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Annotated Bibliography on Migration and its consequences.

Becker, C. (2008). Immigration and Illegal Aliens: Burden or Blessing? (pp. 85-99). Information
plus Reference Series Detroit: Gale.
The author of this book makes unclear if migrants are a burden or a blessing while making
progress through the book. She talks about how much tax income they can give out to the federal
government in order to help and make it a reality. However she also talks about the bad side of it
by showing how much does of it goes to government services that these migrants use, which
shows that some of the migrants use the services in rates that are bigger than those of the natives
in the country. She also talks about various opinions such as the one where they will only let in
migrants that are self-sufficient and will help with their taxes instead of taking the money away
from the government by giving too little and getting back too much. This is a great source which
can help solving the big question which is if migrants are either a good thing to the USA or
something thats blocking progress, as well as how has this point of view changed across the
various timespans.
Bitesize,G.(n.d.).Migration Trends. Retrieved from
This source displays the most common reasons for migrants to try to migrate to somewhere
where they have better opportunities. These include economic, politics, social and environmental
reasons, and all of them affect the decision that the migrant is about to take about leaving his
origins behind. It also shows where the trending migrating places are in the world to show, these
being really close to the United States. It also shows a timeline where it shows when the United
States received migrants from places from around the globe as well as the policies that have been
implemented in them. This can be useful as to explaining the reasons that these people have in
order to migrate as well as why they want to go to a particular area. It helps solve the question of
why migration is such a big topic nowadays as well as illustrating a clear idea on how it affects
Broken Border: America's Immigration Dilemma [Motion picture]. (2007). United States: Films
Media Group.
The group behind this Motion Picture is talking about topics that come with migration. One of
these topics includes what American ranchers think about migration. It is captured the way they
speak of these migrants and how they wish to make them no longer employable so that the
migration can finally stop and that (m.11:20 )No border or army is going to stop this migrants
which means that they feel anger when they see migrants coming towards the United States.
This motion film shows how the people on the United States side of the border feel towards
migrants as well as what they think is best for the country. It as well shows that they feel angry
towards each other for what they call cheap laborers and that they should be stopped or else it is
going to affect the country seriously.

Fisher, M. (2013). Migration: A World History (p. 164). Oxford University Press, USA.
This book narrates the origins on migrations from the start in order to successfully engage in a
good analysis. This happens on what the author calls: The globalization age and he also
mentions how does migration affect people living in this time. Each chapter of this book
mentions a stage of the world migration which also affected the technology as well as the
development of all of the people who lived there. Chronologically speaking, this covers the
substantial migrations that have occurred as well across the entire globe, speaking of a universal
migration history. It also covers as well the movements that have happened due to ethnicity and
racial factors as well as how much are they involved in the search of better opportunities all
around the world. Showing how factors such as this as well as social-economic factors too, the
author speaks about how migration is not really an easy progress. This book can solve the
question What is migration? as well as the question How has it grown across the ages as
well as helping me identify the people involved in the process of migrating.
Gil, E., & Ira, G. (2010). Migration and Culture. In Migration and Culture (p. 757). Emerald
Group Publishing Limited.
Migration agents are not just migrating for the worse , there is also an interest in it and as well as
good sacrifices that come along with it , during this book the authors talk about how much things
do they leave away in order to get over the adaptation period. The authors want to open up the
culture to the importance of migration and how is it affecting the people that are involved in it.
The disadvantages that these people suffer in matters such as wages , as well as the matters that
make them be more productive or in the worst case , less productive compared to the natives that
have spent all of their life in that particular country. This source would be useful as to show the
difficulties that the migrant party has when discussing the topic on migration, helping me solve
the question Who are involved in migration?
Leonard, L. (2012). In Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights. Emerald Group Publishing
This source shows how the food is an important change in the identity of racial groups that have
migrated across the whole world. A great example of this is how the author mentions that he was
invited to a party with dishes from the Philippines and with this, it was easily seen that it was a
reunion of that particular race. It is something that identifies people all across the world and for
this reason it is important to note that it also creates what the author calls virtual hunger where he
is just hungry to eat something that he misses such as the dishes from his country. It is a great
way to show how much changes the migrants are going through when they are trying to migrate
somewhere else and have success on doing so.

Posada, U. G. (2012). The New Mexican migration: Remembering violence, connecting, and
living in the third space. (Order No. 1533261, The University of Texas at El Paso). ProQuest
Dissertations and Theses, 74. Retrieved from http://0-
search.proquest.com.lib.utep.edu/docview/1312324781?accountid=7121. (1312324781).
The author speaks about one of the main aspects of the migration between both Mexico and the
United States and shows what the real troubles are with violence. It is not only a matter of dying
trying to cross the border, but also a matter of crossing it to prevent dying. The author makes this
really clear by speaking of journalists that had to migrate to the United States and Canada since
they were in danger in Mexico. It as well shows what the consequences where for those who did
not had the time to migrate. It is a very strong source but one that shows one of the biggest
reasons for the migration statistics rising across the years. It can help display what has happened
in more modern years in response to migration history.
United States Department of State (2003) Agreement between the United States of America and
the Dominican Republic.
This source speaks about an agreement that has been done between the United States and the
Dominican Republic. It defines correctly terms such as migrant as well as migrant smugglers.
This report speaks about the actions that have been made in order to protect and prevent illegal
immigration as well as the dangers that come along with it. One of these measures is saying that
the United States could go into a vessel in order to check the documents of the people that are
there in order to prevent illegal immigration, but if people are forced to return to the Dominical
Republic, there will be no illegal prosecution according to this document. It is a great source to
see what kind of agreements are there and what kind of measures are being taken.
United States Government Accountability Office. (2006). Border-crossing deaths have doubled
since 1995; Border Patrol's efforts to prevent deaths have not been fully evaluated.
Border Patrol has failed to address some of the bigger problems which they have in order to
control the deaths in the border. A clear example of this is how the author talks about how the
deaths have doubled since the time-lapse of 1995 to 2005, while the illegal immigration has not
raised at the same rate. This is something to note, as the major cause of death of the migrants is
natural causes caused by the environment such as drowning and dying of dehydration on the
Arizona Desert. Even worse is the statistics that the author mentions where El Paso has kept a
usual rate in these years, but has started to increase little by little, which shows that it is right
now on a rate which is growing and could affect these people. There are also some homeland
security comments on this situation. This source would be really useful as it contains part of the
governments part of view as well as one of the biggest consequences that can happen to
migrants, which is death trying to cross.

United States Customs and Border Protection. (n.d.). Border Patrol Overview. Retrieved from
This is the Border Patrol main overview page which shows what its functions are. What the
government says in this webpage is very important, as it is trying to show that the Border Patrol
is just more than stopping people from crossing, but also to stop threats to the security of the
United States. It is as well shows the point of view of the organization which has a great part in
the migration scene, as it tries to stop illegal immigration. This forces people to take the legal
way into the United States as well as preventing any illegal substance such as drugs from coming
into the country. I believe that this source is very important as it shows the point of view of the
government as well as its other functions on why it tries to stop illegal immigration. With this
one could answer the question as to what is another of the major sides on the debate of migration
in the US.