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Independent and Dependent Clause Practice

Part A: Definitions
A clause is a group of words with a _____________ and a _____________.
A/an __________________ is a group of words with a subject and a verb but it doesnt have a complete thought. (It
cannot stand alone as a sentence.)
A/an __________________ is a group of words with a subject and a verb AND a complete thought.

Bart B: Identify Independent and Dependent Clauses.
Directions: For each of the clauses below, write if the italicized words are an independent or dependent clause. If you
have trouble, read only the italicized words. Can they stand alone as a complete sentence?
Example: While I waited for the movie to start, I ate my entire box of popcorn. ___dependent_______
Example: Because I ate all of my popcorn, I was unbelievably thirsty. ___independent______
1. When Bob made a touchdown, the crowd whooped and hollered. ___________________
2. As my mom made breakfast, I set the table. ___________________
3. Although I dont like most waffles, I really life Belgium waffles. ___________________
4. I pretended to snore when my mom came into my room. ___________________
5. I walked past my crushs locker three times because I was too scared to talk to him/her. ___________________
6. I had to choose another costume even though I had already what I wanted to be. ___________________

Part C: Formulas
Directions: Fill in the three different formulas, or patterns, we use to know where to place a comma with independent
and dependent clauses.

7. ____________________________
8. ____________________________
9. ____________________________
Part D: Commas
Directions: Place commas in the appropriate places in the sentences below. If no commas are needed write No
Comma to the side.

Example: Although tomorrow is Friday, we dont have to go to school.
We dont have to go to school although tomorrow is Friday. (No comma)

10. Before you leave for lunch please pack up your belongings.
11. Im doing extra chores because I want to raise enough money to buy a longboard.
12. Kayden will help you with your homework if you dont finish on time.
13. Unless we eat at Mountain West Burrito Im going to stay home for lunch.
14. While Scottie sang the song Dallin played the guitar.
15. Because Parker loves vegetables I gave him my carrots at lunch.
16. I gave Parker my carrots at lunch because he loves vegetables.
Part E: Complete the Sentences
Directions: Add an independent clause to each dependent clause. Use punctuation and capitalization.

17. whenever I accompany my mom grocery shopping

18. because hes such a funny guy

19. even though she lost the game

20. in order to get straight As

21. after I finished the first Hunger Games novel

Part F: Free Write
Directions: Write a TWO NEW sentences below (not from above) that has a dependent clause, independent clause, and
at least two adjectives. Label each part of the sentence.

Example: As if she were a fairy tale princess, Emys beautiful eyes sparkled and her smile beamed.
Adj. Adj.

22. __________________________________________________________________________________________

23. __________________________________________________________________________________________

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