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The Intersection of

Jewish Values & Practical Necessity for a Modern Jewish Nation

Rabbi Ron Stern and Rabbi Mark Diamond with Rabbi Yoshi Zweiback
The Hartman Institutes iEngage program brings together a team of world-leading
scholars and public intellectuals who specialize in areas such as Jewish thought,
political theory, and international law, and who are leading forces in rethinking the
meanings and signicance of Zionism and Israel, and communicating these ideas to
Jews worldwide.
View specially recorded Hartman Scholar video presentations, while Rabbis Stern and
Diamond facilitate conversations and textual explorations. In addition, special guests
representing a range of perspectives on Israeli society and politics will appear on
alternate weeks for small group discussions.
Alternate Tuesdays October 21, 2014 to May 26, 2015 from 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.
$100 Stephen Wise Temple Members or members of AJC
$150 non-members
A cooperative venture of the Center for Jewish Life
of Stephen Wise Temple and the American Jewish Committee
To register: WiseLA.org/CJL
or 888.380.WISE (9473)
Values Practical Necessity Religious Tolerance Zionism
Modern Jewish Nation Democracy Warfare and Occupation
Religious Rights Politics Israeli Society Intellectuals Leading
Scholars Special Guests Small Group Discussions Worldwide
Jewry American Jewish Israel Narrative Jewish Thought
Political Theory International Law Tolerance Meaning Change