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Why Italy?
Italy has played an important role in European higher education: it is one of the four countries
that first engaged to create the so-called "European Area of Higher Education" (Sorbonne
Declaration, ay !""#$, thus starting that type of higher education reform %hich, &no%n as
"'ologna (rocess" ('ologna Declaration, )une !"""$ is being implemented all o*er Europe+
,oday Italy ran&s among the # most industriali-ed countries in the %orld+ Alongside some big
companies, both state-o%ned and pri*ate, it has de*eloped a sound net%or& of small and
medium-si-ed underta&ings, promoted a fe% scientific par&s, and is incenti*i-ing basic and
applied research in a great *ariety of fields (biology, I.,, medicine, physics, etc+$+
Academc Cale!da"#
,he academic year in Italy is made up of t%o semesters+ ,he first semester starts in
September/0ctober and ends in )anuary/1ebruary+ ,he second semester starts in 1ebruary and
ends in )uly+ ,he actual start and finish dates %ill *ary in the different uni*ersities but each
semester lasts around 23 %ee&s and is made up of a teaching period lasting around !4 %ee&s and
an e5am period lasting around 6 %ee&s+
Teach!$ a!d lea"!!$#
ost teaching still ta&es place in large lecture halls but this %ill depend *ery much on the single
course of study+ Students are also e5pected to carry out a considerable amount of self study
outside the classroom in order to prepare for e5ams+
E5ams are held after the teaching period and are mainly oral e5ams although some courses %ill
ha*e %ritten tests ta&ing place during the semester or before the oral e5am+ Each e5am %ill ha*e
a number of dates offered during the e5am period and students can choose %hich date they %ish
to ta&e the e5am+ ,hey are also entitled to turn do%n a mar& and ta&e the e5am again if they are
not satisfied %ith the result+ 7ules apply as to ho% often a student can ta&e an e5am %ithin an
e5amination period+
&"ad!$ %y%tem%#
E5aminations are graded according to a scale ranging from 3 to 83, %ith !# as a pass mar&+
A "cum laude" may be added to the highest grade (839 83 e lode$ as a mention of special
All e5amination results are used to calculate the o*erall degree mar& on a scale of 3 : !!3+ ,he
final result is based on e5am results plus the presentation of a pro;ect or dissertation in front of a
'oard of E5aminers+ ,he pass mar& is 66 and students %ho obtain full mar&s of !!3 may also be
a%arded <summa cum laude= (!!3 e lode$+
Fee% a!d C'%t%#
>ni*ersities and other Higher Education Institutes establish their o%n fees but in the case of
uni*ersity education there is a legal minimum fee for enrolment and ma5imum le*el for student
contributions to costs and ser*ices, %hich cannot e5ceed 23? of state funding+
,he a*erage fees a student has to pay is some%here bet%een #@3 euro and !,333 euro per year
since this *aries from one uni*ersity to another and also depends on the chosen course of study+
(ri*ate uni*ersities are clearly much more e5pensi*e+
Admission to Amaster uni*ersitariB and other speciali-ation courses also ha*e much higher fees+
Doctoral students %ho recei*e a grant from the uni*ersity do not pay fees, but non- grant holders
are reCuired to pay the fees, %hich %ill *ary again according to the uni*ersity chosen+

Sch'la"%h(% a!d )!a!cal ad#
,he Italian Do*ernment a%ards scholarships for studying in Italy both to foreign citi-ens and
Italian citi-ens resident abroad (I7E$+ Scholarships can be a%arded only for study/ research
pro;ects at institutions %ithin the Italian public education and research system+
,he scholarships are a*ailable for >ni*ersity degree courses (>ndergraduate and
(ostgraduate$, Ad*anced *ocational training, art and music courses, asters Degree courses
(Ee*els I or II$, (h+D+ .ourses, Speciali-ation Schools, 7esearch under academic
super*ision, .ourses on Italian language and culture or courses for teachers of Italian as second
All international students are entitled to the same student assistance ser*ices as Italian students,
on basis of the same reCuisites of financial means and/or merit+ ,his applies to scholarships,
student loans, housing assistance, refectory meal tic&ets and fee %ai*ers+
St*de!t l)e#
0ptions for social acti*ities %ill depend *ery much on %here you study+
0b*iously the bigger cities and to%ns ha*e more on offer but small to%ns often ha*e *ery acti*e
student associations and a %ider choice of outdoor acti*ities+
,he best %ay to find out %hat is going on is to chec& %ith local students and student
,he local papers %ill co*er information on e*ents ta&ing place in the to%n or region
Adm%%'! t' de$"ee ("'$"amme%#
&e!e"al c'!dt'!%
In principle, all international citi-ens may get admission to one of the !st , 2nd and 8rd cycle
programmes of Italian higher education (H+ Ed+$+
The t+' e%%e!tal adm%%'! c'!dt'!% a"e that they h'ld the !d%(e!%a,le m!m*m
ed*cat'!al "e-*"eme!t% a!d ha.e a $''d c'm(ete!ce ! Itala!
A"e y'* a! !te"!at'!al a((lca!t?
In the adfirmati*e, go on to the H+Ed+ cycle in %hich you are interested (select one from three
listed here belo%$ and learn about the Cualification and conditions reCuired for admission to the
programmes of your choice:
Admission to !st cycle degree programmes
Admission to 2nd cycle degree programmes
Admission to 8rd cycle degree programmes

St/ A!th'!y0% C'!%*lta!t% P.t Ltd/1 % the '!e %t'( %'l*t'! )'" all y'*" I!te"!at'!al
Ed*cat'!1 Imm$"at'! a!d &' A,"'ad !eed%/ Set *( ! 23341 +e ('!ee"ed the O.e"%ea%
ed*cat'! a!d Imm$"at'! ma"5et ! I!da1 c"eat!$ a c'm(letely !e+ !d*%t"y %e$me!t
a!d ta5!$ t t' c'!%'ldat'! a!d mat*"ty/ O*" c'"e act.ty le% ! a%%%t!$ %t*de!t% t'
ma5e the "$ht ch'ce +th "e$a"d t' (*"%*!$ ed*cat'! ! )'"e$! !%tt*t'!%/ We ("'.de
$*da!ce "e$a"d!$ ed*cat'! ! .a"'*% c'*!t"e% %*ch a% U61 A*%t"ala1 Ca!ada1 Ne+
7eala!d1 USA1 S+t8e"la!d1 &e"ma!y etc/1 a!d ha.e e9(e"t%e '.e" the :Ed*cat'! Sy%tem0
("e.ale!t ac"'%% the $l',e/ I! addt'!1 +e al%' ("'.de %*cce%%)*l ;ISA C'!%*lta!cy a!d
Imm$"at'! )'" all the C'*!t"e%/ We a"e ("'*d t' ,e A*th'"8ed Re("e%e!tat.e% ') m'"e
tha! 50 lead!$ U!.e"%te% < c'lle$e% ! a,'.e "e)e""ed c'*!t"e%/ The%e
U!.e"%te%=C'lle$e% '))e" )*ll "a!$e ') ("'$"am% )'" !te"!at'!al %t*de!t% )"'m
*!de"$"ad*ate t' ('%t$"ad*ate ("'.d!$ -*al)cat'! ! e.e"y d%c(l!e/ The +h'le +'"ld
% )*ll ') '(('"t*!te% a!d the"e % ("'%(ect ! e.e"y c'*!t"y t' $"'+ a!d )l'*"%h/ We
e9(l'"e the%e '(('"t*!te% a!d !t"'d*ce them t' )ell'+ I!da!%1 +h' a"e %ha"( a!d
>y ('!ee"!$ St/ A!th'!y0% !!'.at.e )"a!ch%!$ m'del1 +e e!a,led the c'm(a!y t'
*!lea%h a +a.e ') e!t"e("e!e*"%h( ac"'%% the $l',e1 ("'.d!$ y'*!$ (e'(le +th the
'(('"t*!ty t' c"eate .a,le ,*%!e%%e% ce!te"ed '! St*dy a!d &' A,"'ad/

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