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Introduction: -

Dalda was formed in 1945 with the name of Dada Ghee Corporation in sub
continent. But after the division of sub continent Uni-lever takes this firm and Dada ghee
become Dalda Ghee Corporation.
but two years ago it became a private organization and became a separate unit from uni-
It starts working in providing edible oil and providing finest quality of brand
and eatable oil and ghee.
Now it becomes the market leader with 50 % of market share in oil and ghee
industries. it is divided into 3 regions all over the country as market on basis of

1. dalda ghee
2. dalda banaspati
3. dalda planta
4. dalda canola
5. dalda manpasand
6. dalda olive oil(new product)

In last years prices were revised thrice due to change in
prices of malaysian palm oil
In the beginning of the year the prices were 395 than 415 than 465 now latest prices are
Place: -
ble at every stoThe products of dalda are available now in all over the Pakistan.
At the bigning these products were available only in the big markets. But now these
Products are availare easily.
Promotions: -
With the change of the new world every product that want to stay in the market have to
make changes according to the requirements of the market.
To give competitive advantage to their customers firm have to make changes in product
design affordability change in taste according to the customers desires.
Competitors of Dalda: -
The main competitors of dalda are
1. Habib Oil
2. Soya supreme oil
3. Kisan Oil
4. Tullo Oil
Market Share of Dalda: -
Dalda 50%
Habib oil 30%
Soya Supreme 20%
Future Prospects: -
Dalda Ghee industries have a good future because edible oil and ghee are the products,
which are consumed daily by all the consumers and their demand is ever increasing. The
company is committed to improve its profitability by rationalizing the costs, increasing
the production efficiency and by its prudent marketing and sales policies in order to add
value to the product portfolio.

The company has plans for diversification of its business to allied products and other
lines of businesses that are presently restricted to only one line of business. This
would again have a positive impact on the business of the company and contribute to
its profitability.

Dalda olive oil: -

Dalda, the country’s largest brand of edible oil and fats and a
household name for over 60 years, became the first leading
brand to introduce olive oil in Pakistan.
Regarded by the top nutritionists around the world as the finest
cooking medium, olive oil has proven health benefits and has
been the cooking oil of choice since centuries in many European
countries, says a press release.
Launched at a well-attended Press conference, Dalda Olive Oil
will be available in three variants, namely Dalda Extra Virgin
Olive Oil, preferred for salads, shallow frying, low heat cooking,
Dalda Pure Olive Oil preferred for medium heat frying and
cooking and Dalda Pomace Olive Oil, which is highly suitable
for Pakistani style of cooking that uses high heat and deep frying.
Speaking at the launch press conference, Usama Khan, Marketing
Director Dalda Foods stated: “More than anything else people are
deeply concerned about what they consume and its quality, as it
directly influences their health. Dalda has been the most trusted
name in cooking mediums for 3 generations, always delivering
quality products meeting the international quality standards.
Goals and Objectives
In response to the changing lifestyles and consumer preference,
Dalda is proud to launch the range of finest olive oils in Pakistan. With
the unmatched quality and international cooking expertise of Dalda,
we are confident that Dalda Olive oil will set new benchmarks of
quality in Pakistan.”
He further added that regular use of Olive Oil has excellent health
benefits which include protection for the heart, cancer-fighting
properties and blood sugar control. He went on to say: “Launch of
Dalda olive oil is to be seen as Company’s strong commitment to care
for the health of its consumers and the society, as we firmly believe
that the long term success of any business is directly dependent on the
well-being of the society in which the Company operates.”

Market Segmentation: -
For this new product olive oil Dalda segment the market into two parts
Higher income class
Middle Higher income class
Because the price of Dalda olive oil is 650 rupees per liter. And the main focus of
dalda is to provide quality products to its customers.
Market Targeting: -
For Dalda olive oil the target customers are categories as
Higher income class
Middle Higher income class
Health conscious people
Placement of Product: -
Dalda olive oil is launched in all the big markets of Pakistan.
After this the olive oil must be available at other cities.
Promotions: -
Creative Strategy
• T.V Ad:
• Ad for television is of 15 sec. ( Slides attached )
• Magazine Ad:
• Full page ad on “Akhbar e Jahan” on back side of the middle
Newspaper Ad:
20 inch * 3 columns Ad in “Daily The News” and Daily
• Quarter Page advertisement in The News.
• Posters And Buntings:
• 400000 posters and 200000 buntings are prepared for launch.

• Total duration of campaign:

• One month

• Print media:
• Newspapers:
• Daily The News:
• One Ad of 20 * 3 in 16th august 2006 on the Last Page.
• One Ad of quarter page on 20th August 2006 on the Last page.
• Total Cost for The News = 693060 Rs.
• Daily Jang:
• One Ad on 16th August 2006 on the Last page.
• One Ad on 17th August 2006 on inside pages.
• One Ad on 20th August 2006 on last page.
• Total cost for Daily Jang= 1900980 Rs.
• Magazines:
• One Ad in Akhbar-e- Jahan of full page.
• One Ad in Akhbar-e- Jahan of full page.
• Total for Magazine = 60000 Rs.
Out Door Media
• 4 hoardings in all three cities ( Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi) at prime

• 30000 Rs / Month Rent on an Average.(30000*12)

• Total For Hoardings = 360000 Rs.

• Posters:

• 400000 posters @ 4 Each = 400000 Rs.

• Buntings of 5 leaves each = 200000 Rs.

T.V Commercial

• T.v Ad of 15 sec on P.T.V on alternative days and time.

• 21 slots of 15 sec @ 49710 Rs= 1043910 Rs.
• T.v ad of 15 sec on Geo Entertainment on alternative days and Time.
• 7 slots of 15 sec @ 13750 Rs= 96250.
• 7 slots of 15 sec @ 25000 Rs = 175000.
• 4 slots of 15 sec @ 17250 Rs = 51750.
• Total for Geo = 323000.
Total Budget
• For Print Media:
= 3614040 Rs.
• For T.v Commercials:
= 1366910 Rs.

• Total budget: = 4980950 Rs.