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Albert Einstein

Einstein did not speak until he

was four and did not read
until he was seven, causing
his teachers and parents to
think he was mentally
handicapped, slow and anti-
social. Eventually, he was
expelled from school
was fired by a
editor because,
"he lacked
and had no
good ideas."
Walt Disney
In his early years,
teachers told Edison
he was "too stupid to
learn anything." Work
was no better, as he
was fired from his first
two jobs for not being
productive enough
Charles Schultz:
had every cartoon
he submitted
rejected by his
high school
yearbook staff,
and was rejected
for a position
working with Walt
Charles Shultz
Elvis was still a nobody,
and Jimmy Denny,
manager of the Grand
Ole Opry, fired Elvis
Presley after just one
performance telling him,
"You ain't goin' nowhere,
son. You ought to go
back to drivin' a truck."
Elvis Presley
What Are the Benefits of
Increasing the High School
Graduation Rate?

..Researchers have examined various
annual and lifetime benefits associated
with improved high school graduation


Compared to a high school dropout..

a single high school graduate yields a public
benefit of over $200,000 more in lower government
spending and higher tax revenues.

If the number of dropouts were cut in half, the
government would likely see a total of $45 billion in
savings and additional revenue.

If the male
graduation rate
were increased by
only 5 percent

the nation would
see an annual
savings of $4.9
billion in crime-
related costs

Cutting the dropout rate of a single high
school class (ie Nationwide class of 2013) in half

.. would likely support as many as 54,000
new jobs and would likely increase the
gross domestic product by as much as
$9.6 billion.
Total Additional
Lifetime Income
If the state of
Dropouts Had

.The Alternative Pathway program is
helping Romeo Community School
Students avoid dropping out and
ultimately supporting the future of the
Romeo Community
What is the Alternative
Pathway Program?
A pilot program approved by the Board of Education and
implemented in 2012-13 school year.

The mission of the program is to identify our future contributing
members of society that were in danger of not graduating on time
and/or graduating at all

Once these students were identified, the program team offers
intensive academic and social intervention, to allow these students
an alternative pathway to graduation.

Furthermore the students also receive support to make academic
and career transitions beyond Romeo High School

The Academic component
For the 2012-13 school year, the students in the
program attended traditional RHS Classes, utilized
Michigan Virtual School apex platform online
courses, or a combination of both

The Academic component
The MVS courses allow students to learn through
online delivery of content and instruction with
some student control over time, place, path,
and/or pace. However many of the assignments
and assessments are traditional hard copy,
hand written, with feedback and correction by
the RHS Alternative Pathway certified teachers
The Academic component
Via the Michigan Virtual Program, students
successfully completed courses in all core
academic areas, electives and carreer prep

The following are some examples of their
academic achievements and the RHS
teacher feedback
Personal Attention
Students at risk of not
completing High
School often have
personal issues outside
of school that interfere
with their academic

Students here are shown talking to Mr.
Kaufman, communicating what they
need for academic success
Personal Attention
The alternative pathway
program has offered
students the ability to
bring those issues to the
attention of RHS
teachers, administrators,
and counselors.

Students then receive
the necessary support for
these issues

Students here are shown
talking to Mr. Pyper
communicating what they
need for academic success

Personal Attention
Weekly student academic and attendance progress
data is monitored by graduation coach Mr. Bryant
and discussed individually with the students
Transition from RHS to the
Based on a students career interest and
academic abilities, they are offered
support by the program to insure a
successful transition to college, trade
school, or employment.

Student Success!!!!!
During the 2012-13 school year 22 students entered the
program that were in extreme danger of not graduating
H.S. by August 2013

2 of those students have already
graduated and transitioned beyond
Romeo H.S. !!!!

8 students are within target range to graduate before the
end of the school year

3 students are with within range to graduate before August
Student Success!!!!!
We would like to proudly introduce you to two
of these students

1) Kayla Gedavilis- Our first graduate

2) Kayla Miracle- Is on target to graduate in
May with her class, plans to attend Macomb
Community college, with the ultimate goal of
attending Indiana Wesleyan University