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Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Weekly Internship Report and Time Sheet (Non-Verbal Communications)

Interns Name_____Danielle Gansky_________________________________________
Internship Site___________Be Marketing___________________________________
Host Mentor Name/Title ____________Danielle ______________________________
List Days and Hours worked ________Tuesday 1-3:30; Wednesday 1-3:30_______________
Total Hours worked ______5 hours____________

Remember you must intern at least five (5) hours a week. Any hour missed is considered an absent from class. You host mentor will be asked to
confirm your hours weekly. These hours will count towards credit denial.
NOTE: In order to obtain credit for this assignment, all questions must have a response. N/A or "none" does not constitute a complete

1. Describe and list the tasks you did last week. Provide details.
Last week I had an interview with Danielle, I learned about the company, I watched videos about marketing, my
mentor, Danielle set up a twitter page for me and a pinterest. In my interview I told Danielle about myself and my
interests, and I was able to ask some questions about the company in particular and marketing in general. My
twitter and pinterest pages were set up for me to use throughout my internship.

2. Who do you interact with? List all the people plus how you feel about that interaction.
I interacted with some of the directors and people working in media and website design.

3. Have you been instructed or observed a non-verbal behavior with customers, clients, or patients? Describe
the interaction and/or non-verbal communication.
There is a light atmosphere and the people in the office are courteous and pleasant. The office is open-there
are not cubicles but rather tables so that people can easily see and communicate with one another when

4. List any difficulties, mistakes, pleasant or unpleasant experiences that occurred last week. What did you do
to correct your mistake(s)?
I experienced people welcoming me and drawing me into the mix of the office. While I hoped I would be
accepted it was nice that people went out of their way to make me comfortable.

5. Describe the interaction between employees and employer. Do you observe teamwork? Is it
a friendly environment or tense? How do you know?
There is a lot of cooperation in the office space. The atmosphere is very open and collaborative with tables
instead of cubicles and open conversation and team work. It seems this way because of the dynamics among
the people.

6. What interesting or challenging experience did you have with your fellow workers or site supervisor?
Learning about the company and about marketing has been interesting. It is clear that the workers enjoy their
job and learning how people work together in an office has been interesting.

7. Is there anything concerning your internship, your internship host mentor, fellow workers, or school
that you would like to discuss with me? Yes or No. If yes, briefly explain
8. What is your schedule for this week? Days & Times
Tuesday and Wednesday 1-3:30

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