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Document Status

Date of Policy Adoption by Governing Body: October 2014

Next Review October 2017
Signed (Chair of Governors)

Most Able and
Talented Policy
Eskdale School
Eskdale School aims:
To develop as a vibrant, dynamic community committed to the principles of Every Child Matters so
that all of our students
! are safe and healthy
! enjoy and achieve
! make a positive contribution
! experience success so that they are equipped to make their way in the world of work.
Most Able and Talented Policy

At Eskdale School we believe in excellence and that all students are entitled to an
education that will enable them to develop their full potential. We wish to support
our most able and talented students in finding appropriate challenge in our learning
environment and we will provide opportunities to identify and nurture these

Most Able
Our definition
Students who have entered Eskdale School in Year 7 with a level 5a or 5b in English and

Students will be identified by our Able and Talented Co-ordinator although parents and
students will not be informed of this. The co-ordinators will scrutinise the progress of these
students at each monitoring point and will recommend interventions based on this, where

Departmental Talented List
Our definition
Students who have been identified by their subject teachers as having a particular aptitude
in their subject.

This list should be small and easily manageable. Once students have been identified, a list
will be kept centrally by the Able and Talented Co-ordinator. The list will contain details of
why a student has been identified and what interventions or enrichments have been offered.

Talents outside the normal curriculum

Parents will receive a letter at the beginning of the academic year in order for them to
inform the school of any talents their child displays outside of school. This may include
sport, music or other interests which may take up a lot of time for the students.

Eskdale School will register those talents on a list of extra-curricular activities outside of
school. The school will endeavour to support such activities through leave of absence,
curriculum changes and other available means.