni?
Y : But you see, if its Singaraja, then its hardly feasible. Rather than gaining health from
riding a bike, a student may suffocate from the smoke produced by the transportation on the
streets. Not to mention we have weak inspection and regulation system regarding vehicles
waste. As you can see, there are many vehicles out there that produce below-safe-standard
waste. And that waste, in the form of CO, or carbon monoxide is known dangerous for our
bodies. Dust is also a threat to their eyes
M : Students can wear maskers and goggles to cover their noses from healing dangerous
gases. And maskers can be bought almost everywhere, so its easy to get. That way, they can
be safe from carbon monoxide.
A :Mita has a very good point, and your response is?
Y : As you can see, there is no space of street in our city is dedicated for biker, riding bike
would mean against your own safety, though theres no law of anti-bike in our street, so its
maybe legal. Not to mention that our streets are already narrow, and putting slow-moving
bikes in it would slow down other vehicles. People needs vehicles to do their jobs and other
things you know. Thus, bikes would slow down our economy.
A :Okay, what do you say Mita?
M : Let us consider that students will only ride their bicycles twice in a day, in the early
morning (7 am) and in the afternoon (2 pm). Compared to all of the population in Singaraja,
Students population only make up ENTAH BERAPA PERSEN of the total population. I dont think
it will really slow down our economy, it may, but only for a little percent. In the morning of
students arrival in school and in the afternoon of students leaving from school, we can see
that there are policemen everyday near those schools to protect the students
Y :Twice you say, first in the morning and second in the afternoon. The sunlight at 2 pm is
pretty fierce as we all know, and that kind of sunlight can burn your skin and can even cause
skin cancer. How do you say that students will be healthy?
M : High school students mainly have their own jackets, as for elementary and middle
school students, they could buy them at stores. Another solution would be to smear sunlight
cream to your skin. It costs less than having to buy gasoline and even a motorbike. The good
point is that students will also gain health as I described earlier.
Y :Hmm, Ari, ada menng kalah d debatny ni? Mita kyany menang. Kl ad tolong tulisin di
bawah ide2mu n skenariony. thanks