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Minutes of the meeting 22 September 2014 Committee Room 1 Civic Centre

Present: - Mrs P Winston-Chairman and !broo" Cemeter!
Mr # $agg- Cr!o% Road Ms C &reen-'en(ood
Mr M Chand%er- urton $ie%d Mr R #a!%or-)rion Wa!
Ms & Puc"ett- Pub%icit! )fficer
Ms * +a(son- Christchurch, -emmett, Wi%%iam Road, Musgrove ne(
Caro% Ridings- Secretar! .i%een +a( /0%%otment )fficer
1 tenants
12 Apologies
Ms Raggett, Mr Shrubso%e, Mr & utton, -u%ie Rogers
22 Chairmans Opening Remarks
3We%come to this autumn meeting (hich comes after a %ong mi%d, (et (inter and spring, (ith
a %ong sunn! summer giving perfect gro(ing conditions for man! crops2
#he batt%e for improving p%ots on a%% sites continues (ith some further p%ots being sp%it to
a%%o( a sma%%er si4ed p%ot to be more effective%! (or"ed to a higher standard2 #han"s to
.i%een (ho continues to send non cu%tivation %etters5repossessing p%ots and providing site reps
(ith ne( tenants from the (aiting %ist2
We have en6o!ed a successfu% da! at the Pi%grims 'ospice fete and as usua% than"s to a%% those
(ho provided produce56ams and 6e%%ies2 We he%ped the fundraising (ith the best tota% !et of
near%! 7802002
)ur summer sho( (as a%so our best !et- more detai%s from #on!, but than"s to &i%da for the
pub%icit! and ama4ing pri4es and raff%e donations from a (ide range of %oca% organisations2
We aim to be even bigger and better ne9t !ear: 0nd are %oo"ing for a bigger venue2
)ther(ise, (ishing !ou a%% and !our tenants an autumn and (inter (hich a%%o(s the essentia%
preparations for ne9t !ears so(ing and p%antings2
#he trip to Wis%e! is no( proposed for spring 201;3
Ms Puc"ett suggested that the Wis%e! trip be in ear%! March2

! Min"#es
$! %"lk %"&ing Managers Repor#
#he ba%ance at the ban" in September 2011 (as 71111, Sa%es (ere 7;;21-00 and the ba%ance
is no( 72282, (ith the va%ue of the stoc" in hand being 72<102
Sa%es for this !ear increased b! 724412;; on the previous !ear2
#he Chairman has put this do(n to the hard (or" b! Mr utton and Mr $agg and a%so the
information provided on the ne( (eb site produced b! Ms Puc"ett2
Ms Puc"ett said that the number of peop%e (ho have vo%unteered to he%p at the shed has
he%ped sa%es2
'! Treas"rers Repor#
#here (as a #reasurer for ; months but he has no( moved on2 1 potentia% vo%unteers attended
the meeting after seeing the e mai% sent round b! the pub%icit! officer2
Stevie oute%%:-'as %ived in the area for 1; !ears and has recent%! ta"en on a = p%ot2 She has
ta"en on a simi%ar ro%e for a handicap c%ub2 She has (or"ed (ith figures a%% her %ife, (or"ing
for the civi% service2
rian Stamp: - 'as a p%ot at Musgrove2 'e too" ear%! retirement after (or"ing for the >'S as
an e%ectrician2 'e a%so (or"s at Wi%%esborough Windmi%% and >orton ?natchbu%%
Penn! Care!: - 'er husband has an a%%otment2 She has not been a treasurer before but (as an
accounting technician2 She (or"s at arrett3s as a pa!ro%% manager2
(! Sho) Se*re#aries Repor#
Mr $agg said that it had been a ver! successfu% sho( and gave than"s to #he Chairman, Ms
Puc"ett and Ms +a(son2
#here (ere 10 entrants (ith 211 entries2
#he boo" sta%% made 7;4, #ease 7<;, entr! fees 7;1, Raff%e 7@0,(ith donation of 7;, e9penses
(ere 7;02 0 profit of 721@ (as made2
#he Chairman suggested that the timing of the sho( be significant%! ear%ier in 201;- in -u%!
and she hasbeen %oo"ing for a %arger venue at a good price2 She suggested ?ennington 6unior
schoo% (here there is sufficient par"ing, but there is a need to have the sho(n during schoo%
term time2
Ms Puc"ett said that the sho( a Stone is a%(a!s (e%% attended in -u%!2
At (as pointed out that produce is a%(a!s (eather dependant and during term time man!
peop%e are not on ho%ida!, and schoo% chi%dren ma! ta"e part2
Ms Puc"ett has produced a draft schedu%e for the sho(2
0 vote (as ta"en for moving the date of the sho( to -u%!
Proposed Mr Chand%er, Seconded Mr #a!%or2 *ote carried unanimous%!2
Mr $agg said that if (e (ere unab%e to get the Schoo% ha%%, the aptist church (as sti%% a
possibi%it! and it ma! be possib%e to have the (ho%e ha%% or even the church2
Ms Puc"ett said that the ha%% that (as used (as 6am pac"ed and a%% the tab%es (ere used2
#he pump"in sho( on >ovember 1
is open to ever!one at the trading store2 Pump"ins need
to arrive b! 12 and pri4es (i%% be given at 12102 #here (i%% a%so be a vintage 5 2
hand boo"
sta%% and near%! ne( too%s2

+! ,"-li*i#& O..i*ers Repor#
Ms Puc"ett is sti%% e9panding the %ist of emai% addresses and this (as evidenced b! the number
of peop%e (ho turned up to vo%unteer to be #reasurer2 .ver!thing going b! emai% is a%so on the
#he da! the ?entish .9press (as produced after the sho( there (ere <00 hits on the (eb2
0%% the %oca% ne(spapers had photos and artic%es about the sho(, but (e are dependant on
other ne(s happening that (ee"2 She e9pressed than"s to .i%een (ho had been ver! he%pfu%2
0 fe( (ee"s ago the o(%s c%ub had %ots of (e%% rotted grass cuttings and there (as (e%%
rotted bar" at Westrees- this cou%d be suitab%e for paths2 #his cou%d be dumped a%so at
!broo" and )rion Wa!2
Mr $agg suggested that rather than going on other sites, it be pic"ed up at Westrees2
Ms Puc"ett agreed and said that peop%e (ou%d then see that the store (as open and the
co%%ection can be monitored from the store and she (i%% pub%ish this information on the (eb2
.i%een (i%% find out (hat happens to the bar" and chippings produced b! +andscape services2
/! Si#e Represen#a#i0es Repor#
)rion Wa!- P%ot ho%ders are not cutting the grass bet(een the p%ots2 Mr #a!%or (ondered
(hen the hedges (ou%d be cut
Ms Puc"ett (i%% put a reminder on the (eb site about grass cutting2
.i%een said that the hedge shou%d be cut once a !ear, and grass appro9 once a month2
'en(ood- >e( posts are need for a%% the (ater points2 #he communa% mo(er has bro"en so
the grass is not good at the moment2
urton $arm-Ats been a good gro(ing season, ever!thing is fine, no brea" ins though there
has been a (ater %ea"2
Cr!o% Road- 1 p%ot has had a non cu%tivation %etter2 0%% the site is occupied, the grass near the
gate needs cutting2
Wi%%iam, Christchurch etc-#he drainage ditch has been dug this !ear hopefu%%! stopping the
f%ooding on the a%%otments2 #here has been a prob%em (ith peop%e ta"ing up p%ots and not
doing an!thing2 Peop%e do not rea%ise (hat needs to be done2
Ms Puc"ett has put some information on the (eb site2
!broo" /#here has been a %ot of storm damage, though the fence has been repaired and trees
removed2 1 shed (as comp%ete%! removed during the night2 #here are B p%ots for the first time
on this site2
1 Allo#men#s O..i*ers Repor#
#he (aiting %ist is do(n to 20C from 2@2 peop%e at the %ast meeting
Af someone cannot be contacted then their name is removed from the %ist2
.i%een produced a spread sheet of current vacancies on a%% sites2
#he $rench drain at Musgrove has been comp%eted2 #here is a (ater %ea" at Christchurch and
a Duote has been as"ed for a ne( %ength of pipe from the stop coc"2
#he (ater on a%% sites (i%% be turned off from ear%! )ctober2
-udging of the p%ots is no( becoming time consuming, there are man! different a(ards and a
change is suggested to- best p%ot per site, overa%% (inner a%so 2
and 1
, overa%% best ne(
At is a%so proposed that -emmett and Christchurch (i%% a%so be c%assed as one site2 With
Musgrove ne( and Wi%%iam c%assed as 1 site because of the si4e of the sites2
#he Chairman as"ed for ideas
Ms Puc"ett said that best ne(comer is to encourage p%ot ho%ders and it (as agreed to have a
, 2
and 1
.i%een said that due to damage from storms and stand pipe repairs there has been a drain on
finances2 #here (i%% be a revie( of a%%otments probab%! ne9t !ear2 #he Counci% is thin"ing of
charging up front rather that a !ear in arrears2 #his ma! stop peop%e ta"ing on a%%otments (ho
do not intend to carr! on2
Ms &reen said that charging up front had a%(a!s been the case unti% recent%!2
Mr $agg said that it changed as (e (ere to%d that for %ega% reasons it had to charged in arrears2
'e has 2 p%ots (hich are not charged and (ou%d be happ! to pa! for the 2
.i%een said that the revie( (ou%d %oo" into peop%e on benefits and free p%ots2
#he Chairman as"ed to be on the revie( pane% rather than it being a fait accomp%i2 She a%so
gave than"s to .i%een for a%% her hard (or"2
12! AO%
0 date needs to be arranged for the 0&M2 At (as suggested that there be a 1 off 0&M in
>ovember or combine it (ith the ne9t meeting in -anuar!2
Mr $agg said that in the past a 1 off meeting had been better attended2
'o(ever it (as agreed to have a combined meeting at the end of -anuar!2
Mr $agg as"ed about bee "eeping on the a%%otments2 #he person in Duestion does have
insurance2 .i%een (i%% %oo" into this2
Ms Puc"ett (ondered about an a(ning or ga4ebo for the trading store- especia%%! if it rains for
the pump"in sho(2 .i%een (i%% %oo" to see if the Counci% has an!thing suitab%e and suggested
that a caravan a(ning ma! be suitab%e2
.i%een said that an! posters need to go out (ith the invoices and ne(s%etter and schedu%es in
E0#. )$ #'. >.F# M..#A>&- C210 W.E>.SE0G 2; -anuar!
Commi##ee Room 2