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Road Grades:
1. The maximum grade of all roads, with the following exceptions, shall be eight percent (8!. Rural
collector, rural local, and rural minor roads shall re"uire grades of ten percent (1#! or less.
$owe%er, these rural roads ma& contain grades in excess of ten percent (1#!, up to a maximum of
twel%e and one'half percent (1(.)! for short distances onl& when, at the discretion of the count&, it
is determined that the steeper road grade is in the best interest of the count& for purposes of
en%ironmental protection and it is further determined that the steeper grade will not ad%ersel& affect
public safet&. Roads ha%ing grades in excess of eight percent (8! shall be pri%atel& owned and
(. *n all instances, the minimum road grade shall be #.+ percent.
+. The following conditions shall be used for grades in excess of ten percent (1#!, pro%ided, that all
applicable emergenc& and ser%ice pro%iders re%iew, at time of subdi%ision plat and site plan re%iew,
such road design and grades to ade"uatel& address the public health, safet& and welfare:
a. -hort distances are measured along roadwa& centerline and are defined as less than or e"ual to fi%e
hundred feet ()##.! o%er a continual distance of one thousand feet (1,###.!.
b. /ain through roads (nonstop sign roads! can remain at a constant grade of less than eight percent
(8! through the intersection.
c. Retaining walls shall be used with cuts in excess of ten feet (1#.!. Cut slopes shall be as specified
b& a "ualified engineer to achie%ed a stable emban0ment. 1ill areas shall be contoured to two feet ((.!
hori2ontal to one foot (1.! %ertical slopes or flatter as directed b& a "ualified engineer. *f the disturbed
areas fail to match existing grade within ten (1#! %ertical feet, a retaining wall shall be used.
d. Re%egetation of all disturbed soils meeting count& construction standards will be re"uired on all