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•Huahin House Program and Harinam •Pattaya Harinam and House Program

•On Sunday 15th Nov we had a Namhatta program at

Huahin at Kantu Mtg’s relative’s home. (organized by
Kantu Mtg) They have lots of Thai friends. Her cousin
started chanting and liked the program and invited her
friends. •We had an ecstatic Harinam and book distribution in
Pattaya on Saturday 21st Nov and a house program on
•In the afternoon we Sunday afternoon at Dharmendra Prabhu’s House
had harinam and organized by Arjun Prabhu. Mark (Dharmendra
Book distribution in Prabhu’s son) attended the presentation and was quite
the city. Everyone positive about it.
was glad to get •Anjan Prabhu distri-
Nimai Prb, Hridaya buting books to the
Caitanya Prb’s son, girls in Pattaya bea-
association. Amit, Krishna and local devotees from ch. Distributed about
Huahin also joined the Harinam and Book distribution. 300 small books and
They are studying at an International School in Huahin 15 big books.
and now they also Haribol!!!
conduct morning •Abac Saturday program
programs at their
home. Phuong Mtg
We distributed 200 talking to her
small books and 15 friends from
big Books. Vietnam.
Shh… They
•Thai Students studying BG class. are here on a
About 10 Thai students who were learning Bhagavad Business trip.
Gita in their school came to the center and wanted to •H.H Jayapataka Swamis transit visit in Bkk.
know more Devotees were delighted
about Bhaga- to get the association of
vad Gita, Maharaj and get inspired
Bhakti yoga by his preaching spirits
and Krishna on 26th Nov. Anjan Prb
Consciousness. took shelter from Maharaj.