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Lesson 1 Potential Work placement Organisations

Brainstorm potential placement then write a sentence around them why they could be potential
work placements

Who could be potential contacts/resources to find placements

What are the potential work placement
organisations you could do your work
placement in?
Lesson 1 Potential Work Placement Organisations Task 1
Travel shop Travel agent Hotel
Learn customer service
skills and management
Gain experience of working
in the travel industry
Learn key skills
Olivia Stephanie Melissa

Personal Objectives
-Gain experience
-Get the qualifications I need for the job I want
-Learn to work with customers
-Improve language skills
-Get training

Career Objectives
-Learn about the job I want
-Get experience to be more employable
-Work as a stewardess

Curriculum Objectives
-Complete all coursework on time
-Learn about different sectors of tourism
-Expand knowledge

Lesson 1 Your personal, career and curriculum objectives for the placement Task 1

Describe placement 1 the type of organisation, your potential roles
-Travel agent
-Selling holidays
-Visiting sites to see if theyre good enough for the company to sell

How could this placement help to meet your personal objectives?
-Working in the tourism industry
-Chance to travel

How could this placement help you to meet your career objectives?
-Working in tourism
-Gaining experience
-Customer service skills

How could this placement help you to meet your curriculum objectives?
-Learning about tourism
-Dealing with customers
-Finding other holiday destinations
-Expanding knowledge

Lesson 1 Two Potential Work Placements - Task 1

Describe placement 2 the type of organisation, your potential roles
-Cabin crew- airline
-Greeting/seeing off passengers
-Serving passengers
-Making announcements

How could this placement help to meet your personal objectives?
-Travel the world
-Get the job I want

How could this placement help you to meet your career objectives?
-Know more about the world and the travel industry

How could this placement help you to meet your curriculum objectives?
-More understanding of customer service and what makes a good business
-Learning skills Ill need in the industry

Lesson 1 Two Potential Work Placements Task 1

Explain how the following could be constraints of the potential placements and how these
constraints can be avoided.
Location of placement and transport access

Hours of work

Personal commitments

Accommodation if it local/or not

Equipment and clothing

Lesson 1 Constraints of the placement Task 1
Lesson 1 Resources attached - Task 1
Could be too far away move closer
No transport links drive/cycle/taxi
Work could clash with home/college life or other jobs/responsibilities rearrange schedule
Could clash with childcare responsibilities or part time job hire a babysitter and change
your work hours of your part time job
Could be too far away from the business move closer/get public transport/drive
No transport links cycle/drive/taxi
Could be too expensive get a loan
Could get lost/stolen/out grown/damaged take care of it, use a locker, have a back up

Lesson 2 Letter of Enquiry - Task 1

Catherine Adams
103 Pastures Avenue
St Georges
BS22 7SB

Mr Simon Dinham
3rd Floor Albion House
High Street
GU21 6BD

Dear Mr Dinham,
I am writing to enquire if you would have a place for me during my work experience.
I am a hard-working student at Weston College and I have recently achieve a merit grade in Level 2
Travel and Tourism. I would like to do my work experience with your company to see how a travel
agent works and gain the skills I would need to work in the tourism industry in the future.
Please find my CV attached with my contact details.

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Catherine Adams

Lesson 2 Up to date CV - Task 1


Catherine Jennifer Adams
103 Pastures Avenue
St Georges
BS22 7SB

Mobile: 07817497893
Home: 01934248513
Email: catherineadams97@yahoo.com

I have attended Hans Price Academy, Worle Community School, Launceston College, Nailsea School,
Churchill Academy and completed my exams in Hans Price Academy. I have gained 8 GCSE grades
A*- C grade and achieved a merit in Level 2 Travel and Tourism. I am organised and willing to help
others if requested. Im a fast and keen learner and I will try my best to complete tasks before
deadlines. If necessary I will work into my own time to complete work.

Key achievements
Became the Year 4 girl representative of the student school council (2006)
Supported a fundraising event for a school in Africa (2011)
Achieved the GCSE grades I needed for my college entry level (2014)

Employment experience
Work experience at Hans Price Academy library for 1 week (2013)

Roles included:

Checking items in and out
Returning items to shelves
Writing reviews of books for posters
Calculating the price of book orders.


English Literature B
English Language A
Maths B
Science C
History B
French A
Travel and Tourism Level 2 Merit
Art B

Core skills
IT skills including Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel
Knowledge from Level 2 Tourism
Geography skills

Reading, drawing, watching films, cooking, learning/expanding foreign language skills
References available upon request

About Thomas William Travel
Thomas William Travel was founded in January 2013 by Simon Dinham. Its named after his two
sons, Thomas and William.

Where can you find the information out about Thomas William Travel?
Website: www.thomaswilliamtravel.co.uk
Telephone: 07766 625095
Email: info@thomaswilliamtravel.co.uk
LinkedIn: Simon Dinham

Description of Thomas William Travel
It is based on the 4th floor of Weston College Knightstone Campus in Weston-super-Mare and also
at the managers home. The manager is Simon Dinham and works alongside TTA Travel.

Is the company public, private or voluntary? How do you know this?
It is a private company because it was founded and funded by Simon Dinham, not the government.

Who is the company owned by?
Simon Dinham.

What is the size of the organisation? How many member of staff are there?
Its a small organisation as it only begun a year and a half ago, but it has a large amount of staff as
the Travel and Tourism students of Weston College are employed as work experience. It is also in
partnership with TTA Travel.

Lesson 2/3 An interview checklist - Task 1

How many locations does the business have?
Thomas William Travel is based at the Knightstone Campus of Weston College, and also at the
managers house as he works from home too.

Draw and organisation chart for Thomas William Travel, how do they link with each other?

Who is going to be responsible for marketing? Who is going to help with it?
Simon Dinham is responsible for marketing, but also the students he employs as they deal with
customers too.

What promotions do they offer?
A Manager of the Month award for student employees

What products and services do they offer e.g travel insurance, flights, holidays, excursions.
- Holidays to: Kos, Egypt, Africa, Florida, the Maldives, New York, Portugal
- Mediterranean cruises
- National Express/private chauffeur airport transfers
- Travel insurance
- Currency exchange
- Port and airport hotels/parking
- Excursions and attraction tickets
- Car hire

What are the health and safety issues in the organisation?
- Health and safety issues would be the stairs as its on the 4th floor.
- If there was a fire and the stairs were blocked there would be no other way out of the building.
- The elevator could break whilst in motion so youll be trapped for a while

What role will you play in the organisation? What will be your responsibilities?
I will be a sales assistant selling holidays to customers. I will be responsible for booking holidays and
dealing with customers in a polite, friendly fashion.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Simon at Thomas William Travel?
Simon is the manager. Hes responsible for his staff and the sales/products/services of his company.

What do you think are the strengths of Thomas William Travel?
It has good products/services and a large work force.

What do you think are the weaknesses of Thomas William Travel?
Not many people know about it and the advertising in the college is poor. Its also on the 4th floor
which could be difficult to get for disabled customers.

What do you think are the Threats to Thomas William Travel?
Threats are the main travel agents on the high street like Thompson and Thomas Cook.

What do you think are the Opportunities to Thomas William Travel?
There is an opportunity to move to the ground floor of the college in the future, or into the high

Who is going to be competition for Thomas William Travel?
Thomas Cook, First and Thompson travel agents on the high street.