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nbnbbName Anthony Medeiros Date 10/6/14 Period 1st

Plate Tectonics Web-Quest

PartI: Earths Structure. Use the following link to find these answers
htt!//www.learner.org/intera"ti#es/dynami"earth/str$"t$re.htm l
1. %abel the layers of &arth in the diagram below.
'. (he lithos!here is made $! of the )"r$st) and a tiny bit of the $!!er mantle).
*. (he !lates of the lithos!here mo#e +or float, on this hot- malleable semili.$id
/one in the $!!er mantle- dire"tly $nderneath the lithos!here. (his is known as the
4. (he layer of &arth that is the only li.$id layer is the )o$ter "ore))))))))))).
Part II. Plate Tectonics. Use the following link to find these answers
htt!//www.learner.org/intera"ti#es/dynami"earth/drift.htm l
1. (r$e or 0alse1 2mage A de!i"ts what &arth looks like today. +"ir"le the "orre"tanswer,
False image B looks like what Earth looks today.
Furthest in to furthest outward.
Inner Core
Outer Core
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
'.3hat did &arth look like '40 million years ago1 (he "ontinents of &arth were "l$stered
together in formation that a s"ientist named Pangea. (he s"ientist that named 5Pangaea6
was a 7erman s"ientist by the name of )))Alfred 3egener. 8e theori/ed that 5Pangaea9
s!lit a!art and the different landmasses- or "ontinents- drifted to their "$rrent lo"ations on
the globe. 3egener:s theories of !late mo#ement be"ame the basis for the de#elo!ment
of the theory of )))))!late te"toni"s.
*. ;rder the images of &arth:s !lates in order from oldest or earliest +1, to most re"ent +4,.
Part 222. Plates and <o$ndaries. Use the following link to find these answers
htt!//www.learner.org/intera"ti#es/dynami"earth/!late.htm l
1. Name the missing te"toni" !lates in the blanks on the image below.
'. (he !la"e where the two !lates meet is "alled a )))bo$ndary. <o$ndaries ha#e different names
de!ending on how the two !lates are mo#ing in relationshi! to ea"h other.
A. 2f two !lates are !$shing towards ea"h other it is "alled a "on#ergent bo$ndary.
<. 2f two !lates are mo#ing a!art from ea"h other it is "alled a di#ergent bo$ndary.
5 3 2 4 1
North American
late !urasia
n late
an late
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
=. 2f two !lates are sliding !ast ea"h other it is a "alled a transform bo$ndary.
*. %abel the ty!e of bo$ndary de!i"ted in ea"h image below.
4. Plates and <o$ndaries =hallenge. 0ollow dire"tions for the "hallenge. >e"ord yo$r res$lts
Part 2. N$mber of "orre"tly !la"ed !lates ? )10
Part 22. N$mber of bo$ndary ty!es "orre"tly labeled ? 1*
Part IV. Slip, Slide, and Collide. Use the following link to find these answers
htt!//www.learner.org/intera"ti#es/dynami"earth/sli!.htm l
1. At converent boundaries- te"toni" !lates )"ollide with ea"h other. (he e#ents that o""$r
at these bo$ndaries are linked to the ty!es of !lates +o"eani" or "ontinental), that are
Subduction !ones and Volcanoes
At some "on#ergent bo$ndaries- an o"eani" !late "ollides with a "ontinental !late.
;"eani" "r$st tends to be ))denser)) and )thinner)) than "ontinental "r$st- so the
denser o"eani" "r$st gets bent and !$lled $nder- or ))s$bd$"ted)- beneath the lighter and
thi"ker "ontinental "r$st. (his forms what is "alled a subduction "one. As the o"eani"
"r$st sinks- a dee! o"eani" )))tren"h)))- or #alley- is formed at the edge of the "ontinent.
(he "r$st "ontin$es to be for"ed dee!er into the earth- where high heat and !ress$re
"a$se tra!!ed water and other gasses to be released from it. (his- in t$rn- makes the base
of the "r$st melt- forming )magma). (he magma formed at a s$bd$"tion /one rises $!
toward the earth@s s$rfa"e and b$ilds $! in magma "hambers- where it feeds and "reates
#ol"anoes) on the o#erriding !late. 3hen this magma finds its way to
$ransform %i&er'ent Con&er'ent
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
the s$rfa"e thro$gh a #ent in the "r$st- the #ol"ano er$!ts- eA!elling )la#a) and
)))ash). An eAam!le of this is the band of a"ti#e #ol"anoes that en"ir"le the Pa"ifi"
;"ean- often referred to as the >ing of 0ire.
>oll yo$r mo$se o#er the image to find the definitions of the words below.
B$bd$"tion Cone D )Area where one !late is being !$lled $nder the edge of another.
Magma E )Molten ro"k- gases- and solid "rystals and minerals.
(ren"h E )A stee!Esided de!ression in the o"ean floor.
Fol"ano E )A #ent in the &arth:s s$rfa"e where magma and gases er$!t.
Fol"ani" Ar" E )An ar"hEsha!ed "hain of #ol"anoes formed abo#e a s$bd$"tion /one.
0ill in the ty!e of "r$st "on#erging in the image below.
A s$bd$"tion /one is also generated when two o"eani" !lates "ollide G the older !late is
for"ed $nder the )yo$nger one- and it leads to the formation of "hains of #ol"ani" islands
known as island ar"hs.
Collision !ones and #ountains
3hat ha!!ens when two "ontinental !lates "ollide1 <e"a$se the ro"k making $!
"ontinental !lates is generally lighter and less dense than o"eani" ro"k- it is too light to get
!$lled $nder the earth and t$rned into magma. 2nstead- a "ollision between two "ontinental
!lates "r$n"hes and folds the ro"k at the bo$ndary- lifting it $! and leading to the formation
of ))mo$ntain ranges.
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
0ill in the ty!e of "r$st "on#erging in the image below.
>oll yo$r mo$se o#er the image to find the definitions of the words below
=ontinental =r$st E ))(he earth:s "r$st that makes $! the "ontinents.
Mo$ntain E )A high- large mass of earth and ro"k that rises $! the earth:s s$rfa"e with
stee! of slo!!ing sides.
'. At diverent boundaries- te"toni" !lates are mo#ing )away from ea"h other. ;ne res$lt of
h$ge masses of "r$st mo#ing a!art is seafloor s!reading. (his o""$rs when two !lates
made of o"eani" "r$st !$ll a!art. A "ra"k in the o"ean floor a!!ears and then magma
oo/es $! from the mantle to fill in the s!a"e between the !lates- forming a raised ridge
"alled a )midEo"ean ridge. (he magma also s!reads o$tward- forming new o"ean floor and
)new o"eani" "r$st.
3hen two )"ontinental !lates di#erge- a #alleyElike rift de#elo!s. (his )rift) is a dro!!ed
/one where the !lates are !$lling a!art. As the "r$st widens and thins- #alleys form in and
aro$nd the area- as do )#ol"anoes- whi"h may be"ome in"reasingly a"ti#e. &arly in the rift
formation- streams and ri#ers flow into the low #alleys and long- narrow lakes "an be
"reated. &#ent$ally- the widening "r$st along the di#ergent bo$ndary may be"ome thin
eno$gh that a !ie"e of the "ontinent breaks off- forming a new te"toni" !late.
Continental Crust
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
*. At trans$or% boundaries- te"toni" !lates are not mo#ing dire"tly toward or dire"tly away
from ea"h other. 2nstead- two te"toni" !lates grind) !ast ea"h other in a hori/ontal
dire"tion. (his kind of bo$ndary res$lts in a )fa$lt). A fa$lt is a "ra"k or )fra"t$re))
in the earth@s "r$st that is asso"iated with this mo#ement.
(ransform bo$ndaries and the res$lting fa$lts !rod$"e many earth.$akes) be"a$se
edges of te"toni" !lates are Hagged rather than )smooth). As the !lates grind !ast ea"h
other- the Hagged edges strike ea"h other- "at"h- and sti"k- 9lo"king9 the !lates in !la"e for
a time. <e"a$se the !lates are lo"ked together witho$t mo#ing- a lot of
stress) b$ilds $! at the fa$lt line. (his stress is released in .$i"k b$rsts when the !lates
s$ddenly sli! into new !ositions. (he s$dden mo#ement is what we feel as the shaking
and trembling of an earth.$ake.
(he motion of the !lates at a transform bo$ndary has gi#en this ty!e of fa$lt another name-
a strikeEsli! fa$lt. (he bestEst$died strikeEsli! fa$lt is the Ban Andreas 0a$lt in )"alifornia).
4. =om!lete the Plate 2ntera"tions =hallenge and (est Bkills .$estions.
My s"ore for Plate 2ntera"tions =hallenge ? ))))))I0J))))))))))))))))))))
My s"ore for (est Bkills .$estions ? ))))))) 20 o$t of *0 or ))6I J))))
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date ))))))))))) Period ))))
Part V. Questions &ou should be able to ans'er no' that &ou co%pleted this 'eb(uest.
Note E yo$ may go ba"k to the website and re#iew to assist in answering the
following .$estions.
=on#ergent <o$ndary
+o"ean D "ontinental,
=on#ergent <o$ndary
+o"ean D o"ean,
=on#ergent <o$ndary
+"ontinental D "ontinental,
1. Dee!Eo"ean ))tren"hes))) and
))#ol"anoes)))) are "reated by "on#ergent
bo$ndaries of o"ean and "ontinental "r$st.
'. Dee!Eo"ean )))tren"hes)))))) -
))#ol"anoes))- and ))island ar"s)) are
"reated by "on#ergent bo$ndaries of o"ean
and o"ean "r$st.
*. Mo$ntains) are "reated by "on#ergent
bo$ndaries of "ontinental and "ontinental "r$st.
4. Another ty!e of bo$ndary neither "reates nor
"ons$mes "r$st. (his ty!e of bo$ndary is "alled a
))))transform)))) bo$ndary be"a$se two !lates
mo#e against ea"h other- b$ilding $! tension- then
release the tension is a s$dden Herk of land "alled
an ))earth.$ake)).
Name )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Date )))))))))))
Period ))))
4. =ir"le the "orre"t ty!e of bo$ndary for ea"h des"ri!tionbelow
A. (hebo$ndarywheretwo!latesmeetandtren"hesareformed.
)iverent Converent Trans$or%
<. (he!latesmo#eawayfromea"hotherallowingmagmato"reatenewo"ean"r$st.
)iverent Converent Trans$or%
=. (he!latesmo#eino!!ositedire"tionsb$ilding$!tension$ntiltheysli!"a$sing
)iverent Converent Trans$or%
4. %abel ea"h ty!e of bo$ndary as either )iverent, Converent, or Trans$or%
A. )))))"on#ergent)))
<. )))transform
=. )))di#ergent
(he end. Please take a min$te and look o#er yo$r webE.$est to make s$re yo$ answered
all .$estions and "om!leted all tasks. Make s$re yo$r name is on the front and t$rn it in.