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Luke 12:33 Micro Financing Loan Program

Statement of Afrmation
Goals and Objectives
The Luke 12:33 Micro Financing Loan Program is a project envisioned to help
the poorest of the poor to obtain the necessar financing needed to either:
!" #btain gainful emploment b providing funds for licenses$
documentation$ training$ e%uipment$ and other emploment related costs& or
'" #btain e%uipment and supplies (including some inventor) to start a
productive small scale business venture"
The loan is provided on the basis of a recommendation from someone *ho
has either been a successful participant in the program$ a church
paster+priest+leader or someone kno*n and trusted b ,--M or its affiliate
agents and partners" The loan is intended to *ork on a long term co.
operative basis *here funds *hich are repaid *ill be reinvested in the
program in order to help other need people"
#nce selected to benefit from the loan ever effort should be made to
compl *ith the terms of the program" Failure to do so could result in
e/clusion from future participation or being able to recommend others to join
in the program"
"ristian #asis $or Program
This program is based on the 'iblical injunction to assist the poor and
need& to 0do unto others as ou *ould have them do unto ou0" 1e affirm
that$ as -hrist told us$ *hatever *e do 0for the least of these0 *e are doing
it for -hrist 2imself"
%tatement o$ &$$irmation
, 3333333333333333333 agree to the goals$ objectives and -hristian basis
for this loan program" , agree to pa back the entire loan of 145 (plus 46
administration fee) over a period of 12 months in e%ual pament amounts" ,
agree to use the loan amounts #7L8 for e/penses related to the purpose of
the loan as agreed upon b the agenc" , understand that failure to compl
*ith the above provisions could result in m inabilit to benefit in the future
from an further programs or being able to recommend others for

%ignature 'name o$ bene$iciar() *ate
%ignature o$ +itness