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Current Events World Leader Project

You will be researching and reporting on a current world leader. You will use the information you find to
create 3 items. We will have at least 2 opportunities to work on this project in the computer lab or

Gather all your information before beginning the fakebook template so it will go more smoothly. It may
help to write notes on this paper as you go so that you dont have to go back and forth between sites as
much. Save your fakebook web address and password so you can access it at all times. It will also serve
as backup information you can turn in if there is a computer glitch.

Part 1: Fakebook
Part 1
Leaders Name and picture (The template can auto select a picture but you need your own picture
to compare and make sure it found a picture of the actual person you need. Also, in case it doesnt
find a picture of the correct person, you will have a picture saved as a backup.)
Part 2 Profile Information
Relationship status (married, single etc.)
Date of Birth
Education (name of a school they attended or degree they received)
Work (Current Job title, date they became the leader, at least one past job or position. Ex. President
since 2009, Vice-President 2005-2009)
Part 3 Friends
Add at least three people who would be friends with this leader. These could be leaders of other
nations or important officials in their own nation. They all need to be real people who have actual
connections to this individual.
Part 4 Posts
You must include at least 5 posts and 5 comments. These should include both the leader and their
You must include at least one like and one dislike response to one of the posts.
At least one of the posts or comments must be an actual quote from the leader or by a real
individual about the leader. This post/comment should be in quotation marks followed by a link to
the source of the quote.
The content of the posts and comments should be based on real events or information about the
leader. Examples of ideas to include are:
o How did they become the leader?
o Major events they have been part of
o Accomplishments as a leader
o Obstacles they face as a leader
o Goals and/or beliefs they claim to have
The site for creating the fakebook is: www.classtools.net/fb/home/page
Current Events World Leader Project
You can save the site as you work on it so that you do not have to finish it all in one day. Be sure to
copy your unique url and password and save it.
There is a Helpsheet on the site you can refer to.
When you are done and you have saved your project, choose the embed option. Copy the embed
code and attach it to the assignment in schoology.
You can choose to email this link to me at mclarke@nbcusd.org.

Part 2: BioPoem
You will write a Biopoem about the leader you research. Please type out your poem in a font size that
allows it to fill one entire page. These will be used for an in-class display. Feel free to embellish the page
with clipart and/or borders. Turn the document in by attaching it to the assignment in schoology or
emailing it to me.
Line Format/Instructions Example
1 First Name Ronald
2 Full Title and Nation President of the United States of America
3 Three or four adjectives describing the
Proud, hard-working, crowd-pleasing and
4 Important relationship Husband of Nancy
5 Lover of(2 or 3 ideas, people or things
this person cared about)
Lover of film and sports
6 Who believes. Who believed in trickle-down economics
7 Who has experienced(3 or 4 major
Who experienced a hostage crisis, an air-
traffic controller strike, the war on drugs,
and the Iran-Contra scandal
8 Who has accomplished. Who escalated and then ended the Cold
War with the USSR.
9 Who said/wrote.(include a quote from
the person)
Who said, Honey, I forgot to duck, when
he was shot by an assassin
10 Last Name Reagan

Part 3: Article Summary
You will write an article summary based on a news article related to your leader. The news article should
be one of the sources of information you used for your fakebook wall. Include all the normal
Summary of article
Bibliography and direct link to article
Discussion of the purpose of the article and the potential future impact.

Due Date: October 31, 2014
Points: 50 points