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Plasmid DNA Chromosomal DNA

1. It is extra nuclear DNA
2. It carries non vital genes.
3. A bacterial cell may carry one to several
plasmid DNAs
1. It is nuclear DNA
2. It possesses vital genes
3. A bacterial cell carries only one
Chromosomal DNA

Exonucleases Endonucleases
1. It breaks DNA from the ends.
2. The separated fragments are small
3. The separated fragments can not be used
in genetic engineering.
1. It cuts DNA from inside.
2. The separated fragments are large nuceotides
3. The desirable separated fragments are used
in genetic engineering.

Blunt Ends
Sticky Ends
1. Are cut in the centre of recognition
2. Are known as flush ends.

1. Are short, single stranded end which can join
single stranded ends of other DNA fragments
having complementary sequences.
2. Are known as cohesive ends. Example:

1. Called Yeast Artificial Chromosomes.
2. Used to clone DNA fragments of more
than 1 Mb in size.
3. Used in mapping large genomes e.g.
human genome project
4. Insert size is 2500 1000.
1. Called Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes.
2. Used to clone 300-350 kb of foreign DNA.
3. Used in genome sequencing project.
4. Insert size is 50 300.