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October 7, 2014

Activity: Testing the pH of water fountains and tap water using a pH meter
Purpose: To determine if the water is neutral enough to drink

October 21, 2014
Activity: Conduct a mock oil spill clean-up
Purpose: How oil spills effect animals and the environment

November 4, 2014
Activity: Acid rain collection/e.coli in water
Purpose: Culture water to determine if there is bacteria present/ determine how
polluted rain is and the environmental factors

November 11, 2014
Activity: Cyber-infrastructure Water kit from Natural History Museum of Utah
Purpose: Students will learn how to use a handheld GPS, use tools to collect
specimens to understand water in the environment and how humans are impacting
it. Students will test for nitrite in water and other water quality parameters

November 18, 2014
Activity: Soil testing for nitrate,phosphorus,potassium
Purpose: To make sure the nutrient ratio is sufficient enough to produce a
successful vegetable garden and how irregular amounts can affect drinking water.
This will also prepare students for vermicomposting

November 25, 2014
Activity: Stream contamination forensic investigation
Purpose: Students will act as forensic scientists and determine why there is a
massive fish kill in the town of Raymond and determine who is responsible

December 2, 2014
Activity: Vermicomposting
Purpose: Students will learn about sustainable practices and landfills. Students will
learn how to compost using worms in the classroom and taking the compost and
using it for the classroom greenhouse.

December 9, 2014
Activity: Solar Power
Purpose: Students will learn about sustainable practices using renewable energy.
Students will make different experiments using solar power.

December 16, 2014
Activity: Botany/Classroom greenhouse vegetable garden/Science Fair ideas
Purpose: Students will test the air pollution outside of school/ students will transfer
the rich compost into plant trays and plant herbs and vegetable seeds. Students will
learn about water conservation by using a hydroponics garden, which doesnt need

January 6, 2015
Activity: Weather Station
Purpose: Instead of watching the weather channel, APA will have their own weather
station using scientific equipment. Students will learn how to predict weather,
report the weather, measure rain fall, humidity etc and learn how to use the
computer to look at weather data. If students are interested in becoming
Meteorologist this is the class they dont want to miss.

January 13, 2015
Activity: Air Pollution
Purpose: Students will test the air pollution outside

January 20, 2015
Activity: Earthquakes experiments
Purpose: Students will model faults and find the epicenter. If students are interested
in becoming Seismologist this is the class for them

January 27, 2015
Activity: Volcano

February 3,2015
Activity: Science Fair Prep

February 10,2015
Activity: Science Fair Prep /Recycled paper press ( science fair 02/20/15)

February 24, 2015
Activity: Field Trip TBA

March 3, 2015
Activity: Fundraising/ Environmental Fair Ideas

March 10, 2015
Activity: TBA

March 17, 2015
Activity: Paleoecology

March 24, 2015
Activity: Students choice

March 31, 2015
Activity: Environmental law scenarios

April 14, 2015
Activity: Survival kit wind power/ Env Fair touch-ups

April 21, 2015
Activity: Environmental Fair /Career day/ create newsletter (Earth Day April 22)

April 28, 2015
Activity: Ant Farm

May 5, 2015
Activity: Epidemic experiment
Purpose: Students will become Center of Disease Control Scientist and learn how an
epidemic is started. Students will simulate the movement of a deadly pathogen. If
students are interested in working for the government such as the CDC they dont
want to miss this class

May 12, 2015
Activity: Mining gold prospecting
Purpose: If students are interested in becoming geologist or what to get into gold
prospecting then this is the class for you. Students will use actual gold prospecting
equipment to locate simulated gold samples.

May 19, 2015
Activity: Sustainable earthlab

May 26, 2015
Activity: Sustainable earthlab

June 2, 2015
Activity: Party Sustainable earthlab