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Subject: Physical Education 1

Number of Meeting: 1

I. Learning Objectives
At the end of 60 minute discussion, the pupils are expected to:
a. discuss proper ways of caring for each body part;
b. share the importance of caring the body to the class; and
c. demonstrate proper ways of caring for each body part through role-play.

II. Learning Content
Topic: Taking care of my body
Reference: Dimlanta, Josefa A. et. al.,(2009) Enjoying Life Through Music, Art, Physical
Education and, Phoenix Publishing House, Inc. Quezon City
Materials: LCD, Laptop, activity sheet
Value: Discipline

III. Learning Experiences
a. Preparatory Activities
1. Review
The teacher will ask the question:
What are the steps in washing your hands properly?

2. Motivation
The pupils will a song Sampung Mga Daliri.
What different parts of the body are mentioned in the song?
What is the use of each body part?

b. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
The teacher will then presents different pictures and explain the ways of
taking good care of the body.
Care of the eyes
Care of the ears
Care of the tongue
Care of the nose
Care of the skin

2. Activity
The pupils will draw a happy face if the picture shows proper care of body
parts and draw a sad face if it does not.

3. Generalization
Why is it important to take good care of your body parts?
I need to take of my (part of a body) because ___________
I take care of my body by _____________

4. Application
The pupils will do a role-play in class. They will pretend that they are the
class doctor. A classmate has asked the class doctor to give your classmate
some tips on how to care for his/her ears, eyes, nose, tongue or skin. What
will the class doctor tell the classmate? They write the tips in a piece of

IV. Evaluation
The pupil will answer in a paper. They will check the box of their answer.

Check ( ) the box of your answer.

1. I protect my ears from loud noises.

2. I can keep myself clean by taking a bath every day.

3. I take good care of my eyes by rubbing it always.

4. I use pair of sunglasses if I am expose too much sunlight.

5. I drink plenty of water every day.

V. Assignment/Agreement
List three things you can do to keep other parts of your body healthy and in
good shape.