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Tools to help you use our
corporate identity Effectively
These guidelines are 100% practical. If you read them carefully, then
apply them consistently, all the materials you produce will reflect and
reinforce the distinctive essence of Lloyd’s . . .

Before we get down to business, let’s just briefly remind ourselves why those
two words encapsulate what makes Lloyd’s different:

• Constant - evokes our long history and sense of tradition; our good faith
and security; and our worldwide reputation for honouring our word.

• Originality - refers to our creativity in coming up with innovative solutions

for risks; our willingness to do things differently; and the adaptability which
has enabled Lloyd’s to survive and prosper for over 300 years.

We hope you’ll find everything you need to help you achieve your communication
aims in the following pages. But if you do have any queries or concerns, please
don’t hesitate to contact Lloyd’s Marketing team.

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What are these guidelines for?
The key elements
Example collateral

01 The Lloyd’s brand mark 1.2 ‘Bleed’ version 1.5 Minimum clear space
1.0 Overview 1.3 Primary position 1.6 Sizing and positioning
1.1 The components 1.4 Standard and small versions

02 The Arms of Lloyd’s 2.2 Positive and negative versions 2.5 Explanatory copy versions
2.0 Overview 2.3 Colour versions 2.6 Sizing and positioning
2.1 Role 2.4 Standard, small or basic

03 Colour 3.2 Colour palette 3.5 Colours on white backgrounds

3.0 Overview 3.3 Colour specifications 3.6 Coloured backgrounds
3.1 Black and white 3.4 Colours on black backgrounds 3.7 Colours for graphs

04 Typography 4.2 Primary typeface: Vectora

4.0 Overview 4.3 Office use typeface: Arial
4.1 Headline typeface: Sansa Lloyds 4.4 Editorial typeface: Caslon

05 Imagery 5.2 Portraits 5.5 Risk insured 5.8 Metaphors – the principles
5.0 Overview 5.3 Groups of people 5.6 The Lloyd’s building 5.9 Illustration
5.1 Principles 5.4 Events 5.7 Around Lloyd’s

06 Applications & Sub-brands 6.2 Stationery 6.5 Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight 6.8 Lloyd’s Exchange
6.0 Overview 6.3 PowerPoint® presentations 6.6 Lloyd’s Community Programme 6.9 External subsidiary brand marks
6.1 Publications 6.4 Word and Excel templates 6.7 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund

07 Lloyd’s language guidelines 7.2 The language of Lloyd’s

7.0 Overview 7.3 Examples
7.1 Business communication basics 7.4 The nuts and bolts

08 Further information Appendix

8.0 Contact details Approved Paper Samples
Who are these guidelines for?
They are for anyone producing Lloyd’s branded collateral.

are these
Separate guidelines are available for:
• The Lloyd’s market (managing agents)
• Lloyd’s brokers
• Lloyd’s coverholders

• Lloyd’s service companies
• Lloyd’s agencies around the world
• Projects sponsored or supported by Lloyd’s

• Other stakeholders

For all master artworks and a helping hand, contact Lloyd’s Marketing.

They are to help us ensure that the way we present Lloyd’s is always:

Professional All the materials we produce must

look as if they come from the world’s
leading specialist insurance market.

Consistent Whenever and wherever people come

into contact with Lloyd’s we want to
create a clear and coherent impression.

Distinctively Lloyd’s For maximum impact, our

communications should convey
what makes Lloyd’s unique.

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the key elements

Lloyd’s visual identity has six key elements. When applied consistently and
in the correct way, they will create a powerful and distinctive look for Lloyd’s.

1. Brand mark

2. The Arms of Lloyd’s

SANSA Vectora
4. Imagery 5. Colour palette

3. Typography


6. Language

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Example Collateral Example Collateral

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The Lloyd’s brand mark

getting the 1.0 overview

brand basics
In terms of ensuring clarity and 1.1 The components
consistency, nothing is more 1.2 ‘Bleed’ version
important than the correct use of 1.3 Primary position

our brand mark. Its two inseparable 1.4 Standard and small versions
components - the logotype and the 1.5 Minimum clear space
tab box in which it always appears 1.6 Sizing and positioning
- are the cornerstone of our identity;
the solid foundation on which
distinctive communications can
be constructed.

Contact us: V20809

The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.1 the components

Logotype and tab box ‘Black tab’ and ‘white tab’

The Lloyd’s brand mark comprises •Theblacktabisforuse
two inseparable components: Lloyd’s on light backgrounds.
logotype and the tab box that contains it. •Thewhitetabisforuse
The box is part of the brand mark, on dark backgrounds.
so the logotype should never be
seen without it. Each of these has been specially
Logotype Tab box Logotype Tab box drawn for positive and negative use
The Lloyd’s logotype is not a typeface. and should never be interchanged.
Lloyd’s brand mark (black tab) Lloyd’s brand mark (white tab)
It has been specially drawn and must Always ensure that you use the
never be recreated or typeset in an appropriate original.
alternative font.
The Lloyd’s brand mark only ever
The relative sizes and positions of the appears in black and white.
logotype and the tab box are fixed
and must not be altered. Master artworks are available
from Lloyd’s Marketing.
Resizing the brand mark
Care should be taken when resizing
the brand mark in Word to keep the
NEVER use the white tab on a NEVER use the black tab on a
white background: the contrasting black background: the contrasting proportions of the rectangle the same.
tab box is part of the brand mark. tab box is part of the brand mark. Rather than dragging the corners
click on the image – Format – Format
picture – choose the "size" tab,
ensure 'Lock aspect ratio' is checked
and then change either the height or
width and press “OK” when finished.

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The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.2 ‘bleed’ version

The Lloyd’s brand mark has the You will notice that for the
logotype visually centered within ‘bleed’ version only, the space
the tab box. This positioning should above the logotype is a little
never be altered from the master more than below it. This is
artwork provided. intentional. It is to allow for an
application to be physically trimmed
Bleed version (black) Bleed version (white) The ‘bleed’ version of the to the edge of the brand mark at
brand mark the printers, so that the brand mark
A ‘bleed’ version (shown left) has reaches the edge of the page exactly.
been specially created for when the
brand mark hangs from a trimmed You will need to include a printer’s
edge. This is the most frequently used ‘bleed’ area above the top edge of the
version of the Lloyd’s brand mark. page (usually between 3mm and 5mm).

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The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.3 primary position

Primary position (locked to top edge) eg report cover Primary position Exception positioning
Whenever possible lock the In cases where the Lloyd’s brand mark
Lloyd’s brand mark to the top cannot be locked to the top edge (eg
edge of the application (see left). in desktop printed items where the
print margins might result in cropping
For guidance on the consistent of the top of the brand mark) you may
sizing and positioning across a range use the position shown below as an
of page formats, see page 1.6. ‘exception’, which allows the brand
mark to appear in full. In this case
you will need to use the non-bleed
version of the brand mark.

! Exception position ONLY eg desktop printed documents


Meeting title This is the meeting title

Time and date 12:30pm on 19 June 2009

Venue Room 3

From Your name here (extn 1234)

Attendees Attendee 1 Department/Company Job title

Attendee 2 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 3 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 4 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 5 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 6 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 7 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 8 Department/Company Job title
The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.4 standard and small versions

The measurement of the Lloyd’s Small use version
brand mark is always specified across On occasion, the ‘small-use’
its full horizontal width. version may be the right choice for
challenging production processes
There are two size versions – ‘standard’ where you are unable to reproduce
and ‘small-use’. The ‘small-use’ version the ‘standard’ size version with the
is always used below 25mm width. desired legibility (eg business cards).

Each of the size versions has been Where this is the case, proofing
specially drawn and neither is stages will help to determine the
interchangeable with the other. most suitable version for optimum
reproduction of the brand mark.

Lloyd’s brand mark – Standard size


No maximum size restriction

Lloyd’s brand mark – Small-use size

The standard size mark would be used on 10mm

an A5 application such as this. minimum
less than 25mm
See section 1.6 for sizing guides.

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1.5 minimum clear space
No distracting elements
in clear space area The Lloyd’s brand mark is always Placing the brand mark
surrounded by a minimum clear space on imagery
area which must remain free from Use the minimum clear space area
other elements (type and graphics). as a guide to protect the brand mark
from distracting elements.
The minimum clear space area is equal
to half of the height of the ‘tab box’ in This clear space area is a
the brand mark. The clear space area is minimum and should be
proportional at all sizes of brand mark. increased wherever possible.

Distracting elements
in clear space area

Minimum clear space area


x = height
0.5x 0.5x of tab


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The Lloyd’s brand mark

1.6 sizing and positioning

Example based on width of A4 portrait

Choosing the correct brand If your format is not an ‘A’ size

mark size If your page format is not one of
The size you choose depends those listed in the table below, you
on the size and format of the should work to the nearest size (eg
page. We have created a table of one-third of A4 – 210mm x 99mm
36mm 26mm
sizing and positioning for the principal – would use the same size brand
‘A’ paper sizes (see below). mark as A5).

Do not use the brand marks at any

size other than those corresponding
to the ‘A’ sizes shown.

Distance from right-hand edge

Page size/format Width of
brand mark Portrait Landscape

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The Arms of Lloyd’s

a constant 2.0 overview

reminder of
Lloyd’s is a modern 21st century 2.1 Role
institution, but our long history and 2.2 Positive and negative
rich sense of tradition remains a versions

what makes
hugely valuable asset. Our coat of 2.3 Colour versions
arms, used with the utmost care 2.4 Standard, small or basic
within our communications, is an 2.5 Explanatory copy versions
attractive and highly effective visual 2.6 Sizing and positioning

device for linking past and present; a
symbol of both change and continuity.


Contact us: V20809

The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.1 role

Please request permission from • It only appears where there is

Lloyd’s Marketing before using sufficient space. It’s never squeezed
The Arms of Lloyd’s, and follow onto an application close to other
the guidelines below carefully: graphics that would detract from it.

• It acts as a hallmark, never as the • Wherever possible it’s accompanied

main message. It’s not a decorative by its description (see section 2.5).
graphic to be spattered at whim. We want people to understand
what it stands for.
• It shouldn’t appear in the same line
of vision as the Lloyd’s brand mark or • It is mostly used on back covers
headline type. The juxtaposition could of publications and contracts of
be confusing and would clash visually. insurance.

The Arms should not be seen in the The Arms should not be used
same line of vision as the brand mark as a decorative element

strategic PLAN key messages

Three-year 2009–2011
and 2009 annual plan

Contact us:

The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.2 positive and negative versions

Primary version Both versions have been

The Arms of Lloyd’s The Arms of Lloyd’s The primary version of The Arms specially drawn to work against
Primary (negative) version Secondary (positive) version
of Lloyd’s is the ‘negative’ version dark or light backgrounds. They
(shown left). It is lighter than the are not interchangeable with
background it sits on. It appears in a each other.
60% tint of black and should be used
on a black background. Full colour version
The full-colour version of The
Secondary version Arms of Lloyd’s is only available
A secondary ‘positive’ version for special requirements. This
is available should you need to version is only for use with the
reproduce The Arms of Lloyd’s approval of Lloyd’s Marketing.
against a light background. It is
darker than the background it sits
on. It uses a 30% tint of black.

60% tint of black 30% tint of black

The Arms of Lloyd’s

Full-colour version

Contact us:

The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.3 colour versions

Lloyd’s red Lloyd’s orange
When using The Arms of Lloyd’s in the Using the correct tint
brand colours, the ‘negative’ version of a brand colour
always appears in a predetermined The table below shows which
percentage tint of the same colour as percentage value of tint to use
the background. for each colour.

Never use the Arms of Lloyd’s Uncoated materials

on the colours as a ‘positive’ The Arms of Lloyd’s should not be
Lloyd’s yellow Lloyd’s green colour version. used smaller than 25mm across on
coloured backgrounds on uncoated
materials as the ink may spread and
distort the edges.

Lloyd’s light blue Lloyd’s dark blue

Lloyd’s Tint value of

brand colour The Arms of Lloyd’s

Lloyd’s red 50%

Lloyd’s orange 40%

Lloyd’s magenta Lloyd’s purple Lloyd’s yellow 30%

Lloyd’s green 40%

Lloyd’s light blue 50%

Lloyd’s dark blue 50%

Lloyd’s magenta 50%

Lloyd’s purple 50%

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The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.4 standard, small or basic

The Arms of Lloyd’s – Standard size Standard and small versions Basic production version
There are two size versions, ‘standard’ An additional version of The Arms of
and ‘small-use’. All maximum and Lloyd’s has been specially created for
minimum guidelines are shown here. ‘basic production processes’. This is
where production processes might
The measurement is always struggle to reproduce the levels of
specified across the full width detail present in the standard and
(tail to tail), as shown left. small-use versions (eg embossing
and debossing onto leather).
25mm minimum Each of these versions has been
specially drawn and should This version has been specially
never be interchanged. drawn with simplified detail.
It must only ever be used in cases
Positive and negative versions of where the other versions will not
each size are supplied with the reproduce with full legibility and
master artwork files. always subject to approval from
Lloyd’s Marketing.
No maximum size restriction

The Arms of Lloyd’s – Small-use size


25mm maximum

! Specially drawn version for BASIC


Contact us:

The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.5 explanatory copy versions

The Arms of Lloyd’s for use at The Arms of Lloyd’s for use at These days most people cannot ‘read’ The copy is approved and fixed
sizes above A5 sizes of A5 and 1/3-A4
heraldry. So to help them understand in terms of content, size and
The Arms of Lloyd’s and to reinforce positioning. Please don’t alter
some key messages about Lloyd’s it in any way. It is an image not
you should use the version that live text and should never be
incorporates explanatory copy. recreated or typed.

The primary version is the ‘negative’

version shown here, where it appears
in a 60% tint of black with white copy
for use on a black background.

The Arms of Lloyd’s for use A secondary ‘positive’ version

at sizes of A6 and below
is available should you need
to reproduce it against a light

Both versions have been specially

drawn to work against dark or
light backgrounds. They are not
interchangeable with each other.

Since merchants
first met to insure Three size versions have been
their ships at Edward created (see left). Each has a
Lloyd’s coffee shop
over 300 years ago, different number of words per line
nearly every aspect so that the text does not become
of the way we do
business has changed. too small to read when scaled down
But one constant is
the bold confidence
to the slimmest column width. The
proclaimed by our version for use at A6 and below uses
motto, reflected
in both our unique
the small-use version of The Arms
appetite for risk of Lloyd’s. Always ensure the correct
and our worldwide
reputation for version is used for the size of page
settling valid claims. you are working with.
= edge extends further than this

Contact us:

The Arms of Lloyd’s

2.6 sizing and positioning

The Arms of Lloyd’s is always with the approved copy on the
25mm consistently sized and positioned inside back cover of a publication.
centred on a page. Any credits or copyright information
35mm appearing on this page should be
centred As a general rule, irrespective of page ranged left at the foot of the page.
size, it will always be horizontally
5.5mm Since merchants first
met to insure their
centred on the page width. Outside back covers
ships at Edward Lloyd’s
coffee shop over

On the outside back cover The Arms of

300 years ago, nearly
every aspect of the
way we do business
has changed. But one
constant is the bold

The examples shown on this page Lloyd’s should be repeated in exactly

confidence proclaimed
by our motto, reflected
in both our unique

appetite for risk and our
worldwide reputation

are for key publication sizes. These the same position, but without the
for settling valid claims.

positions are fixed and cannot be approved copy.

Generally, additional information should
For guidance on additional page not appear on the outside back cover
formats and sizes, please contact besides the address. Occasionally,
1/3rd-A4 example shown Lloyd’s Marketing. in cases where space is restricted,
at 30% actual size additional text and The Arms of Lloyd’s
Inside back covers may appear together, subject to
The Arms of Lloyd’s should appear approval from Lloyd’s Marketing.
A4 example shown
at 30% actual size

62mm Distance from top of page
Width of to bottom of Arms
Arms of
4mm Since merchants
Page size/format Lloyd’s portrait landscape
first met to insure
their ships at Edward
Lloyd’s coffee shop

A6 – 148mm x 105mm 20mm 43mm

over 300 years ago,
nearly every aspect
of the way we do
business has changed.
But one constant is
the bold confidence
proclaimed by our

1/3 A4 – 210mm x 99mm 25mm 62mm

motto, reflected
in both our unique
appetite for risk
and our worldwide
reputation for
settling valid claims.

A5 – 210 x 148mm 25mm 86.5mm 62mm

A6 example shown
A4 – 297mm x 210mm 35mm 127mm 86.5mm
at 30% actual size

Contact us:


eight 3.0 overview

Colour can bring communications 3.1 Black and white
to life. Our bold and confident brand 3.2 Colour palette
palette - consisting of eight shades in 3.3 Colour specifications

one aim,
addition to black and white - ensures 3.4 Colours on black
that Lloyd’s communications will be backgrounds
as distinctive as they are impactful. 3.5 Colours on white

3.6 Coloured backgrounds
3.7 Colours for graphs


Contact us: V20809


3.1 black and white

OUR message
We all have a role in communicating about Lloyd’s
and it is to our mutual benefit to communicate
Louise Shield
Head of Communications
Nileema Allerston
Brand & Marketing Manager
Black and white are core to White
the Lloyd’s brand and are on all
clearly and consistently so that we can maximise 020 7327 5793 020 7327 5015

Within a publication there will always

the power of the Lloyd’s brand. Chris Gatland Kirsty Alexander

Communications Manager Marketing Manager
Key Messages is a tool designed to help everyone who 020 7327 6096 020 7327 6964
communicates about Lloyd’s, from PR practitioners and Bart Nash
marketing experts to CEOs and Directors. It offers a set Media Relations Executive
of external messages to help us communicate more 020 7327 6272
consistently and effectively about Lloyd’s - who we are,
Marc Charlton

key messages
what we do, and what distinguishes Lloyd’s in the

Lloyd’s branded applications. be a larger percentage of white than

Media Relations Executive
global marketplace. 020 7327 6125

how to use it
Key Messages can be used for speech and presentation
writing, marketing materials, with customers, and in

black. A white background will, in most

shaping our broader communications. It consists of:

• the ‘Pyramid’, a hierarchy of key messages and

supporting messages; and

Key stats • key messages as text, which can be inserted directly

into communications materials.
• Lloyd's reported a £3.8bn profit for 2007 and an

Black cases, be better suited for optimum

interim profit of £949m for the first half of 2008.
At first glance the pyramid may look daunting, but it’s
very easy to use. Each box in the pyramid has a
• There are 51 managing agents running 80
message, and the pyramid structure indicates the priority
syndicates in the Lloyd's market5.
of messages and their relationship to one another. The
messages can stand alone or be woven into
• There are 176 accredited Lloyd's brokers bringing
issue-specific presentations and speeches.
risks to the market on behalf of their customers.

Black is the visual anchor colour legibility and readability of small text
• Lloyd's does business in more than 200 countries
and territories worldwide.

Key achievements Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any

questions or would like more copies for your
• Lloyd’s Ratings of A+ from Standard & Poor’s and colleagues.

and a foil to all the other colours, and fine detail.

Fitch Raings, and A from A.M.Best affirmed in 2008.

• Lloyd’s became first admitted reinsurer in Brazil.

• Lloyd’s launched its graduate programme to

increase talent in the industry. Email us at or visit for more information.
• Strongest ever central assets at over £1.95bn,

including white. Use areas of black

which includes the lowest syndicate central fund
contributions for a decade at 0.5% of premium.

Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA Telephone +44 (0)20 7327 1000 Fax +44 (0)20 7626 2389
wisely for emphasis and pace.

Terrorism, climate change, increased litigation, energy security, technological change, and AGILITY
Terrorism, climate change, increased litigation, energy security, stock market volatility. These risks and all their potential consequences are making the world
technological change, and stock market volatility. The increasingly insecure. Insurance against such risks is ever more important if businesses are to
escalation of these risks and their potential consequences are continue to operate and world economies to flourish. Lloyd’s is responsive and agile in an
making the world increasingly insecure. In this environment, ever-changing environment
insurance is critical if businesses are to operate and world So where does Lloyd’s come in? As a market of 80 competing businesses, Lloyd’s structure enables it
economies to flourish. So where does Lloyd’s come in? Lloyd’s to respond quickly to evolving customer needs. Competition in the
is trusted to insure the world’s toughest risks. marketplace ensures that customers receive high value solutions.
Specifically Lloyd’s:
• has a relentless appetite for new, complex and difficult risks;
Lloyd’s is trusted to insure the world’s toughest risks As an industry leader, Lloyd’s takes a stand on the issues which
matter to the industry. For example, Lloyd’s advocates harmonisation
of global regulation to reduce trade barriers and raise standards, in
• unique combination of underwriting expertise and intuition
particular creating a level playing field between US and European
makes it the market for specialist risk; HOW? insurers. Lloyd’s has also created its 360 Risk Project with one aim: to
• responsive and agile in an ever-changing environment; and generate discussion on how best to manage risk in today’s business
environment. By tapping into the concentrated expertise and
• is dependable. knowledge within the Lloyd’s market – and bringing together the
RISK TAKING EXPERTISE & INTUITION AGILITY DEPENDABILITY views of experts from the insurance industry and the wider business,
political and academic worlds – the project aims to stimulate
Lloyd’s has a relentless appetite for new, Lloyd’s unique combination of underwriting Lloyd’s is responsive and agile in an Lloyd’s is dependable practical, thought-provoking discussion about the issues that matter.
RISK TAKING complex and difficult risks expertise and intuition makes it the market ever changing environment
for specialist risk Through the project, Lloyd’s has produced a number of reports on
wide-ranging topics including climate change, terrorism and liability.
Lloyd’s has a relentless appetite for new,
complex and difficult risks Lloyd’s is leading the drive to improve industry service standards
HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? through radical business process reform. It is improving service
The Lloyd’s market is a pioneer in developing bespoke insurance standards and cost efficiency through its work with the Market
solutions to address new, complex and difficult risks. Its appetite for Reform Group [MRG].
risk is backed by an unrivalled pool of underwriting expertise, enabling
underwriters to devise tailored and innovative solutions to meet the Lloyd’s is encouraging businesses to elevate the management of
needs of Lloyd’s customers around the world. risk at the board level, so they are prepared to meet the risks of the
In the entrepreneurial climate of the Lloyd’s market, underwriters PIONEERING importance of disciplined underwriting, encouraging insurers to
have the autonomy and flexibility to make decisions on insuring large Lloyd’s businesses are led Lloyd’s brokers draw on Lloyd’s is a leader in Dynamic and diverse Lloyd’s significant Because Lloyd’s is a Lloyd’s underwriters excel As an industry leader, Lloyd’s security offers As an industry leader, In September 2008, Lloyd's Lloyd’s has an outstanding manage the cycle.
or difficult risks. At the same time, Lloyd’s brokers draw on their Lloyd’s is a first mover by entrepreneurs with their knowledge of the specialist insurance. market contributes to underwriting expertise market with 80 competing in devising tailored, Lloyd’s has an influential confidence to Lloyd’s works to raise the reported a half year profit reputation for paying
knowledge of the market and long-standing relationships with into new, big, complex vision and courage who market and long-standing Lloyd’s expertise. leads to informed businesses, it can respond innovative solutions for voice on a variety capital providers and overall standards of of £949m2. valid claims.
underwriters to get the right cover for risks that are often complex or and unusual risks. thrive on risk. relationships with Lloyd’s tackles risks that risk taking. readily to changing complex risks. of key issues to shape policyholders. the industry.
unusual. Since Lloyd’s brokers and underwriters negotiate directly, underwriters to get cover many other insurers are Lloyd’s client base is customer needs. the agenda. In 2007, Lloyd’s reported Lloyd’s ‘Chain of Security’ DEPENDABILITY
they are able to make swift decisions and tailor policies for customers Lloyd’s has a track Lloyd’s underwriters excel for risks that are often unequipped to take on. global: it insures 90% of Lloyd’s appetite for risk is Lloyd’s is able to meet Lloyd’s has a high quality Lloyd’s continues record profits is designed to ensure that
to a degree that other companies are unable to do. record for innovation in devising innovative and complex or unusual. FTSE 100 and 93% of tempered by long Immediate access to new and changing Lloyd’s advocates a and diverse capital base. to improve its risk of £3.8bn3. valid policyholder claims Lloyd’s is DEPENDABLE
Lloyd’s appetite for risk stretches back to its origins over 300 years second to none. tailored solutions for Lloyd’s underwrites a wide Dow Jones companies. experience which means it empowered underwriters customer demands. change to US regulatory management framework, can be met.
Lloyd’s strong and stable ratings, financial performance and history of
ago when merchants sought to protect their ships and cargo. Since complex risks. Lloyd’s brokers and range of businesses and is a responsible risk-taker. means fast decisions. rules for foreign insurers In recent years, while for example, its Central assets at highest
good faith regarding claims payment offer confidence to our capital
then, Lloyd’s has insured a wide range of other types of risk including Lloyd’s creates the ground underwriters negotiate projects internationally, Lloyd’s has global reach Access to expert to allow them to compete many others in the sophisticated set of level for over a decade. Lloyd’s believes in providers and policyholders. Our priority is to build on these strengths
oil rigs, underground transport networks, airlines, and pharmaceutical rules for others to follow Lloyd’s entrepreneurial directly which means eg. oil rigs, transport and local depth: it does Lloyd’s name and the Competition in the underwriting talent more fairly with reinsurers industry Realistic Disaster protecting customer by reinforcing strong financial performance across the cycle, and by
companies, to name just a few. The Lloyd’s market is quick to take by pioneering new risks culture creates autonomy swift answers. networks, airlines and business in more than concentration of talent marketplace ensures that combined with the choice in the US. have been downgraded, Scenarios. Lloyd’s has a combined relationships rather than ensuring that the businesses in the market are focused on disciplined
advantage of opportunities in new markets, which means customers and markets. and flexibility to make personal lines. 200 countries and attract top underwriting customers receive good available in the Lloyd’s ratings have ratio of 84%, which quibbling. underwriting.
all over the world can access insurance from Lloyd’s. innovative decisions on Relationships engender territories. and broking staff. value solutions. marketplace allows Lloyd’s believes remained strong Lloyd’s has established compares favourably with
This will enable Lloyd’s to deliver strong returns to capital providers
large or difficult risks. trust, making it easier for brokers to offer international tort reform is A.M. Best ‘A’ (Excellent) clear standards and an estimated average of Lloyd’s has a track record and security to those who trust Lloyd’s with their risks. In the longer
underwriters to assess Lloyd’s subscription Concentration of talent in Lloyd’s extensive individual policies at critical to ending the S&P ‘A+’ (Strong), Fitch controls over market 94% for US property and of over 300 years of claims term, it will help Lloyd’s minimise the worst effects of the insurance
Entrepreneurial businesses complex risks, and market means that large the market means that international network competitive prices. compensation culture. Ratings ‘A+’ (Strong). entry, exit and behaviour. casualty insurers, 95% for payments. cycle.
thrive at Lloyd’s. enabling brokers to get and complex risks can be some of the best brains in allows fast access to US re-insurers, 96% for
EXPERTISE & INTUITION more business placed. placed quickly and the business are evaluating insurance at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s is leading the Lloyd’s ‘Chain of Security’ Lloyd’s requires disciplined European insurers and Lloyd’s expert risk
In recent years, while many others in the industry have been
downgraded, Lloyd’s ratings have remained strong A.M. Best ‘A’
efficiently. and commenting on drive to improve industry provides security to business planning from all re-insurers, and 85% for management means (Excellent) S&P ‘A+’ (Strong), Fitch Ratings ‘A+’ (Strong)4.
Lloyd’s unique combination of clients’ risks. service standards through Lloyd’s policyholders, and its businesses to optimise Bermudian insurers and its robust businesses
Lloyd’s considers that risk management is critical in maximising the
underwriting expertise and intuition Diverse marketplace radical business includes approximately performance across reinsurers. can meet claims.
performance of the market. Lloyd’s takes a holistic approach to risk
offers greater choice of process reform. £1.95bn in central assets. the cycle.
makes it the market for specialist risk management through the identification and management of the key
provider at Lloyd’s is committed to
risks that affect the Lloyd’s market as a whole, managing agents and
Lloyd’s is a major player on the global insurance stage, and is a leader competitive prices. Lloyd’s is encouraging Risks spread across Lloyd’s market is closely cutting the costs of doing the syndicates that they manage. Lloyd’s also uses a sophisticated set
in specialist insurance. Lloyd’s tackles risks that many other insurers the industry to focus on syndicates means greater supervised internally and business on an of Realistic Disaster Scenarios which enables Lloyd’s to evaluate
are unequipped to take on. disciplined underwriting security for policyholders. regulated by the FSA. ongoing basis. catastrophic exposure at both syndicate and market level. Lloyd’s
The Lloyd’s market is dynamic and diverse, offering a wide choice of for continuous high continually works to improve this framework.
insurance at competitive prices. 90% of FTSE 100 and 93% of Dow 1. FTSE 100, Dow Jones, and Xchanging, January 2008. performance. Lloyd’s is committed to
Lloyd’s has an outstanding reputation for paying valid claims,
Jones companies are insured at Lloyd’s.1 The market does business in 2. Lloyd's Financial Results, September 2008. sustaining high financial protecting customer relationships rather than quibbling. All premiums
over 200 countries and territories worldwide. 3. Lloyd’s Financial Results, April 2008. Lloyd’s created its 360 Risk and operating performance paid by policyholders are held in premium trust funds which are used
4. ‘A’ (Excellent) rating affirmed by A.M. Best July 2008. ‘A+’ (Strong) rating Project to generate across the cycle. to meet claims when they arise. Lloyd’s ‘Chain of Security’ is designed
Lloyd’s name and the concentration of talent in the market attract top affirmed by Standard and Poor’s July 2008. ‘A+’ (Strong) rating affirmed discussion on how best to to ensure that valid policyholder claims can be met, providing security
underwriting and broking staff, so some of the best brains in the by Fitch Ratings August 2008. manage risk in today’s to Lloyd’s businesses and policyholders in the event of disaster.
business are evaluating and commenting on clients’ risk needs. 5. As at 1 May 2008. business environment, by Central assets stand at approximately £1.95bn.
tapping into the
concentrated expertise
and knowledge within the
Lloyd’s market.

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3.2 colour palette

Lloyd’s colours switch in order to divide sections or

Lloyd’s red Lloyd’s orange
There are eight Lloyd’s colours (shown topics of communication (as employed
left). One colour in combination with in this guidelines document). When
black and white, should lead on an using the colours in this way, there
application. General guidance in should always be a clear and simple
proportions is provided in the colour logic for the changing of the colours
wheels on this page. within the application.

Do not use more than one colour Use of tints

on the same page unless you are As a general rule, tints of the colours
Lloyd’s yellow Lloyd’s green
working with graphs and charts. are to be avoided, but may be used for
graphs and charts where colours are
Using colours together limited (eg single-colour printing).
Within an application, colours may

Lloyd’s light blue Lloyd’s dark blue

Overall any publication should contain

approximately these proportions of black, Do not allow several colours to be seen
colour and white. together on the same page.

Lloyd’s magenta Lloyd’s purple

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3.3 colour specifications

Lloyd’s Pantone® Pantone® Process colour Process colour Colour matching best possible starting point for process
colour coated uncoated (CMYK) coated (CMYK) uncoated
The Pantone® references should be colour reproduction. Where possible
used to match for correct reproduction these values should be adjusted for
Pantone 1795C Pantone 1795U C0 M94 Y100 K0 C0 M94 Y100 K0 of the primary colours by a professional the closest match to their respective
printer. These standards are included Pantone® colour swatches.
in the current edition of the ‘Pantone®
Colour Formula Guide 1000’. On-screen colour
Pantone 716C Pantone 144U C0 M63 Y99 K0 C0 M42 Y100 K0 RGB and hexadecimal colour
Coated colour swatches should be breakdowns have been selected
the master colour reference for all for on-screen applications.
Pantone 610C Pantone 610U C8 M0 Y74 K2 C8 M0 Y74 K2
colour matching. Uncoated colour
references have been selected for Warning!
more desirable colour reproduction This document has been printed
on uncoated materials. digitally and therefore the colours
Pantone 383C Pantone 397U C35 M0 Y100 K20 C35 M0 Y100 K20 on these pages may not be an
Process (CMYK) colour printing accurate representation. Please
Custom CMYK colour breakdowns use the Pantone® swatches at the
have been selected to provide the back for colour matching.
Pantone 637C Pantone 637U C64 M0 Y15 K0 C64 M0 Y15 K0

Lloyd’s Screen Screen

colour RGB (0-255) hexadecimal
Pantone 633C Pantone 314U C100 M0 Y10 K30 C100 M0 Y10 K30
R216 G31 B42 D8 1F 2A

R255 G153 B0 FF 99 00

Pantone 682C Pantone 676U C25 M86 Y10 K28 C9 M100 Y12 K32 R222 G204 B18 E0 DB 6E

R158 G169 B 0 9E A9 00

R110 G201 B224 6E C9 E0

Pantone 2613C Pantone 526U C74 M100 Y2 K12 C60 M100 Y0 K0
R0 G126 B163 00 7E A3

R158 G71 B112 9E 47 70

Pantone Process Pantone Process C0 M0 Y0 K100 C0 M0 Y0 K100 R99 G29 B118 63 1D 76

Black C Black U
R30 G30 B30 1E 1E 1E

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3.4 colours on black backgrounds

On black backgrounds, use Only the lighter brand colours can
only one of the colours, adding be used for small type on black,
light blue can be
dark blue in white to highlight emphasis eg in subheadings or for emphasis
used on black with where appropriate. (see left). White should be used for
should not be
white for emphasis main small body copy.
used on black Small type
Small type can be white or light blue. Fine detail in small type and Large amounts of type reversed out
key lines should be carefully of black can be tiring to read. Use
considered for legibility when type on black sparingly.
using a black background.

magenta can be
used on black with purple should not
white for emphasis be used on black
Small type must be white.

yellow can be green can be

used on black with used on black with
white for emphasis white for emphasis
Small type can be white or yellow. Small type can be white or green.

orange can be red can be used

used on black with on black with different colours different colours
white for emphasis white for emphasis should not be used should not be used
together together
Small type can be white or orange. Small type must be white.

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3.5 colours on white backgrounds

On white backgrounds a single colour Small type
can be combined effectively with Small coloured type can be
light blue can be dark blue can be black for emphasis. More than one used sparingly on white, eg
used on white with used on white with colour should not to be seen together. in subheadings or for emphasis.
black for emphasis black for emphasis Black should be used for main
Small type can be black or light blue. Small type can be black or dark blue. body copy.

magenta can be purple can be

used on white with used on white with
black for emphasis black for emphasis
Small type can be black or magenta. Small type can be black or purple.

green can be
used on white with
should not be
black for emphasis
used on white Small type can be black or green.

Don’t use more Don’t use more

orange can be red can be used than one colour than one colour
used on white with on white with together WITHOUT together WITHOUT
black for emphasis black for emphasis PERMISSION FROM PERMISSION FROM
Small type can be black or orange. Small type can be black or red.

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3.6 coloured backgrounds

Within an application, large solid Fine detail in small type and keylines
black can don’t use black areas of a single colour can be used. should be carefully considered for

be used with on dark blue legibility when using colour. Correct

On some colours black can be and incorrect examples are shown left.
white for emphasis combined effectively with white
Small, black type can be used. only use white to highlight emphasis against the
Small, white type can be used. Small type must also be white. background. This is not the case for
all the colours (see left for rules).

black can don’t use black

be used with on purple
white for emphasis
Small type must be white.
only use white
Small type must also be white.

don’t use white black can

on yellow be used with
white for emphasis
only use black Small, black type can be used.
Small type must also be black. Small, white type can be used.

Don’t use more Don’t use more

black can black can than one colour than one colour
be used with be used with together WITHOUT together WITHOUT
white for emphasis white for emphasis PERMISSION FROM PERMISSION FROM
Small, black type can be used.
Small, white type can be used.
Small, black type can be used.
Small, white type can be used.

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3.7 colours for graphs

Graphs for publications Graphs for office use Graphs for publications
Graphs for office use created using the Lloyd’s Chart Formatting Wizard in Excel
If you are creating a graph for use in If you are creating a graph for use in a
Corporation & Central Fund net assets (£m)
a report or Powerpoint® Presentation publication the styles shown top left
Compensation culture is a major disincentive to overseas
42 22 15 21
companies wishing to do business in or with the US
2,500 xx
(see below) you can use the Lloyd’s should be used. One or many of the
A US-style “compensation culture” is developing in
55 21 5 19
other regions
Class and group actions are becoming more frequent
outside the US
40 26 6 26 2,000
Excel Templates, see section 6.4. brand colours may be used. These do
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

Agree Disagree 1,500

Brand colours are pre-loaded and not have to be in the order shown
Neither agree nor disagree Don’t know

can be accessed from the datasheet below. Tints can be used where
% by using the Lloyd’s menu and necessary, eg in two colour printed
Use of technology to better collect
and manage data and records
selecting ‘Adjust Chart Colours’. applications. Care should be taken
0 04 05 06
† The aggregate value of central assets of the Corporation for solvency purposes at 31 December 2008,
07 08 The preferred order of colours for to vary the tone of adjacent
Errors and omissions insurance
excluding the subordinated debt liabilities, including the callable layer.
graphs is shown below. colours sufficiently that they
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Corporation & Central Fund net assets
don’t visually merge together.
% difference % who regularly practise Syndicate Loans xx
% who consider approach effective
Callable layer xx
Subordinated debt issued 2004 xx
Subordinated perpetual securities issued 2007 xx
Solvency deficits xx

Preferred order of colours for graphs for office use:

Graphs for office use created using the Lloyd’s Chart Formatting Wizard in Excel

Central assets to record levels Performance continues to compare well

to our peers
2 ,4 5 7
2,500 Combined ratio

2 ,0 5 4
1 ,8 5 0 Syndic ate loans

1 ,6 6 3
Subordinated tier 1 debt
is s ued 2007 110
1 ,3 2 6 Subordinated tier 2 debt
is s ued 2004
95 95 96
93 94 94
C allable layer

1,000 90 86
83 84 85
C orporation & C entral
F und as s ets

Solvenc y defic its


2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 50

Sourc e: Soc iety of Lloy d’s f inanc ial s tatem ents 1) C allable lay er c alc ulated at 3% of m ark et L lo y d 's U S P /C In d u s t ry (i ) U S R e i n s u re rs (i i ) E u ro p e a n B e rm u d i a n
c apac ity
(R e )In s u re rs (i i i ) (R e )In s u re rs (i i i )
2) Solv enc y defic its are the aggregate s hortfall in
m em bers as s ets agains t liabilit ies
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Good market performance and innovative financing have built Sources i) Insurance Information Institute estimate, ii) Reinsurance Association of America,
iii) Company data (8 European companies: 15 Bermudian companies)
central assets to record levels.

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Divider pages
to be printed

A typeface 4.0 overview

To help us communicate the unique 4.1 Headline typeface:
character of Lloyd’s, we’ve developed Sansa Lloyd’s
our own bespoke headline typeface 4.2 Primary typeface: Vectora

(Sansa Lloyd’s). But our three 4.3 Office use typeface: Arial
supporting typefaces, when used 4.4 Editorial typeface: Caslon
correctly, also play an important role in
maintaining a consistent ‘look and feel’.


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4.1 headline typeface: sansa lloyd’s

Sansa Lloyds typeface

Lloyd’s headline typeface has Typesetting specification

Leading/line spacing is
determined by the width of
been specially created to capture Always typeset Sansa Lloyd’s ranged
a letter ‘I’ in the same size as the distinctiveness of the brand. left with close leading/visual line
the copy spacing and close character spacing

Sansa Lloyd’s is a ‘headline font’ (see the left and table below) and
of just capital letters. There are no never use below 10pt in size.
lower case letters. This alphabet
has been specially created to be To alter leading/line spacing in Word:
typeset in the sizes and spacing for highlight text, go to the Format menu

Lloyd’s. It should never be distorted and select Paragraph, then the value
or modified in any way. It should (eg ‘16pt’ in the ‘At:’ box, ensuring line
only ever be used in Lloyd’s brand spacing is set to "exactly").
colours or black.
Never allow Sansa Lloyd’s to be used

Using Sansa Lloyd’s at a size and/or colour which restricts
Sansa Lloyd’s must only be used the legibility of the message (see
sparingly and effectively. Its role is examples in sections 3.4 to 3.6).
to capture and convey headline
messages to our audiences. It should Sourcing the Sansa Lloyd’s typeface

never be used as body text. You can obtain Sansa Lloyd’s in a
number of font formats by contacting
Correct leading/line spacing Lloyd’s Marketing.
Font size Leading/line spacing Incorrect character and line spacing example

14 pt 13 pt
This example shows
Sansa Lloyds should be used 18 pt 16 pt
on a tracking of -25 INcorrect character
21 pt 19 pt
and line spacing
24 pt 22 pt

(.,:;’”><!?¿¡@&*)[$¢€£¥] 36 pt

48 pt
33 pt

44 pt
Incorrect use of Sansa Lloyds as a text size

%‰+-/÷=^|«¬±»•…©® 60 pt 54 pt SANSA LLOYDS SHOULD NEVER BE USED AS BODY TEXT


72 pt 65 pt

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Example Advertising using Sansa Lloyd’s Example Advertising using Sansa Lloyd’s

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4.2 primary typeface: vectora

For subheadings: A primary brand typeface has Typesetting specification
VECTORA 75 BOLD been selected for use with all As body text, Vectora should be
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ professionally designed applications typeset with a standard character and
1234567890 (.,:;’”><!?@&*) (eg through external design and line spacing and should always offer
production agencies). maximum legibility to its audience.
For body copy: Letterspacing and justification which
VECTORA 45 LIGHT Using Vectora results in wide or non-uniform word
Vectora may be used in a number spacing should be avoided.
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
of styles (see left). For body copy on
1234567890 (.,:;’”><!?@&*)
a white or light background Vectora Never allow the Lloyd’s brand
Light should be used. For body copy typefaces to be distorted or modified
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ reversed out of black or a colour in any way and always take care
1234567890 (.,:;’”><!?@&*) Vectora Roman should be used. In to apply the type in appropriate
either case Italics of the same weight sizes and colours (see examples in
may be used for emphasis. Subheads sections 3.4 to 3.6).
For emphasis within body copy:
may be specified in Vectora Bold.
Sourcing the Vectora fonts
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Vectora Bold Italic, Black and If you do not already have these
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*) Black Italic are not approved standard cuts of Vectora you will
VECTORA 56 ITALIC styles and should not be used. need to buy them. They are available
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ from
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*)

Vectora should be typeset with a standard character and line spacing.

The space between these two lines is too wide.

Letterspacing and justification which results in wide or

non-uniform word s p a c i n g s h o u l d b e a v o i d e d .

Never allow the Lloyd’s brand typefaces to

be distorted or modified in any way.

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Example publications using Vectora Example publications using Vectora

38 Home-grown terrorism What does it mean for business?

ANNUAL LEAVE With FLEX, you can vary the amount of Annual Leave you take during the year.

This may appeal for many reasons. For example, you may want to buy extra days for
a special holiday. Conversely, if you rarely use all your annual entitlement, it may suit
you to sell some days for extra cash or other benefits

Mandatory miniumum cover FLEX options

20-25 days, depending on your • For those with a standard entitlement

standard package entitlement of less than 30 days:
you can buy up to 5 days, up to a
maximum of 30 days Annual Leave.
• Anyone can sell up to 5 days.
5. Engage with the wider business community, Small sums of money, or pro-bono work, can make a big
government and society on the home-grown difference. A recent refugee from an extremist Islamic group Standard package for your level
terrorism issue. wanted to publicise his experiences as a warning to other
• Directors and employees in levels 1-3 receive 30 days per year.
Jonathan Evans, MI5 Director General has highlighted the young Muslims of the dangers of radicalisation. Initially he
excellent interaction between the “private sector, government struggled to raise the money for some basic office services, • Employees in level 4 receive 25 days per year increasing by 1 day for each year
of service up to a maximum of 30 days after five years’ service.
and law enforcement” for those engaged in the Critical National the cost of which could easily have been absorbed by all but
Infrastructure (CNI), but business beyond the CNI must engage the smallest businesses. • The holiday year is 1 January – 31 December and service increments are earned
proactively with government at local, regional and national level. based on the calendar year.
Governments have done and are doing a great deal to mitigate None of this will buy immunity from attack. But such activity
home-grown terrorist risk; but they don’t have all the answers, can play an important role in shaping the environment and Important information
cannot do it all themselves and actively welcome the help of reducing the appeal of radical Islamist propaganda among
• You must agree your Annual Leave selection with your manager.
the business community, whether in terms of achieving a better Muslim communities.
understanding of specific local circumstances or developing • Line managers monitor the full usage of Annual Leave by their teams.
innovative and effective technical solutions to mitigate Participate in key national debates on these issues. It is • The holiday year is the calendar year. So, for example, in July 2007 (the start of
particular threats. up for discussion whether, for example, strident calls for the UK’s the next FLEX year), you choose to buy or sell Annual Leave for calendar year
Muslim population to integrate with the mainstream of UK society 2007. The next choice you make will be in July 2008 (for calendar year 2008)
and so on.
Take a long-term strategic view and consider whether your serve any practical purpose, similarly whether more draconian
investment decisions and employment policies can be used to terrorist legislation will necessarily enhance national security. • Each day is valued at 1/261 of your standard base salary.
help mitigate the threat. This could involve: An effective balance between security and civil liberties is not • You will not be able to amend your selection during the FLEX year.
easy to strike at a time of high threat, but the UK experience
• Under the FLEX plan, you will be expected to take the full number of days you
• Helping to foster economic activity in the deprived in Northern Ireland and in other counter-terrorist campaigns
have elected for Annual Leave and any untaken days will be lost. If, for business
areas of the country where there are high concentrations suggests that resorting to illiberal measures can be counter-
reasons, it is impossible for you to take all the days you chose to take then,
of British Muslims. productive and can play to the terrorists’ agenda. At the same with your Director/Head of Function approval, a suitable arrangement may
time, there is arguably a need for an open debate about how be agreed (e.g. to carry forward or receive payment for some days), but this
• Promoting diversity within the workplace (remember that Islam co-exists within secular Western societies - and there are arrangement will be made outside the FLEX plan.
Muslim graduates find it much harder to get jobs than similarly indications that many within the UK’s Muslim community would
-qualified non-Muslim counterparts), taking steps to ensure that welcome such a debate. Income tax and NI implications
Muslim employees’ legitimate needs are catered for and that
The provision of Annual Leave itself is not a taxable benefit, nor is it subject to
they are made to feel welcome and valued - such “smart HR” Be aware of the global dimension of Islamist extremism.
National Insurance Contributions. This means:
policies will not only help in the long-term, but in the short-term, This is particularly relevant to companies with overseas
it will also likely help mitigate the threat from within. operations including within the Islamic world. One way of looking • If you buy more Annual Leave, you could pay less income tax and less National
at Islamist extremism is as a reaction to a process of globalisation Insurance Contributions.

• Taking great care to make sure that language in any widely perceived as having benefited the West to the detriment • If you sell Annual Leave, you could pay more tax and more National
formal documents or statements is used sensitively, of Islamic societies. Companies operating overseas can help to Insurance Contributions.
for example by avoiding references to “war on terror” or similar lessen this impression by:
phrases which may resonate badly with Islamic communities.
• Recognising that globalisation produces losers as well
• Engaging in local community projects aimed at as winners, while bringing enormous benefits, it can have a
combating the Al-Qaeda message. The Department of dislocating effect on communities. Where possible companies
Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has begun to should attempt to help mitigate some of this impact on
implement a national counter-radicalisation strategy which the ground.
recognises the diversity of the UK’s Islamic population and
seeks to encourage local initiatives which take account of local • Displaying appropriate sensitivity to local cultures
differences. They are able and willing to provide the business and demonstrating a readiness to adapt.
community with advice on how to engage in such initiatives
and with whom. And they will provide training courses to help • Showing communities that companies can be 15
business understand the complexities of the Islamic community. responsible stakeholders whose presence provides visible
benefits for local communities.

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4.3 office use typeface: arial

For subheadings: Many Lloyd’s applications are created Typical examples of these
ARIAL BOLD in an office environment and are applications are presentations,
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ shared between internal and external word processing documents and
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*) users. These users will not always spreadsheets which might be sent
have fonts such as Vectora on their and shared with other parties.
For body copy: computer systems.
ARIAL REGULAR If you are in any doubt about which
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Non-availability of fonts risks fonts to use for a specific application,
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*) our messages being displayed please contact Lloyd’s Marketing.
and reflowed in random default
typefaces. Professionally designed and printed
For emphasis within body copy: applications should always use
ARIAL REGULAR ITALIC To counter this risk, all office use Sansa Lloyd’s and Vectora fonts
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ applications are produced using and should never use Arial fonts
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*) the desktop standard Arial fonts without the express permission
in Regular, Regular Italic and Bold of Lloyd’s Marketing.
weights only.

Arial Bold subhead

Text should be set in Arial Regular,
ranged left and with regular line
spacing and character spacing. Avoid
justified and/or letterspaced text.
When emphasis is required Arial
Regular Italic may be used – but
never use Arial Bold Italic, Arial Black
or Arial Narrow.

Allow a full linespace

before subheads
Bold may also be used to emphasise
table headings or aid legibility at
smaller sizes or when reversing type
out of a colour.

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Example documents using Arial Example documents using Arial

Your department 19 June 2005

Circular Name
Meeting title This is the meeting title

Sample main heading Time and date 12:30pm on 19 June 2009

Main headings are 20pt Arial. Sub headings and introduction text are 10/14pt Arial Bold. This Venue Room 3
template is used for a specific subject or department. Content should be information/advice
rather than promotional based. From Your name here (extn 1234)

Attendees Attendee 1 Department/Company Job title

Sample sub heading Attendee 2 Department/Company Job title
This is an example of body content for the circular template. The body copy font is Arial 10pt (Normal Attendee 3 Department/Company Job title
style) whilst sub headings are 10pt bold (Sub heading style) and main headings are 20pt bold (Main Attendee 4 Department/Company Job title
heading style). Attendee 5 Department/Company Job title

Ut ute magna conse te dio er ip eu faccummodo con vulla commodiam, sis nulluptat vent lum iustrud CC CC 1 Department/Company Job title
magna con utat. Duis non heniscin henibh endre ea faccumsan vel ipit in henismo loreetu CC 2 Department/Company Job title
mmoloboreet pratie volor ing enim iliqui el erciniam in ullutpatem iustrud exero del eugait luptatu CC 3 Department/Company Job title
msandipit vel digna feuis augait, quipit adiatum iustisi. CC 4 Department/Company Job title
CC 5 Department/Company Job title
Sample sub heading

Lent ad tat, si eumsandre exercid uiscipis dolesto et lan ut aliquis modolor ipisis nonsequ ipsuscincil
Sample heading
ea acidunt pratie magna faciduisl utpat irit vel duis alit iurem dolesti onulla facilit, quat ea am, quis ad
tet, quamcommy nisl et lorem ilissectet la feugiat ilit, commodiam ing et diam, core minim duis nim ad
1 This template has been designed to cover all the key information for attendees.
tat, commodo duipsum sandit acilla aliquis essis er se tie min ut in ut autat, quissi bla consecte
erostrud ea feugiam vercidunt nis am, sim eumsandit irit, quametuer irit nosto dolenisi blaorer
2 Body copy for an agenda is 11/14pt Arial
aestiscin vel iliquis esed do con utat at nis ea feuis nonsequisi.

3 Ut ute magna conse te dio er ip eu faccummodo con vulla commodiam, sis nulluptat
Im dipsum dolobor sum nulput eugue exer adit am, volorem zzrit alit ullaorp ercillum venibh exer
vent lum iustrud magna con utat. Duis non heniscin henibh endre ea faccumsan vel ipit
sectet la alit, vercill aorerostie core velit loreet alisi.
in henismo loreetu mmoloboreet pratie volor ing enim iliqui el erciniam in ullutpatem
iustrud exero del eugait luptatu msandipit vel digna feuis augait, quipit adiatum iustisi
Utat. Ulla feu feuis nis acillandreet nulluptatem vero do core magnit nullum quat. Duisim vullut autpat,
si et irit iusci eummod min heniam eu feugiatissim quis dunt lorero conullu ptatie vel utatis nim del ea
4 Lent ad tat, si eumsandre exercid uiscipis dolesto et lan ut aliquis modolor ipisis
facidunt nonsend iamconsed tem quat ut la feugiam, senibh eumsandre min exeraesto corperit nim
nonsequ ipsuscincil ea acidunt pratie magna faciduisl utpat irit vel duis alit iurem dolesti
adiam quis ad eugiamet alit, verat utpatisim nullute venit landrerat lummy nit iliquat venim vel
onulla facilit, quat ea am, quis ad tet, quamcommy nisl et lorem ilissectet la feugiat ilit,
irillumsan ex eugait at.
commodiam ing et diam, core minim duis nim ad tat, commodo duipsum sandit acilla
aliquis essis er se tie min ut in ut autat, quissi bla consecte erostrud ea feugiam
Min ullutpat. Dui tem quat.
vercidunt nis am, sim eumsandit irit, quametuer irit nosto dolenisi blaorer aestiscin.
Na con ea feugiam, quametum accum ipsum vulla feuisl dolum delessed magna faciliquisim quis
doloreraesto odipisi blandit luptat utet, vulluptat, qui blam veliqui euis at am, venis aute veliquam. Enclosures

circular.doc Your name here Your details here Page 1 of 1 agenda.doc Page 1 of 1

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4.4 editorial typeface: caslon

For subheadings: Caslon is not a primary typeface for Typesetting specification
CASLON BOLD Lloyd’s. It should only ever be used As body text, Caslon should be
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ for editorial applications such as typeset with a standard character and
1234567890 (.,:;’”><!?@&*) Market magazine, in conjunction with line spacing and should always offer
Sansa Lloyd’s and Vectora. Caslon maximum legibility to its audience.
should only be used in professionally Letterspacing and justification which
For body copy:
designed publications, it is not for results in wide or non-uniform word
internal use. spacing should be avoided.
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
1234567890 (.,:;’”><!?@&*) Using Caslon Never allow the Lloyd’s brand
Caslon may be used in a number of typefaces to be distorted or modified
For emphasis within body copy: styles (see left). For body copy and in any way and always take care to
CASLON ITALIC general text content, Caslon Regular apply the type in appropriate sizes
(along with the respective Italics) and colours. Never combine more
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
should be used. Subheads may be than one Lloyd’s font in a sentence or
1234567890 (.,:;íî><!?@&*) specified in Caslon Bold. headline.

No other weights or styles of Sourcing the Caslon fonts

Caslon should be used. If you do not already have these
standard cuts of Caslon you will need
to buy them. They are available from

Caslon should be t ypeset with a standard character and line spacing.

The space between these two lines is too wide.

Letterspacing and justification which results in wide or

non-uniform word s p a c i n g s h o u l d b e a v o i d e d .

Never allow the Lloyd’s brand typefaces to be

distorted or modified in any way.

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Example publications using Caslon Example publications using Caslon

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worth a 5.0 overview

Powerful imagery can enable Lloyd’s 5.1 Principles
communications to make a far more 5.2 Portraits
direct and emotive connection 5.3 Groups of people

words? it
with our audiences. But finding and 5.4 Events
choosing the right images is a lot 5.5 Risk insured
more subjective - and therefore 5.6 The Lloyd’s building
harder - than using our brand mark 5.7 Around Lloyd’s

depends on
or corporate colours correctly. 5.8 Metaphors – the principles
5.9 Illustration

the picture.

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5.1 principles

Lloyd’s imagery is: source good images from commercial

image banks (eg Getty images or
• Real, un-posed, direct istockphoto), from recommended
• Confident and engaging photographers/illustrators or from the
• Not manipulated or contrived growing Lloyd’s image library.
• One image is preferred to many
• Black and white or colour images Commissioning a photographer/
can be used illustrator is no different to a
• Has a strong focal point copywriter, architect or film maker;
make sure they specialise in the
Our imagery must consistently subject you want covered. You must
reflect the Lloyd’s idea and check with Lloyd’s marketing team
personality: constant originality, before commissioning a photographer.
confidence and flair. Any image
that looks mediocre through A good photographer/illustrator takes
subject or crop is not appropriate. a brief and invests time into planning
the shot and interpreting that brief to
Before selecting a picture ask the best effect.
yourself these questions:
Do not attempt to take your own
• Does the image deliver the photographs for Lloyd’s publications
message? unless you have permission from
• Is it the best image I can find for Lloyd’s Marketing.
the subject?
• How can I use this image to the Natural pose, not looking at camera
best effect?
• Should it be in black and white
or in colour?
• Should it be large or small?
• Have I used the most powerful crop?

Where to find great images

Powerful imagery comes from good
photographers and illustrators. You can

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5.2 portraits
The list of criteria below will help as
a reminder of what to look for when
choosing an image:

• Real people
• Capturing a moment in time
• Natural and spontaneous
• With depth and perspective
• Consider the crop
• Avoid clichés and stereotypes

Natural pose, simple background This image is too posed and remote

Short depth of field, subject only in focus Situation has been unrealistically staged

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5.3 groups of people

The same principles apply Another way to approach a group is
when photographing more to take a set of shots in groups of one,
than one person: two or three and place them together
in a dynamic layout. This way you can
• Real people ensure everyone looks good.
• Consider how they relate
• Capture a moment in time
• Keep it natural and spontaneous
• With depth and perspective
• Consider the crop
• Avoid clichés

Unstaged natural pose Don’t let the location dominate

People are engaged in activity Avoid placing the group in a line

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5.4 events
A wide range of activities are captured • People should be engaged
under ‘events’, from charity functions with the event
to conferences. However, the criteria • Keep image simple
remains the same when selecting or • Natural and spontaneous
commissioning a specific image: • With depth and perspective

• Important to capture the spirit If there is an identity/name for the

of the event event, capture it in context (eg on an
• Needs to look well populated exhibition panel or ticket).

Includes event branding Poor composition

Delegates look engaged in conversation Too posed and unnatural

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5.5 risk insured

When choosing an image, Although disasters may be more
make sure it: immediate and dramatic, it is
also worth considering the major
• Is about real life advances and events that Lloyd’s has
• Delivers impact enabled. These make powerful stories
• Captures a moment in time and can use dramatic images.
• Engages the viewer
• Tells a story It is important to be sensitive to
the content of an image depicting
Steer away from the ordinary a disaster. It is not appropriate to
and expected. exploit an individual’s suffering.

Lloyd’s enables scientific advances Images of suffering should not be used

Looks real not posed No clear focal point

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5.6 the lloyd’s building
The Lloyd’s building is an iconic
landmark, make sure the imagery
reflects its stature.

When selecting an image:

• Look for the most dramatic angle

to show both form and function.
• Do not distort or manipulate.
• Make sure there are no distracting

Interesting architectural details There is no focal point

Distinctive recognisable features Lloyd’s building not prominent enough

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5.7 around lloyd’s

Behind the iconic glass lifts, steel can be used to give a rounded
ducts and striking atrium, Lloyd’s is viewpoint.
one of the world’s most dynamic and
unique organisations. Where possible people should be
present in the shots. They should be
It is important to show that engaged in activity and not posed for
Lloyd’s is a living, breathing the camera.
workplace, full of life and activity.
Images should include distinctive
Images of both the modern and features of Lloyd’s so that it is obvious
traditional sides of the organisation they are not stock shots.

Recognisable architectural features The image has been distorted

Distinctively Lloyd’s This could be anywhere

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5.8 metaphors - the principles

Visual metaphors can be used to
represent abstract ideas. However,
Expertise and Intuition Staged, unnatural shot this is an area where clichés abound,
so take care. Avoid using overly
staged, stylised or manipulated stock

Global business under attack Overly stylised and cliched image Business in treacherous waters Showing a business man is unnecessary

Shots from around Lloyd’s can be used Manipulated images can be ambiguous Strength illustrated using the building Staged and lacks subtlety

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5.9 illustration
Sometimes it may be appropriate Illustrations should not look weak or
to use an illustration rather than a whimsical as this would contradict
photograph. our key messages.

Illustrations for Lloyd’s should: NEVER use an illustration without

permission and guidance from
• Look simple and modern Lloyd’s Marketing.
• Have a clear message
• Communicate effectively

Bold graphic stlye Cartoons

Modern and simple Clipart

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& sub-brands
Applications and sub-brands

putting it all 6.0 overview

So now you’ve been introduced to all 6.1 Publications
the components of our visual identity. 6.2 Stationery
To produce powerful communications 6.3 PowerPoint® presentations

that capture the distinctive essence of 6.4 Word and Excel templates
Lloyd’s, all you need to do is apply the 6.5 Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight
guidelines correctly, consistently and 6.6 Lloyd’s Community
creatively. We hope the examples in Programme

the following section will help you. 6.7 Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund
6.8 Lloyd’s Exchange
6.9 External subsidiary

brand marks

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Applications and sub-brands

6.1 publications
The examples on this page show how
the basic elements are applied across
different publications.

Each cover, page or spread brings

together combinations of type, colour,
tone of voice and imagery. The overall
impression is one of recognisable
consistency for the Lloyd’s brand.

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Applications and sub-brands

6.2 stationery
Letterhead (210 x 297mm) – London
Stock:Conqueror CX22 brilliant white smooth 120gsm
The examples on this page show how
the basic elements are applied across
Lloyd’s pre-printed stationery materials.

firstname lastname
My Title
My Department

Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA

Telephone +44 (0)20 7327 0000 Fax +44 (0)20 7327 0000
Direct line +44 (0)20 7327 0000

Business card (90 x 55mm) – London

Stock: Conqueror wove brilliant white 350gsm

Compliment slip (210 x 99mm) – London

Stock: Conqueror CX22 brilliant white smooth 120gsm

Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA Telephone +44 (0)20 7327 1000 Fax +44 (0)20 7327 5229
Lloyd’s is authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

Lloyd’s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA Telephone +44 (0)20 7327 1000 Fax +44 (0)20 7327 5229
Lloyd’s is authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

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Applications and sub-brands

6.3 powerpoint ® presentations

PowerPoint® presentations are a presentations. Try not to place too
highly visible manifestation of the many words onto a single slide and
Lloyd’s brand. As such, it is vital that also avoid the use of low-quality or
Title to they are visually consistent in how inappropriate images or illustrations.
go here
they use the basic elements of
our identity. Most importantly, never adapt
the approved presentations to
To aid the process of creating form a modified style.
consistent presentations, a
comprehensive template has been When printing black slides in the
made available. This template includes office ensure you select the option
a number of typical examples (some of to automatically convert to white to
which are shown on this page). save ink.
Always respect the presentation
template designs when creating

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Applications and sub-brands
Word templates

6.4 word and excel templates
Heading 1 style (start here)
Heading 2 Style
Heading 3 Style
Heading 4 style
All main headings throughout a report document are in 16/17pt Sansa
Word templates Excel templates
To aid the process of creating Lloyd’s Excel templates are accessible
Lloyds. Body copy should always be 8/11.5pt Arial, as shown here.
This is a sample It is not normal for the report to run to a wider measure than shown here
callout on a (10.4cm) but when necessary, to accommodate large tables or graphs, it

maximum of four can be increased to 17cm.
lines only
Bullets, Letter Lists and Number Lists within reports should be as shown
below: consistent Word documents, through the ‘Lloyd’s’ menu located
comprehensive templates have been just to the left of ‘Help’ on the menu
1 Sample bullet one
2 Sample bullet two

3 Sample bullet three

made available. They include a number bar in Excel. There is a portrait and
a Sample bullet one
b Sample bullet two
c Sample bullet three

of typical examples (some of which a landscape template that contain a

• Sample bullet one
Sample description • Sample bullet two
22 August 2006 • Sample bullet three

are shown on this page). Lloyd’s brand mark (logo). In addition,


On the left of the document you can see an example ‘callout’. These are
This is a sample
inserted into your document by selecting ‘Insert Callout’ from the ‘Insert
callout on a
maximum of four
lines only
Report Element’ option in the Lloyd’s menu.
Sample table heading they contain a chart formatting
Always respect the template designs wizard and a range of sample charts
2004 2003 % Change/
£m £m difference

Net earned premium 11,711 10,669 10%

when creating Word documents. Most available to ease the process of

Net claims incurreda (6,697) (6,652) 1%

Net Operating expenses (3,922) (3,872) 1%

Combined Ratio

importantly, never adapt the approved generating charts.

Calendar year 90.7% 98.6% (8%)
Accident year 86.0% 92.7% (7%)

Net resources, including central assets 10,145 7,509 35%

Central assets



834 127%
presentations to form a modified style.
Pre-tax return on average net resources 21.4 14.4% 7%

Source: Lloyd’s Finance Department, April 2005

Ut ute magna conse te dio er ip eu faccummodo con vulla commodiam,

sis nulluptat vent lum iustrud magna con utat. Duis non heniscin henibh

Confidential Confidential

Sample charts created using the Lloyd’s Chart Formatting Wizard in Excel


memo Company 1
Company 2
Company 3 80
Your department name here
Company 4

flyer nAme
Company 5
Company 6
Company 7
Company 8
Confidential (Personnel Information)

12% 50
From Your name here (extn 1234) 21%

Date 20 June 2005

Sample introduction text to be 16/20pt Arial bold. To Attendee 1 Department/Company Job title
Attendee 2 Department/Company Job title
Introduction text should be limited to a maximum of three Attendee 3 Department/Company Job title

to four lines where possible. Flyer text is always centred Attendee 4 Department/Company Job title 10
Attendee 5 Department/Company Job title
vertically on the page. 4%
CC CC 1 Department/Company Job title 13% Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Company 4 Company 5 Company 6 Company 7

CC 2 Department/Company Job title 11% Sample

• Bullet point text to be 16/20pt Arial. A maximum of three CC 3 Department/Company Job title Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Company 4

bullet points is recommended. Bullet points should be short CC 4 Department/Company Job title Company 5 Company 6 Company 7

CC 5 Department/Company Job title

and to the succinct. Try to keep each bullet points to a
maximum of four to five lines long where possible. Subject Your subject here

• Bullet point text to be 16/20pt Arial. A maximum of three

bullet points is recommended. Bullet points should be short This is a multi-purpose template for desk to desk communication.

and to the succinct. Try to keep each bullet points to a Body copy for a memo is 11/14pt Arial. For your convenience a spacing of 14pt will appear 90

maximum of four to five lines long where possible. between each bullet point. Company 6 80 Company 1
Company 2
• Ut ute magna conse te dio er ip eu faccummodo con vulla commodiam, sis nulluptat
• Bullet point text to be 16/20pt Arial. A maximum of three vent lum iustrud magna con utat. Duis non heniscin henibh endre ea faccumsan vel ipit 2003 1998
in henismo loreetu mmoloboreet pratie volor ing enim iliqui el erciniam in ullutpatem Company 5 50
bullet points is recommended. Bullet points should be short iustrud exero del eugait luptatu msandipit vel digna feuis augait, quipit adiatum iustisi. 40

and to the succinct. Try to keep each bullet points to a 30

• Lent ad tat, si eumsandre exercid uiscipis dolesto et lan ut aliquis modolor ipisis
maximum of four to five lines long where possible. nonsequ ipsuscincil ea acidunt pratie magna faciduisl utpat irit vel duis alit iurem dolesti
Company 4 20

onulla facilit, quat ea am, quis ad tet, quamcommy nisl et lorem ilissectet la feugiat ilit,
commodiam ing et diam, core minim duis nim ad tat, commodo duipsum sandit acilla
Sample ending text to be 16/20pt Arial bold. Ending text aliquis essis er se tie min ut in ut autat, quissi bla consecte erostrud ea feugiam Company 3

should be limited to a maximum of three to four lines vercidunt nis am, sim eumsandit irit, quametuer irit nosto dolenisi blaorer aestiscin vel 2002 1999
iliquis esed do con utat at nis ea feuis nonsequisi.
where possible. Company 2
• Im dipsum dolobor sum nulput eugue exer adit am, volorem zzrit alit ullaorp ercillum
venibh exer sectet la alit, vercill aorerostie core velit loreet alisi.

Company 1
Utat. Ulla feu feuis nis acillandreet nulluptatem vero do core magnit nullum quat. Duisim
vullut autpat, si et irit iusci eummod min heniam eu feugiatissim quis dunt lorero conullu 2001 2000
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

flyer.doc Your name here Your details here memo.doc Page 1 of 2

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Applications and sub-brands

6.5 lloyd’s 360 risk insight

Generic applications: Topic specific applications (topic colour):
In black on white In colour on white
The Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight brand Legibility on images
mark can be used in yellow for When using the brand mark on an
generic applications, or in a topic image always ensure that the whole
colour where appropriate. Topic circle and all the letters can be seen/
colours are Lloyd’s brand colours read clearly and easily.
which have been assigned to a
Never use in Lloyd’s yellow on white
certain subject matter. Contact Lloyd’s
marketing for further information.
In white on black In colour on black

Colour or black and white?

It is preferable to use the brand
mark in or on a Lloyd’s colour where
possible, as these are more distinctive
than black and white.

On images:
In black on Lloyd’s yellow In black on colour In Lloyd’s yellow on an image In black on an image

In Lloyd’s yellow on black In white on colour In colour on an image In white on an image

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Applications and sub-brands

lloyd’s 360 risk insight

Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight logo: Standard and small use versions small size and space may not be
The standard Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight available to include the words ‘risk
logo should not be used at less than insight’ outside the circle. In these
20mm diameter, because the text will cases only the extra small digital use
become too small to read. For clarity version may be used without the
at smaller sizes an alternative small words ‘risk insight’ attached, until the
use version is supplied. This version is final frame at which point the logo
only for use when strictly necessary must be seen in full. This version of
and should never be used at more the logo should never be used in
than 20mm diameter. any other circumstances without
permission from Lloyd’s marketing.
Extra small digital use only version
20mm minimum For moving digital applications such Positioning the logo
as web banners it may sometimes The layouts below should be used as
be necessary to use the logo at extra a guide when positioning the logo.

Report cover Press ad

No maximum size restriction

Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight logo: Lloyd’s 360 Risk Insight logo:

This portion of the logo may

be removed for use on animated
digital banners, but must be
20mm maximum shown in full on the final frame.

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Applications and sub-brands

6.6 Lloyd’s community programme

CommunitY The Lloyd’s Community Programme This is an exception to the
brand mark is always used in rule and only applies to Lloyd’s
conjunction with the Lloyd’s brand Community Programme
mark as shown. applications.

It can be used on and in any of the Clear space

brand colour backgrounds, as long It is important not to place distracting
as the letters are clearly legible. elements too near the Lloyd’s
Community Programme brand mark.
Because of the unique nature An area half the height of the Lloyd’s
of this Lloyd’s subbrand it is brand mark should be kept clear all
acceptable to use more than one around, see below. For additional
brand colour per page. guidance see section 1.5.

Minimum clear space area


0.5x 0.5x height
CommunitY of tab

Programme CommunitY


An introduction to Lloyd’s Community Programme
in East London CommunitY CommunitY
Programme Programme

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Applications and sub-brands

6.7 lloyd’s patriotic fund

Patriotic The Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund brand Clear space

mark is, whenever possible, used in It is important not to place distracting
conjunction with the Lloyd’s brand elements too near the Lloyd’s
mark as shown left. Patriotic Fund brand mark. An area
half the height of the Lloyd’s brand
The size and position of the brand mark should be kept clear all around,
mark is determined by the size and see below. For additional guidance
position of the Lloyd’s brand mark. see section 1.5.
See section 1.6.

Logo on white: Logo on black:

Minimum clear space area

0.5x height
of tab

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund
Although nothing can repay the sacrifices
made by current and ex-Service
personnel, throughout the year Lloyd’s
Patriotic Fund can and does provide
meaningful support to them and their
families in times of crisis. For example,
we made a major donation earlier this
year to provide accommodation for
families visiting seriously injured service
personnel being treated at Selly Oak
Hospital and at the Headley Court
Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

If you would like to know more about Lloyd’s

Patriotic Fund, and how its grants are
making a difference to people’s lives, visit

Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund

One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA


Contact us:

Applications and sub-brands

6.8 lloyd’s exchange

The Lloyd’s Exchange is a simple ‘Exchange’ should be black
messaging exchange that will provide on a white background.
the ability for the Lloyd’s market to
electronically exchange standard Colour applications
ACORD information, allowing For colour applications, ‘Exchange’
participants to connect with one is Lloyd’s dark blue on a white
another using only one connection background or white on a Lloyd’s
and enforcing one standard. dark blue background.

The Lloyd’s Exchange brand mark Clear space

features the word ‘Exchange’, in It is important not to place distracting
Sansa Lloyd’s, beneath the Lloyd’s elements too near the Lloyd’s
brand mark, as shown. Exchange brand mark. An area half the
height of the Lloyd’s brand mark should
Monotone applications be kept clear all around, see below. For
For monotone applications, additional guidance see section 1.5.

Minimum clear space area


0.5x 0.5x height
of tab


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Applications and sub-brands
Logos are aligned
6.9 external subsidiary brand marks
External (non-Lloyd’s) subsidiary brand Before using a subsidiary brand
marks, such as the IISS brand mark mark consider these points:
shown left, are sometimes used on the
same page as the Lloyd’s brand mark. • Should the brand mark be more
When this happens the subsidiary or less prominent than the Lloyd’s
brand mark should be positioned brand mark?
either below the Lloyd’s brand mark at • Have I left enough space between
the bottom of the application, or in the the two brand marks?
top left hand corner of the page. • Can I line the subsidiary brand
mark up with the Lloyd’s brand
mark in some way?

climate change
and security:
risks and Global RECESSION:
opportunities the magnifying
for business INSTABILITY

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Lloyd’s language guidelines

making every 7.0 overview

word count.
When people talk about brands, 7.1 Business communication
they often give the impression that basics
communicating what they stand for is 7.2 The language of Lloyd’s
mostly to do with visual things such 7.3 Examples
as brand marks, corporate colours 7.4 The nuts and bolts
and fonts.

But we believe that the strongest

brands are those that also use
words in a way that conveys their
distinctive essence. And our entire
brand communication system has
been developed on that basis: that
the visual and the verbal should
work hand in hand to communicate,
coherently and compellingly, what
makes Lloyd’s different.

These guidelines are intended to help

you find the right words.

Importantly, this doesn’t just apply to

high profile marketing communications,
such as advertising or corporate
literature. Every word we use in our
communications with the outside world
– every email, every letter, every report
or brief – can make a difference to the
way Lloyd’s is perceived.

So please do take the time to read the

following guidelines carefully.
And be sure to refer to them regularly
when you’re writing anything that
represents Lloyd’s.

Contact us: V20809

Lloyd’s language guidelines

7.1 business communication basics

This first section of our language they already know, or confusing And beware of unnecessary words: we’re talking about the critical
guidelines has nothing specifically to them by using language they don’t cuts NOT cutbacks importance of making your readers
do with Lloyd’s. Here we look briefly understand. sold NOT sold off feel that you understand their point
at some important general principles this time NOT this time around of view, and are addressing their
of effective business communication. If you’re not clear about your interests and priorities.
2 Keep it personal
Why? Because, unless we get the objective… it’s impossible to know
Good writing sets out to create a Achieving this is largely to do with
basics right, we have no chance of what you need to say, and how
relationship and a rapport with the content; continually asking the question,
succeeding in our attempts to do you need to say it in order to get
reader. One of the most important as you write, is this piece of information
something much harder: using words the result you want; knowing, for
ways it does this is by addressing the relevant/interesting to this audience?
in a way that communicates the example, that your objective is simply
reader directly and personally, using
distinctive essence of Lloyd’s. to make your audience aware of an
the first person (I or we) whenever But it also makes a big difference to
issue will enable you to gauge the
possible, and even more important how you write. Engaging writers are
The two fundamentals amount of information they will need
addressing the reader as “you”. constantly bringing their reader into
In order to communicate effectively, (far less than if your objective was to
it’s essential to: make a sale). the “conversation”, using phrases like
If you need help, you can always the following…
• Understand your audience.
contact us. Perhaps you have found…
• Be clear about your objective. The SIX basic principles of good
NOT As you may be aware…
business communication
XYZ invites clients in need of help …which might lead you to
This may sound too obvious to be
to contact them. conclude…
worth stating; but it’s incredible how 1 Use everyday language
often in business communication these We’ll come back to this in Section 2, so
For the same reason, it’s always In particular, questions can play an
fundamental principles are ignored. we’ll keep it brief here. But it’s always
better to express things actively important part in being engaging.
better to use the simple everyday
than passively:
So let’s very briefly look at why term – the word or phrase that an
this matters. intelligent, articulate person would Why?
We’ve decided to change the terms
use in conversation – than a longer
of the policy. Because, in effect, they can give the
If you don’t understand your word with the same meaning.
NOT reader a voice, turning a monologue
audience… it’s impossible to write
A decision has been taken that into a dialogue.
in a way that reflects their point better NOT superior
the terms of the policy should
of view; you’ll be overly focused try NOT endeavour
be changed. What does that mean?
on what you want them to know, use NOT utilise
rather than thinking about what they enough NOT sufficient
3 Be engaging That when you use questions in a
may be interested to learn; you risk extra NOT additional
Here, we’re talking about going piece of writing, they can serve to
boring them by telling them what more than NOT in excess of
further than keeping it personal; represent the reader’s point of view

Contact us:

- asking for clarification of a point, is always wrong. For example, we • In your introductory paragraph, aim
for example, or even expressing often refer in communications to our to give your readers a sense of the
scepticism about a claim you’ve “unrivalled reputation” for paying whole story you have to tell.
made: valid claims - because we believe that • Get your key points across early
Lloyd’s does have such a reputation, - never bury a strong argument
How does that work in practice? and that most informed and or claim on page 7, because busy
independent observers would agree. readers may never get that far.
But can such an approach genuinely
• Use section headings to signpost
make a difference?
Ask yourself whether what you are what follows, and break up long
saying about Lloyd’s can be supported sections of text with sub-heads.
4 Assume intelligence
by facts, or would be widely accepted
There’s no easier way to alienate 6 Less is more
as true by others. If not, don’t say it.
readers than by patronising them, Following on from point 5 above, never
or by writing in a way that insults tell your audience more than they
5 Make it easy
their intelligence. need (or may be interested) to know.
These days, everyone has too much
to do and too little time. So, whatever
However little knowledge your This is particularly important when
you’re writing, you should always
audience may have of the subject in you’re editing what you’ve written.
assume that your readers are busy,
question, always assume that you Go through, sentence by sentence,
and have other things they could or
are addressing intelligent individuals. asking yourself: is this relevant from
should be doing.
Above all, avoid writing in a way that the reader’s point of view? And, if
sounds as if you’re trying to impress so, do they need to know it now (or
It follows that you should do
people, with empty claims and could it wait until a later stage in our
everything you can to make it easy
hollow-marketing speak: business relationship)?
for them to get what they need out
of what they are reading. If the answer to either of these
We’re 110% dedicated to client
service . . . question is no, cut, cut, cut.
A few tips on how to do this:
• Don’t be afraid to use bullet points, NB For a more detailed
Undisputed leaders in . . . introduction to the basics of good
where appropriate.
• Numbering things can help your writing for a business audience,
Unswervingly committed to the
reader, too. see The Economist magazine’s
pursuit of excellence . . .
• Remember dense thickets of type style guide at http://www.
can look daunting; so break up your
This doesn’t mean that making bold
statements on behalf of Lloyd’s paragraphs.

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Lloyd’s language guidelines

7.2 the language of lloyd’s

So far, everything you’ve read Don’t claim that Lloyd’s is innovative never create an impression of constant A word of warning
applies across the board to business or creative; tell your audience originality in the minds of your audience. Writing in a way that is true to our brand
communication, and would be equally something that will make them reach idea is not about trying self-consciously
relevant whether you were writing on that conclusion for themselves – for Nothing, for example, sucks the to sound constantly original, by using
behalf of Lloyd’s or Lloyds TSB. example, that Lloyd’s underwriters energy and vigour out of writing more idiosyncratic language or supposedly
were responsible for creating new effectively than using passive verbs clever puns or wordplay.
But in this section, we turn our areas of insurance, from burglary rather than active ones:
attention to how we can use words through space to cyber-space. At Lloyd’s, we communicate constant
to help us convey the distinctive The working group agreed originality by fresh, energetic writing,
essence of Lloyd’s. It isn’t easy; but the Similarly, if you want to communicate unanimously that Lloyd’s should with not a single word wasted.
good news is, our brand idea, brand the security that is implied by the word undertake a research programme.
personality and brand values can all “constant” in our brand idea, avoid NOT Our brand personality:
point us in the right direction… sweeping generalisations. Instead, refer It was agreed unanimously that confidence and flair
to the fact that Lloyd’s security ratings a research programme should How should our brand personality be
Our brand idea:
have been upgraded in recent years, be undertaken. brought alive in the words we use?
constant originality
while other insurers’ have moved in the There are three key elements involved.
Remember, our brand idea is not a
opposite direction; or mention Lloyd’s Keeping our language fresh To communicate Lloyd’s confidence
slogan or strapline, but the essence of
Chain of Security, and the £1.9 billion in In particular, we need to avoid tired and flair, our language should be:
what makes Lloyd’s different – and the
central assets that guarantees we will jargon and business clichés. • Assertive, but not arrogant
thought that underpins everything we
continue to settle every valid claim. • Calm, straightforward, matter
do. So how should it influence what we
Why is this important? Because of fact
write in our business communications?
For help with finding relevant a cliché is a phrase that was • Understated
content that will help you present once fresh, but which has now,
Content matters
a compelling case for what makes irretrievably, gone stale; and stale Let’s look briefly at each of these
The key point here is that Lloyd’s
Lloyd’s different, see language communicates the precise in turn…
constant originality is just as much opposite of constant originality. A
demonstrated by what we say as
few examples of what we mean: Assertive, but not arrogant
how we say it.
Sounding “constantly original” After more than three centuries,
The innovation, creative thinking and All the basics of business Thinking outside the box and as the world’s leading insurer of
adaptability which are all encapsulated communication in section 1 are Tailored solutions specialist risks, we know what we’re
in our brand idea are far more likely very relevant here. The pursuit of excellence talking about. We’re perfectly happy
to come alive for your audience if Window of opportunity to express an opinion, or to challenge
you can provide specific examples, Dull, lifeless, jargon-laden, over-long, Going the extra mile the conventional wisdom. And when
relevant to them. self-important corporate prose will The bottom line is… we do, we don’t mince our words.

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We believe there’s a better option. Having resolved similar issues for Understated been able or willing to rise
OR hundreds if not thousands of clients Today, as our international scope of our the challenge.
At Lloyd’s, we take a different view. over the years, it presented no business continues to widen, Lloyd’s is
problem for Lloyd’s. . . a truly global brand. But our British roots As above, the second version might
Or this, from a recent speech by can still be detected in our preference literally be true: Lloyd’s ability to
our Chairman: Or with being dogmatically for a confidently understated tone in all provide a solution may well be
over-assertive: our communications. unique; but, in the absence of hard
We must avoid knee-jerk responses, facts, making a slightly lesser claim
and ensure that the cost of the Over the years, we’ve learned that in This can be achieved in two may sound more convincing – and
action we take is balanced by such situations it’s usually best to. . . main ways: more confident.
long-term benefit. NOT
In such situations, our experience First, by avoiding exaggeration and Our four brand values
We’re equally assertive when we’re proves beyond doubt that hollow-sounding claims. When you Finally, let’s look briefly at how our
simply describing what Lloyd’s is, and the only effective approach is to . . . have a strong argument to put four brand values may influence the
how we do business: forward, use hard facts to support it: way we write.
Calm, straightforward,
matter of fact
Lloyd’s is the world’s leading specialist 93% of FTSE-100 companies have Two preliminary points to make here:
Nothing communicates confidence
insurance market. Nowhere is there policies with Lloyd’s. • No item of communication is likely
more effectively than a calm,
such a concentration of specialist NOT to reflect all four brand values; so
reassuring manner. (Think how an
underwriting and broking expertise. The vast majority of Britain’s top it’s important to be aware which is
airline pilot warns us that things might
That’s why Lloyd’s is trusted to insure companies depend on Lloyd’s. most relevant to the task in hand.
be about to get a little bumpy…)
the world’s toughest risks. • While the language you use should
Even though the second version is reflect one or more of our brand
In talking about our business, and
These are bold and forthright factually true, it still runs the risk of values, it’s probably even more
especially about risks, we should
claims; but we can make them sounding like marketing hype. important that nothing you write
always sound calm and unflustered.
with confidence because we know should contradict any of them.
And this, very largely, means steering
they can be fully substantiated. But Second, sounding understated
clear of any openly emotive language.
being confidently assertive is not be can sometimes be achieved by Appetite for risk
confused with being arrogant: At Lloyd’s we insure many of the deliberately under-claiming: This is best communicated by specific
world’s toughest risks. instances, rather than reckless
Having resolved similar issues on NOT Not many insurers would have been sounding claims. The more extreme
many previous occasions, we The tougher the risk, the bigger equal to the task. the risk, the more important it is to be
were able to . . . the buzz we get from finding the NOT calm, matter of fact and understated
NOT right solution. No other insurer on earth would have in the way we talk about it:

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To maintain Lloyd’s pioneering AND NOT Arrogance, over-claiming and anything
position as insurers of new, unusual “In a world beset by perils as diverse in that smacks of marketing hype will all
and complex risks, our Emerging kind as they are potentially devastating dent Lloyd’s dependability. Hyperbole
Risk team is currently focusing on in their impact upon humanity . . . “ can hurt us. It’s always better to
bio-terrorism, hurricanes and climate under-promise and over-deliver:
change, and nanotechnology . . . Agility
NOT The unique structure of Lloyd’s makes While some insurers might have spent
The horror of an attack on a us quick on our feet. Direct, energetic a long time disputing the terms of a
major city by bio-terrorists; the writing helps to communicate this. very complex policy, Lloyd’s settled
devastation and human misery Short sentences help. the claim fast - and, as a result,
caused by a major hurricane; the NOT the company was able to resume
exciting-yet-unexplored potential of Far less effective in this regard, it is operations within a month.
nanotechnology: just some of the fair to generalise (albeit with a note NOT
risks which our unflappable teams of caution, since generalisations are At Lloyd’s, unlike some we could
are currently working around the by their nature far from universally mention, we recognise that time is of
clock to counter-act . . . true), is the kind of writing where the essence; so, instead of wasting
the target reader – the individual weeks or even months haggling over
Expertise and intuition whose interests are, supposedly, petty details, we settled the claim on
The same applies here: tell your of paramount importance to good the spot - and our client was back in
audience something Lloyd’s has done writers – is expected to unravel long business in next to no time.
that demonstrates these qualities. and convoluted thought processes,
But tone is important, too. In order to in order to make head or tail of what
convey a sense of our expertise and you are saying.
intuition, we need to sound warm and
human, but not chummy or sloppy; Dependability
professional, but not pompous or Lloyd’s is trusted because for over
self-important: 300 years, we have delivered on
our promises. Nothing you write
In the modern world, risk takes many will destroy this reputation; but any
and varied forms. attempt to mislead your reader, or
NOT obscure your true meaning, may
Let’s face it, the world we live in these damage it.
days is a pretty dangerous place.

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Lloyd’s language guidelines

7.3 examples
To help you with your writing, this part Level 1: everyday business Level 2: business documents, Level 3: writing for specialist
of the guidelines contains a few specific communication reports etc audiences
examples of good and not-so-good In internal communications, one of In writing functional business The aim when writing for audiences
Lloyd’s language. the most common mistakes is to documents, your main aim is, of who understand how the Lloyd’s
write in a pompous and impersonal course, to convey information clearly market works, is to convey information
As we said earlier, every word we manner, presumably intended to and concisely. But bear in mind clearly, while sounding energetic and
use in our communications can make the communication sound our brand values. Expertise and engaged. Stilted, over-formal language
make a difference to the way Lloyd’s more ‘official’ and important: intuition don’t sound dull; and agility doesn’t help…
is perceived. But, realistically, some is unlikely to be conveyed by long,
types of communication matter more rambling sentences...
than others. In order to optimise human resource In the 12 months ended 31 December
utilisation and client service, decision 2007, the global marine market was
At the bottom end of the scale, has been taken at Board level that, The Franchisor must take positive subject to a significantly increased
there is the kind of straightforward, henceforward and until further notice, action to implement a diversity policy rate of major hull losses, which
‘functional’ business communication all requests from personnel pertaining that will not only reduce the financial threatened to, and ultimately did,
that we all produce every day: for to annual leave must be submitted and loss to reputation risks imparted touch levels previously experienced
example, a quick email arranging in excess of three calendar months through poor people management during the 1980s, a decade in which
a meeting or asking for a piece of prior to the proposed leave period, and non compliance with employment the consequence of an ageing bulk
information. Here, as always, the unless special circumstances can be legislation, but also help Lloyd’s carrier fleet was that structural
business basics apply. But it would shown to exist that necessitate the achieve the cultural change necessary failure occurred on a scale hitherto
clearly be unreasonable to spend submission of a later request, which to enhance business performance and unimaginable. During the course
hours deliberating over every word. should be accompanied by a covering strengthen our cross border working. of approximately the last five to
explanation of what these may be. ten years, Lloyd’s syndicates have
At the other extreme, there is high This is much better: demonstrated considered foresight
profile marketing communication Try this instead: in their rigorous exercise of caution
– advertising, corporate literature, and in relation to this market, most
so on – where the Lloyd’s brand is in Taking positive steps to implement especially in dealings pertaining to
the shop window and every detail, When booking annual leave, please a diversity policy is not just blue water fleets, a sub-category
down to the last comma, must be right. let us know three months in advance, necessary to comply with of this sector in which the loss
so that we can make sure client employment legislation. It will also of a single vessel can have the
While not intended to be exhaustive, service won’t be affected. If there’s a play an important part in helping most grievous impact. As a direct
the following examples will give you good reason why you need to book Lloyd’s to strengthen cross-border consequence of this wholly justifiable
a sense of ‘right and wrong’ at a leave at shorter notice, please explain working, and to improve our caution, Lloyd’s syndicates have, in a
number of different levels. this in a covering note. business performance generally. number of such instances, been able

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to avoid onerous losses, while many of correlation with certain sectors slip into breathless PR-speak, full of structures and major sporting events,
others have been less fortunate. than others. Looking at the Casualty meaningless claims etc: to new areas such as cyber-liability and
sector within the Lloyd’s market, for terrorism, Lloyd’s conducts business
This, from our Annual Report, is a big example, which last year achieved in over 200 countries and territories
improvement: an accident year combined ratio As the world’s leading specialist worldwide. Our clients include 90% of
of 101.8%, as compared to 96.3% insurance market, Lloyd’s is ‘simply FTSE 100 companies and 93% of Dow
the previous year, we see that the best” when it comes to pioneering Jones companies.
In 2007, the global marine market professional indemnity looms ever innovative new types of cover, and
saw major hull losses at levels not larger, particularly in the US. responding to challenges that would
experienced since the 1980s, when leave the competition floundering. Oil
there were structural failures among And now here’s a much better rigs and bridges . . . terrorist attacks
the ageing bulk carrier fleet. In attempt to bring our business alive and cyber-crime . . . supertankers and
recent years, Lloyd’s syndicates have for non-specialist readers, taken from sporting superstars . . . whatever the
exercised caution in this market, The Times 100 case study on Lloyd’s: risk, Lloyd’s is your first port of call,
particularly in relation to blue water the only name you need to know. For
fleets, where the impact of a single proof, look no further than our client
loss can be severe. The benefit of All business activity involves risks of list: an incredible 90% of FTSE 100
this caution has been that Lloyd’s various kinds. Particular risks may companies and an even more amazing
syndicates have been able to avoid be more significant for one type of 93% of Dow Jones businesses come
several of these losses. business than another. Owners of to us for the insurance they need to
chemical plants, for example, are maintain their market leadership. Oh
Level 4: writing for a general especially careful to avoid fires. Banks yes, and did we mention that Lloyd’s
audience do their best to check out the honesty now protects in over 200 countries
The important thing here is to of all job applicants. Organisers of 5-day and territories worldwide?
assume the reader knows little or cricket matches choose seasons, times
nothing about Lloyd’s and use every and venues that are unlikely to suffer Also from our Annual Report, this is
opportunity to relate the text back to poor weather. a little more restrained, a lot shorter,
things they do know about. and a great deal better:
Level 5: 100% brand
Here’s how not to do it: This is very top tier: advertising and
marketing literature where the main As the world’s leading specialist
aim is to convey the essence of the insurance market, we are often the
Specific risk profiles are, of course, Lloyd’s brand. But it is very easy to first to insure new, unusual and
more likely to show a high degree complex risks. From oil rigs, man-made

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Lloyd’s language guidelines

7.4 the nuts and bolts

Strong brands are consistent in the claims”. Since XIS is a company, not Upper/lower case be used at all times, eg the FSA, the
way they present themselves to the a person, use ‘which’ and not ‘who’. As a rule of thumb, avoid capital LMA, ITV.
world. Consistently good writing is an • In most cases, after a person’s full letters unless absolutely necessary.
important element of that. name has been given, use their If the company or organisation is less
surname only from then on. Use lower case for market, well-known, the name should be
To help ensure consistency of style • Email and web addresses: no full underwriter, syndicate, broker, quoted in full in the first instance (and
in all our written communications, stop at the end unless immediately managing agent, members’ agent, there is no need to put the abbreviation
please make use of the following followed by the start of a new franchisee, franchisor, bulletins. or acronym in brackets). Use the
guidelines. sentence. You do not need to use abbreviation or acronym thereafter.
the http:// in a web address. Use upper case for the Corporation
If a particular point of style or • Use italics for the titles of publications of Lloyd’s, and for department titles The exact use of lower and upper case
grammar is not covered in these (an article in The Times) and lawsuits. and specific job titles: Chief Executive, letters in an abbreviation or acronym
guidelines you should refer to the Use roman (non-italic) type for the Director of Finance and Operations, should follow the organisation’s own
Economist Style Guide. The latest names of ships, aircraft, films, works Legal Services Department. preferred use (we would not expect
print edition is available in Brand of art etc. Do not use quote marks. others to mis-spell our own name).
Strategy, or you can look at the Points of the compass: mainly use The Alternative Investment Market of
Economist’s online guide at www. Lloyd’s name upper case: the West Midlands, the the London Stock Exchange is called We call ourselves simply Lloyd’s South of France, East Anglia, the North AIM not Aim, whereas the Institute
wherever possible. Remember that Pole, the Middle East. If the reference of Directors is the IoD, not the IOD. A
General points we are the original Lloyd’s dating is to a vaguer geographic area, use simple check on the organisation’s
• Remove all double spacing at the back three centuries and a qualifier lower case: the southern half of Italy. website is usually all that’s needed.
start of sentences (except in formal is not needed. Use of the old-style Combinations of compass directions Avoid long lists of abbreviations if
letter writing where this is still name Lloyd’s of London is allowed are hyphenated: North-East England. these are likely to look messy.
standard business practice). (for first mention only) if the context
• Use British spelling (specialise, really demands it, but such instances Avoid using ltd, plc, inc etc unless
Seasons, use upper case when
centre) unless writing for a US should be rare. really necessary.
referring to specific dates: we will
audience only (specialize, center). publish in Summer 2006. Otherwise
Don’t abbreviate commonly used
• Be wary of using too many British Depending on the context, the use lower case: snow is more likely
words (eg Monday, not Mon; hours,
idioms and cultural references. terms market and Corporation can in the winter.
not hrs).
Often we are writing for an also be used to denote different
international audience and there is aspects of Lloyd’s. Abbreviations and acronyms Don’t add full stops to initials, eg US
a lot of scope for confusion. Where a company name, organisation not U.S. (One important exception is
• All companies and organisations Lloyd’s is singular and the apostrophe etc is well known to your audience A.M. Best, where the full stops are an
are singular, eg “XIS handles does not change in the possessive, eg by its abbreviation or acronym, it may integral part of their brand name.)
Lloyd’s results.

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Punctuation Use single quotation marks for a end this period with . . . a significant Otherwise, as a general rule, try
quote within a quote, or to highlight competitive advantage.” running the words together first of
Quotations ‘sayings’ or unfamiliar words: all and if they look right use them. So
Open a quote with a colon not a Apostrophes precondition rather than pre-condition.
comma. Nick Prettejohn says: “The The Chairman commented: “Despite Use apostrophes as follows: Realign and not re-align.
problem is…” the fact Lloyd’s has recently been • Singular possessive: the market’s
described as ‘the most important reaction If not, try using them as two separate
Use the current tense when you want insurance market on earth’ in The • Plural possessive: the brokers’ words. Thus air force is better than
to present the quote as real-time or to Economist, we must guard against challenges air-force. Otherwise use a hyphen.
give it immediacy. This is most common complacency.” • Irregular plural possessive: the
in newsletters and magazines. Eg children’s insurance There are some specifics. Hyphens
Richard Johnson, ABC’s Development If you need to edit a quote to make it • Contractions: we’ve, you’d, I’ll, it’s, are sometimes needed to make the
Director, explains: “When teams are easier to read or more grammatical, won’t, etc sense clear. So ‘re-present’ (meaning
racing over a season…” put any words that you add in square • Reminder: always use ‘its’ unless to present again) is very different from
brackets. And show where any words you mean ’it is‘ or ’it has‘ in which ‘represent’. And sometimes the hyphen
If the context clearly dictates that have been cut from the quote. case use ‘it’s’ is needed to make the pronunciation
the quote was said in the past, clear. So coordinate does not need a
use the past tense. Eg at the press For example, the original verbatim When using a possessive apostrophe hyphen but co-operate does.
conference, David Jones said: “We quote might have read: where the word ends in ‘s’, don’t add
were over the moon.” (Note that for another ‘s‘,eg Jones’. Compound adjectives are normally
a quote after a colon, the quote itself “We are delighted that despite hyphenated, so long-term growth,
starts with a capital letter and the full difficult trading conditions over there, Hyphens and dashes or multi-faceted business. (But note,
stop goes inside the end quotes.) our business has held up well very There is no firm rule to help you growth in the long term.)
well indeed, enabling us to end this decide which words are run together,
Use double quotation marks for direct period with you know, a real edge, a hyphenated or left separate. Use dashes to break up copy – just like
quotes, and for partial quotes that significant competitive advantage.” this – when a comma isn’t enough.
are clearly attributable. Julian James For example, antibiotic is correct, but so
remarked that the Lloyd’s market is To make this easier for the reader, it is anti-aircraft. There’s half-baked and Ampersand (&)
“going from strength to strength”. might be edited as follows: halfway. Or Europhile and Euro zone. Don’t use the ampersand unless
(Note that for these partial quotes, General secretary and director-general. it’s part of a name like Standard &
the quote starts with a lower case “We are delighted that despite Poor’s, or an abbreviated way of
letter and the full stop goes outside difficult trading conditions [in The best way to decide is to look writing a title, such as Finance, Risk
the end quotes.) North America], our business has held at a dictionary. Management & Operations.
up very well indeed, enabling us to

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Bullet points 2. Where the bulleted items are short. to separate short items on a list. • For stock prices, use decimals,
There are many ways to display bullet Each bullet starts uppercase but Semi-colons may be appropriate not fractions.
point lists, and inevitably one style there is no full stop at the end. where the items in the list • Spell out fractions (unless they are
will suit one type of list and another are lengthy. attached to a whole number).
will suit another style. To keep rules to For example: • A man in his 20s not twenties.
a minimum, we have two main styles
that can be used – just bear in mind Our brand values Numbers Percentages
that occasionally you may need to • Risk appetite • 4%, 55%
adapt a style slightly to keep things • Expertise and intuition General • Only write out as ‘per cent’ when
looking consistent. • Flexibility • One to ten in words. the figure appears at the beginning
• Dependability • 11 upwards in figures. of a sentence in words
Both of these rules apply whether the • Likewise first, second, third up to • Note that a fall from 4% to 2% is a
list has a line of introduction (“The As you will see overleaf, where tenth, then 11th, 12th etc. Do not drop of two percentage points or of
risks covered include: …”) or is a we talk about numbers, a list may use superscript, ie 11th, not 11th. 50%, but not of 2%
simple list sitting under a title heading. sometimes consist of both long and • Decimal numbers should always • Write percentage not %age
short items. Use your discretion here. appear as figures, eg 4.5.
1. Where the bulleted items are If the list is mainly longer phrases or • Use commas in large numbers, Times and dates
complete sentences or long sentences (as is the case overleaf), eg 210,000. • Time of the day, use the 24-hour
phrases. Each bullet starts upper use a full stop after each item • Million and billion are abbreviated clock (18.30, not 6.30pm)
case and ends in a full stop. - including the shorter ones, for the in currencies, eg £2m, £36bn. • Date format - day month year, eg 18
sake of a consistent appearance. • Trillion can be used (and October 2001. Never use 1st, 2nd,
For example: abbreviated to eg £3trn) but it is 23rd etc in dates
Similarly, if the list is mainly usually clearer to use, say • Do not break a date across two lines
The key drivers behind the new composed of short items, don’t use £3,000 billion. • From 1990 to 1995 or 1990-1995
capital-setting regime are: full stops - even after longer phrases • BUT for other things use in full, eg (not 1990-95)
• To strengthen Lloyd’s position as or complete sentences. three billion TV viewers, 1.5 million • Between 1990 and 1995
the marketplace of choice. claims. Don’t break numbers like • Use 1960s (no apostrophe) not
• T o compare favourably with Other points about bullets these across two lines. sixties or ‘60s
capitalisation regimes offered by • Avoid using exclamation marks • Between £7bn and £8bn. • 20th century
our competitors. – the words should say it all. • If a figure appears at the beginning
• T o support Lloyd’s objectives to • When using “eg” do not uses of a sentence, change the number Telephone numbers
develop central assets by 2008. full stops and do not follow with to a word. Phone numbers must follow a
a comma. • Hyphenate fractions, eg two-thirds standard layout and include all
• Use commas, not semi-colons digits that are dialled. Include the

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international code and parenthesise • At times, a translated figure in Set the figure close to the currency Which word to use?
any digits that do not have to be brackets after the primary figure symbol, eg A$3m, not A$ 3m.
dialled when calling from abroad: will be appropriate. Do this too Which and that
• London numbers: much, however, and the piece of The correct plural of euro is euros. This is the house that Jack built, or
+44 (0)20 7786 4600 writing will become unreadable. This house, which Jack built, is falling
• Regional numbers: • If any translation from one currency down. A useful way to remember is
+44 (0)1494 532044 to another is done, always quote Countries and cities which informs, that defines. Another
• Mobile numbers: the relevant exchange rate way is to remember which is normally
+44 (0)7789 342987 somewhere within the piece. General preceded by a comma.
• US: +1 212 555-1212 Keep up-to-date with regions where
• US: remember to use the word Cell Currency symbols names have changed, or are likely Who and whom
rather than Mobile phone Pound sterling £ to change, eg Bombay to Mumbai. Who usually goes with the subject of
US dollar $ Use English names, eg Munich not a sentence, whom with the object.
Currencies (Note: no need to use US$ unless München; Rome not Roma. Use ö,ü,ø, Thus this is the man who can win the
There is no one rule as to which other dollar currencies are prominent ô etc where appropriate. most support from MPs and this is the
currency figures should be reported in the piece.) man whom most MPs can support.
in. Many figures in our industry are Euro € The US
calculated primarily in $ or € as well Australia Australian dollar A$ Inhabitants of the USA are US citizens. Continuous and continual
as £. The problems of translating these Brazil Real R Americans live in North America, Continuous describes something
on a consistent basis is frequently Canada Canadian dollar C$ which includes Canada. uninterrupted. Continual allows a
insurmountable (do you use an China Yuan renminbi yuan break. If your neighbours play loud
average exchange rate or a spot rate, Rmb Use US instead of America, USA or music every night, it is a continual
how do you compare on year on Hong Kong Hong Kong dollar HK$ the United States. nuisance, not a continuous one.
another, and so on), as well as adding India Indian rupee Rs
considerably to the editorial process. Japan Yen ¥ The UK Assure, ensure and insure
New Zealand New Zealand dollar The UK includes Northern Ireland, To assure is to give confidence to
The best that we can say is: NZ$ Britain does not. something, or to make safe. To ensure
• Try to be consistent throughout Russia Rouble Rb is to make something certain. To
your document or article. South Africa Rand R Use ‘Britain’ not ‘Great Britain’. insure is what we do most of the time
• Bear in mind your principal Switzerland Swiss franc Swfr at Lloyd’s: to protect against loss.
audience – which currency would Turkey Turkish lira TL
they usually expect? Licence and license
• The problems of translating one License is the verb, so you license
currency into another. something or are licensed to do

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something. What you are granted, C noun or adjective: account log-on Standard & Poor’s
the licence itself, is the noun. D log off (v). Hyphenate when used as a T
dot-com noun or an adjective: log-off screen U
Practice and practise E long term. Hyphenate when used as US or the United States (not USA)
Again practise is a verb, practice e-commerce an adjective: long-term strategy user name
is a noun. e-business M V
eg (not e.g.) Moody’s W
While/whilst and among/ email (not e-mail and only Email if at N web
amongst the start of a sentence) O website
While and among are preferred to the F offline worldwide
old-fashioned whilst and amongst. front end (n). Hyphenate when used online X
as an adjective: front-end solution on screen Y
Adviser and advisor FTSE (not FT-SE) P Z
Preference is for adviser. G policyholder
H policy document
Discreet and discrete helpdesk pop-up window
Discreet means circumspect or helpline print out (v)
prudent. Discrete means separate high tech (not hi-tech) printout (n)
or distinct. homepage pull down (v). Hyphenate when used
I as a noun or adjective: select an
Proceed and precede ie (not i.e.) option from the pull-down menu
To proceed is to go forward or carry internet (n). As a medium, like PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
on. To precede is to go before or television or radio, this does not Q
introduce something. require a capital letter R
intranet real-time (Adj). But things can be
inreon done in real time (noun)
Miscellaneous spellings J reinsurance
JavaScript Richter scale
A judgement (unless used in a reway
adviser (not advisor) legal context) Royal & SunAlliance
A.M. Best K ratings agency
back end (n). Hyphenate when used Lloyds TSB (the bank) scalable, scalability
as an adjective: back-end support. log on (v). Hyphenate when used as a site map

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