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Hindu Astrology Series

Practical Application
Nadi Techniques
K.B. Gopal Krishnan
edited by
Mrs. Rama Gopalakrishnan
I Acknowledgements ..
II About The Author. ..
HI The Need to Share these
. .. .5
Favourite and Practical Techniques..... . .. .9
IV Introduction and Dedication ............................................ . 1 1
V Some Insights about Nadi Readings ................................ .18
VI PREFACE by K.N. Rao....... . .... > ....................................... 25
Part A
Chapter 1 Bhrighu Nandi Nadi .. . ............... .30
Chapter 2 Basic Techniques with Illustrations ............ .33
Part B
Chapter 3 My Understanding of the
Principles of Nadi Techniques. . ........................... .39
Chapter 4 "35" Golden Rules to be Followed ...................... 40
Chapter 5 The Importance of Transits of the
Chapter 6
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Slow-Moving Planets .......................................... 44
Transit of Sa tum ................................................. 45
7 Transit of Jupiter 49
Transit ofRahu and Ketu .................................... .52
Planets and Quality of Events
for all the Twelve Signs ......................... .
Chapter 10Transit of Saturn over Natal Sa tum ........... .
Chapter 1 1 Handy Table of Events based on Transit of
Key Planets in the 12 signs .................................. 61
Chapter 12 Handy Table of Key Transit Planets on
Key Natal Planets ................................................. 62
Part C
Chapter 13 Transits and Exceptions to the General Rules ......... 64
Chapter 14 Nadi and profession .......................................... 65
Chapter 15 Fall In Career... ..................................................... 68
Chapter 16 Dasha and Antar/Bhukti ...................................... .71
Chapter 17 Nadi and Karakas ................................................. .76
Part D
Chapter 18 The Timing of Events in Nadi Astrology ............... .79
Chapter 19 Amshas and Nadi. ................................................ 88
Chapter 20 The Editor's Note...... . ................................. 93
List of Books of Vani
Publications __ tt 0
1bis book is written out of need. I found the transit rules as
described in the classical way work sometimes and at other times they
do not work. With the passage of time and my personal interactions
with nadi astrologers whom I met, I found that they gave very quick
predictions without going through the details of dasha and/or bhukthi/
antar in a horoscope. The reading was done very fast and I found it to
be quite accurate in the broad sense. Their sense of timing was nearly
perfect. The principles elucidated in the book are truly not used
anywhere by anyone and are born out of practical experiences I had
when I used transits on the charts that I had in my possession.
I met Lion Parthasarthy ofTriplicane, Chennai in his astrology class
for a very brief period. He once mentioned that transits can be seen
from the lagna also. That was the starting point of my astrological
journey and I moulded myself into this school of thought even while
absorbing many other astrologers' observations made in their published
Of course, this method has many inspirations and one such was
Shri K.N. Rao's method of taking both, Saturn and Jupiter's double
transits to see events.
Shri C.G. Rajan's book on Nadi Amshas was useful in terms of
how to use the amshas.
Shri R.G. Rao's Bhrighu Nandi Nadi, a book which was pivotal in
cracking the interpretations my way, though I could not bring myself
to accept what he has given as his principles of nadi.
Above all I am thankful and consider myself blessed by the Divine
Mother Goddess 'Bala Tripurasundari'. I have always been able to
understand very quickly any complex technique from any source in an
easy way due to the Divine Mother's blessings.
I feel it is something very spiritual that I experience and 1 have no
doubt I am chosen and blessed by the Divine Mother to spread Her
message as lucidly and as simply as possible to as many people. I
believe my daily meditation sessions give me the insight to understand
any subject, be it astrology, ayurveda, siddha, basic concepts of vastu,
Acknowledgements Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
feng shui, healing, mundane astrology and so on. I remain HER eternal
My mother, Smt. Saraswathi and my late father, Shri
Balasubramanian, were my best critics and ifl have understood human
relations and life's subtleties it is thanks to them as also my younger
brother, Shri K.B. Murali.
I consider myself blessed to have an understanding wife, Ms. lilly
Bennis, without whose active support and co-operation I would not
have made It to where I am today.
I do acknowledge with deep sense of reverence the financial
support given by "the Society for Vedic Research and Practices",
an organisation, fully dedicated to promote such original research and
innovative projects which reflects their preamble.
KB. Gopal Krishnan
June 2008
About The Author
Shri K.B. Gopalakrishnan was born to Smt. Saraswathi and
Shri Balasubramanian on 6th January, 1970 at Chennai. His native is a
village in Koyamballl near Tiruchirapalli District. His father was a good
palmist, though he gave it up all of a sudden after the age of 30 for
some unknown reason.
Late Shri K. Balasubramanian worked for the textile department,
government of Tamil Nadu and retired as an Assistant Director. He
used to travel on work, his passion was to visit the local temples in the
vicinity and he was very good in describing the paddhathi of those
temples about which he gathered much information.
His last posting was at the Kanchipuram District. As he knew the
history of the temples In and around Kanchipuram, he wanted to settle
down in this temple town in his last days. He did take up residence for
a very brief period but had to keep visiting his Chennai residence on
and off for health check-ups.
After he retired he wished to take up voluntary service for the
Kanchi Mutt under Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal but could not stay
away from his family due to health reasons. In the year 2005 in August,
he died of a massive heart attack in the lap of his son, K.B.
Gopalakrishnan, who had just then returned from a tour of Singapore.
His mother retired as matron in the Stanley Medical Hospital,
Chennai in the year 1998.KB. Gopalakrishnan, true to his birth asterism/
nakshatra is the jyestha suputra of his parents.
His maternal grandfather was an astrologer. The author comes
from a devoutTelugu Brahmin family hailing from Trichy in Tamil Nadu.
His mother's side ~ the influencing factor in his taking up
astrology as a profession. In his early years he was exposed to the
family discussing astrology. His maternal uncles and their sons are all
astrologers settled in Chennai. The influence for taking up these subjects
was formed quite early in the life of the author.
His great grandmother was a much sought-after ayurvedic doctor
and also a practising astrologer. People would send her a bullock cart
to get their ailing family members treated. She was much respected
About The Author Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
for her knowledge of ayurveda and astrology. Her husband, the author's
great grandfather is credited with having built the Kodandarama Swamy
temple where regular prayers are offered till date in their native village.
The author had graduated in B.Sc. Chemistry. He was most
influenced by his teacher Shri Kirtie Futnani who told him that he would
one day guide people and was not suited to take up studying for an
MBA or an lAS.
Then he met Prof Jaishekhar, (a famed crystal gazer who later settled
down in France), who reconfirmed this vision for the author to take this
subject more seriously than ever before.
The Need to Share these
Favourite and Practical
This is a book on nadi principles which are based on the Bhrigu
Nandi, Nadi technique of predicting an outcome.
There have been many books on the subject of nadi but none has
given clear-cut and snapshot methods to predict events from a
horoscopic chart. Many have discussed the subject of nadi at length
but have seldom explained techniques which give results when applied
to charts.
A lay astrologer will be immensely benefitted with the principles
shown in this book as he will have a head-start in giving predictions.
It requires deep knowledge and deeper understanding taking
many years for a person to give some good and correct predictions
from a chart. There are as many parameters to be taken to give a good
Nadi readers do not depend much on dasha or bhukti/antar to
give out events, but depend mainly on transits over the natal position
of planets in a chart which makes for a very user-friendly system. It
sustains the interest of the beginner in studying this divine subject in
depth at a later point in time. This author does not claim that this
system is complete and hence with the learning and practice of this
system anyone can become an expert in coming out with perfect
predictions from the word go. This system is a booster and this author
would encourage beginners to keep up with their study of Hindu
astrology in depth for a thorough knowledge.
I have sought to blow away the veil which keeps the cover over
these snap-shot techniques in a very unique way. I feel proud to say
that I have the distinction of cracking the code for predicting events
without the use of too many details or calculations except to ~ o w
when certain key planets are transiting and in which sign/rashi.
I have also been successfully predicting about world events besides
The Need to Share Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
doing individual readings for those who come to me for guidance and
predictions. I have tested my knowledge in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi very
successfully with more than 85 to90% success in my predictions coming
out accurate. I have many people approaching me increasingly due to
my using various other techniques also alongwith the nadi way of
reading a chart. These are systems which help reconfmn what I see in
a chart.
I have shared these secrets in early 2006 with my students like
Jayashree Ramalingam and many others like G. Kennedy, Gautam, Shiva,
Lakshmi, Lata, etc. Some of them turned out to be very successful
professional astrologers. I am happy to know from them that all are
using these techniques to good advantage besides employing other
techniques they have learnt, over a period of time.
In this book containing 19 chapters I wish to open up quick at-
first-glance snapshot techniques which will be useful to boost the
confidence of an astrologer further when he/she gets a positive response
from the quierist. With this book the world will be surprised at the
simple and very dear steps ofnadi techniques that I use.
I now share these secrets in these upcoming chapters to predict
life events. Anyone practising these techniques is bound to feel that
he has a fantastic approach and insight in the subject if only to feel
motivated to learn more about Hindu astrology. There is' much ground
to be covered and I am further researching on them step by step, on
the horoscopes that come to me. I shall, god willing, share these rare
insights in future only ifl find such results are truly replicable.
I have sought to give the readers of this book as many live
examples so that anyone with a basic knowledge about planets, signs,
lordships and transit rules will right away start having success in a
broad sense, with predicting events of the past and also for the future,
for any chart. '
Introduction and Dedication
My humble. beginning in Nadi Astrology
1bis is a complete book on nadi though not the last word on it.
There are some books in nadi but none have spoken so clearly and
exhaustively as I have tried to do in this first book of mine. Some
books are just compilation of shlokas or making a passing mention of
one or two techniques. In this book a sincere attempt is made to present
what is nadi all about in a very comprehensive and practical way so
that these techniques can be applied by many astrologers in their daily
I was fascinated by nadi astrology. The reason for that was at the
age of 21, I had the good fortune to meet a nadi astrologer who gave
stunning predictions, all of which have come true so far. Having met
lot of nadi astrologers at a later point in time, I can say that none
paralleled the first nadi reader's predictions for me.
He said I would become a trikala gnani and would become famous
after 30 years of age. He mentioned about the exchange of Venus and
Jupiter in my chart indicating my learning many subjects without any
teachers. He was the most non-impressive ofnadi readers I have ever
met. In the sense he would be so restless that getting a full reading in
one sitting was near impossible. He would get distracted even while
reading a chart! BUT all his predictions came out 100% correct.
I could learn ayurveda, vastu, astrology, feng shui, healing,
This is what he told me:
You will become master of six arts and become famous after
age 30 and also get married at 28" (both of which came true).
I now practice astrology, ayurveda, tarot cards, numerology, feng
shui and vastu as a professional. I can go to any of these conferences
and with ease I can command respect from the professional audience.
He also said a lot about the future, which has come true one by
Introduction and Dedication Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
''You will become a teacher at a young age. Will become world
I used to wonder whether all this will come true. With time each
and every prediction started coming true.
I got a chance to speak on a slot on Jaya TV due to my friend,
Karthik's recommendation. That programme turned out to be so popular
that people would contact me even for ordinary everyday problem
Many people saw my programme on Jaya TV beamed from
Chennai and came to meet me. They were from different countries like
Qatar, Srilanka etc.
I used to talk on any subject of my choice and nothing was edited
out ultimately from the TV segment. The talk would run as it was shot
with no cuts with the programme directors and editors giving me a
free hand in doing the show my way.
I knew this nadi reader who predicted about my becoming master
of six arts was correct after all. What really made me wonder about it
all later was because I did not know even one art properly at age Zl!
I used to write articles in mundane astrology in sifY.com'sastrology
coloumns with many of my predictions coming true.
Many Indians living abroad started visiting me from America.
Some of them even told me whenever they visited India they made it
a point to visit Chennai, only to meet me and no one else.
I no longer appear on Jaya TV nor do I write for sify.com but I do
have a website in which I express my opinions freely without fear or
favour. The reader can check this site: www .sathyaprema.com
Anyway I have taken several nadi readings and met a man who
taught me the rules of Ganapathy Nadi. I have also impressed nadi
astrologers with my predictive skills!
I met a nadi astrologer who had Dhanus lagna and four planets in
his seventh house of spouse. Using nadi techniques, I asked him whether
he fell in love with a girl but left her and got married to his present
wife. He was absolutely awestruck because it was true.
In this book I will proceed in the journey of revealing nadi
techniques. I will share quite a few of these nadi astrology techniques
without going into the details of how I got them. I feel one needs to
understand how to use these techniques. I have not unravelled all the
nadi techniques but only a part of them. I am sure there are many
techniques remaining unexplored even as of now.
I never used to believe that anything was hidden in the world as
parampara. After learning nadi I understood that many insights about
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Introduction and Dedication
this system was washed away by time and now it needs to retrieved.
Exchange of mails between an European Professor who is
working on nadi principles and the author
Here I am going to share an experience I had with an European
professor, one Mr. Martin George from Switzerland who is researching
in nadi astrology. He was kind enough to send me his thesis later.
I requested him to send me details of any horoscope and that I
would send my readings as comments. He agreed and sent me one
person's birth particulars.
The following is an exchange of mails which will give the readers
a clear idea of how I did the reading without knowing any details
about the person in question.
I also believe the test of doing nadi astrology for a person whose
background details are not known beforehand.
These mail exchanges are a fine example of this.
(Note: These mails are not edited so that they convey the original
thoughts of both parties. They are presented just as they were written
by this author and the professor from Europe).
Letter one
Dear Mr Gopalakrishnan,
Vanakkam. Thank you for your interest in my PhD thesis. As it is
out of print and may not be accessible in India, I am attaching it in
electronic format; however, please keep it to yourself.
Best regards,
Letter two
Dear Gopal,
That is a very interesting offer. Have a look, then, at this chart of a
young woman: 4 September, 1981, at 08:45 CET, in Lund, Sweden
(131 1, 55N42). Lagna should be around 11 *30' Virgo, depending on
the pr((cise ayanamsha used.
I look forward very much to hearing your conclusions.
Letter three
Dear Gopal, Mon, 17 Apr 2006 14:13:18 +0200
Please do call me Martin. Thanks for your snap reading of the
young lady's chart. I am glad to say that it is correct in many specifics:
Introduction and Dedication Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
The person will be very intelligent, she will be good looking
... Both correct.
She could shifted her residence from her place of birth .
. . . . . . She did live abroad fur 4 years, but has now returned home.
Mother will have siblings more than two .................. Correct.
Father will be well educated and could have got multiple
degrees ....... The first is certainly correct; I am not sure about the
She herself could be graduate or will finish graduation .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . She is currently pursuing university studies.
She will come to India ............... She has already visited once.
And last two years would have been positive and eventful in her
life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . 1 believe this is correct.
She would be working intellectual and technical profession .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Currently studying, as said above.
She will stay in many places visited a foreign country in 2005-
2006 ................................................................. Both correct.
She will visit many places, good in .driving vehicle,
................................... She does drive; how well, I cannot say.
Increase in income in last two years .
. . . . . . This I do not know, but her living conditions have certainly
Love marriage. . . .................................................... Correct.
She will also could be brilliant performance academically
between 1999 2000 .
.. This is the only thing, which I believe not to be correct. To my
Knowledge she was not studying during this period.
I would be very glad to hear the reasoning behind these various
statements, if you would not mind sharing it with me. Also, 1 note that
you have mentioned only positive traits and events. Are there any
afflictions that you can see in the chart?
Letter four
Thank you fur being so frank and forthright with me. I completely
Respect your position. Yoo may be sure that I will not take undue
credit fur your teachings by exploiting them in any way. Yoo are very
welcome to see my horoscope: 29 May, I969, 16:21 CE.:P 55N35,
13E.OO. Lagna should be around 3*20' Libra.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Introduction and Dedication
>Let us not worry on source.
This naturally makes me very curious as to the source! :-)
But if you
Do not wish to tell, that is of course your prerogative.
As for telling you all the techniques I use, I suppose you mean
Nadi-reiated ones? (Otherwise the list may grow long ... ) I learned
the basics of this style of astrology first from R.G. Rao, mainly through
His books and also by some personal teaching in 1993. So basically I
know everything that he has put into writing. As you are no doubt
familiar with these books, I don't suppose I have to go into great detail.
It is all based on combinations of natural significators (karakas) in the
various signs of the zodiac. Frankly speaking, I find Rao's writings to be
of very mixed quality; I suspect that the good things come from nadi
texts, and the not so good things from Rao himself.
Later, in I 995 or '96, I met Kailash Shanker in Delhi, who claimed
that his father had done some research into Bhrigu Nadi based on
Nepalese manuscripts. He showed me how the timing of events (at
least in some texts) seemed to be based not on actual transits, but
rather on a system of symbolic progression at the rate of 1 Z years for
one sign. It is this system that I have continued to explore, expanding
it to include not just the planets as karakas, but the cusps and rulers of
houses as well. I have also experimented successfully with some other
Apart from these, I have looked into transit and other techniques
from another group of nadi texts: the Devakerala, including Guru
Nadi, Dhruva Nadi, and Amsha Nadi. You will have seen excerpts
from these texts in my PhD thesis. I got the manuscripts (copied from
South Indian sources) from C.S. Patel of Mumbai, who has also written
some articles and books on such techniques (though I believe he has
not always understood them correctly).
This is the nadi-based material I have worked with so far. If there
Is anything further you need to know, just tell me so; I have nothing to
hide. I look forward very much to hearing more about your own
precepts and practices.
Yours cordially,
A few words about people who matter most to me
Before proceeding any further I take this opportunity in thanking
a few people who have stood by me, helped me in my times of crisis,
encouraged me to go on with my passion for astrology, shared with
Introduction and Dedication Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
me their own experiences and insights with other astrologers and nadi
readers. They are my friend Shankar who has shared many techniques
in astrology and also he was my comptter man who used to take care
of all my computer needs, softwares and damage controls to my
computer system.
Saravanan, a dear friend, whose knowledge in nadi techniques is
good but limited to aphorisms with whom 1 used to meet and interact
a lot whenever I attended the ICAS lectures in Chennai.
Next is San deep Ellubol, a young student from a local engineering
college, who used to stay put at our house and help me with
programmir,p bits of softwares which vere mostly custom built for my
use. He beca, e much sought after ir. his college for his knowledge in
astrology. He is away in UK on higher studies.
I had the fortune to come into contact with a young boy who was
a fluatist and very quick at learning tarot reading and astrology from
me. I would fondly call him Bamboo Boy for his connection with the
flute. I can never forget his playing music for us on those special days.
Vijay Bhaskar had consulted many astrologers all over Tamil Nadu
came to learn the subject from me after he got a correct prediction. It
was about his Sun dasha (Mesha rising with exalted Sun in it) getting
him in trouble. All other astrologers had predicted grand success for
him during this dasha. Trusting their judgement he pumped more and
more money into his businesses which failed miserably and pushed
him into a lot of unnecessary debts. He was also elder to me in age.
G .Kennedy, who used to work in sifv.com and later gave up his
job to take astrology lessons from me. He is now a successful astrologer
offering his services on the web.
Maheash, a software engineer learnt this subject out of interest.
Gautam, who is in the stock market learnt astrology out of interest.
Jayashree, Shiva, Lata, Lakshmi, etc., were all my later students
who used to inspire me to carry on with astrology with renewed vigour.
The best among the lot is Jayashree who came to me initially for
tarot classes. She learnt astrology also from me. To her I am indeed
indebted for standing by me in my times of crisis. She unwaveringly
helped me overcome by taking my workload upon herself. I taught
her many techniques, I have not taught to any of my students of the
past. She truly deserved it for the service she rendered me so devotedly
and uncomplainingly. I am happy about her sincere devotion to her
She writes her predictions on mundane astrology on my website.
She is on the panel of slfy.com.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Introduction and Dedication
Earlier she would do the Daily and Weekly predictions for my
website but had to discontinue the same due to time constraints.
Mention has to be made about her husband, Shri Ramalingam,
who is not my student but used to help me with offering to do much
of my outside jobs for me. I thank him for his full cooperation.
. Some Insights
about Nadi Readings
(i) The Basics of Nadi Astrology
Certain clarifications need to be done before we proceed with the
techniques of nadi astrology in this book. 1bis will give a fair idea to
people about what nadi astrology is all about. Certain concepts and
misconceptions will be clarified in this chapter in a frank manner.
(ii) Types of Nadi
There are different kinds of nadis. They are Bhrigu Nandi Nadi,
Sukar Nadi, Siva Vakya Nadi, Agastiyar Nadi. Each has its own format.
For example, the Agaistyar Nadi starts with saint Agastiyar praying to
respective deities for e.g., Valli and lord shanmukha for marriage, lord
Shiva for general life predictions.
In Shiva Vakya Nadi the readings run like conversation pieces
between Shiva and Parvathi discussing the native's past and future. In
some other nadis, conversation between Nandi and the Rishis, between
the Rishis and goddess Parvathi take place.
The important thing one has to understand here is that each of
these nadis use different techniques for predictions. They do not use a
single technique alone. It is a cluster of techniques that are used for
forecasting. Sometimes the Rishis seem to jump beyond logic or
technique and start using intuition to give stunning insights but basically
they use techniques of transits, paryaya etc. this is the first understanding
that needs to be kept in mind.
(iii) How Nadi Readers Cast the Horoscope?
Many peopie either use the ephemeris or software programmes
to cast a horoscope.
Very experienced astrologers take very little time in casting the
horoscope. The position or placement of the slow moving planets have
great importance in the rasi chart. For example, for persons born in
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Some Insights about Nadi
1970 most will have Saturn in Mesha, Jupiter in Tula and Rahu-Ketu in
The first methodology used by many nadi astrologers is
remembering the position of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu for several
This can be remembered roughly because Jupiter takes one year,
Rahu-Ketu eighteen months and Saturn two and a half years to transit
from one rashi to another.
Then position of Sun is very simple to remember as it is poised for
a month in each sign. They also know that Venus and Mercury will be
within ninety degrees from Sun.
Next the Moon can be fixed as Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha.
These days many nadi readers ask for the birth particulars from their
clients and start giving predictions.
If any person does not give his/her birth particulars or do not
answer questions to help them to find possible planetary positions for
their chart then their palm leaf will make a disappearing act and not be
there to read from!
My friend Shankar gave me an insight about this. He told me that
if people do not co-operate with the south Indian nadi astrologer then
the reply will be, ''olal (Tamil word for palm leaf) cannot be found". The
reason is very simple. They will need some props and some kind of
aflmnation with regard to the horoscope to fix the kind of pattern
required for the person.
This guess of mine is reasonably correct as it happened in my
case with an elderly astrologer quickly casting my horoscope within
minutes of my telling my date, time and place ofbirth.
(iv) The Panchanga they Use
They use only the Vakya panchanga. This also I can confmn with
100% authenticity. They do not use any other panchanga. They show
no interest, whatsoever, in the drig ganitha.
(v) The Way they Calculate the Lagna
Taking the thumb Impression of the client, the lagna is arrived at.
One Mr.Parathasarthy of Madras, a famous astrologer who lived in
Triplicane, Chennai, had perfected it. I was present when he was training
up another student in the system of finding a lagna with thumb
impressions. He then looked at my own thumb and declared that I
was a Dhanus lagna person. I was stunned because I have had a doubt
whether I have a Makara or Dhanus rising, as the degrees are very
Some Insights about Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
close in my case.
The method ofR.G. Rao throws insight on how it can be done. He
had written a book on the thumb imprints and finding the lagna for
any person.
Most nadi astrologers do not go through cumbersome processes
these days! They get the birth particulars with the help ofwhich they
cast the horoscope just like we all do these days with the advent of
computers and supporting softwares.
These are modern days and many nadi readers do not want to
learn the hard way in maintaining their parampara in this specialized
skill. They simply get the thumb impression alongwith the birth details!
(vi) The Kind of Techniques they Use
I have had discussions with many nadi astrologers. Many of them
don't even have rudimentary knowledge of the Jaimini astrology, use
ofTajika charts or use of Chakras.
They depend mainly on the Parashari rules of astrology. They will
always claim to the general public that they have no knowledge of
astrology but all of them are taught astrology in a concise manner.
Different nadis employ different techniques. This is a very
important point to note.
There is no standardized way of interpreting a chart. Some of the
techniques vary from reader to reader.
Then they employ aphorisms, which are easy to interpret. They
employ the rules of transits extensively, which are truly stunning,
effective and accurate.
Some ofthe examples of how they read combinations are given
Whenever there is an exchange between Jupiter and Venus the
native will be multifaceted in the arts.
Sun in Simha will produce a powerful father for the native with
the exception of a person with Dhanus rising.
Stress is also given on upasana deity so that the person gains a
lot of intuitive skills. The nadi reader generally does these upasanas
himself. One person locates the correct palm leaf. Another person reads
it to the client and later records it on a tape.
(vii) Nadi and Amshas
I will not go into the intricacies of this topic to avoid the controversy
of how the nadi amsha is calculated. These days some softwares are
programmed to give out the nadi amshas very quickly. I have not seen
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Some Insights about Nadi
any nadi reader using these.
There are 150 nadi amshas. This is got by multiplying the five
divisions in one degree in each rashi, made up of 0 to 30 degrees. We
get 150 by multiplying 5 in a degree with the 30 degrees in one rashi.
Each nadi amsha spans a few seconds only, therefore no two persons
born at around the same date, time, place will have similar destinies.
There are different interpretations given to what each nadi amsha
means. A few are mentioned for the reader's benefit. The five elements
or pancha bhootas are taken to mean each of the five segments in
each degree is one school ofthought.
This is again sub-divided into purva bhaga and uttara bhaga.
These have repeatedly been appearing many times in astrology
magazines. In general this will give a broad-based idea of how the
person's life is going to be. This can also be said to be an index of how
the person's life is going to be. This topic will be covered a bit more
elaborately in the last chapter of this book.
(viii) How the Nadi Amsha is Interpreted?
The quality is added to functional benefic and malefic in the amsha.
For example my fourth lord Mars is in the Viswa Amsha. Vishwa means
Secondly, the general malefic and benefic significances are added.
For example the Moon's placement in one of the amshas of Vrischika is
considered very negative for the mother.
Thirdly I firmly believe that Katpayadi Vargas are used for
interpretations. In case anyone has doubts on what I say they are
requested to compile the purva bhaga and uttara bhaga which could
easily confmn what I state here. Intuition helps the nadi readers while
giving readings. I am yet to see a South Indian nadi astrologer use the
nadi amshas extensively.
(ix) How they Find Remedial Measures?
Nadi employs remedial measures extensively, which produce very
good results. In general the remedial measures mainly stress on the
native going to a temple, doing charity, which means donations of
articles or food items and chanting shlokas. These come under the
Parihara Kaandam and also Deeksha Kaandam. Parihara deals with any
specific problem in the life of the native like delay in getting married,
childbirth, health, court cases, career and freedom from debts. They
do not believe in gemstones or change of name.
Nadi astrology prescribes remedial measures which are simple in
Some Insights about Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
All the pariharas have three stages.
For an event like marriage to take place the remedial measure
suggested will be a visit to ancient temple for the same, known as the
Thirumanancheri near the Tanjore belt. To beget a child it is Srimushnam
temple and for a safe delivery of the unborn baby it Is the Garbha
Rakshambigal temple. These are a few examples of how prayers at
certain temples are suggested for a particular type of problem.
Secondly, a set of temples in the navagraha kshetra will be
suggested. An example would make it easier to understand. For a
Makara Rising native who has his 5L in the 1ZH along with Sun, the
8L, he was asked to go to Kanjanur, then Suryanaar temple, and the
rasi lord Jupiter's temple in Alangudi (where these planets are poised).
Srimushnam and the Garbha Rakshamabigai temple were also
Then chanting of mantras will be suggested depending on two
things, viz., based on the dasha ofVimshottari a person is running. For
e.g., Saturn dasha means Hanuman and also for the bhukthl/antar lord,
if for e.g. He's is running the Venus bhukthi/antar then Its prayers to
If the parihara is suggested for delay in either marriage or child
birth then the native will be asked to recite hymns to the fifth lord and
the planets associated with it.
For e.g. for Sun and Venus combining in the 1ZH, for a Makara
rising native, the parihara suggested will be reciting the Mahalakshmi
and Shiva mantras. (Mahalakshmi is for Venus and Lord Shiva is for
For the karkaka for child which is Jupiter one will be asked to a
light lamp or do abhisekam to lord Dakshinamoorthy on a Thursday.
li:J: case the native is not in a position to chant or do remedial
the nadi reader will offer to do it on behalf of the native
his family priest in his village in Tanjore and sufficient money
is collected in advance for such proxy prayers.
Money is also collected for general reasons like donating a vastra
or other items. This is most common way a nadi reader prescribes
remedies in South India.
(x) How do they Find Names of Family Members?
This is my guess and I may be off the mark with this method.
Nevertheless I am sharing it with the readers what I guess could be the
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Some Insights about Nadi
Usually the name of one's parents, the name and age at which
the person consulting his nadi, is read from the palm leaf.
Age can be guessed by simply calculating the date of birth and
the current period! Should a person born in the 1970sgo for a reading
in 2008 then his age of consulting the nadi will be told as 3 8.
For the name finding, the Tamil letters are connected to different
drekkana, for e.g., the letters ka, cha, ta,pa, ra, is for the first drekkanna,
ga, na, rna, gna, is for the second drekkana and for the third and last
one it is ya, ra, Ia, va.
Almost all the Indian names are based on the Indian deities. For
e.g., when its either ofMercury's house rising then the person's name
will have a Vishnu related name. Should the first house have Mars'
aspect then the name will be based on lord Subramania.
The names can have connection with names of trees, flowers,
animals, rivers.
The following guidelines can be used as a starting point to research
into this area.
For e.g., though I have Makara as my lagna, Mercury is poised in
the first house, so my name will be connected with lord Vishnu.
Variations of Vishnu should lead us to Gopalakrishnan, one of his avatara.
My friend, Karthik has Mars aspecting his lagna so his name can
be connected with lord Subramaniya's which is karthikeya or a related
My teacher, Kirtie Futnani has Venus as lagna lord and his name is
connected with fame - Kirtie
My cousin's name Is Vidya and she has Venus in her lagna, one of
the names ofthe Venus is Sanjivlni Vidya.
These kinds of variations of names are used to arriving at the
correct name.
These nadi readers also make discreet enquiries to grasp the name
quickly. In any case nadi techniques will work with or without finding
the name of the native.
Some of them have only medical nadi palm leaves which makes
it tougher for them to survive in the market. In the name of finding
one's correct palm leaf the nadi readers tend to ask innocent questions
and ask us to say only yes or no. They do manage to get a sketch of
our lives which could help them to predict quickly.
I will say with surety that nadi techniques are very simple in nature.
They are not very complex and do not involve too much of maths or
calculations. Approximate information also does seem to satisfy and
impress people than getting a very accurate prediction from a nadi
Some Insights about Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
reader. Since this tradition is passed down verbally, there is an aura of
mysteriousness and sacredness to it.
(xi) Do Nadi Readers Cheat and do Readings Fail?
Yes I myselfknow that many times there have been cheating and
failed readings. They are quick with their readings with a few past
events coming out correct but that does not mean they are always
accurate and infallible. Their way of reading quickly stuns the audience
and they find many takers for their services even if it were for curiosity's
Some people will wonder how I got some of these techniques.
All I would say is that, may the source remain a mystery.
Even the best of my students still do not know the source of my
nadi astrology techniques as it has been kept a secret.
I know of some instances where people have been ripped of huge
amounts for remedial measures where there was nothing written in
palm leaves. But this is another way of making huge money from gullible
clients. The human mind can be pure with the grace of god. Many of
them are honest and would not cheat the public but one should also
be aware that there are many sheep in wolfs clothing.
The following extracts of correspondence between Rama Iyer
whom I regard as a very respectable and principled woman will explain
the background to the publication of this book.
It is for the readers to judge how original, useful and good snapshot
method this system ofNadi prediction is as revealed by Gopal.
My desire and decision to publish the book is to help a struggling
author who has had bad experience with some publishers as Rama has
said in this correspondence.
The Correspondence
From: "rama, rama, rama, 3l@y.com>
To: "knr raoji" <knrao@y.com>
Dear KN. Raoji
.... He had written two titles in astrology. One on nadi and another
on mundane astrology. Nadi I had edited two years back on his request.
I have been using those techniques and find them stunningly work
without even checking which dasha or antar. These are snapshot
techniques in nadi, particularly bhrigu nandi nadi techniques. Out of
10 chapters I had already edited 6 and sent it across at that time.
I think he needed some help from me in getting his work
published. Would you be interested in taking up the publication of the
same under Van!?
After hearing from you I shall send you the preface which i wrote
just this week and am trying to find some worthwhile people who
could do justice to his techniques. He is trying to bring out the secrets
which are hidden while using the nadi techniques.
Editing does take time. I asked him about Vani Publications
and he said he does not have any objection hence I am now
writing to you on this subject.
6 May 2008
.... Vani Publications is not a commercial publication like other
PREFACE Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
publishing houses.
I started it after I was cheated by more than seven publishers who
published nine books of mine and paid me no royalty and gave me
only ten books. In the agreement they said they wouldprlnt only one
thousand copies but they printed more than three thousand copies
and even reprinted. My book on ... was sold more than fifty thousand
copies but I got only ten copies of the book and no royalty. It was a
first hand experience ofthe world of publishers and distributors.
Then I got my books published in my brother's small press and
cleared my debts to him slowly as I did not (and even now do not
have) any capital for a commercial venture.
Slowly, when I collected some money I am getting it published In
Delhi out of some funds in the trust we have created.
Then some of the students of BVB also wrote books and they
were published ~ Vani Publications.
What we do is
1. Publish one thousand copies, out of which fifty are distributed
as complimentary copies.
2. Pay five to ten thousand rupees to the author.
3. Give him fifty copies (even one hundred to the author) which he
cart sell himself directly or through distributors and make some
thousands of rupees.
4. There is no agreement form to be signed.
5. I help the author get established after which he can approach
any publisher with the second edition or with a new book.
Gopal's book
If Gopal agrees to these conditions we can publish his book.
But before we decide, I would like to read the introduction and a
chapter or two or predictive principles.
A friend of mine here in NOIDA has done excellent work on Bhrigu,
gets stunning predictions. He is a member of six or seven libraries in
northern India which have Bhrigu manuscripts. I know the method
and he discussed them with me.
From: "rama, rama, <ramaiyer_31 @y.com
To: kn rao@yahoo.com
Dear Shri KN Raoji, pranams
It is wonderful to hear from you. And doubly so on the good
news you just shared with me below. Thank you so much. I can
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques PREFACE
understand your agony on being cheated by publishers. I sympathise
with you on this. And also feel happy that you are trying to help first-
timers with their books. 1bis is indeed a worthy gesture on your part.
... he has been struggling with getting his two books published! .... have
been approached last year itself ..... returned it and didn't get back to
him .... .seems to have spoken to his student's husband in Hindi, who
told Gopal that .... will publish in some one else's name and give him
a sum for the text which Gopal has rightly refused .... while I had edited
6 chapters of the nadi we had to part ways .... he took an oath from me
that I will never share his techniques with anyone at all. And true to
my promise I did not do it but used it for myselfwithout discussing
it .... I was very happy that I could put this forward to you immediately.
I am talking to Gopal on the conditions that you have put. I don't think
he should have any of his own as the copyright is going to be with him
and he can do anything he likes after the first edition. If I were him I
would like to stick to just you for publishing all his books which I have
promised to help in editing ....... .50 to 100 copies would be fine I
think though 100 would be very fine. But I leave it to you to decide
about the final number. You may fix any amount upwards ofRs.5000/
- and also he will have those copies out ofwhich he can make some
more which is good for a start. Yes the translation into Russian and
Japanese is not a bad idea at all. But it should be done immediately
alongwith this English edition of nadi principles. I will make him go
with it as its going to lecture tours for him. He is good at this. I will
have to spend much time with editing his texts .... better not to leave
any bad karmas at all in my lifetime.
Thank you for this wonderful news yet again.
From: knrao <knrao@ .com>
To: "rama,rama,rama," <rarnaiyer@ .com>
Subject: Fwd: all final corrections made in this manuscript.
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2008 17:17:56 1ST
Send the chapter you are writing with some illustrations. Your
chapter can be fifteen or twenty pages with some excellent illustrations
to show how nadi methods can be used effectively.
On Sun, 01 Jun 2008 rama,rama,wrote:
Pranams Raoji
I was happy to talk to you today.
As instructed I shall send you the printed set very soon for your
comparison. I had mailed this sometime back.
PREFACE Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
... . 1 have also decided to add a chapter on my own experiences .
... and also Gopal wanted me to do a chapter which I might as well do
it now.
prayers for your good health
seeking your blessings
ram a
My Experience
My experience with most of the nadi readings, like Bhrigu have
been mostly disappointing. For some years we have been going to
Karovi to hear the Bhrigu readings ofPt.Nathu Lal who has given some
spectacular predictions to some people but if the percentages of
accurate predictions is calculated here, it too is not spectacular.
My experience with nadi readings as shown to me by many
politicians over a period of twenty years have been shockingly bad
and inaccurate. I also attended the nadi readings of at least four
important politicians of India, in what were supposed to be secretly
arranged readings. They all turned out to be totally inaccurate and
wrong and in fact, were fraudulent also.
As to the principles ofBhrigu or Nadi, they do work and sometimes
give a good indication of the shape of events. But given two similar or
identical horoscopes these have failed always.
Yet I will conceded, nadi methods like Bhrigu methods have their
own validity and accuracy In their own way. But no single book In the
market on these methods has been able to convince any serious
astrologer as a sound and replicable method.
Using Parashari along with Jaimini gives a very high percentage
of accurate predictions and even psychological delineations.
Lastly, the Bhrigu and/or Nadi methods known to some astrologers
have been spectacular in predicting bio-facts like siblings and children.
But in overall delineation of life's patterns these methods have been
But then it is good to know how this technique works and from
here a sharp-minded astrologer can find out some methods and develop
further. It is in that hope that this book ofGopal is being published by
K.N. Rao
Part A
1. Bhrighu Nandi Nadi
2. Basic Techniques with Illustrations
Chapter 1
Bhrighu Nandi Nadi
Bhrighu Nandi Nadi is a type of nadi where Sage Bhrigu discusses
with lord Nandikeshwara about the patterns of destiny in various
people's life. The explanation given in certain nadi books do not co-
relate to the prediction given consistenly. If one applies the principle
one should be able to read any chart but this does not work this way at
all in reality .
This is not a Mantra Nadi where the invocation of a lower spirit/
devata is done. The broad-based pattern of one's life can be easily
deciphered using these nadi principles but one has to know what those
principles are to begin with.
There are other techniques like finding family details, parents'
names, etc. which are not discussed as it is beyond the scope of this
I have noticed that Nadi always has a fixed format of reading.
The Saptarishi Nadi will be in the nature of a discussion with
Goddess Parvati and the Sage. In between such divine discussions,
doubts are clarified during the course of such readings. It sounds very
divine to be privy to such celestial discussions for an ordinary mortal
on earth! (all this through the nadi reader, of course).
There are other interesting nadi names such as Sani Nadi, Budha
Nadi, Guru Nadi, Sukra Nadi which are named after the planets
Some nadis are named after the rishi munis like Bhrigu Nandi
Nadi, Siva Nadi, Sukar Nadi, Agastiyar Nadi, etc. Agastiyar Nadi is the
most famous ofthe lot and finds favour with the general public all over
the country for the reason that it is well marketed by the nadi readers
There are nadis named after deities such as Ganesha Nadi, Kumara
Nadi, Kamakshi Nadi which are less known to the public as they are
not so popular for some reason.
Then there are Jeeva Nadis where the scripts are supposed to
appear due to the grace of the revered saints.
All nadi readers are taught many principles which are very different
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Bhlighu Nandi Nadi
from common astrology approach. They use vakya panchanga, 360
(Savana) days, they use only rasi chart, not even Navamsha chart in
many cases, they delineate the nadi amsha and then go ahead and
read it using those amshas. For delineating the amsha the process of
enquiry is used with a lot of probing questions. The remedial measures
are very different and most of these nadis prescribe japa, temple
worship and daana/charity. Some of them have Prashna Nadi which is
used for answering prashna or questions. Most of these nadi readers
are financially a prosperous lot. They are supposed to maintain a place
ofworship with all the 16 siddhas (saints) photos, some of them are
given niyama like chanting mantras, etc.
They are also given snap rules, for e.g. Moon and Venus
combined together leads to an artistic nature, spouse will have a
sister, the native will travel at the time of his/her marriage, the
native will become famous by the age of 15.
When Mars and Rahu combine together, the native will not
live near his/her siblings or Jfthey live together, the siblings will
have problems in life. These were shared with me by one
Mr. Martin from Switzerland, who was researching in Gana.pathl
Nadl as dissertation for his PhD. thesis. Much more on him in a
later chapter.
Likewise, when Venus and Mars combine together in a sign,
the person will have an affair whether or not he/she gets married
to that person.
In nadi the readers do the puja, parihara for the natives and give
yantras for a monetary consideration. These pujas are done over a
long period of time, at times running for more than a year. Secondly,
jnot alltheir predictions come true in terms oftiming. They never give
dates. They will give only in years or approximate ages when events
are to occur, some of them give it in months, like an event can occur in
about six months or so.
Most nadl principles are mugged up as poetry verses which is
recited very spontaneously by these readers.
There are 16 kaandams to any nadi reading, 12 for 12 houses, 13
is for dasha bhukti/antar kaandam, 14is for remedies, 15 is for deeksha
kaandam and 16 is for aushada (prescribing medicines for those who
are ailing). There is a 17thkaandam which is called the gnanakaandam.
In Tmnil Nadu there is a particular caste of people called the
Valluvars who read these nadis. These people cannot predict anything
on mundane astrology.
They use thumb impressions which give them the lagna of a
Bhrighu Nandi Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
person, extensively practised by Lion Parthasarathy as a layman. None
of them write daily predictions. Their base is in Vaideswaran Koll (temple)
in Tamil Nadu and some of them have become millionaires. The
Navagraha temples in and around Tanjavur are used for special pujas,
parihaaraas and remedial measures.
Nadi readers are all customer-friendly and always claim that they
lack knowledge of the rules of astrology.
All of them like chewing betel leaves (paan) and drink tea. They
wear a white and white dress. An invocation of the Navagrahas, their
respective deity and the rishi-muni is sung before the nadi reading is
taken up.
Each kaandam has a separate deity. For marriage, lord Shiva and
Parvati, for children, lord Krishna or lord Subramanya are taken as deities.
Astrology combinations are always given. If a person's chart Is being
read then first the devata, navagrahas and the rishi's names are invoked.
In case the person has Makar rising/lagna, all the planetary positions
are sung and the lagna usually left out!
Then the age is mentioned and certain parameters like the tithi,
Nakshatra and certain other astrological parameters are also sung along.
The readers refrain from talking ill of any other system of astrology or
different school of nadi.
They are allowed to consume meat but generally not allowed to
travel abroad. These days these rules are broken.
The remedial measures are given and dasha-bhukti is used as a
separate highly paid service (Rs.2500/- for dasha-antar for life) only on
specific request.
No readings are done after sunset. They may sometimes start
reading as early as sunrise.
These days English interpretations and translations are written or
taped and given especially for foreign customers. This makes good
business sense!
They do not give readings to those who come after consuming
liquor nor do they allow people to smoke before them. They revere
their profession.
Basic Techniques
with Illustrations
Chapter 2
Let us see how these snapshot techniques work on live
Basically, the nadi principles are very simple. The rules for casting
of a chart, or significations of planets or simply put, the indications of
karakas or the basic principles of applying Hindu astrology remains
the same.
What is different, of course, is the angle through which one sees
the chart. These snapshot rules can be applied to any horoscope in our
possession and similar results got.
Following are a few rules, which if followed, will show the events
very clearly without any calculations or by using any dasha-antar to
know the background of an unknown native.
Chart I
This is the chart of a person born on 7th August, 1963 at around
9.15 pm, place of birth not known but longitude and latitude are
mentioned as 83E58 and 21N27.
As you can see Jupiter is in the lagna itself which is Meena rashi.
Now read the entire chart from Jupiter as well as lagna which is one
Chart 1
7 Aug 1953
Basic Techniques with Illustrations Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
and the same in this case.
Use the karakas. Let us take Venus which is the karaka for marriage
and Mars, the karaka for lands.
Use of Saturn and Jupiter transits is for timing of events.
Count each house from Jupiter as one year starting from Jupiter's
placement in Meena as one or the first year. Tbis is used to arrive at
timing of certain events, which will be discussed at length in detail in
progressive chapters.
We will first see the condition of the marriage of this person in the
above chart.
Notice the seventh lord from Jupiter as well as lagna in this case
which is in the 6H. The marriage has little chance of survival. Tbis person
got divorced from his (frrst) wife and later got married to another.
These are some snapshot life events which can be read at a glance
from the chart.
Now let us check his career taking natal Saturn as the 1 H. The
1 OL is in the 7H along with Sun, the 8L. His life partner will be someone
who will be connected to his profession. He was a government servant,
who later taught astrology and made a name for himself in the West.
10L with 8L from Saturn has given him a broken career. He left a
government job to become a fulltime teacher in astrology showing
the break in career.
Let us again have are-look at Jupiter but taking It as the karaka for
children this time around.
From Jupiter the 3L and 8L Venus is in the 5H and keeping him
company is the 6L, Sun. Also the 5L itself is in the 1 ZH indicating
some kind ofloss. He has a boy who is mentally disturbed/retarded.
There are some more key planets and their transits which can
also bring out some more events into picture at a glance. These are
discussed in later chapters taking some other charts for illustrating the
Chart 2
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's Horoscope
Mark Venus, the karaka for marriage as 1 H, notice the 7L which is
in the 1 2H. From Venus, Saturn is in the 8H which obstructed him from
consummating his marriage, though it did not obstruct his marriage
per se.
Secondly, from Jupiter, the 5L is in the 1 OH. His spiritual followers
wbo were treated like his own children carried on his work and kept
alive his name and fame. Tbis pattern is repeated when vou see the
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Basic Techniques with Illustrations
18 Feb 1836
Ket Sat(R)
same from the karaka for work, viz., Saturn. Here 1 OL from natal Saturn
goes into the 5H indicating his spiritual children carrying on his work
after he is long gone.
Now see another angle from Jupiter, the karaka for his own guru
and related significances. His chart has 3 planets in his 9th from Jupiter
and notice also how the 9L is exalted. This should be read as following:
he himself had many famous gurus who guided him in his spiritual
Also worthy of note here is his 7L and 1 OL being one and the
same (Jupiter) which has to be taken to mean that his wife who was his
spiritual consort got involved in his life-mission and work.
Mars in the 8H from this same Jupiter shows death, which could
very well occur in madhaayu. This again will be dealt in a separate
chapter dealing with death and timing of death.
The e.g., given below are taken from the book on Bhrigu Nandi,
Nadi which was authored by Shri. R.G. Rao.
The main reason for taking the same example is to show the validity
ofthe techniques.
Only the rules laid down by Parashara are used. No progression
is used.
The explanation of the author in the book is left out as it is not
consistent nor is it replicable. This author has a lot of respect for
Shri R.G. Rao but would like to differ where astrological interpretations
are concerned.
Now look at the charts given.
Note the interpretation given.
Then note the logic or the astrological rule from the interpretation
which is given.
Basic Techniques with Illustrations Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Chart 3
B. V. Raman's Chart
From natal Jupiter the lOL is in the 9H signifying his career as
being a teacher. He became a teacher and guru in astrology.
Rah Sat
8Aug 1912
Ban galore
Jup Ket
His chart also has the 11 L along with Mars and Venus in the 1 OH.
There are many other patterns which can be seen from this 1 OH which
will be elaborated elsewhere later.
From natal Saturn, the 1 OL is in the 1 H along with 3L. He became
famous as an author of many books on astrology.
Mars and Venus combination invariably make a person more
famous after the native's demise.
This is the major success and failure story of the Indian astrologer.
Many times people find using the normal astrology techniques not
For men Venus is taken for women it is Mars for spouse.
Chart 4 Divorce
Mrs.G's son
August 25, 1975: 8:50:45 am Chennai, India
Take this boy's case. He got divorced just 3 months after his
marriage was performed.
Notice how the 7L is in the 12H from the karaka Venus.
7L, whenever it is placed in 6, 8 or 12 from its karaka, Venus,
does not augur well for the native's married life. On top, should a
negative dasha start running, then that period will create a lot of
difficulties in one's married life leading to separation or divorce in
afflicted charts such as this.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Basic Techniques with Illustrations
Moon Jup(R) Ket
Mrs.G's son
25Aug 1975:
Chennai, India
3. My Understanding of The Principles ofNadi
4. 35 Golden Rules To Be Followed
5. The Importance of Transits of the Slow-
Moving Planets
6. Transit of Saturn
7. Transit of Jupiter
8. Transit of Rahu and Ketu
9. Planets and Quality of Events for all the
Twelve Signs
10. Handy Table of Events Based on Transit of
Key Planets in the Twelve signs
11. Handy Table of Key Transit Planets on Key
Natal Planets
Chapter 3
My Understanding of the
Principles of Kadi Techniques
I have been curious to know more about how the nadi readers
manage to give readings without use of dasha-antars. I was not
interested in finding out how they could know the family details of the
native as the readers were quite guarded about their secret techniques.
It was not so easy to know from them.
I went to nadi readers regularly to find out what system they
followed to give some stunning predictions.
My experience when I was very young made me wonder as what
the nadi reader predicted about me came about true with passage of
time. Teacher, learning many skills, attaining fame at a young age, etc.
Through the help of my friend, Sivadashan, I could see that these
nadi readers were proficient in the knowledge of astrology but were
helped by memorising certain slokas which would then be applied to
planets in a chart in a special way and results pronounced taking transits
of the slow moving planets like Saturn and Jupiter for important changes
and events like marriage, job, acquiring wealth and also about ailments
and disasters for which shanti pariharas would be offered to be done
on behalf of the natives at a huge cost. The reading as such, is charged
very nominally at Rs.300/person. The money comes from those
complicated shanti pariharas they would prescribe at the end of the
Nadi readers surely have knowledge of astrological principles and
there is no doubt about it at all. Repeatedly going to various readers
with some horoscopes led me to believe that there is something
common in them all, which is whatis tried to be explained to the
readers of this book.
The techniques are original work by me and no one has so far
touched it the way I have presented it in this special book to encourage
more people to take up reading charts. These techniques are sure shot
methods to arrive at conclusions in a very short time.
Chapter 4
35 Golden Rules
to be Followed
1. The rules enumerated below have been applied throughout in
all the horoscopes which have come my way and some of them
being given as examples to prove a rule or two in this first ever
book of mine.
2. The Lagna should be seen for transits. I do not use the Chandra
kundali as I have found the transits always working with stun-
ning precision from the lagna itself than from the chandra lagna.
3. However, the stronger of the three Lagnas, viz., the Lagna, the
Chandra Lagna and the Karkamsha Lagna can also be used for
transits as a second option. (I use Shri K.N.Rao's method of
marking the same sign as Karakarnsa Lagna in the Rasi chart
which is occupied by the Atma Karaka in the Navamsha chart)
4. The movements/transits or gochar of Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and
Ketu is used for timing of events.
5. The functional lords are used and not the karakas as is used in
the Bhrigu Nandi Nadi which I have explained in some detail in
the earlier chapters.
6. When Saturn transits the 8th, 6th and the 12th lords nega-
tive events, situations leading to problems occur for the
native. I have observed and as a matter offact, these are
very trying times in a native's life.
7. When Saturn transits the 1st, 5th and 9th lords there will be a
huge positive upliftment in the native's life.
8. When Saturn transits the 4th lord there will be change of resi-
dence. The native also gets opportunities to go to distant places.
There will also be changes or modification in the office or place
where the native works.
9. When Saturn transits over the 7th lord, marriage for the unmar-
ried person and if already married good tidings for the native's
spouse can be safely predicted.
I 0. So is the case when Saturn transits the 3rd lord for siblings and
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques "35" Golden Rules to be Followed
the 9th lord for father, higher studies and travel abroad.
t t. When Saturn transits the 6th, 8th and t 2th house for any lagna,
malefic situations will arise in the native's life. The period of about
two and half years of Saturn's transit will bring tears in the na-
tive's eyes except for those periods of respite when it retro-
grades to the previous house.
12. The occurrence of bad events in the malefic houses should be
taken in this order. In terms of personal sufferings, Saturn's tran-
sit on 8th house is the worst, in the 12th house it is worse and in
the 6th house it is bad. To put it in another way the 6th house
transit is bad, the t 2th house worse and the 8th house worst. It
is only the comparative degree of greater or lesser suffering
during Saturn transits in these malefic houses, but suffering there
is all right.
13. It's been observed that whenever Saturn transits a house where
there are more than three planets very important events will
unfold in a native's life.
14. Where Jupiter transits the 6th, 8th and t 2th houses from lagna
the native loses power. However, Jupiter's transit over the 6th
lord, 8th lord and t 2 lord offers protection as he mitigates the
negative events from happening or manifesting.
1 5. We now come to Rahu transits. If Rahu were to transit a house
or a lord there will be difficulties in those areas even though it
could be a raja yoga house or a trikona or kendra lord.
16. In the same way wherever Ketu transits there will be sudden
changes in those areas. For e.g. If it is transiting the 4th house
then one can safely predict sudden changes for 4th house
significances or the 4th bhava.
t 7. When both Saturn and Jupiter, either transit or aspect houses
then important events for that bhava will manifest. Simply said
it's the double transit or double aspect of these two powerful
planets on a single house. For e.g. Saturn and Jupiter were
transiting Karkataka and Kanya respectively during the year from
26th May, 2005 to 27th Sept., 2005. So we can take Saturn's
3rd aspect on Kanya where Jupiter is transiting as double transit
and also Makara as Saturn's 3rd and Jupiter's 5th, both cast their
aspects on this sign. Summing up by way of an eg taking a
person with Mesha as his lagna, there will be significant events
occurring in his 6th house (Kanya) and his 9th house (Makara)
employing the above rule. This rule is to be carried forward in
the same way for other lagnas too. For a Mithuna lagna person
''36" Golden Rules to be Followed Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
his 4th house and 8th house receive the double transit effects.
18. When Saturn transits the 1st, 5th and 9th house from any lord
important changes will take place in relation to that lord.
19. Whenever Saturn and Jupiter see a dasha lord or a bhukthi lord
then also important events will take place.
20. Saturn transiting natal Rahu and transit Rahu over natal Saturn
will produce pain and agony for a native. 1bis will last for the 1.5
years duration ofRahu transit in a house.
21. When Jupiter transits natal Ketu and Ketu transiting natal Jupiter
will bring about religious inclinations. The native is inclined to-
wards things spiritual at this point in time in his life. We often
hear about people suddenly visiting temples and undertaking
pilgrimages while close ones swear that the native never ever
visited temples and has now changed suddenly! Now you know
it is all due to Ketu or Jupiter's influence on each other!
22. When Saturn transits natal Jupiter important events will hap-
23. When Saturn transits natal Ketu the native has to be careful of
negative events.
24. Whenever Saturn or Jupiter go into the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 1 2thhouse
for any lagna or sees any of these houses in aspect they will not
bestow positive results.
25. The reverse is true in case of the trikona houses. Saturn or Jupi--
ter in transit or by aspect in I st, 5th and 9th houses from lagna
will give positive results.
26. All the above rules can be applied in divisional charts also
just as we do for the rasi or main chart.
27. In the divisional chart if the planets whose dasha or bhukthi is
seen by both Saturn and Jupiter applying the double transit theory
then also, important events signifying the divisional chart is bound
to manifest.
28. Other rules like ashtakavarga etc., are not used much except to
determine the strength of impact or progress, positive or nega-
tive, as the case may be, depending on the score in any particu-
lar house or bhava.
29. In Kalachakra dasha if transit Saturn takes a 6th, 8th or 12th
position from the dasha lord then also negative events will mani-
fest for the transit period during such dasha period.
30. Natal Jupiter or natal Saturn when transited by Saturn or Jupiter
respectively foretells of a time for major changes in the life of
the native.
"35" Golden Rules to be Followed
31 . Whenever transiting Saturn and Jupiter by conjunction or as-
pect make contact with a majority of natal planets (can be a mix
of functional benefics and malefics) then it's a sure-shot sign of
major changes in the native's life.
32. Whenever a majority of planets in a horoscope are transited or
aspected by Saturn and Jupiter at the same time very important
changes will occur for the lords those planets represent in a
native's chart.
3 3. Whenever Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu collectively see a lord
at the same time then also very important changes will happen
for that lord's significance.
34. Whenever Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are conjoining or
aspecting the 5th, 7th or 9th houses at the same time then also
important events will manifest for that lord's significance.
35. Digressing slightly from transits I wish to stress that dur-
ing a native's Rahu dasha one shouldjudge the horoscope
not only from the lagna but also from the chandra kundali
and Karakamsha kundali too for accurate results.
Chapter 5
The Importance of Transits of
the Slow-Moving Planets
Many authors have dwelt upon this yet 1 would like to stress the
importance of these slow moving planets' transits as it is the vital-
most parameter to use while predicting events for a native.
Saturn is the slowest moving planet among the seven and the
two nodes. The nodes Rahu and Ketu are next and equal in speed as
they take 18 months to traverse a sign. They travel only in the anti-
clockwise direction and in retrograde motion. They never go direct at
all. They move backwards from the 30th degree to the Oth degree in
any sign and this is what is unique about these two shadowy planets.
Jupiter which takes about an year to travel the 30 degrees in any
house comes third, only after Saturn and the nodes.
Most normal astrologers do not consider Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu-
Ketu for timing of events.
Transits are seen from rashi, and houses are seen for interpretation.
The lordship is completely ignored. This is exactly reversed in nadi
reading where lagna is given importance and lordships of planets is
given secondary importance and the houses or signs are given least
The movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu-Ketu are used to write
general and specific predictions for all rashis. Especially, first and last
degrees, entrance and exit of these four key planets are given maximum
importance. The same rules can be applied in mundane astrology for
which a separate book will be written later.
In South India, Jupiter and Saturn alongwith Rahu-Ketu transiting
into a new sign is celebrated with many shanti pujas and parihaaras for
particular nakshatras in all temples across the state.
Chapter 6
Transit of Saturn
Saturn's transit of planets
We shall see the impact of Saturn in different signs. This is very
1. The impact of Saturn's transit has to be seen from lagna.
2. When a planet is poised in any house and its lordship will have
major influence in the life of a native than the house/bhava when
Saturn transits such a house.
3. In the absence of any planet in the sign/house, the house sig-
nificance will have major influence in life during Saturn's transit
in that house.
In other words priority is given to the planet posited in any sign/
house, secondary importance is given to the house in case it is devoid
of planets during Saturn's transiting that particular sign/house. Should
any sign/house be occupied by a number of planets then their degrees
will be given importance during the crucial Saturn transit and reading
should be given.
Golden rules of Transit Saturn in various houses
Saturn transiting the lagna or lagna lord
The native will have a new beginning in life. There will be a change
of in attitude, ideas and even a personality change cannot be ruled
out. There will be marked changes in the way the native thinks. His/
her goals, values and priorities are set to change. This will bring in new
job Opportunities and in some cases marriage is fixed if the it is the
right age for this event. Since it is new beginning one may shift to a
new house.
Saturn transiting the second house or second lord
There will invariably be an increase in wealth and earnings for the
native. This is a marked contrast with what many people would believe.
There will be changes in the source of income and the way one makes
money. The native undergoes a style change in the way he
communicates with close family members and others. His relationship
Transit of Satum Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
with close family members will undergo changes as also his priorities
in life.
Saturn transiting the third house or third lord
The native has an increase as far as short distance travels are
concerned. Ifthe person is already a travelling type then there will be
hectic travel schedules. Some might travel abroad on short Journeys or
take vacations more often. Siblings will do well.
Sibling may get married, have job change for the better and start
doing well in life in an overall sense. Singers and career people in the
computer line will do better.
Saturn in the fourth house or upon fourth lord
This is a thumb rule I have used often and it gives results each and
every time! There can be a shift in place of residence. Quite a few will
make changes to the office premises if they live in their own house.
There is a possibility for undertaking renovations or making over the
interiors of the house or simply upgrading it in some way to the house
they already occupy.
In some cases buying of new plot or house can also be possible.
For some sale of land or some old dwelling place could be a
possibility. Change of vehicle or going in for the next better model or
company providing the native a new means of transport can be safely
predicted during this transit period.
Saturn in the fifth house or the fifth lord
This transit in the 5H or over 5L does have a very positive impact.
Birth of a child if in the right age is a strong possibility.
For those who already have children will find them doing well in
exams or getting prizes in extra curricular activities. There will be success
where career is concerned. Getting promoted or donning a new role
and taking additional responsibility with success in work and recognition
for talents or skills will be common events during this transit in a kona
house. The native will also be a lot more lucky In meeting the right
people at the right time which gets translated as growth prospectus
and positive coincidences. The native will also have opportunities to
visit holy people and sacred places.
Saturn in the sixth house or the sixth lord
This transit will have a very negative impact on the native. One
will have more enemies to counter. New enemies get added. The native
will feel that his enemies are stronger than him. There will be sudden
change in friendships or new partnerships will be formed.
If the native is already sick then the ailment gets aggravated during
such negative transit period. There could arise a sudden need for
Transit of Saturn
surgery. Work will get done with difficulty and problems will be on the
rise in executingjobs.1bis is a time when office politics can give anxiety
to a native. If in business there will be losses and one has to be careful
not to invest more in the business.
The need or circumstances forcing one to borrow money, increased
debts will be felt more during such transit. Court cases going against
the native's favour and having problems with superiors/authority can
also be very common.
Saturn in the seventh house or over the seventh lord
1bis will bring luck in the family. Ifthe spouse is working he/she
will do well in career. There will be some kind of increase in status and
position of the spouse. There will be lot of good news from the spouse's
side of family. The building of a house, spouse's sibling(s) getting
married, brothers-in-law getting new job opportunity can be safely
predicted. There will be more social contacts than before. Success in
creating new business opportunities or forming new partnerships can
happen during this transit.
Saturn in eighth house or transiting the eighth lord
Mental agony, painful period due to enemies taking the upper
hand, loss of status or position are some of the things which can be felt
during this period. Many will lose their jobs or get demoted or get
transferred to lesser-known places. On the whole the period is
problematic for the native.
Incomes could shrink. The native could have health-related
problems. There could also be loss of elderly people in the family. Loss
of business and major failures in business will be common during such
times. Students who are studying well will get low marks or one who
aims high will get less than expected. Normally for students wanting
to become doctors need to be careful as eight house transits in India
normally will not be favourable for them.
Saturn in ninth house or on the ninth lord
1bis heralds the end of a worrisome period for the native. It is
positive transit of Saturn over this house or lord. An end to the problems
which have been nagging or troubling a person in the previous years
is seen. The native will have a fresh start and a new lease of life. For
those who have been burdened with debts will be able to repay. Work
tensions will ease. There Is a possibility for some sudden improvement
if the native is a businessman. Losses will decrease as gains increase.
If a student, he/she will pass exams and likely to get into good
and reputable colleges. Success in ventures is foreseen. Visiting holy
places and meeting holy people are a great possibility. Change in
Transit of Saturn Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
relationship with father can be expected. Change ofboss/superior could
be a possibility. Reporting to superiors will undergo a positive change
for those in career.
Saturn in the tenth house or upon the tenth lord
This is a very important, positive and crucial transit in terms of
work/career. A native will seek a new job. There can be changes in the
department one works for. There is also likely going to be a change in
the role and function with increased responsibilities where career is
concerned. Good raja yogas in overall sense will trigger promotions
and a salary hike is a certain event for most natives. Change of job will
be common for those working in the private sectors. The flip side
however is that the native could perform or be part of events connected
with doing karma for the dead.
Saturn in the eleventh house or on the eleventh lord
This is a very positive transit. There will be increase in wealth.
New business associates and new friendships by coincidences will bring
in a lot of wealth for the native. There will be general all-round success
in work. There will likely be an increase in the clientele or sales volume
of products for those in business. Health will be good. Getting awards
and rewards can be expected during this period.
An increase in one's social circle and earning a good name in
society can be expected.
Saturn in the twelfth house or upon the twelfth lord
This is a time when there will be heavy unforeseen expenses,
losses for the native. Should the native invest at the stock markets
there will be huge losses. For businessmen, money rotation will be
tight. At work superiors will be a pain in the neck most times. If the
native is the most superior person in office, then he should monitor
production or sales or whatever activity with great care and caution to
avoid losses. There are great chances for a change of residence. For
students there will be a lack of clarity in lessons leading to problems In
getting good marks in exams. More efforts will have to be made for
mediocre success.
Chapter 7
Transit of Jupiter
Jupiter transit over lords or houses
The general rule of Jupiter transiting is that it will amplify the good
impact when he transits over benefic houses and reduce the negative
impact while transiting malefic houses.
Jupiter over the first house or upon the first lord
Native gains confidence and develops positive attitude leading
to betterment in personality and grooming. Opportunities will come
his way, offering new hope, gain and a new lease oflife. If previously
sick then health will start improving. He will be successful in his work
and there will be karya siddhi for the native. New ideas will strike and
better ways to solve problems are likely benefic developments. One
will start to fed happy and contended with the way things go. Luck
will manifest by way of coincidences.
Jupiter over the second house or upon second lord
The native will tend to change his food habits for the better. He/
she becomes weight conscious and will invariably watch over his diet
and will start giving up bad habits. He/she will develop positive speech.
On account of this the native is likely to have harmonious, peaceful
and happy communication with his immediate family members. There
will be gain where money and investments are concerned. There will
be success in work. It Is a good time for public speakers.
Jupiter over the third house or third lord
Generally natives will travel to holy places nearby. Whenever there
are travelling schedules the same will go smooth.
If there are minor problems the same will get resolved with help
from others In unexpected ways. Relationship with siblings will be lot
more positive and one can expect polite conversations between the
native and siblings. Native will upgrade or go in for latest
communication gadgets and will have problem-free usage of the same.
Jupiter over the fourth house or fourth lord
New vehicles will be replaced by old ones. If native sticks to his
old vehicle then he can expect it to run smoothly with less expenses
Transit of Jupiter Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
due to repairs or overhauling. Generally this is the time when the native
will be interested in investing in purchase of a plot of land or flat. He
will also undertake painting or redecoration of the house. His mind
will be at peace. Then there will be a desire to help many people In
life. Will involve himself in charity work or some kind of social work.
He will be successful in learning new skills and art forms with great
Jupiter in the fifth house or on the fifth lord
If the native is planning on having a child he will be successful In
it. Natives will try to read books. Students will participate and emerge
successful in extracurricular activities at school. There will be growth in
intuitive powers and many will have positive insights in a general way.
New ideas and innovative ways of thinking, success in learning mantras,
reading the holy scriptures are some of the things which are possible
during such beneficial transit of Jupiter in this kona house. Likewise
visiting good people and developing positive thinking friends will bring
about happiness in the life of the native.
Jupiter in the sixth house or over the sixth lord
There will be less difficulties with the enemies than before.
Someone will intervene in helping in resolving issues with one's
enemies. Reduction in office politics about the native can be seen.
Success in procedures, in case the native undergoes surgery during
this period is seen. Correct medicine could lead to curing of long-
standing diseases. Court cases if any will turn positive for the native at
such times. The native will be endowed with new ideas and strategies
which help in dealing with difficult people or situations in life.
Jupiter in the seventh house or upon the seventh lord
If native is of marriageable age he/she can get married. If in love
then it will lead to marriage. Success in forming relationships with the
opposite sex. Chances of going abroad as well as growth in work can
be predicted for this transit. Alliances and partnerships will tend to
work in a positive fashion. Relationship with wife will be peaceful,
positive and helpful. Spouse's family will offer help or support to the
In case of divorce proceedings I observe that during Saturn transit
divorce could come through without much difficulty whereas a Jupiter
transit can make the situation conducive for the couple to come together
a gam.
Jupiter in eighth house or upon eighth lord
There will be an Interest in the mystical, occult, secret side of
religion for the native.
Transit of Jupiter
He/she will help or visit people who are tenninally ill.
Success in surgery procedures where secret parts are concerned
is foreseen. Even if suffering from any major disease there will not be
much aggravation. Old debts can be easily cleared at least partially.
Even if native were to face any tense situation he can be assured of
matters not going to extremes. However growth will be a slow where
work is concerned. The native will develop a peaceful way of thinking
to solve his problems.
Jupiter in ninth house or upon ninth lord
The native can expect his relationship with father to turn positive
and helpful. New way of looking at critical behaviour of one's father.
Will earn the affection of elders by respecting them. Traditions attract
the native during such periods. Will find happiness and success in
religious pursuits. Coming in contact with a guru who will lead the
native into some kind of a spiritual path is possible. Visiting religious
places and temples will be done quite often during such transit period.
This could also lead to the native staying away from family due to
some religious interest.
Jupiter in the tenth house or on the tenth lord
Nagging old problems in work will dissolve. The native will be
able to resolve problems very cordially. Work will give joy and peace
to the native. Peace will prevail at the workplace between the native
and his superiors and peers alike. There will be a sudden upliftment in
one's career.
Jupiter in eleventh house or over the eleventh lord
There is bound to be an increase in not only incomes but also the
native's social circle. Gaining new friends and meeting people who
are very old buddies will be common during this period in the life of
the native. Business also picks up in a big way reaching new levels of
expansion in work. The native realises the benefits of employing
diplomatic tactics in easing tense situations and solving difficult
Jupiter in the twelfth house or upon the twelfth lord
There will be expenses but the same will be under control. Success
in hospital procedures will bring relief to the native should he undergo
surgery. Losses in stock markets should be avoided with wait and watch
principles. The native will be successful in cutting his losses by
employing cost-cutting measures and may not hesitate in trying to
tighten Will undertake travel to religious places and dwelling
on soul-oriented experiences. There is quite a possibility for some to
get enlightened during the twelfth house Jupiter transit.
Chapter 8
Transit of Rahu and Ketu
Transit of Rahu and Ketu in different houses
Transit ofRahu on any natal lord will produce only negative results
and transit Ketu in the diagonally opposite sign will give sudden changes
for those natal lords which can at times be positive.
Rahu in first house or transiting over lagna lord
There area few things which the native faces like fear of something,
lack of confidence, lack of courage, loss of self-esteem, problems in
thinking clearly which is essential to solve any problem. There will be
delusions, a feeling of invincibility over one's own skills which could in
turn lead to a lot of problems. The native is likely to get angry and
irritated for small things.
May also have suicidal feelings. Extremes in behaviour and
moodiness are often felt by the native. Face could become darker and
the native loses weight in a sudden manner.
Rahu in second house or over the second lord
It will be generally observed that the native's communication
becomes negative with usage ofbad words. There will be increase in
the usage of alcohol/paan or any kind of addictive items or substances.
Relationship with close family members will be strained. Loss of wealth
is a possibility. Eyesight will give problems for elderly people. Fights,
misunderstanding and lack of sensitivity where other people's feelings
are concerned, will be common. This will often lead to the native getting
rebellious and suspicious of other people's motives.
Rahu in the third house or over the third lord
Loss of telecommunication equipment like cell phone, computers,
viruses and problems in phone for unknown reason. One must make
sure to run a software programme with virus check and download the
data carefully to avoid sudden crashes in computer. Siblings will have
problems in work or health. The native will have difficulties in
communicating with his siblings. He might have some problems with
his throat.
Transit of Rahu and Ketu
Rahu over in the fourth house and upon fourth lord
The native will lack peace of mind.
If he/she owns a vehicle they can expect more than usual repairs
to it. The native should also be careful while driving as there are chances
of an accident to the vehicle. Change of vehicle will not bring in
satisfaction. One should be careful about the safety of vehicles as the
same could be stolen as loss due to theft can occur.
The native will not be inclined to go home as he/she could feel
the place to be gloomy and dark. Some may encounter negative events
enough to lose Interest In life or living.
Mother's health, if alive, will be a cause for concern. Illness or
death of the father is also a possibility.
At around this time if there is an attempt at selling land or property
the same will lead to some kind of trouble. The native will have an
urge to change his/her dwelling place all of a sudden for no reason.
Rahu in fifth house and upon the fifth house
For those in the child-bearing ages some problems in having
children can be seen during such a period with either repeated abortions
or pregnancy getting complicated. However, there is also a possibility
to go in for the adoption of a baby.
There will be intuition but more on the darker side of life.
This transit will be tough for students who could go for a break in
education. They will also be unable to focus or have priority for learning.
Sudden bursts of temper will lead to unconscious stirring up of past
karma coming into force. Due to lack ofluck the native could end up
feeling very depressed.
Rahu in the sixth house and over the sixth lord
There will be an increase in the number of enemies. Such enemies
will get more powerful and will be in a better situation than the native.
Problems will likely crop up while planning strategies. Ideas not working
well wlll also add to the discomfort ofthe native.
There are chances of one getting involved in court cases or similar
penal events with government/authority.
There will be temptation to overreach where finances are
concerned leading to increased debts. Losses at the stock market is
another possibility. Sudden occurrence of a disease which drains the
hard-earned money is a possibility. The mind is likely to be in an agitated
state and there will be lack of sleep and sudden fears of someone
doing black magic on them.
Rahu in seventh house and over the seventh lord
This could be a painful period for some of those whose marriage
Transit of a h ~ and Ketu Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
is already not smooth sailing from the past. Divorce getting through
or separation from the spouse due to misunderstandings or some
problems will take place.
If in love then this period will be one of pain with chances of
getting betrayed by the lover are high.
For those in business, partnership could break. The native will
start developing selfish motive and will start creating trouble with dose
friends. There could also be death, sorrow, losses or problems in
spouse's side of family.
More ofbad news, sudden change in attitude and postponement
of travel plans will be common during this transit period.
Rahu in eight house or over eight lord
The native will have sustained problems leading him/her to do
some last minute rescue acts to save situations.
In the process there could be a feeling of loss of hope, confidence
and the fear of facing tomorrows.
Sudden expenses leading to debts can also be felt during this
Problems, dealing with sick and perhaps losing some elderly
people in the family could take place in this time period.
On the flipside the native will get interested in occult sciences.
But care should be taken to avoid associating with any black magic
side or showing undue interest in meeting people who are weird.
Where one's education or career is concerned, chances of the
performance going down can be felt.
fhere will be curiosity and unusual interest in sexual activity. The
native will change his/her habits but for the worst!
Rahu in the ninth house or over the ninth lord
There will problems and misunderstandings with the boss at
workplace and elders in personal life. The native feels the difficulty in
getting along with those who occupy superior positions than the native.
The native will rebel against his teachers' set path and teachings.
This is perhaps the time when one experiments with new ideas and
teachings and then when this transit is over realise the worth of his
past lessons and comes back to square one!!
Should the native plan on a visit to some spiritual places these
travel plans will not fructifY for one reason or the other.
Passing away of elders and maybe the death of a teacher is a
One will tend to act against the traditional path. Though the
exception to this rule will be experimenting in occult matters.
Transit of Rahu and Ketu
The native will show sudden interest in new age meditation
Rahu in the tenth house and upon tenth lord
This transit will see a lot of problems where work, career is
concerned. For those in business there are bound to be losses.
The native will end up feeling that his ideas do not work the way
he likes to.
There seems to be a continuation with his not being able to get
along with his superiors or bosses and elderly people in his organisation.
This gets translated into not getting his promotions or monetary benefits.
There are chances of the native having to face loss of reputation
in his organisation.
This naturally will lead to his being unable to stay in the place,
therefore, leading to impulsive resignation. This is a difficult period
where career is concerned.
Performing karma or associated rituals are a possibility.
All will seemingly look good on the surface but turn out to be
very problematic in reality. Travelling also will give problems for the
Rahu in the eleventh house or upon the eleventh lord
There is likely a temptation for the native to make money in
negative and illegal ways.
Even if the native be a straightforward type there will be people
around him/her to act in this negative way forcing him into problems
even if he is himself a basically good-natured person.
He will notice loss of good friends and make new friends who are
more oriented towards the negative side of living.
There could be an intense relationship with the opposite sex and
this could at times lead to loss of reputation in one's social circle.
The native also could indulge in meaningless arguments in front
of a group of people and there could be ego clashes due to this.
Rahu in the twelfth house or over the twelfth lord
Those nursing a desire to go to foreign lands will get the chance
to travel abroad quite suddenly.
One can expect the unexpected where expenses are concerned.
Needless to say there will be losses in business which will be quite
sudden and also a huge loss. The same goes for the working class of
There will be lack of sleep, recurring bad dreams and finding it a
great difficulty in getting proper rest.
Keeping awake late into the night and getting addicted quickly
Transit of Rahu and Ketu Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
to bad habits, having fear of death which will tend to affect one's health
in fragile ways.
There will be decline in elders in their religious inclinations whereas
fights with close family members will be more with more number of
enemies leading to lack of peace for the elderly natives.
Transit rules
Take the horoscope chart; Read from the lagna or read the rules
from the lagna, chandra lagna or the karkamsha lagna, whichever is
the strongest among the three. Basic rule to remember, to put it simply,
are the following:
Saturn means changes
Rahu means negative events' trigger
Jupiter means positive events occurring or at least such a transit
will protect the worst from happening in a particular house or over a
particular lord of house.
Chapter 9
Planets and Quality of Events
for all the Twelve Signs
Saturn transit for different lagnas
Only Saturn Transiting the various signs, in brief, is dealt within
this Chapter as a quick reference source.
Transit Saturn on natal Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus will bring good
Transit Saturn on natal Mars and Jupiter will be mixed.
Transit Saturn on natal Mercury will have very malefic impact.
Transit Saturn on natal Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mars will produce
mixed results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Saturn, Mercury and Sun will have
positive impact.
Transit Saturn upon natal Mercury, Moon, Jupiter will give positive
Transit Saturn will give mixed results while transiting natal Mars,
Saturn and Venus.
Transit Saturn upon natal Sun will be negative.
Transit Saturn on natal Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars will bear positive
On natal Saturn and Jupiter it will produce mixed results.
Transit Saturn on natal Mercury will produce malefic results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will give
positive results.
While upon natal Saturn and Jupiter one can expect mixed results.
Upon natal Moon it will give negative results.
Planets and Quality of ... Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Transit Saturn will bestow positive results when it is upon natal
Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Moon.
It wlll produce negative results while upon natal Mars and Sun.
Transit Saturn upon natal Saturn will give mixed results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Mars, Saturn, Moon and Sun bestows
positive results.
While upon natal Venus and Mercury one can expect mixed results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Jupiter will be very negative.
Transit Saturn upon natal Jupiter, Moon and Sun will bestow
positive results.
Upon natal Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury it will produce mixed
Transit Saturn upon natal Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Sun will
bestow positive results.
While upon natal Venus, Mercury and Mars it will produce mixed
Transit Saturn upon natal Saturn, Mars, Venus and Moon will
bestow positive results.
Upon Mercury one can expect mixed results.
Upon natal Jupiter and Sun it will produce negative results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Jupiter, Mars and Venus will bestow
positive results.
Upon natal Saturn and Mercury it will give mixed results.
Upon natal Moon it will produce negative results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Mercury bestow
positive results.
Transit Saturn upon natal Saturn will produce mixed results.
Upon natal Venus and Sun the effects will be negative.
Chapter 10
Transit of Saturn over
Natal Saturn
Natal Saturn placed in any sign in a chart will produce the following
results when transit Saturn be upon it. Saturn is the only planet which
has dual house ownerships side by side in the natural scheme of zodiac
arrangement in a chart. For example for Mesha it the lOth and the
11 th lord, for Rishabha it is the 9th and the 1 Oth lord and so on and so
What can the natives belonging to different lagnas expect when
their natal Saturn is being transited by Saturn is given in a very brief
way. One can see at once what are the changes the powerful planet
will bring for them. However, using other parameters or techniques
one has learnt, one can fine tune the prediction further with more
details of the when, why and how of such a change.
Can expect a change in job.
Can expect a change in job.
Loss/death of elders in the family and perhaps problems one faces
while such transit takes place in one's eighth house, elucidated in earlier
chapters in this book.
Loss/death of elders in the family and perhaps problems one faces
while such transit takes place in one's eighth house, elucidated in earlier
chapters in this book.
Will produce a mixed influence of a Raja Yoga plus health problems
for the natives.
Will produce a mixed influence of a Raja Yoga plus health problems
for the natives.
Planets and Quality of ...
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Such Saturn transit upon natal Saturn will confer Raja Yogas upon
these natives.
Such Saturn transit upon natal Saturn will confer Raja Yogas upon
these natives.
Such Saturn transit upon natal Saturn will confer Raja Yogas upon
these natives.
Such Saturn transit upon natal Saturn will confer Raja Yogas upon
these natives.
Such Saturn transit upon natal Saturn will confer only mixed results
for these natives.
Natives of this lagna will see mixed results when such transit
Chapter 11
Handy Table of Events
based on Transit of
Key Planets in the. 12 signs
A Handy Table of Reference for Effects of Transit Saturn, Jupiter,
Rahu and Ketu in houses and on lords
House Saturn Jupiter Rahu Ketu
1st Change in attitude Positive Mental torture. Sudden change of
house thoughts Change in attitude
2"" increased money Positive. More Infighting in family Sudden change in
house flows money eating habits.
3rd Short travels, sue- Success. Positive Travel plans getting Sudden travels to
house cess with siblings results delayed travel foreign country
Change of Peaceful times. Problems for Sudden change of
house residence Success in mother residence
buying property
5'" Birth of children. Birth of children Problems for kids Sudden problems
house Betterment of kids for kids
Fights with Reduction in Increase in Winning of court
house enemies. Bad fighting difficulties with cases
health enemies. Sickness
Marriage. New Marriage and Marital problems Sudden changes
business partner- good time with in spouse's house.
ships and tie-ups
Earning problems
Problems Mitigation of Losses, debts and Losses and pains
house problems. Spiri- pains
tual inclinations
Success and Visits to temples. Difficulties for boss Spiritual
house growth Pilgrimages and elders inclinations
10th New work Problems in work Problems in work Break in career
house assignments place place
11th Increase in wealth Increase in Money getting Decrease of
house wealth stuck incomes
12th Change of house. Success in Heavy expenses Bad dreams.
house Mounting foreign travel. Problems getting
expenses. Evolving sleep.
Chapter 12
Handy Table of Key Transit
Planets on Key Natal Planets
Effects of Transits on Natal Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu
Saturn (Tr) Rahu (Tr) Ketu (Tr) Jupiter (Tr)
Saturn Major Pains Anguish and Success and rnajor
(natal) changes becoming spiritual changes in life
Rahu Pains Pains Problems Negative effects
Ketu Difficulties Pains Problems Becoming spiritual
Jupiter Major Mitigation Going to temples Success in life
(natal) changes of pains and pursuing
spiritual activities
13. Transits and Exceptions to the General
14. Nadi and profession
15. Fall In Career
16. Dasha and AntarJBhukti
17. N adi and karakas
Chapter 13
Transits and Exceptions
to the General Rules
For Karkataka
Transit Saturn on natal Mercury will generally produce negative
results unless such Mercury Is placed in 6, 8 or 12 houses.
Transit Saturn upon natal Moon will give negative results unless
Moon is in its own house.
Natal Planet in the condition described below in any house for
any Lagna even in case of raja yo gas, trikona or kendra lord(s) will not
give positive results in the following cases:
a. when in a Neecha House
b. if the same is engaged in a planetary war/gruha yuddha with
another planet or
c. be in close degrees towards these malefic houses 6, 8, 12Houses
or in other words be in Rasi Sandhi with these houses and be
transited by Saturn it will not produce positive results.
d. Rahu transits, as already mentioned in an earlier chapter, will
produce negative results for that house or lord whereas for Ketu
one has to be careful to predict events as not all are negative
during Ketu's transits. There could be sudden, positive events
taking place. Transit Ketu in the sixth house will give success in
litigation matters. In the ninth house it will give spiritual inclina-
tions and In the tenth house the native may land a very good
job opportunity which is a positive break in career. In some cases
there could be joblessness during such periods. Therefore, Cau-
tion should be exercised while seeing Ketu's transits in various
Chapter 14
nadi and profession
In nadi astrology position of Saturn is very important for success
in profession. If the tenth lord from Saturn is not well-placed then
there will be loss and problems in one's profession.
If the tenth lord is well placed then there will be success, growth
and huge potential to earn money.
Planets which are poised in 6, 8, and 1 Z houses from natal Saturn
will give an insight about the fall in a person's profession.
I am giving some illustrations in which I will very briefly state why
the career Is good or not good as the case may be. I am not going into
details about anything else in these charts. Also go through the rules
already given in earlier chapters in the Bhrigu Nandi nadi system which
will not be repeated everywhere.
Example I
This person's name has been withheld for various reasons. His is
a case oflosing jobs often.
See from lagna, the tenth lord Jupiter Is in the eleventh house. In
fact he must be very successful without much problems or difficulties
in his career.
In reality it is the other way round because the tenth lord, Mars is
placed in the twelfth house from natal Saturn indicating loss of career.
Sun Jup Lag
Ket Mars
Mer Sat(R)
Example -1
March 20, 1976;
12:52:00 pm
Chennal, India
Moon Rah
Nadi and profession Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Example 2
Take the case of the Sri jayendra Sarswathi. His tenth lord is in the
ninth house along with Jupiter who is the second and the eleventh
He followed in his teacher's profession.
Example -2
Tenth lord is also with Jupiter, a natural karaka for teaching and
being a guru, which he is to many of his followers.
Example 3
Take the case of Mahatma Gandhi
His tenth lord is Sun from his natal Saturn. Sun represents politics
as a profession. The tenth house had aspect of the fifth lord. Observe
three planets in the twelfth house from this Saturn. He never took up
any official or government position in a free India. He made a name in
a foreign country and had to travel many times to alien lands to secure
freedom for his motherland.
Practical Application
of Nadi Techniques
Nadi and profession
Take the case of Indira Gandhi- her tenth lord Mars is unaspected
and unblemished in the second house. She became a very successful
leader In life and a darling of the masses.
Jup(R) Ket
Chapter 15
Fall in Career
Dasha and bukthi lords when they are placed in 3, 6, 8, 12
houses from natal Saturn will bring in fall.
Raja yo gas will bring rise in profession and fortune.
Example I
Take the case of JG. He had huge success and growth in career
when he was running the Rahu antar/bhukti in Jupiter Maha Dasha
towards the end of 2004.
He earned a lot of money from this point onwards. Rahu is poised
in his eighth house from lagna so normally it should have given him
pain and humiliation and no success in his life. Rahu antar/bhukthi, in
fact, gave him a huge lift in life. He bought a car and his salary also
doubled. This is due to the simple reason that Rahu is poised in the
second house from Saturn. It gave him results of the second house
Example 2
Take the case of this scribe.
Example 1
1 0/11/1977;
1:10:42 pm
Chennai, India
He had a fall in profession in his Mercury antar/bhukti.
Notice the connection of the Mercury, the third and sixth lord
from his natal Saturn? In Sun Maha dasha and Mercury antar/bhukti he
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Example -2
7:15:00 am
Chennai, India
Moon Jup
Fallin Career
voluntarily resigned from a major dot com company. During the same
period, he also lost a major television contract. In the same way he
had problems in the Venus maha dasha and Mercury antar/bhukti. The
observation to be noted here is whenever Mercury sub-periods occurred
it has not been favourable for him, being malefic lords from natal Saturn.
Example 3
Swami Jayendra Saraswati
We will now see the chart of Swami Jayendra Saraswathi. He got
humiliated and was jailed in the Dasha of Mercury and in the an tar/
bhukti of Saturn. Saturn is with the sixth lord Moon. Therefore, enemity
especially with women is obvious.
Example 4
Jawaharlal Nehru
Example -3
July 18, 1935;
From the onset of his Mars Maha dasha in 1948, which is the
fourth and the ninth lord in the second house, there has been a
Fall In Career Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Example -4
11:03:59 pm;
Jup Sun Mer Mars
Ket Ven
tremendous raja yoga. He was very successful during the entire Mars
major period. Rahu major period was also bestowing success because
it is in the eleventh from natal Saturn. Infact no major aftlictions and
the benefic aspect from Jupiter on his natal Saturn made him a world
famous leader.
Chapter 16
Dasha and Antar/Bhukti
Even though the nadi readers claim no knowledge of astrology
principles they do have a separate service known as the Dasha-bhukti
This is charged at Rs.2500/per reading and it covers the entire set
of major and sub-periods in the life of the native. This is an exhaustive
reading consistent with the high charge.
Vimshottari dasha is used for the purpose.
360 days are used in calculating the periods.
Vakya panchanga is used for these readings.
The technique used is very simple and it makes for a fantastic
The reader marks the dasha lord's house as the lagna and reads
Next comes the Antar/bhukti periods where the house in which
the bhukti lord is poised is taken as the lagna and events are read.
Very rarely do they use the (Pratyantara) sub-sub period, or the
Sookshma periods.
Example I
This person's Jupiter dasha began and he made lot of money in
his profession. In fact he started going in for high grade cars (he now
Ven Sun
Sat Mer
Example -1
June 30, 1971
4:38:49 pm
Place: 80 E 17'
00", 13 N 05' 00"
Chennai, India
Dasha and Antar/Bhukti Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
owns the Skoda). He bought property.
The reason for this is the fourth lord from dasha lord Jupiter along
with the seventh lord gave him a lot of raja yo gas and he could make
his money during this time.
We next period he ran was the sub of Saturn. He had severe
problems with his wife. Taking the rule forward, we mark natal Saturn
as the lagna this time. Now notice Mars the seventh lord with Rahu.
During this period transit Rahu is upon natal Mars and Rahu and one
can imagine what this man is going through. Now check the handy
table which has been given for this purpose and apply the results of
transit Rahu on natal Rahu, one will get a complete picture for his
marriage. His wife asked him to stay away from her. She now suspects
him of having an affair! This is perhaps what is called the double torture!!!
He is in agony because he has wealth but no peace of mind.
Example 2
This is the chart of a very famous Pranic healer of Chennai. He is
one of the trustees of the Pranic Healing Foundation here. He can be
called as a right hand man of Master Choa. He is instrumental in
spreading this system of healing in a big way. He became very famous
at the onset of his Rahu Maha dasha. Earlier he used to drink but gave
up drinking. He became a very good teacher, an excellent healer and a
clairvoyant in the Rahu major period.
Now marking the dasha lord as lagna we notice the seventh lord
in the eighth house when his wife started having health problems (skin
oriented). Look at the tenth house which is Tula.
Venus the fifth and the tenth lord combines with Saturn who is
the lagna as well as the second lord. There is Mercury the ninth lord
which gave him a powerful raja yoga and took him to great heights.
Lag Jup
Dasha and Antar/Bhukti
Rahu-Rahu, Rahu-Jupiter and Rahu-Satum periods were all making
him very popular in the Pranic Healing circles.
Many people have doubts whether Rahu Maha dasha will bring
any success. We notice how even when Rahu poised in a Kendra or a
Kona does not give success to a native.
With this technique one can get a fair idea of what is in store in a
major and sub period, even the Rahu major or sub periods. Check the
tenth or whatever significance one wants to know from the natal dasha
or an tar lord as this will give clarity about such a period being good or
otherwise for the native.
He was running his Sun major from 1996 to 2002.
From there see the lagna lord and tenth lord combining with the
third and eighth lord Venus in Kumbha. He had severe pain in the leg.
Business encountered losses.
He had a baby girl who does very well in studies.
Sun Ket Mars
Mer Sat
Example -3
1:18:39 am;
Moon Rah
His Moon major started from 2002 onwards.
A neecha Rahu in the ninth house and the ninth lord and eleventh
lord combining in the fourth house made his father sell his lands and
pumped much money into his business. Gains due to land transactions
can be seen in this way. Saturn being the twelfth lord had to give the
loss ofland only to give gains when he combines with the second and
eleventh lords and the ninth which indicates the father's role in all this.
During his Moon major he made a lot of money in business, bought
properties worth in crores.
See the play of destiny with each change in the major and minor
periods in the life of an individual.
Dasha and Antar/Bhukti Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
R's Rahu sub period in Mercury major started from March, 2007
onwards. He started having one problem after the other.
The company he joined was a start-up organisation but his salary
was fixed in lakhs. Notice the tenth lord from Rahu whose sub-period
it is. It is in the twelfth house along with eleventh lord. Lot of problems
in his profession with regard to salary payments are there.
Jup Yen Sat(R) Rah
Example -4 Lag
12:45:59 am;
Tiruchchirappalli Jup
Mars sub in the same Mercury major was from 30-3-2006- 27-
3-2007 during which period he was making lot of money in terms of
commissions and success in work undertakings. See the eleventh house
from Mars having many planets. This was a period with incomes from
multiple sources.
Moon sub period (28-t0-2004to 30-3-2006) also saw him make
a success out of his career. The tenth lord is in the first house along
with the ninth, eleventh and twelfth lords. His career boomed in a big
way. There were people who opposed him but he somehow managed
them well.
This person came to me with his marriage problem.
At the time of consultation he had a divorce case pending in the
court. He wanted to resolve it through a mutual compromise. The
case has been pending disposal since May, 2002.
Jupiter major started from t 994 onwards. Normal way of looking
at it will be the seventh lord is in the seventh house so married life will
be ok. Maybe, karaka bhava nasti can be applied to this chart.
But a nadi reader will look from Jupiter. The seventh lord is in the
sixth house along with Ketu indicating marriage problems.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Dasha and Antar/Bhukti
Lag Moon
Mars Sat
Example -5
8:15:00 pm;
Calcutta, India
She is working woman. She was having problems at work with
no promotions.
Jupiter major had started in 2005 onwards. Troubles and tension
in her work was not allowing her to progress. See the tenth lord from
Jupiter which is in the eighth house.
Next was the sub period of Saturn from June, 2007 onwards. The
tenth lord being in the eighth house alongwith the twelfth lord makes
the problems to continue.
Sun Lag Rah
Mer Moon
Example -6
7:05:33 am
Chennai, India
Ket Jup(R) Mars(R)
One can easily and effortlessly see the professional rise and fall
using the dasha lord and bhukti lord as lagna.
Chapter 17
Nadi and Karakas
All the karakas are used in nadi in a major way. For example in
Sukra nadi the position of Sukra is taken as lagna. When Shani nadi is
read Saturn is taken as lagna. When Budha nadi is read, Budha position
in the natal chart is taken as lagna and readings are done.
Here are the ways in which all the nine planets' nadis are read
with the houses from the natal placement signifying the following in
case of each planet.
From Sun
9th house is for father
1Oth house is for political office
From Moon
2nd house is for food
3rd house is for travel
4th house is for mother
From Mars
3rd house is for younger brother
11th house is for elder brother
4th house is for property
6th house is for enemies
7th house is for spouse for ladies
From Mercury
1 st house is for intelligence
4th house is for education
5th house is for college education
9th house is for higher education
From Jupiter
9th house is for teacher or guru
3rd house is for travel to holy places
1 st house is for morality
5th house is for children
2nd house is for learning of the sacred scriptures.
From Venus
7th house is for spouse for men
1 1 th house is for income and gains
4th house is for vehicles
3rd house is for music
2nd house is for singing
1st house is for beauty
12th house is for bed pleasures
From Saturn
1 Oth house is for profession
4th house is karma for mother
9th house is karma for father
8th house is for longevity
4th house is for place of work
Nadi and Karakas
5th house is for education, intuition in connection with work
6th house is for enemies.
6th house is for diseases
2nd house is for speech
From Ketu
4th house is for place of sadhana, meditation
9th house is for guru
12th house is for moksha
Part D
18. The Timing of Events in Nadi Astrology
19. Nadi and profession
20. Fall In Career
Chapter 18
The Timing of Events
in Nadi Astrology
Several nadis have several methods for timing of events. There is
no single way of doing it. Some of them are very generalized methods
and some of them are very highly specialised methods. All these
methods will depend on the person's horoscope on which they can
be applied.
There are three main methods-
Use of transits and dasha and bhukthi method
Use of bhavas
Use of signs in timing the events,
The use of transit will be shared by me at a later date.
Basically general method of timing is given and this is not for
specific events like that of marriage, childbirth etc. First few general
methods are given. I am not claiming any original authorship and
also do not see these methods working consistently in all horoscopes.
These nadi readers do not use any other parameter like rashi sandhi,
gruha yuddha, dasha and bhukthi or transits etc.
The tables given in the following pages are just positions and
certain ages are given. All are general methods and in some
techniques, modifications should be done for fine-tuning results. These
are general methods used by nadi and the same is available in some
books written by authors without revealing names or sources from
where they got such information. Some ofthem have been inspired
from the !CAS method, which have been clearly mentioned. They look
very close to the nadi way oflooking at things.
The First Method
Known as the Drekkana method and mentioned in Dr. B.V.
Raman's book of "How To Read Horoscope". This is basically a nadi
method. This is a general method which is not replicable on all charts.
For example 1 have Saturn in the first drekkana ofMesha (Aries),
The liming of Events ...
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Aries 18-28-36-42-46-50 20-24029-36-47-56-61 21-25-31-34-36-42-45-
Taurus 21-23-31-42-51-65-
17-21-24-33-50-55 18-22-26-31-35-42-51-
68 57
Gemini 16-23-30-45-54 19-23-25-29-32-36-43- 24-29-33-35-41-47-59-
46-49 60-62
Cancer 17-24-29-31-39-49-
18-27-34-44-53-60 19-26-33-45-48
Leo 21-26-31-33-38-43- 23-26-31-45-53-54-56 20-25-30-33-38-43-48
Virgo 18-24-30-36-42-49- 18-24-30-36-42-49-55 20-26-32-35-40-44-50
Libra 17-24-31-33-40-43- 15-22-24-29-31-36-42-
57 44-51
Scorpio 14-22-23-29-30-40- 25-32-41-49-57-63 22-25-33-36-41-44-49-
41-45 52
19-20-28-29-(l? -38-r-29-$40-47 9 ~ 6
Capricorn 20-21-30-31-40-45- 22-24-32-42-45-50
50 -
Aquarius 16-24-25-29-35-46- 15-26-27-37-38-51-58- 17-22-26-33-40-44-49-
57 59-67
Pisces 22-24-29-34-38-41- 20-29-32-43-47-55-61 25-27-28-32-37-41-47-
49-56 53-60
therefore, important events of my life will take place at the ages of
I have Venus in the third drekkana of Dhanus (Sagi) who is my
tenth lord therefore important events connected with work related
events will take place at the ages of 20-29-38-40-47-49-56
All one has to do is to check in which drekkana a planet falls in
the rashi chart and look up this table and note the ages for significant
events to unfold.
The Second Method
This is method given in C.G. RAJAN's book. Each planet in
different houses will have important events at that age. This is also a
general method and does not have any consistency. It works
For example I have Jupiter in my tenth house, major career
breakthrough at the age of 27 which is 15 from this table for 1 OH
placement of Jupiter and add to it 12 from one cycle to reach the
same rashi. For example Saturn for me is in the fourth house which
shows age 8. Add 1 Z to it which then becomes 20th year, then another
Practica/Application of Nadi Techniques The Timing of Events ...
2"dH 3'dH 4
hH s'hH
s'"H 7'"H a'"H
10'"H 11'"H
Sun 15
7th 20 14 9 23 34 27 10 19 38
Moon 27 27 5 22 G 57 15 6 20 43 20 3
Mars 5 12 13 8 5 24 27 28 14 27 45 25
Mercury 10 26 12 22 26 21 17 14 19 19 45 45
Jupiter 5 39 27 20 12 7 40 27 31 15 15 25
Venus 17 6 6 6 4 41 14 10 15 15 15 5
Saturn 5 12 13 8 5 24 27 28 14 27 45 . 25
12 13 8 5 24 27 28 14 27 45 25
Ketu 5 12 13 8 5 24 27 28 14 27 45 25
12 which gives me 32 years. Both these years there was shift in place
of residence though in a temporary fashion.
The Third Method
General ages are indicated on two levels.
One is for different Navamsha lagnas and its corresponding ages.
The other one is for different chandra Navamsha lagnas and its
corresponding ages.
Rashi Navamsha of Moon From Navamsha of Lagna
Mesh a 8,20,32,44,56,68,80 12,25,50
Rishaba 9,21 ,33,45,57,69,81 10,22, 32 and 72
ltJiithuna 12,24,36,48,6072 16,24,34,40 and 63"' year
Kataka'"' 1 0,22,34,46,58, 70 8,18,21,72"
and 80th
Simha 5, 17,29,41 ,53,65,77 1 0,20,30,30,60 and 82"d
Kanni 1, 13,25,37,4S};61 20 th 50 th and so'"
Thula 4, 16,28,42,54,66 3"\23,27, 38,54 and 76
2, 14, 26,38,50,62 ~ 3 . 18, 23,28,55 and 70th
Dhanus 8,20 32 44 56 68 80 ~ 4 t h ,9th, 16th ,36,44 ,72
Makaram 2, 14,26,38,50,62 1(:)'",27,34,49,54 and 68
Kumbam 9,21 ,33,45,57,69,81 ' 7.th;14'h,20,28, 32 and 61
Meenam 10 ,22,34,46,58 . j0 ,12,21,26,52 61th
This is also a general method. This table is given in the book
written by Shri Chandulal Patel in "Navamsha and Nadi Asr:.>logy".
For example, I am a Makara Navamsha lagna native. Therefore ages
19, 27, 34, 49, 54 and 68 are important for me.
These are the events which I recall having taken place.
At 19 - there was a huge spiritual experience.
At 27 1 got married.
At 34 my grandmother whom I loved dearly passed away.
The Timing of Events ... Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
The remaining ages I am yet to cross.
Navamsha of Moon is in Pisces and the corresponding ages are
10, 22, 34,46 and 58.
At 22 started my career and became successful.
At 34 which is repeating again saw the death of my grandmother.
(the author has vargottama- Makara- lagna In both the rash! as
well as Navamsha chart).
The Fourth Method
Maturation of planets is used in some nadi systems for timing of
events. 1his is given in the famous book "Light on l.ite" by Dr.Robert
Svoboda and Hart De Fow.
Planets Maturation
Sun 22 years
Moon 24years
Mars 28 years
Mercury 32 years
Jupiter 16years
Venus 25 years
Saturn 36 years
Rahu 48 years
Ketu 48 years
In this method one must see where these planets are poised
and accordingly predict the ages for events.
For example, if natal Sun is the 4th lord, then the native wlll
somehow finish his education by age 22. Likewise for all other planets
It will be useful to see certain events using this table.
The Fifth Method
If one observes the contents of this table It can be seen that
each planet is given a certain phase or period in one's life. Certain
events are accordingly predicted using this information. This is also a
general method.
Moon is ................................... 0-4years.
Mercury is ................................. 5- 14 years.
Venus is : .................................... .! 5- 22 years.
Sun is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..... 23 - 4 1 years.
Mars is ...................................... .42 - 56 years.
Jupiter is .................................... 51- 66years.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques The Timing of Events ...
Saturn Rahu and Ketu Is ............ . 6 9- 108.
This method has two ways in which this table of ages can be
used. But I will mention what is followed in standard books on topics.
For example, Moon If strong in a chart, this period between 0 -
4 in the life of the native will be good.
For example, Sun for me is a viparita raja yoga planet., therefore,
between ages of 23 - 41 will be good.
That is why In nadis we see the readers arbitrarily mention some
particular phases in the life of a native as very good and successful.
The Sixth Method
Shri. Chandulal Patefs method of using padas
This is elaborated in Shri.Chandulal Patel's book on nadi astrology
and Sunil John, who helped Shri C.S. Patel during his crucial last years,
wrote an e-book about this method.
In this method each pada is counted as one year. Counting from
various planets from the Lagna, Moon and other planets' events are
timed in ages.
However, in my humble opinion some adjustments need to be
done for better results. I will elaborate about this later maybe in
another book.
For example, if more the planets are away from the 10th house
then applying this method one will get an advanced age of 81, 97
which does not really work this way. Some rectification needs to be
done which will produce good results. This is certainly no offence
meant at Shri Chandulal Patel's version but just an upgraded and
workable version of this original technique. Taking an example will
clari1)r what 1 want to convey here. If one should get the pada value
as 106 then reduce It by half which will be 53 which then can be
predicted as a very important age for the corresponding event.
This is done as humans may not live to see their 90s except in
some rarest of rare cases. Even If a person were to live it would be
doubtful if he will achieve any success at that ripe old age for
something other than for being around for a very long time.
The Seventh Method
Method of the Bhrigu Sutras
Natural benefics and malefics in different houses and not signs
will give events in this method. This Is also one of those general
For example, If Venus Is in the twelfth house, then a particular
The Timing of Events ... Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
age will be indicated for an event based on other parameters for the
There are three other methods, which are highly specific where
age in which a certain event is predicted. This method produces
consistent results. This is not a general method and is not being
discussed here for the time being.
The Eighth Method
Through this method events are timed using the bhavas.
This is clearly a nadi method and works with great consistency.
See the position of 6th, 8th and 12th lords. Accordingly problems
or negative events in life are timed using these ages for each bhava in
a chart.
Note how the sequence in age is written in this method. For eg.
For lagna it the first year then at 13 the next negative event is about
to occur. This is a sequence of adding 1 Z years to the previous age
which is being shown here. This works consistently with real time
charts is what I can assure the reader.
Lagna is ....................... 1,13, 25, 37, 49,61, 73.
Second house ............. 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, 74.
Third house ................. .3, 15, 27, 39, 51,63, 75.
Fonrth house .............. .4, 16, 28, 40, 52, 64, 76.
Fifth house .................. .5, 17, 29,41, 53, 65, 77.
Sixth house .................. 6, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66, 78.
Seventh house ............ .7, 19, 31, 43, 55, 67, 79.
Eight house ................. 8, 20, 32, 44, 56, 68, 80.
Ninth house ................ .9, 21, 33,45, 57, 69, 81.
Tenth house...... . .10, 22, 34, 46, 58, 70, 82.
Eleventh house ............ 11,23, 35, 47, 59, 71, 83.
Twelve house .............. .12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84.
For example in my case, my eighth lord Sun is in the twelfth
house so I start my count beginning with 12 (for the placement of
the particular planet in that house and not 8 for the lordship).
Proceeding fnrther in my own case we see that negative events are
set for ages 12, 24, 36, 48 and so on in my life.
Again taking another lord in my own case we observe the third
and the twelfth lord Jupiter is in the tenth house, therefore, ages 10,
22, 34, 46 and so on will be problematic for me.
The events which have taken so far in my life are as follows:
Age 10 - ill-health and hospitalisation.
Age 22 - loss of job.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques The Timing of Events ...
Age 34 - loss of grandmother as well as fall in career.
Go pal
There are few its and buts to this method but when applied
correctly It will give events.
Note must be made that not all the years indicated in the table
will turn out to be negative. Some will be mildly negative and some,
extremely negative.
January 6, 1970
1---1 7:15:00am, 1-----l
Lag Chennai,lndia
In my opinion Harana should be applied if the planet is very
strong. That means reducing one year from the indicated age should
planets be in exaltation or in trikona. If planets are in any of the
following, viz., retrogression, neecha, etc., then Bharana should be
done, i.e., increase one year to the age indicated in the table.
Second application of this technique is for timing an event.
For example, my seventh lord is in the eleventh house. Therefore,
11 is the first age in this row and then keep adding 12 to it as follows -
11, 23, 35, 47, 59,71,83.
Apply this refined method of adding 5, 5, 2 between two ages
to see some more events.
We are now talking about my seventh lord in eleventh house
matter. Taking this forward we add the first 5 (in the 5, 5, 2) to the
first age which is age 11. It gives a sum total of age 16 which could
have been a marriageable age for a young boy in ancient times but
not so in modern times, so we proceed to the next 5 (in 5, 5, 2) to
this 16 which we already got. This gives us age 21 where marriage
dint happen. It didn't happen in 23 either.
So we go to the next age which is 23 and add 5 to it which is the
age at Which I got married (I was 28 when I married).
For example my fourth lord is in the second house.
The Timing of Events ... Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
The ages in the row are 2, 14, 26, 38, 50, 62, and 74
I notice that I have indeed made a change in residence and bought
a vehicle at the ages mentioned above using the 5, 5, 2 rule to fine
tune events.
The point to be noted here is that there will be some kind of
changes in housing, vehicles, etc. It can be buying, selling, renting or
renovating a house. Change can be big or medium which will again
be based on the condition ofthe planet in a house.
Age 14 we bought a new house.
Age 26 I bought a new vehicle.
Age 26 plus 5 = 31 shifted to a rented house In another locality.
31 pius 5 = 36 gave me a change in professional area of work.
This fine-tuning is stressed once again for the benefit of readers.
These methods vary from one nadi system to another. It is not a
general method or standard method followed by all nadi readers using
different systems. Just to mention one such method, some of the
readers may be aware of how in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi a different
mathematical symbol shown as 3, 4, 4, 5 is used instead of what I am
trying to use here as 5, 5, 2. This belongs to another system of arriving
at nadi ages. These are the subtle differences I am trying to bring out
in this chapter. The readings can vary from reader to reader but they,
in principle, don't vary too much. They also see the transit ofJupiter
in arriving at the correct age despite having so many options like the
3, 4, 4, 5 or the 5, 5, 2 I am giving here. Each nadi system has its own
mathematical symbol which they use in a snapshot way to arrive at
the ages for events.
Ninth Method
This is not a nadi method or style but has the flavour of nadi
which I would dare call as the ICAS method.
See which rasi the planet is in. This is used for functional benefics
and malefics. Can also be used sparingly for general benefics and
For clarity I am giving the readers an example.
My tenth lord is in Dhanus, therefore, I am taking these ages of
1 7, 29, 41 , 53 as important ages for my career.
17, I was probably laying the foundation for my future career by
roaming around here and there in search of a teacher who will take
me up for astrology! Jokes apart, at 29 I got a very good break in sifY
astrology at sify.com.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques The liming of Events ...
There have been many changes between age 29 till date. Age
41 is roughly 3 years away from my present age. Now I want to
know what age there is going to be another change by using this
math symbol or sequence of 5, 5, 2 here.
Let me start with age 29 as a basis for progressions in career.
29 + 5 - 33. I tasted success after my prediction of the Iraq war
made big news at sifY astrology web site. I was requested to write
articles and was much respected for my mundane astrology
predictions. I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some heavy
weights in astrology on the sifY astrology site.
Now we wlllprogress to the next sequence after age 33. Add 5
to 33 which Is 38 my present age. With the grace oftheDivine Mother
and all the people who are lending me a helping hand in bringing this
first book of mine out Into the open, perhaps this is the event waiting
for me to happen at this age of 38.
38 plus 2 Is 4 I. We have to wait for two more years to see
changes in career for me at age 41.
9 21
33 34 57
10 22 34 46 58
11 23 35 47 59
12 24 36 48 60
13 25 37
49 61
14 26 38 50
Thula 15 27 39 51 63
Vrlchika 16 28 40 52 64
Dhanus 17 29 41 53 65
Makaram 18 30 42 54 66
19 31 43 55 67
Meenam 20 32 44
56 68
I would prefer using only the eight and the ninth methods from
the list of tables I have given in the earlier pages.
As I indicated earlier the other methods need some more
refinement before these ages or events can be replicated which will
take some more time and effort.
I have used my horoscope to show the events and interested
readers are encouraged to use these methods and write in their
feedback on this.
Chapter 19
Amshas and Na,d.i
First of all nadi amsha is a kind of index in a native's page of life.
An amsha generally gives a broad sketch of how a person's life is
going to be. It does not give minor details. What is given in the index
need not match for the person. There can be wild variations.
These indexing can be writtenfOr all the lagna. For example,
natives of Meena lagna and Dhanus lagna will have a well-educated
wife. Mesha and Vrischika lagna natives will get a good-looking spouse.
Generally ladies with Tula lagna will be of a dominating type.
This way there is a general indexing done for all lagnas. I have
attempted to cover all the Lagnas in this chapter.
This is the first level of indexing using the lagna as a base.
The next level is a combination of the lagna and Navamsha, then
there are different levels like checking the amshas in other harmonic
or divisional charts.
For example some nadi readers sing about the native's particular
planetary position in lagna, Navamsha, drekkana, Trlmshamsha, etc.,
and pronounce that an event will happen at such and such age for
the native.
These are very exhaustive topics and best dealt in a later book
devoted just to this aspect of nadi. To sustain the interest of the
readers, an indexing of all the lagnas are given below.
Mesha lagna natives will generally have difficulties with education.
Though they will be good at writing. They tend to have problems
with their younger siblings. Some minor disturbance with mother will
be there though they tend to get along with them somehow. Their
father will be virtuous type as Jupiter is their ninth lord. Father will be
successful and they will also get along well with their fathers.
These natives will have delayed childbirths or have a child at a
late age in life. They will have a beautiful spouse but will not be able
to get along with him/her. These natives are generally soft-spoken.
They will travel a lot. Between ages 18 and 27 they will face some
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Amshas and Nadi
difficulties. Saturn being their tenth lord their career will tend to pick
up quite late in life preferring to get into something conservative or
traditional where career choice is concerned. Generally these natives
will have a painful death. This is due to Mars being their eighth lord.
They will be soft spoken people and soft in nature too. They will
stay put In one place provided Sun is strong in the chart. Otherwise
these natives will keep shifting places.
When Saturn is strong they become successful in career or
businesS. These natives, like Mesha natives, achieve success in life
slowly and in a step by step manner. They are good with money and
care for their family. They have some problems in having children
early after their marriage or encounter minor problems if they have
children. Their spouse will be of an aggressive type and will dominate
this native in general. These natives like music and have delicate taste
in the good things of life. Indians living in India and belonging to this
lagna will be successful.
They like the ancient scriptures like the Vedas. They are born
teachers. They travel a lot and most will tend to be away from their
place ofbirth. Those whose Venus is afflicted will have children late in
life. They have a lot of knowledge and tend to collect facts and figures
for everything they deal in. Their fathers' tend to live long. These
natives find It difficult to have long-standing friends. They are soft in
speech if the Moon is unblemished. Their spouses will be soft and
religious minded. Should Mithuna lagna natives fall in love and marry,
it will invariably be a person from a higher caste than theirs.
These natives will have problems with their siblings, especially
younger ones. After the birth of children, the career of these natives
will be successful. They will have their own house and will travel a lot.
Temples, religious places and if a Hindu then Shiva temples will attract
them. They create a lot of wealth for themselves. They will marry a
very ordinary-looking spouse. There could be difficulties in their married
life should the natal Saturn be afflicted.
Amshas and Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
These natives can never keep away from public glare. They love
the attention they can get from the public. They love media related
matters. They are sharp in speech ifthe occasion demands the same.
They have long-standing friends. These natives will make very good
money provided their Mercury is well placed. They will own a house.
They end up having an aggressive and dominating mother. Should
Jupiter be afflicted then there could be delays In haying children for
these natives. They tend to be away from their spouses In general
and could have difficulties in their marital life for one reason or the
other. Even if they are away from home, they will be very caring about
their parents' welfare.
They are soft by nature. They generally have a soft tone and
voice. They will have a brother. They are generally closer to their mother
than their spouse. Spouse will be dominating in nature. Many natives
of this lagna get married into big families. They try and avoid love
marriages, if Jupiter is not afflicted in their charts. Parents are long
lived and it is the mother who passes away first. These natives get
attracted to an intellectual profession and prefer work in an
organization for a long duration of time. They have a liking for
astrology. They also love writing, arts and the occult sciences. They
are prone to earn money and save. (if they don't spend what will
they eat!!). They tend to lose money to people close to them. They
generally avoid doing unethical things in their life.
These natives will have a dominating spouse. If their spouse loves
food prepared by this native then the couple will get along well. In
their early life, they would love fine arts. They have a classy taste.
Some of the best looking women come from this lagna. Aishwarya
Rai is one. They have a harsh speech. Will become famous and remain
in public life. Will have many siblings with whom they cannot get
along well so consistently in spite of their loving them. These natives
will be loyal to their teachers, father and tradition. They are good at
communicating. Will make money through the government and those
who belong to the elite society. Though they tend to think they are
smart with money but on the contrary they are not so clever in real
life. They have many hobbies. They love good food. They will know
their time of death.
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques Amshas and Nad i
These natives have a beautiful or handsome spouse unless Venus
is afflicted in the chart. They have many friends from the opposite sex
and love to flirt. This is true of males as they tend to have many
girlfriends. They tend to be timid where fighting is concerned but
once they get into a fight they go for an all-out war. Mother wlll be
long-lived and usually wlll prefer to stay with these natives. Usually
their first born is a male. They will live long and will visit holy places.
Preference wlll be to visit Tirupathi or any of the Balaji temple. Very
helpful towards siblings but siblings will generally not reciprocate
equally. Expenses on account of spouse, loss in business in early part
oflife will be the general trend in their lives. Many natives hold some
government post or the other. They live long life and have a peaceful
These natives will be loyal to their parents. They imagine
themselves to be some kind of guru and love to preach, teach and
follow the traditions. Will always have some minor altercations with
their spouse. They love to dominate their children. Their first born will
have problems. They will make for successful businessmen. Love
marriages more possible than the arranged ones for these natives.
They live in big houses. Will have a long-lived mother. Will be helpful
by nature. Will love good food. If a Hindu, pray to lord Hanuman and
lord Ganesha. They are socially popular and successful in extracurricular
activity. They generally talk fast. Wlll speak and think fast. They over-
reach while committing work and often land themselves in trouble.
They will be loyal to their superiors at work. They hate to be dominated.
Love fair play. Tend to get hurt by their children in their old age.
Birth of child will bring upllftment in career. Children will bring
good luck and follow their path. They will marry for love. Mother will
help them financially. Will have landed properties but will have
problems with their father. They will usually be the cause of death of
their father. Do follow rules and regulations. Will rebel against authority.
Will be popular in school. Will be famous and popular. Attracted to
movies and fine arts. They have problematic siblings. Many of them
get a life after their marriage.
Amshas and Nadi Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
These natives are rigid in their views. They will be stubborn in
nature and will not compromise very easily in their lives. Early life will
be full of struggle especially teenage being difficult. They make for
excellent teachers and lawyers of few words with not much eloquence.
They love arguments. They have a beautiful mother. Their father is
usually long-lived. They will not get along well with their spouse. Their
children will have problems. They might lose their children in the middle
part of their lives. They earn well. Between ages 36 and 45 they will
have a very successful career. Will give less of anything and will tactfully
get their work done. Success will visit them in their later part of life.
The natives of this lagna will have difficult marriages and are
prone to having extra-marital affairs. They can be quite egoistic and
also revengeful. Love wearing the saffron often and think of becoming
a sanyasi or an ascetic. They will be good-looking. They will have a
hurtful way of speaking. They will not be able to get along with their
family members. They will be helpful to their siblings who in turn look
the other way round in case the native indulges in immoral activities.
They land in professions such as astrology, teachers, lawyers, social
service, etc. tend to give unasked-for advice to everyone. Good at
finding fault with women and love to have sex with preference for
multiple partners. They will make money easily and lose also equally
easily. Their first born is mostly a female child. Seldom stay in one
place for long. Will hurt their legs most times. Will travel abroad during
their lifetime. Success in early part of life. Loves to do some kind of
social service.
Chapter 20
The Editor's Note
Mrs. Rama Gopalakrishnan
Out of interest from age 17, I used to read a lot ofbooks on the
western zodiac system. This system laid a lot of emphasis on character
analysis but no predictions could be made through them. Then my
interest turned to Chlero's books on numerology. My sister, Usha
Narayanan, my guide, philosopher, a humble human being with deep
spiritual inclinations, presented me with a set of tarot cards in 1991
knowing my affinity towards the occult.
In December, 2001 1 attended a one-day workshop on tarot cards
conducted by K.B. Gopalakrishnan. He gave a wonderfully new direction
on how to see the cards. Later he asked me to join a course rn astrology
in which 1 had zero knowledge.
1 am indebted to him for introducing me to Hindu Astrology in
April 2002.
He was a task master and taught me the basics so well in one
month. I put my heart and soul into it. He would encourage me to
predict boldly even ifl were to go wrong. 1 would come up with right
predictions in the class itself with his set of charts which amazed me
and motivated me to learn more of those techniques for finer analysis.
Each and every chart is a learning experience for me. I have never
shied away from learning ever-new techniques if it only help me do a
better prediction.
Many people start practising astrology after learning it, but equally
many leave it due to frustration in not getting even a single right
prediction most times. The subject being vast, there are many principles
of Vedic astrology, all of which cannot be covered in time-bound classes
or sessions. Moreover it requires a passion to study astrology without
giving up midway for whatever reasons. Shri Gopalakrishnan not only
taught the subject with the entire focus on predicting from the chart in
the shortest possible period after learning but often shared insights
about many areas in it.
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
When he requested me to edit a manuscript In nadi techniques I
was so fascinated by what I read and began applying those techniques
and got my predictions right using them. I was motivated to read
more and more about this subject from various sources like books,
magazines and the net. I benefitted most by reading Shrl K.N. Raoji's
books on various topics over a period of time. The interest was kept up
and the learning was at my pace after my daily routines were over. I
would often feel that he was sitting next to m e ~ n d teaching me. I
think only a few can write like him. The world of astrology has indeed
benefitted a lot due to his writing such gems of books. But for him
astrology would not be where It is today with people from all over the
world taking interest and learning this subject with renewed interest
as his explanations are so clear and crisp with so many illustrations to
make a beginner understand the nuances of even complex techniques.
After the basics I took an advanced class which dealt with the
Vimshottari Dasha and transits in some depth. Each class would be so
absorbing and interesting that I started living in an astral world! It was
during this time we were given a xerox copy of the mruthyu bhaga
table written in the Journal of Astrology by Shri K.N.Rao. I was so
impressed with the play of planets in certain sensitive degrees in a
rashi that I would first hunt for planets in those degrees and got very
good leads. Gopal, my teacher, would encourage me to think in different
ways for applying these sensitive degrees in the tables. He was very
innovative with new ideas and usages.
Then began my search for Shri KN. Raoji's books on astrology.
After a lot of struggle I could buy my first book by him "Astrology,
Destiny and the Wheel ofTime" in a book exhibition in December,
2002, after reading which my own wheel of destiny started moving!
I have bought all the books written by our revered Shri KN. Raoji
which is worth more than its weight in gold for a beginner like me. I
would recommend beginners to read as many books with good
techniques and start practicing. Success depends much on continuous
practice, with a need to be open minded about learning more without
any prejudice about this author or that teacher, provided one learns
something from either.
The nadi techniques elaborated in this book of Gopal were first
edited by me, way back towards end of 2005. I have been using these
techniques with a lot of success these past couple of years. When I got
a positive result and feedback from people who consulted I was
motivated into learning more techniques (nadi and others) through
books. I hasten to add that one should not stop with one technique
The Editor's Note
which will not work all the time. I read a lot ofbooks and a few of my
favourite titles are 'Predicting Through Jaimini's Chara Dasha',
Planets and Children', 'Ups and Downs in Career', Timing Through
Vimshottari Dasha', 'Learn Vedic Astrology Without Tears'(most
valuable book), 'Astrological Journey Through History, Mystery
and Horoscopes' all of these and much more by Shri KN Rao. 'Vedic
Astrology Demystified' by Shri Chandrashekhar Sharma which I have
just finished proof-reading for the second edition and of course editing
this wonderful book on techniques ofnadi by Gopal, my teacher.
In all humility I thank Shri K.N. Raoji for graciously accepting to
publish this wonderful book on nadi techniques which work! Shri KB.
Gopalakrishnan has authored this book which Is comprehensive and
explains in depth about the various aspects of nadi techniques, its
applications, presenting handy tables for easy reference and providing
most of the nadi-age tables together in one place. I have used these
techniques with great success and am very happy to haVe edited this
book. Should there be some lapses In any of these chapters the mistake
is all mine.
Mahalakshrni @ Rama Gopalakrishnan
6th June, 2008 Chennai.
by Mrs Ramagopalakrishnan lyer
I am giving below four illustrations from my own collection where
I used these nadi techniques in some crucial areas. There was an
exchange of mails between me and the three persons (illustrations 1
to 3) so I don't have to recall what it was all about as its all on record.
The latest Is of a lady who came to me just today with whose horoscope
I had success using these nadi techniques. I am including it in the last
minute before I rush this chapter to Delhi. I will not reveal the names of
the persons who consulted me as I respect others' privacy as much as
I do mlne. I have always preferred to use the Jagannatha Hora software
written so well by Shri P.V.R.Naraslmha Rao to whom I wish to express
fuy appreciation and sincere thanks.
Illustration I
This is the chart of a male whose horoscope I analysed just a few
months back in March, 2008. There was some confusion about his
lagna being either Mesha or Rishabha due to two time(s) of birth given
to me (either 12.40 am or 1.40 am of 28th July, 1963).
To arrive at the right lagna I had to take the help of these nadi
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Jup Lag Rah
Illustration 1
July 28, 1963
76E58'00", 11N
Ket Moon Mars
techniques as you can see in the question and answer session we had
through e-mails in March-Aprii,ZOOB.
(Thee-mails as written, hence not edited).
Please reconfmn your birth details which when cast gives me a
slightly different horoscope for you.
(27th night) but actually 28th July, 1963 early morning at 12.40,
These coordinates give me Chitrai 3rd padC;filright but the lagna
does not match with what you say is Rishabham. I get Mesha lagnam
have I got the particulars right or is there something I am missing?
pls answer these Qs for me for the time being until you get me
the right time of birth from your mother or elsewhere.
(note i marked (T) for Taurus lagna and (M) for Mesha lagna)
(T)A.you are 2 brothers and one sister with you being the eldest
(T)B .did you have major differences with your co-barns during the
years mid 2002-2003?
(T)C.was it a love marriage for you?
(T)D .were your kids born after some kind of surgical intervention
like ceasarian or forceps?
(T)Ebetween Jan 2004 and March 2005 you incurred a lot of
unexpected expenses with regard to your wife and/or kids. (Tr.Rahu in
Mesha during this time period).
(T)F.you lost much monies to cheats or on bad investments between
Apr 2005 to Nov.2006 (again Tr.Rahu, this time over the 11L inMeena).
The Editor's Note
( M)G .you are the youngest among male sons for your parents.
(M)H.mother has two brothers and one sister. She is close to her
sister than her brothers.
( M)I.you underwent a lot of mental worries or head related things
or ailments between
Jan 2004 and March, 2005.
please quote the points just as i have written them.

Thanks for your mail and courtesy. Wishing you again a peaceful
living and after.
Here are my answers to your queries ...
I got confirmation from my mother that I was born around 01.40
am and not 01.40 am (as told earlier to you), early morning, of 28th
July 1963. (chitrai Nakshatram/thula rasi/rishaba lagnam).
(T)AJ have one younger brother. No one else. But mother did
lost a girl child.
(T)BNo major differences between us. (brother) between 2002-
(T)C.arranged marriage. (love failed before marriage)
(T)D.both my children are ceasarian. one is 1995 and other in
(T)EBetween 2004-05 - yes lots of expenses on medicine for wife,
till date. (TrRahu in 12H and connection between 7L, 12L in the 5H).
(T)F.Y es, Lots of money cheated, bad investments between 2006-
07. (TrRahuon 11Lin llH).
(M)Gl am the eldest among the family.
(M)HMother has 3 brothers and many sisters.
(M}I.Yes lots of mental worries and agony during 2003 to 2006.
Await your understanding and best suggestions from the best of
your knowledge and expertise.
with best regards and love.
SK. in Chennai.
Then I made the following predictions for him
based mostly on the transits of the four major
planets using the rules of nadi techniques given
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
PREDICTIONS GIVEN using transits
1. He wanted my blessings for a job change as he was not happy
in his present job I told him to keep applying and that he will
succeed only after April, 2008. He got a job in mid-May, 2008
as predicted with better position, good pay and perks.
2. I told him that he was likely to change his residence most prob-
ably by May, 2008. He had to leave behind his family in Chennai.
His job is in Bangalore. But he keeps shuttling during weekends
to visit his family here.
3. About the money which he lost to a cheat, who was actually a
dear friend of his in the past, I told him he will get it back if he
follows my instructions strictly. This advice I gave from my ex-
perience and observation. The period also favoured it from the
past one and half years but this person did not get direction on
how to tackle his problem effectively. {notice how Tr.Rahu was
not spoiling the house of gains anymore during this pe-
4. Two months back he rang to say he got all his money which he
had lent to his friend and thanked me for my advice on how to
get it. I am not going into details of the practical advice I gave
for getting back his money here, because it is beyond the scope
of astrology.
5. Towards mid-May he rang again to say he was being offered a
very good job with a good pay and perks but has to shift to
Bangalore. So both the job change and house change worked
out this way for this man. He does not do a thing without letting
me know about his next move. All I pray to God is to guide me
to guide others onto a good, positive path of success and gen-
eral happiness.
All this was told without even glancing at the Vimshottari Dasha
in this case. I was lucky that the period was such that the two nodes
which were to move into the next rashi helped me much in saying
what 1 foretold for him when he approached me just a couple ofmonths
Notes: I knew he would be trying for a job change as transit
Saturn's direct aspect on his I OH would make him restless in the present
job. but he would not succeed due to Ketu keeping transit Saturn
company unti127-28th April, 2008. As soon as Ketu leaves for Karkataka
he would get an opportunity to move out of his present residence.
Also notice transit Rahu will also move out of his I OH of profession in
the same time-bdnd. The nodes made it possible for a relief where job
Practical Application of Nadi Techniques The Editor's Mote
was concerned. The house change was imminent too but it is for a
higher pay so the person Is happy with the change. Saturn always
seeks to make some change in the significance to the house he is
transiting In. (His 4Hof.Simha). Ketu, which is capable of giving events
quite suddenly also may be responsible If you look at the number of
planets he is going to transit from end of April, 2008 lor the next one
and half years. Natal Sun, his 4L, Mercury, his 2L and SL and Venus his
LL as well as 6L Is this not a classic case of all the changes he has
undergone in this past one month? Change in residence, his increased
pay, being away from his children, his getting a better position as a
Manager and the job change.
There were many other things which were discussed regarding
his superiors and trouble from them for him in his new job, his own
authority being questioned and a possibility Of his leaving this job also
after 1.5 years which are all yet to take place and hence all I and he can
now do is to wait and watch how things go for him.
Illustration 2
Notice how Mars, Rahu and Ketu are on zero degrees which I
made use of in a different way for this chart besides using these
wonderful nadi techniques by Gopal.
This is the horoscope of a male who married one of the girls in
our relatives circle. He had dropped by at our place (19th jan, 2006)
just a few days after their marriage. I saw his horoscope and told him
there was a job change and wondered as he was already well employed
as permanent staff in a nationalised bank in Kerala; a child waiting to
Lagna Sun Moon
0622' 0549' 1 7053'
Mars Sun Jup
Ven(R} Moon
Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu
0011' 21 00' 09"43' 1555' 1629' 0036'
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
be born very soon in his case. The marriage was just a few days old
then! Also did he have plans of either buying or renovating his present
old house? He was surprised about all the points being right just a few
minutes after I cast his horoscope in front of him at our place. I was not
privy to his horoscope before the girl's marriage and did not know any
details about him. All I could then see was his 4L and 5L in his lOH
of profession, in Karkataka being transited by Saturn, very much
upon his natal Saturn signifying major in his life now.
When I hinted at the cause for his job change he not only agreed
but was surprised I could sense it correctly. But he said he was not
succeeding in getting a job. As I did not want to scare the newly
married bride about the job change for her husband due to ladies trouble
at office, I told the boy to write to me in confidence after he reached
The following mails were an exchange between us in Feb and
March, 2006 in which he wrote about himself and the things i had
foretold for him as you can see.
Dear Rama Maami,
Happy to see your immediate feedback. Read your mail carefully.
All your observations are absolutely true.
I have started my career in IBS technopark and worked for around
1 year and forced to resign because of internal politics due to a lady as
you rightly said. Here in this bank also I am facing the same problems
due to my assistant manager who is also a lady. I am seriously thinking
of shifting to anew job. I have written a test in tvm (Trivandrum) and
expecting a positive result in another bank.
I lost my father in 02-01-2000 and that was a shock to me. I also
lost my cousin due to cancer 5 years back after my fathers death.
These two incidents occurred during 2000-01. i have not replied to all
your observations. Some more details later. Thanking you for taking
so much care and time in sending your observations. Hoping that all
are safe in Chennai.
rama> wrote: March 11th 2006.
dear A.S.
Rama as I recall telling you that you will have the opportunity to
either build a new home or renovate an old house this year itself
which will be before November 2006, If you do not get an opportunity
to do that then it looks quite possible towards 2008-09.
(He is planning to renovate his house now- June, 2008 which he
could not take up due to the birth of his son during this time).
The Editor's Note
<rama> I think you are in for some kind of promotion job wise or
some new dept change where you will get recognition as seen from
25th June 2006 onwards till about July, 2007.
(He got into a new and better job in an urban bank as an officer
in July, 2007)
<rama> you will undergo a positive personality change also.
(He's become more cheerful now as he is the only staff in his
Branch Office).
<rama> m this period you will get not only good job prospects but
also whatever inner pain you were undergoing in the past few years
also will slowly start going away which is good news.
<rama> there is also indication that you will have a child born
which i mentioned when you were here.
(child was born after 11 months of his marriage in mid-Jan, 2006).
<rama> if you have had a desire to undertake some higher
education then you will fmd a way to pursue it now but with some
,, more efforts only.
(he did not pursue any course)
> <rama> you will also start acquiring material things related to
home appliances for a comfortable living.
(he did buy some gadgets for his house).
After November 2006 until about May 2008 you must take care
about a decrease in incomes (which could also mean your pay will be
cut for loans taken or some such thing) or expenses being more than
incomes also is indicated.
(no confirmation on this yet)
Yru must avoid verbal fights with close ones around August to
December 2006. There will be many occasions when chances of fights
at office and home will surface but restrain yourself as much as possible.
It is good for you. Right now also at office everything is not alright
since September 2004 onwards. Right? There has been a lot of office
politics and gossip about some thing or the other. And you seem to
have been affected very badly in many ways. Ladies in the office may
also be connected with this gossip.
Take care
Illustration 3
Notice Mars and Venus in zero odd degrees spoiling good
yogas of setting up a home, having good married life, getting
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
his mother's support and blessings. He did not get married. He is
not able to get along with his mother which he agreed was his greatest
problem in life. Other than nadi techniques were used to foretell certain
events but I will mention how using these nadi techniques helped me
in telling him about some events one year before itself. He came back
the next year also for his annual predictions. I wish to say I forecast for
only one year or maximum one and half years.
Here's what 1 wrote for him in my records and his responses for
the same.
Mars Sat(R)
Illustration 3
1---1 80E17,13N05, 1----1
Nakshatra: Moola
(Ke) (62.76% left)
Lagna Sun Moon
0448' 0158' 0503'
Lag Mer(R)
Sun Jup
Mercury Jupiter Venus
2028' 2545' 0006'
Reading done for the first time on 1Oth Oct., 2006
1. You were a sick child until age 8 or 9 years.
2. You may have had to take a break before you did your post
graduation studies. or you may not have been able to do your
PG even though you were desirous of doing it.
(yes, could not pursue pg degree though I wanted to).
3. There is indication of job breaks for you. you mentioned you
were in business. even in business you may be forced to change
many projects or ideas.
{yes. he's in the share market and also exports some items from
Chennai, is in the money-lending business also).
4. However the year from 1997 onwards you had grand ideas
which you struggled to put through but it must have been in
1999 these ideas must have shaped up well giving you some
recognition and the courage to carry on ahead with it. if you
The Editor's Note
were In a job then this must have been the time you must have
moved out to do something on your own. it required a lot of
courageous decisions on your part to take some very bold and
far reaching steps. your life underwent a lot of major changes
around this time.
(yes, branched out on my own a little later than suggested by
5. From year 2000, you may have had partnerships with people
and there Is also indication that you settled down to married life
around this time.
{no marriage yet, but was In love and Jnterestedin a girl around
that year). '"
6. But once mid-2004 started your problems began slowly. You
have had to face some of the worst humiliating situations in life.
Your rivals might have troubled you in many ways. You felt pained
at times. Your business may also have run into some problems
with less Incomes or losses even. You may have faced loss of
status and position.
(yes to all of this! remember its the Tr.Saturn in
his 8H of Karkataka).
7. But If your business is connected to research then you may have
got some good and positive breakthrough by stumbling upon
some useful secrets!
(no. only money lending business hence huge losses).
8. Some of elders in the family also would have faced health prob-
lems. Also there is indication of a sudden illness or even a sur-
gery for you last year, maybe throat got affected.
(yes. throat operation is right. Ketu is in Pushyami is the
hint I can give you readers).
9. But there have been positive earnings which were of sudden
nature, quite unexpected during this period. Those which your
rivals were about to get but you got. Their loss becoming your
gain. You may have inherited a piece of an ancestral property
during this time or a gift left out by an elder to you.
(yes to inheritance from grandpa but no to rivals losing out to me in
10. From the beginning of this year you may have visited holy places.
Met some gurus or been to some ashrams. got close to reli-
gious people and visited astrologers also to understand the
meaning of life. you may have understood some spiritual mat-
ters more clearly with the help of spiritual people.
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
(yes. have been to many astrologers. have also come to you now).
11. The future as I see the next year will be a mixed one. But the
time has come when problems will get solved in a slow manner
only and not overnight.
12. Be patient and do your karma or action without hesitating or
thinking too much about quick results or returns.
13. You must control your expenses in the coming times for at least
one year from now as money will not stay with you and will go
in different ways. Be cautious about business deals as there could
be hidden and sudden expenses involved in It.
You may have to dip into your savings but you will be able to
somehow manage the situation with some borrowings. Avoid
speculation or if you have to do it then be cautious and patient
with stocks and shares. Cost cutting necessary. Be diplomatic
with people around you. This is a time when sleep could also
get disturbed for one worry or the other. Take one project at a
time. Go slow. Meditation will certainly help.
Take care of your health.
14. However there are indications that you might get foreign con-
tacts which will prove very useful to you. You have just a wee bit
of a chance to earn big bucks from foreign countries if you pur-
sue deals or projects. Again be careful of related expenses both
planned and unplanned. I see this change for the better for you
In many ways.
15. Use the coming period in a very positive manner. These are the
beginning of good times and end of serious problems of the
past. God will show you a fresh path and will give you leads to
start afresh. You will also be able to repay your debts in a slow
and steady manner to borrowers. From December, 2006 to
March, 2007 is a fluid period. Later work will flow smoothly for
you. You will control losses and God-willing there will be sud-
den improvement in business and you will start seeing gains. As
a result your belief in God will lead you to go to temples and
fulfil vows you might have taken in the past 2 years for whatever
This is a time when you will feel a change in the way you think
about your higher-ups, elderly people especially gurus and fa-
ther-figures. This could be a negative type of feelings, there could
be misunderstandings with them. Do not provoke them and
earn their curses is the caution for you. Keep your ego a little
suppressed for some more time.
The Editor's Note
16. You might get new contacts around next year and prosper un-
der new authority.
17. Please be careful with your cell phone as there is a chance of it
getting lost somewhere or stolen.
18. Your computer will give problems. It would be a good idea to
take a back of all computer data onto cds as you might lose all
the data to computer virus during this sensitive period I have
mentioned above.
19. Speak only as much as required and remain low key for your
own good.
if possible patch up with your brother now.
(you can see the reference to Tr.Rahu-Ketu in his 3/9
All the points in italics occurred just the way It was written
beforehand itself. He lost his cell phone not once but twice. He lost all
his computer data to a virus and had to replace his hard disk start from
scratch. He rang up and also came the next year for another round of
predictions too.
Illustration 4.
reading done on 6th June, 2008.
Wherever 1 have used Gopal's nadi techniques i am marking the
same after their answer to my question (within brackets) which is listed
t. You like to entertain guests.
2. You get angry very quickly.
yes, but only sometimes!
3. You are proud of your wealth and family.
No. I don't have much wealth to feel happy about.
4. You feel you have a lot of health problems.
Yes. I feel I cannot manage anymore with my problems.
5. Within 1 1/2 years of marriage you lost a dose relative from
your in-laws side, most probably your mother-in-law's side of
family, or your own mother's family.
Yes. my husband's maternal uncle died soon after our marriage.
6.Child pregnancy and later delivery was difficult for you with either
ceasarian or forceps for at least two children.
yes. both ceasarian births and difficult.
7. One pregnancy must have failed due to some health reasons
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
Illustration 4
5:00:44; 77 E 19'
00", 9 N 44' 00" 1----1
tor you.
yes. abortion.
8. You had longed for a son very much.
yes. but no son for us.
kambam, thenl,
9. Your spouse will not listen to what you say.
yes. he is the person who decides everything in the family.
10. You will depend more on god fo; your peace of mind.
Was wavering when asked this question. says lost faith in god
the past few years.
1 I. To get your own house you would have struggled. may have
bought} an old house and remodelled it to your taste also.
struggle yes. almost finalised an old house purchase but did not
go in for it in the last moment but regret the same now as
prices have gone up steeply.
12. Not so happy with your own parents.
13. You will learn new things.very quickly.
14. Speak sweetly but you are strict also at the same time.
I 5. More mental worries and tensions towards mid 2002 onwards.
yes. (Saturn transit in her 12Hcontaining 3 planets; Moon,
Jupiter and Ketu).
16. Started having problems with co-borns towards end of 1997-
yes. (this is purely looking at the change to Mercury Maha dasha
which is both the 3L as well as the 12L).
I 7. Even thought of or went to the extent of sending legal notice or
The Editor's Note
filing case against them.
Yes. very true. but dint send a notice at the last moment.
18. Did you have any surgery or health problem during this period?
mid 2002 to mid 2004.
Yes. mental worries but no surgery. (tr.Saturn upon LL Moon
karaka of mind, Jupiter the 6L of ailments and Ketu
a malefic)
19. You became spiritual in the year 2002. visited more temples
than before for peace of mind.
Yes. but left going to temples as I lost faith in god now. (tr Jupiter
upon natal Ketu).
20. Towards 2004 you may have changed your residence. this resi-
dence may be near some water source or lake, pond and quite
airy also.
yes. house is near a big municipal water tank. (as tr Saturn en-
tered karkataka her lagna she had changed her residence
to yet another house).
21. You should keep away from the lives of your husband and chil-
dren and allow them also to make decisions on their own. the
children especially will rebel you if you don't allow them some
freedom. are you also very worried about your husband's over-
all health?
yes. certainly. children do complain that I am too strict.
22. From 2004 onwards your personality and attitude has changed
very much for the better.
yes. but no!
23. Only towards May, 2007 you got some relief from some wor-
24 2007 onwards you have had to change your diet and eating
Yes. now have changed my diet from the past, (tr Saturn in second
house with Ketu keeping company)
25. Too much fond of sweets? love food.
Yes. i just love sweets. love food. true.
26. There has been some relief about a money matter from mid
2007 onwards for you.
no. not much.
27. This is a time when you will have a lot of interactions with your
co-borns. will plan about money related things, will undertake
The Editor's Note Practical Application of Nadi Techniques
short distance travels, will find that your co-borns are enjoying
well in their lives with their families, there will be auspicious
functions In the house of your co-borns now.
Yes. after a long time i am on talking terms with my brother and
sisters. yes there are many auspicious functions in my broth-
er's and sisters' houses. all their children are married and
some are in the family way now. (tr Saturn upon 3L)
28. Did you lose your cell phone sometime recently? or did you
buy a new cell phone for yourself?
Did not lose cell phone. bought a cell phone for my own use. (again tr
Saturn upon 3L of communications but Ketu did not seem to
trouble her so no loss of any communication equipment).
29. You will hear good news from your children. there will be happy
and auspicious functions in relation to your children in this pe-
riod till May, 2009 .
I hope what you say will come true.
30. If you try to talk to your co-borns about your share in the prop-
erty or assets belonging to your father, there is a chance you will
get some amount before May, 2009 itself. in the long run It will
be come to you towards mid 201 1 only.
yes 1 have already started asking for my share now. (have used the sub
periods of dash a alongwith rules oftransits here).
3 t. You must recite the Mahalakshrni Ashtakam daily. if possible
three times daily. at least hear it on the cd or tape three times.
I will do as you say.
32. If you can go to some nearby temple where there is a navagraha
temple then light a lamp on Fridays to shukran between 10.30
and 11 am.
Yes I will do this also. (this is for buying a house and also coming
into money).
33. Hear the Aditya Hrudayam every Sunday and Wednesday
through tape if you cannot learn and recite It yourself. this will
give you some relief with your co-borns' attitude towards you.
1 will listen to the tape on these days.
34. Do you wear a diamond? did you buy a diamond sometime
back. how was the period after you bought it and wore it?
Yes bought a pair of earrings. but did not feel alright with it so we
returned it back to the shop soon after.
May the Goddess make you happy, peaceful and give you good health
and prosperity.
Mahalakshmi Gopalakrishnan,
The Editor's Note
Any more questions you want to ask me specifically?
She says please tell me about my daughter.
One lookat Mars in the 6H made me askJ ''Is she sick,
which is quite a mystery about why the ailment came at all?"
Yes. very true. 5 years back.
I ask whether there's been some relieffor the past 6 months?
She says yes tnere has been some relief all of a sudden these past
6 or 7 months. (tr Jupiter in Dhanus right now). But they dont know
how this girl got eczema, a kind of skin allergy in the first place 5 years
back. (remember the lady's worries got intense during this time. I almost
cursed myself for not analysing this one carefully as tr. Saturn is aspecting
her 5L and rahu from her 12H in 2002-03. But I did learn something
from this lapse!). She was engaged to be married and after this occured
the groom's party went back on its promise.
I just left it at that as they have not consulted me with the girl's
horoscope. I wondered whether the girl had a Mars-Mercury
combination in a fiery rashi to induce this disease. When the mother
asked me what she should do to overcome all this. I suggested that
she light a lamp every Tuesday during Rahu Kaalam for Ma Durga
between 3 pm and 4.30 pm. this will give them some mental relief by
going to a temple for the problem. I have also recommended them to
approach a very good homeopath who might be able to cure such a
disease. 1 felt very bad for their condition and assured them that I will
pray for her getting well soon. Many important points have been arrived
at just by using Copal's nadi techniques which are so easy and work
really well for me in analysing any chart as you can see with this latest
chart which 1 analysed just today for Mrs. M.R.
Mere Mer 9th apr.1999 to 9th sept,2001
Ket 9th sept 2001 to 6th sept,2002
Yen 6th sept 2002 to 5th aug, 2005
Sun 5th aug, 2005 to 1Oth May ,2006
Moon 10th May,2006to 13th0ct,2007
Mars 13th QC:t,2007 to 9th Oct, 2008
Rah 9th Oct,2Q08 to 25th Apr, 201 1
Jup 25th Apr, 2011 to 2nd Aug, 2013
Sat 2nd Aug,2013 to 9th apr, 2016.