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In many of the Greek myths, there were tyrants who ruled over people with complete
control. One such example of this was in the Perseus myth. In this myth, Perseus and his mother
wash up on an island ruled by Polydectes, a cruel and ruthless man. He attempts to use his power
to force Perseus mother to marry him and kill Perseus. Ultimately, he is killed by Perseus when
Perseus holds up Medusas head, and he turns to stone. In this tale, his tyranny eventually leads
to his own demise, but this is not always the case. Currently in China, there is a communist
tyrant, who rules over all of Chinas people, He can choose to make whichever decisions he
desires, and the people can do nothing about it, just as Polydectes used his power. A suggestion
for why this happens in the past and in the present can be explained by Prof. Phil Zimbardo. In
1971, Phil Zimbardo conducted an experiment to see what would happen if you took a bunch of
Stanford students good apples and put them in a bad situation. He randomly assigned some
of them to be the guards, and the others to be prisoners. The results were shocking; they found
that the guards tortured and abused the prisoners from their position of power, even though
before the experiment they had never shown any signs of violence. This supports the possibility
that it is not that people are inherently bad, but that the situations they are in can cause people to
act more cruelly. It would also explain how why once people get into power, they feel that they
do anything to others, creating tyranny.
A tyrant is also found in the myth of Theseus. Minos, the king of Crete, lost his only son,
Androgeus, while he was visiting the Athenian King. The Athenian King had sent Androgeus on
a quest to kill a bull, but instead the bull killed Androgeus. Filled with rage, Minos invaded the
country and captured Athens, and demanded that every 9 years the people would send 7 maidens
and 7 young men as sacrifices to the Minotaur (see sacrifice). While it can be claimed that he
was justified in his actions, as his son was killed, this is still inhumane punishment. He was
acting without regard for others, wielding his supreme power so that none would oppose him,
just as modern day tyrants do. In China, their leader uses force to keep the riots back, just as
Minos used threats to suppress the Athenian people. This evil still occurs because people have no
one stopping them from committing these horrendous crimes.

Sacrifice is an issue in many of the Greek myths, with people often attempting to
sacrifice others to save themselves. In the Perseus myth, the Ethiopians were being eaten by a sea
serpent, and learned that the attacks could be stopped if they offered up Andromeda, the daughter
of the King and Queen, to the monster. The parents consented, and the girl was chained up to a
rock to wait for the sea serpent to come to devour her. In the end Perseus saves her from this fate,
and marries Andromeda. Why are people always so willing to sacrifice the lives of others in
order to save themselves? The same thing sadly occurs in modern day, where a mentally unstable
man, Behera, killed a child, believing it would free him of his own mental illness. Again, people
are choosing their own lives over the lives of others, even in the real world.
In the Theseus myth, Theseus was originally one of the sacrifices of the Minotaur.
Because of King Minos tyranny (see above), he required 7 young men and 7 young women to
be sacrificed to the Minotaur every 9 years. These sacrifices were made solely to appease the
tyrant, to show that he still had complete control over them. Eventually, Theseus slays the
Minotaur, preventing any further sacrifices. The victims of the Minotaur were slaughtered inside
a giant maze, forced to play a horrible game without an escape before their inevitable demise.
The fact that Minos required this suggests that he may have been mentally unstable, just as
Behera was. That would be one viable explanation for why both of these men were willing to
sacrifice others, and it would explain the connection between the myths and modern day. Mr. De
Leon, a psychology teacher at West Ottawa, believes that this evil occurs because people suffer
from mental illnesses, or are delusional and dont believe what they are seeing is reality. He also
mentioned that psychosis, which means detachment from reality, might be a possible Either
way, in his theory there is a definite relationship between mental illness and these evils, which
would also help explain why filicide occurs as well.

Filicide is present far too often in the Greek myths. In the Hercules myth, he marries
Princess Megara, and with her has 3 children. However, as Hera still despised him, she sent
madness to him, and in his madness he killed all three of his children, and his wife as well. In
this horrible tragic tale, the reason why parents commit filicide is made far clearer: because of
madness. This also falls into line with the case of Gigi Jordan, as it explains why she did such a
terrible deed. It makes sense that the only reason she would be able to act as she did was if she
was emotionally disturbed, as Hercules was. This has even been testified by her lawyers,
furthering the link between madness and filicide.
A more tragic version of filicide also occurs in the Jason (The Quest for the Golden
Fleece) myth. Shot with Cupids arrow, the sorceress Medea is forced to fall horribly in love
with Jason. In her love, she everything she can for Jason, even betraying her father and country
for him. However, in the end, he casts her aside to marry the princess of a powerful nation. She
goes mad with rage after being thrown away by her lover, and kills her own children so they do
not have to go through the same horrible life she did. Clearly, when Medea committed this
atrocious act of altruistic filicide, her mental functioning wasnt at full capacity. This is
explained by Mr. De Leons theory that people commit these crimes because they arent in their
right mental state. That would also explain the link between this myth and the modern day Gigi
Jordan case, as both mothers thought that they were saving their children from unbearable lives.
Needless to say, these mothers were not mentally stable as they slayed their own children.

Interview with Mr. De Leon, conducted Thursday, October 2, 2014, at approximately 2:45 PM.