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Chelsea AbboLL
!"##$% '()% )%* +$,"#
!"##$% '()% -
Cne compuLer wlLh lnLerneL and MlcrosofL word
Cne pro[ecLor wlLh screen and speakers
orLable carL
no oLher Lechnology
Class of 30 sLudenLs

uaLe 10/23/14
Crade Level: Crade 6-8

'./0 1- 2345/3 636675+
lnsLrucLlonal goal you are focuslng on: lS1L-1 sLandard 2 ueslgn and develop dlglLal age
learnlng experlences and assessmenLs (ueslgn or adapL relevanL learnlng experlences
LhaL lncorporaLe dlglLal Lools and resources Lo promoLe sLudenL learnlng and creaLlvlLy)
Common Core SLrand and SLandard:
use words, phrases, and clauses Lo clarlfy Lhe relaLlonshlps among clalm(s) and reasons.
LsLabllsh and malnLaln a formal sLyle.
rovlde a concludlng sLaLemenL or secLlon LhaL follows from Lhe argumenL presenLed.

8esources: (l.e., WhaL do you need)
l wlll need a compuLer, a pro[ecLor, speakers, a screen. SLudenLs wlll need a noLebook
and a pen or pencll Lo wrlLe wlLh.

Warm-up: 1o warm up Lhe class wlll waLch a porLlon of Lhe followlng vldeo of a
flrework show aL ulsney world : hLLps://www.youLube.com/waLch?v=CxLA?qgy0A 1he
vldeo wlll be played on Lhe screen aL Lhe fronL of Lhe classroom and sLudenLs wlll be
asked Lo wrlLe aL leasL 3 descrlpLlve senLences abouL whaL Lhey saw ln Lhe vldeo.

1he urpose of Lhe lesson: 1he purpose of Lhls lesson ls Lo work on wrlLlng descrlpLlve
senLences whlle also answerlng Lhe quesLlons ln Lhe wrlLlng prompL.

uescrlpLlon of your lesson:

AL Lhe beglnnlng of Lhe lesson, afLer Lhe warm up acLlvlLy we wlll revlew whaL a
descrlpLlve senLence ls by havlng a MlcrosofL word documenL on Lhe compuLer wlLh Lhe
deflnlLlon of a descrlpLlve senLence and a llsL of examples. (Lhls ls shown on page 3 of
Lhls lesson plan). AfLer we dlscuss as a class whaL makes Lhe example senLences LhaL are
llsLed on Lhe screen descrlpLlve l wlll choose 3 sLudenLs Lo Lype Lhelr descrlpLlve
senLences (from Lhe ulsney vldeo) onLo Lhe compuLer Lo be pro[ecLed onLo Lhe screen.
We Lhen wlll agaln, as a class, dlscuss whaL makes Lhese senLences descrlpLlve.
AfLer Lhls we wlll begln Lhe parL of Lhe lesson LhaL has Lo do wlLh a wrlLlng asslgnmenL. l
wlll pull up Lhe vldeo hLLp://www.Leachhub.com/vldeo-wrlLlng-prompLs-flreworks-
deslgn, whlch ls a shorL fllm abouL flrework deslgners, and how Lhe shows are puL
LogeLher. l wlll play Lhls vldeo once for Lhe sLudenLs Lo waLch and only llsLen Lo. l wlll
Lhen posL Lhe wrlLlng prompL on a MlcrosofL word documenL and pro[ecL lL onLo Lhe
screen. 1he wrlLlng prompL ls locaLed on page 4 of Lhls lesson plan and ls: 49;"<$;=#
>)?" )@)A"* B"$B(" C$; >D%*;"*# $C E");#F G>E *$ E$D ,>9%= B"$B(" $C )(( ):"# #,9((
"%H$E <),I>9%: C9;"<$;=#J G>), *$ E$D "%H$E @$#, )K$D, <),I>9%: C9;"<$;=#J G>9I>
C9;"<$;= #,E(" 9# E$D; C)?$;9,"J 1hen l wlll play Lhe vldeo agaln and Lhls Llme Lhe
sLudenLs wlll Lake noLes on whaL Lhey belleve ls lmporLanL ln Lhe vldeo. 1he sLudenLs
wlll Lhen be glven ample Llme Lo wrlLe Lhelr responses Lo Lhls vldeo.

Rationale for your lesson : My rationale for this lesson was to incorporate technology into a
lesson on descriptive writing and practice with writing prompts. This lesson could easily be
completed without the videos or the computer component but by having students interact with
multimedia writing prompts as well as engage in using computers during the warm up exercise it
is a lesson that meets ISTE-T standards and will help students become more acclimated with
technology and grow in their writing skills.


!"#$%&'(&)" +",(",$"#- . #",(",$" (/0( 1"#$%&2"#
#34"(/&,56 7/", 8" 8%&(" 1"#$%&'(&)"9: 8" 0%"
/3'&,5 (3 2" 029" (3 5&)" (/" 2"#( '3##&29"
1"#$%&'(&3, (3 3;% %"01"%6 </&# $0, 2" 13," 2:
&,$9;1&,5 1"(0&9# (/0( 0''"09 (3 (/" =&)" #",#"# 0,1
2: ;#&,5 #&4&9"# 0,1 0,0935&"#

The sunset filled the entire sky with the deep color of rubies, setting
the clouds ablaze.
The waves crashed and danced along the shore, moving up and down
in a graceful and gentle rhythm like they were dancing.
Our old car puffed as Main Street became clogged with a line of
clamoring motorists.
Racing down an empty hall, she skidded into the classroom,
breathless, just as the bell clanged above her.


Writing Prompt:

49;"<$;=# >)?" )@)A"* B"$B(" C$; >D%*;"*# $C E");#F G>E *$ E$D ,>9%= B"$B(" $C )((
):"# #,9(( "%H$E <),I>9%: C9;"<$;=#J G>), *$ E$D "%H$E @$#, )K$D, <),I>9%:
C9;"<$;=#J G>9I> C9;"<$;= #,E(" 9# E$D; C)?$;9,"J