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Baroness Thompson

The Scientist-Practitioner model

M1 Project
The Scientist/Practitioner Model

Jack is an organizational development executive at an international

communications technology company. Primarily, I/O psychologists focus on employees,

aid in organizational development, and deal with human resource issues. Jack has to

complete the required course work. He is on his way, but not yet. The position he inquires

about is a very in depth poison. Jack has to focus on his employees. His position help

allows employees to feel worthy of their position.

I/O Psychology focuses on behaviors in organizations by investigating individual,

group, and organizational processes. Students in these programs learn about both the "I"

side - selection, performance appraisal, and training and the "O" side satisfaction,

motivation, and leadership.

Jack has to research The Scientist-Practitioner model of Clinical Psychology. It

traces its roots to the Boulder Conference on Graduate Education in Clinical Psychology

(1949) held in Boulder, Colorado, USA. The conference developed a model of training

and education leading to professional practice in which Clinical Psychologists adhere to

scientific methods, procedures, and research in their day-to-day practice.

In closing, the goal of the training, educational model, and eventual practice is for

Clinicians to use scientific methodology in their practice-decision; to work with clients

using scientifically valid methods, tools, and techniques; to inform their clients of

scientifically-based findings and approaches to their problems; and to conduct practice-

based research. Jack hasn’t had to go through the extensive training required to be

Scientist – Practioner. To ensure his job and the clients he works with safety. These steps

will have to be taken. They will be receiving qualified help from a professional.

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