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Advisory Panel Meeting

October 17, 2014

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Professional Development Sample

PD Session: Flipped Classroom

Time: 3 hours

Audience: Principals, Teachers and Teacher Leaders, Instructional and Technology

Challenge: Flipping the Classroom provides a range of benefits, such as allowing the teacher to move
from the role of lecturer to facilitator, giving students access to direct instruction according to their
schedules and needs, and increasing time and support during higher level application. While the
benefits are considerable, challenges such as creating videos and concerns about access to technology
outside of the school day frequently prevent educators from getting started.

Solution: In this session, participants will discuss options and develop a strategy for providing students
with access to the technology they need to participate in a flipped classroom. Participants will explore
content for direct instruction, from ready-to-go Classworks mini-lessons to creating their own
screencasts. They will gather ideas for how to make the most of the class time now freed up for
application, performance tasks, and meaningful exchanges with students. Participants will then put this
information into practice, and flip a traditional lesson!

Define Flipped Classroom and review the benefits and research associated with this model.
Discuss a variety of ways to increase access to technology (devices, content, and internet)
outside of the school day. As a team, determine strategies that will work for your students.
Explore content for direct instruction, including ready-to-go mini-lessons and self-created
screencast videos. Discuss how students will access content outside of school.
Explore options for incorporating application, creation, performance tasks and meaningful
interaction into class time.
Apply knowledge gained to flip a traditional lesson.

Participants will gain an understanding of Flipped Classroom and the related benefits and
Schools will create a plan outlining how students will access digital content outside of the
school day.
Teachers will gain experience with screencasting software and create their own video.
Teachers will flip a traditional lesson for immediate application in the classroom.