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<div class="h_left"></div><div class="h_right"></div><h2 style="
text-align:center;">Download File: PASSWORD.rar</h2>
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<button class="download">Download File: PASSWORD.rar - 0.08 KB</button>
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<h3><a href="#">File Details</a></h3>
<table class="details">
<td>0.08 KB</td>
<td>Date Uploaded:</td>
<td>March 12, 2013</td>
<h3><a href="#">Report File</a></h3>
<p>Does this file not comply with CleanFiles Terms Of Se
rvice? Click the button below to report it.</p>
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"_blank">If You Cannot Download This
Click Here. Only Report It If It Violates The TOS.</a>
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The download should start automatically. Make sure
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<a href="dhelp.php?file_id=3X76jbQ" target="_blank">Clic
k Here If You Are Having Trouble
Downloading This File</a>
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<button class="download">Download File: PASSWORD.rar - 0
.08 KB</button>
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<p>Welcome to CleanFiles. If you are here to download a
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u are here to make money uploading files, please create
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<h3>Our Mission</h3>
<p>The Mission of CleanFiles is to be the number one Pay
Per Download Network worldwide. This will be
accomplished by keeping our users, advertisers,
and downloaders happy.</p>
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<p>You can contact us at any time, for any reason:</p>
<strong>Contact Form:</strong> <a href="contact.
php">Click Here</a><br>
<strong>E-mail:</strong> <a href="mailto:support
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<p class="lf" title="Copyright!">&copy; Copyright CleanFiles 201
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ically Start Upon Completion. <br/>If Your Download Does Not Start, Please Try A
nother Survey.<br/><a style="color: #99FFFF;" href="/more_offers.php?file=3X76jb
Q" target="_blank" tabindex="-1">Click Here</a> To Load More Offers. Thank You!<
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<h1 class="locker">Report File: PASSWORD.rar</h1>
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yright Laws</option>
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<option value="racism">This File Is Offensive (R
<option value="other">Other</option>
<label>Additional Information</label><br/>
<textarea name="message" id="message" class="text ui-wid
get-content ui-corner-all"
style="width: 80%; height: 200px;"></textarea>
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$(document).ready(function () {
var data ={"r":179,"req":"3X76jbQ","f":"35782","ref":null};
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