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Zoo Signage Illustration

Adobe Illustrator
The local zoo is currently in the process
of renovating many aspects of the zoo
including signage for each of the animal
exhibits. As a bid to obtain the job of
designing these signs you !ill need to
submit a prototype for revie!.
"se technology to research and gather information
#mport images
$odify and use gradient colors
Dra! straight and curved lines using the pen tool
$odify %ezier lines
Arrange group and transform objects
&et type using good typography
&ave files in various formats
'roduce (uality digital images
Project Description
"sing Adobe #llustrator create the design of an exhibit sign. #t can be !ide or tall
but no more than )*+ either direction. #t is to contain a color illustration you dra!
of an animal that might be found at the zoo and text. To aid you use an animal
picture,s- to trace from. &ince this is a sign the illustration is to be a simplified
graphical representation of the animal. The primary goal of this project is to
demonstrate your use and manipulation of %.zier lines. The sign is to include the
animal/s common and scientific names ,in proper format- its size and !eight
habitat description and other appropriate information. 0btain this from the 1eb
,reference the "23s used on this project in the Student Written Critique Area-.
"se good typography that exemplifies legibility. Net!or4 the #llustrator file to the
teacher. Name the files yourlastname_project5.ai.
5rading 2ubric
Evaluation of each objective is on a to ! basis "hereas ! # e$ceeds standard% & # meets standard% ' # meets some
requirements% and # meets no requirements for objective.
Objective 1 2 3 Student Peer Teacher
Use technology to research and gather
Information from Web
used but URL not
One URL cited To URL cited
Import images Im!ort "P# Im!ort "P# and
reduce o!acit$
Modify and use gradient colors %efau&t 'radient used One custom 'radient
To custom 'radients
Draw straight and curved lines using the
pen tool
(e uses of strai'ht
and curved &ines
Some uses of strai'ht
and curved &ines
)an$ uses of strai'ht
and curved &ines
Modify Bezier lines Poor *e+ier &ine
#ood *e+ier &ine
-.ce&&ent *e+ier &ine
Arrange, group, and transform objects One sha!e modified To to Three sha!es
Three or more sha!es
et type using good typography )iss!e&&in' #ood t$!o'ra!h$/ but
incorrect format
T$!e has 'ood
&e'ibi&it$/ no
miss!e&&in'/ and
!ro!er format
ave files in various formats &aved as 6'5 Saved as 0I/ im!ro!er
Saved as 0I ith
!ro!er fi&e namin'
!roduce "uality product 'oor signage
#ood signage
-.ce&&ent signage
elf criti"ue wor# and !erformance
*asic criti,ue Severa& sentence
Thorou'h criti,ue
%imely production of wor# Late b$ to c&ass
Late b$ one c&ass da$ %ue date met
Teacher1s Professiona& 2riti,ue
&tudent 1ritten Criti(ue of 1or4
3ist at least t!o "32s referenced