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Date July 12, 2014

Meeting 3rd Qtr General Meeting

Location Parking Lot Suburban Estates Holopaw, FL
Officers and Directors
President Alan Weierman Absent Director Greg Sayre Here
Vice President Hunter Sander Absent Director John Smith Here
Secretary Helen Schmal Absent Director Mark Merkel Here
Treasurer Rita Hemphill Here Director Michael DeCato Absent
(Key Chairperson) Director Molly Weierman Absent
Director Syme Kutz Here
Director Helen Schmal Absent
(Asst Key Chairperson)
Gate Committee - Syme Kutz
Security Patrol Report - Ford Cook
69 New Keys Issued, 5 Lost/Stolen Keys Reported, 3 Keys Replaced
Attendance / Roll Call
Review of Last Minutes - Secretary - Laura Tolbert
Treasurer's Report - Rita Hemphill
Motioned to accept by Greg Sayre
Seconded by Lauretta Smith
1 of 4 Officers Here, 4 of 7 Directors here
Roads, Ditches, Drainage
Discussion to make sure in the future we adhear to the ByLaws and all expenditures over the $500 President
allowance be voted on by the Board before action.
Motioned to pay Alan Weierman's $1680 invoice to SEPA by Greg Sayre
Seconded by Lauretta Smith
Unapproved 3rd Quarter General Meeting
Ford Cook was not at the meeting to report
John Smith brought up authorization to pay Alan Weierman $1680 for 42 loads of dirt at $40 per load. Greg
Sayre questioned why there was no vote before work was done. John Smith explained normal cost $40 load +
$100 labor, Weierman was at $40 load + no labor. Dirt was dropped at various washed out points that needed
to be repaired.
20 members & 4 non-members out of 92 members
Laura Tolbert read the unapproved 2nd Qtr 04/12/2014 Meeting.
Rita Hemphill read the 2nd Qtr Financial Report.
Reviewed by Rita Hemphill
Next gate check is Labor Day to be run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
SEPA Checking Account Beginning Balance $13692.10 - Ending Balance $12493.36
Key Checking Account Beginning Balance $7024.54 - Ending Balance $7415.91
Last gate check was Memorial Day, brought in $1649 donations
Motioned to accept by Mark Merkel
Seconded by Laura Tolbert
Key Committee - Rita Hemphill & Helen Schmal
10/07/2014 LT
$106.00 total = $53.00 winner + $53 SEPA
#500929 Sherri Smith, donated $20 to SEPA, Thank you Sherri
Membership Committee
Next Meeting Date
October 11th, 2014
Seconded by Lauretta Smith
Offered to Chair by Laura Tolbert
Volunteered to be on the committee - Sherri Smith, Rita Hemphill
Motioned to adjorn by Maureen Short
Seconded by Syme Kutz
Poker Run to take place 8/29, Night Ride
Fundraising Committee - Sherri Smith
Seconded by Maureen Short
Accepted by Laura Tolbert
Motioned to start the committee by Syme Kutz
John Smith said Helen Schmal decided to step down from her position as Secretary. John Smith suggested Laura
Tolbert to cover Helen's term through January 2016.
Rita Hemphill motioned to add a Membership Committee to keep up with the membership list, keep up with
expiring memberships, and welcome new members.
John Smith stated that we were looking at final approval by the end of September
Gary Comes said Trails 1 - 12 have been named by the committee and listed on a joint map. Gary pointed
suggested that SEPA invest in 2 poles with cables for a banner to let people know about meetings and events.
No motion was brought forward.
Motioned to accept by Greg Sayre
Camera Committee - Greg Sayre
Non Profit - Status - Alan Weierman
Sign Committee - Gary Comes
New Secretary Appointed - John Smith
Placed new order for 2015 shirts
Greg Sayre said the Air Card has been activated. Camera working for 1 month. Fridge is needed to keep system
cool. Board members will be given access.