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KL University

Academic Year: 2014-15 Semester III Home assignment -3

Course Code 13-ME205
Last date for
Course Title STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Max. Marks 05

1. A beam of rectangular cross section of length 8m is simply supported. The beam carries a UDL
of 15kN/m run over the entire length and a point load of 20kN at 3m from the left support. If the
depth is two times the width and the bending stress in the beam is not to exceed 10 MPa, find
the suitable dimensions of the section.

2. Determine the maximum tensile, compressive bending stress
caused by a concentrated load of 5.4KN acting at the free
end on a cantilever beam of span 3m. The cross section as
shown in the Figure.

3. Determine the maximum tensile and compressive bending
stresses in a cantilever beam of 2m span, subjected to a
uniformly distributed load of 10kN/m, throughout the length.
The cross section of the beam is as shown in the Fig.

4. Determine the maximum shear stress of a cantilever beam subjected to point load of 80kN at
its free end. The cross section is as shown in the Figure. Also draw the shear stress distribution
across the cross section.