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Newsletter for October Month of Respect

Dear parents, we will be doing the following work during this month.
This month we are working on narrative writing. Students will be writing a narrative essay on a personal challenge. We will
focus on writing structure, process, and developing voice.
Essays will be due October 31.
This month we will be working on prime factors, expanded form & scientific notation, order of operations, and solving
Chapter 1 test and quiz dates will be posted on the calendar online.
This month we will be learning about living things, cell theory, plant & animal cells, and flow of materials into & out of cells.
Chapter 1 quiz date will be posted on the calendar online.
Social Studies:
This month we are completing unit 1, chapters 2-3. Students are examining population patterns around the world. Students
are encouraged to think critically about global patterns and distribution of people and resources.
Chapter 2 test, Monday, October 20
. Chapter 3 test, October 31, Friday.
Islamic Studies:
Akhlaaq: Students are examining how Islamic manners can be incorporated into our daily lives. Specifically, we are looking at
jealousy and anger management.
Islamic History and Seerah: What was the world like before Islam? How was the final message received? How has the world
changed since then? These are some of the questions we will be examining in our class.
Fiqh: We will continue learning about Hajj and its rituals in order to develop a proper understanding about this pillar of Islam.
The idea here is also to enhance our understanding about the significance of this auspicious month of Dhul Hijjah. We will also
learn about Ziyarah (visiting Madinah).
Aqidah: We will learn about the Books of Allah and develop a proper understanding in regards to the Holy Scriptures and
their significance and relevance in todays day and age.
Physical Education:
Girls: Basketball, soccer, fitness. Our central focus is positive attitude, teamwork, and participation.
Boys: Basketball, soccer, football, dodgeball, fitness and capture the flag. We have also looked at personal safety and injury
prevention along with good decision-making skills.
Quranic Studies:
This month we will learn proper recitation along with translation for surah Mujadalah and Surah Abasa. We will also learn
duas for eating (before and after), and entering & exiting the masjid.
This month we are learning about the proper use of pronoun en, meaning it or them and also the art of ordering food from a
French restaurant. Students are very aware of all terms used in a restaurant: such as hors doeuvre, pourboire, livraison a
domicile, service au volant, libre service and others. Oral presentation is coming this week. Bonne chance!