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Directions: Answer each question to the best of your knowledge

1) Circle the collective noun in the following sentence:

The Academy Scientifica-Lucidus recently unveiled its intentions to seek out new sources of

2) In the sentence above put a box around the article.

3) KA-BOOM! Is an example of which part of speech? ________________________________________

4) Circle ALL of the proper nouns in the following sentence:

Blairion Mercurial, who is a top scientist at the Academy Scientifica-Lucidus, is working on
finding new ways to produce energy. Some of his inventions have been called ludicrous by his

5) Combine the above two sentences using an appropriate conjunction. Rewrite your new sentence on
the lines below. Circle the conjunction in your new sentence.

6) Write a sentence using an action verb.

7) Name 3 common nouns in this classroom:

8) For each black space marked (1), write and concrete noun. For each blank space marked (2) write a
corresponding abstract noun. Example: I can see a hug, but I cannot see love.

I can see (1)__________, but I cannot see (2)__________.
I can see (1)__________, but I cannot see (2)__________.
I can see (1)__________, but I cannot see (2)__________.

9) In the following sentence, circle the possessive pronoun.

He let his imagination get the better of him.

10) Put the letters RF above the reflexive pronoun in the following sentence:

I usually keep my imagination to myself.
11) Put the letter D above the demonstrative pronoun in the following sentence:

This idea that I have is probably the most brilliant thing I have ever thought.

12) Put the letters ID above the indefinite pronoun in the following sentence:

Somebody once told me that my imagination would take me further than the most distant star.

13) Put the letters RL above the relative pronoun in the following sentence:

Figment, who is an imaginary purple dragon, spends much of his time playing with Blair.

14) Put the letters IT above the interrogative pronoun in the following sentence:

Blair, what is the purpose of this monstrosity you have created?

15) Circle the preposition in each of the following sentences:
- Figment fell through the strange portal with Blair
-Blair stuffed Figment under his new machine to hide him.
-Blair took it upon himself to create a machine that converts imagination into energy.
16) Circle the adverb in each of the following sentences:
-Figment flew quickly to aid Blair.
-Blair reluctantly built for seven days.
-Chairman Illocrant yelled bitterly at Blair.
17) Circle the adjective in each of the following sentences:
-Figment is a purple dragon.
-Blair has always had a scientific mind.
18) The verbs in the sentences below are written incorrectly. Correct each sentence so that the subject
and verb are in agreement with one another.
-Figment and Blair has no idea what was about to happen to them.
-Figment were going to help Blair understand imagination before Blair yelled at him.

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