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Membership Dues

Its a new year for the guild and membership dues are being collected. Your dues pay for the rental of our unique
meeting place at the Slater Mill Community Guild Studios as well as pay for programming activities. Annual Dues
are $20.00. Checks or cash are accepted and can be provided in person at the next meeting or by mail.
By Laws:
The By Laws Committee has been working on giving our organization structure by looking at sample bylaws from
other organizations. Well be hearing more about this at the October Meeting.
Meeting Schedule:
Adjustments were necessary due to holidays falling on the last Wednesday of the month. Our meetings will be
held October 30, December 4th, January 29th.
Treasurers Report: Ann reported a balance of $1,390.65.
Interest Survey: The link to an interest survey was sent to all email addresses in the Guilds contact list. The
survey results will help us plan and focus programming on members needs and interests. It is quick list of
questions about skills and techniques and only takes a couple of minutes to click through. Results will be
discussed at the October meeting. Your input is important. Link to survey form.
Septembers Program: Silk Hankies with Chrystee Governo:
Silk Hankies or Mawatas are developed from the cocoon of the
silkworm once they have been degummed and stretched on a
square. The fibers can be separated into sheets that can be
spun or knitted in to a unique fabric. Participants knit a swatch
and received a list of resources and patterns to try. Its always
fun to try something new!
Notes from the Meeting:
Knitting Challenge
Beautiful knit hats were sent to the Red Cross with a check for
$120.00 for the benefit of victims of tornado victims in Moore, OK!
Thanks for your talented efforts. The hats received many
complements from the crowd at the Slater Mill and Pawtucket Arts
festivals last month.
Our latest challenge, knitwear or knitted toys for small children is
ongoing. Items will be collected at meetings throughout the fall. We
are seeking recommendations for a local charity to provide these
items. If you have a charity to recommend, please bring contact
information to the next meeting or email to
Newsleter of the Hook and Needle Guild
In the Loop

In this issue:
Notes From Meeting
Upcoming Programs
Upcoming Events
Annual membership dues of $20 ($10 after January 1st) can be paid by cash or check (payable
to The Hook and Needle Guild) by check either paid at a meeting or mailed to:
Ann Faith, 17 Keene Street, Providence, RI 02906.
Contact Information
President: Becky Ebeling
ebelingorama@gmail.com or rebeling
Treasurer: Ann Faith
anntfaith@aol.com or annfaith
Secretary :Jen Simoneau
jensimoneau@verizon.net or jensknits
Librarian: Nancy Tella
ntella1@verizon.net or scraphappy
The Hook and Needle Guild usually meets the last Wednesday of the month from September to
June at Slater Mill, 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 0280.
Email the Guild at hookandneedleguild@gmail.com
Upcoming Fiber Events
Nov. 2-3 Eastern States Exposition, West Spring-
field, MA 4th Annual Fiber Festival of New England
Nov. 7-10 Hartford, CT Stitches East
Nov 7-10 Quechee, VT Knitting & Yoga Adventures
Visits Quechee, VT
22-24 Wilder, VT Green Mountain Fiber Festival
Upcoming Programs:

Sneak Peak and Trick or Treat!
This month, well be joined by Ruth Sunn who has a
sneak peak of the events planned for the 6th Annual
Knitting Weekend planned for January 2014. Bring your
checkbook if youd like to reserve your seat!
Share your Tricks: bring a gadget or tool thats new -or-
maybe its old and you cant live without it!
Knitting Yarns
Local author Ann Hood will be our guest
speaker at our December 4th meeting.
Her recently released Knitting Yarns:
Writers on Knitting is moving collection of
essays by writers such as Barbara
Kingsolver, Elizabeth Berg and Ann
Patchett. The book includes patterns for designs by our
own Helen Bingham! Its due for release in early
As always, members who would rather work on their own
project and get caught up with guild friends are welcome to
gather in the adjoining space after the business meeting.
Have an idea for future programming? Please bring your
ideas to a meeting, post to the discussion thread on the
Ravelry forum or email Becky or Jen.

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