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French Reviewer (First Exam)

Masculine Feminine Plural Translation

Le La Les The
Un Une A/An
Mon/Ton Ma/Ta Mes/Tes My/Your
Son Sa Ses Theirs (same as ils/elles)
*NOTE: For mon/ton/son/etc, note the GENDER OF THE WORD not the speaker, person, etc.
e.g. mon frre = my brother; ta sur = your sister; son pre = his or her father
Ami Amie (Les) Amis Friend
Il Elle On He/She/We
Homme Femme

Use un/une and
le/la/les for
definite number
Mari Femme Husband/Wife
Fils Fille Son/Daughter
Garon Fille Boy/Girl
Pre Mre Father/Mother
Frre Sur (Soeur) Brother/Sister
Oncle Tante Uncle/Aunt
Grand-pre Grand-mre Grandfather/Grandmother
Franais Franaise French
Italien Italienne Italian
Americain Americaine American
Philippin Philippine Filipino
*Nationalities etc etc etc kaya nyo na yan :))

Verb Translation
Aller To go
Avoir To have
tre To be
Appeller To call
Habiter To live
Aimer To like (love??)

Je suis Nous sommes
Tu es Vous tes
Il/Elle est Ils/Elles sont

J ai Nous avons
Tu as Vous avez
Il/Elle a Ils/Elles ont

Je mappelle
Tu tappelles Vous vous-appelez/
Il/Elle sappelle

Je vais Nous allons
Tu vas Vous allez
Il/Elle va Ils/Elles vont

J habite Nous habitons
Tu habites Vous habitez
Il/Elle habite Ils/Elles habitent

J aime Nous aimons
Tu aimes Vous aimez
Il/Elle aime Ils/Elles aiment
(((((minor thanks to google translate)))))

Question Answer Translation
Comment allez-vous? Je vais bien. How are you? Im fine.
a va? a va. How are you? Im fine.
Comment vous appelez-
Je mappelle Gwapao. What is your name? My
name is Gwapao.
Quel age avez vous? Jai 18 ans. How old are you? I am 18
years old. (I have 18 years
actually pero gets na yan)
Qui est-ce? Cest ___ Who is this? This is ___

Describing yourself/others Translation
Je suis/Il est/Elle est I am/he is/she is
Jai/Il est/Elle est I have/he has/she has
Jhabite/Il habite/Elle habite I live/he lives/she lives
Je mappelle/Il sappelle/Elle sappelle My name is/His name is/Her name is
Jaime/Il aime/Elle aime I love/He loves/She loves

Un One Onze Eleven
Deux Two Douze Twelve
Trois Three Treze Thirteen
Quatre Four Katorze Fourteen
Cinq Five Quinze Fifteen
Six Six Seize Sixteen
Sept Seven Dix-sept Seventeen
Huit Eight Dix-huit Eighteen
Neuf Nine Dix-neuf Nineteen
Dix ten Vingt Twenty

Exam Types:
1. Vocab
2. Fill in the blanks
3. Q & A
4. Gender words
5. Numbers (1-20)
Good luck guys!
- Paolo Castillo

*hi guys :) gusto ko pink para masaya haha so yun I edited the doc just to add addtl pointers
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