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Home remedies using Karela

Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd, known as Karela in India has been used in
the preparation of traditional and Ayurvedic medicine since ancient
times. A lot can be achieved with this seemingly innocuous looking
vegetable. he Karela is used as a !igestive stimulant and is used to
cure most ailments relating to Gastrointestinal diseases.
"ere are some #imple $emedies for health related problems which can
be cured with the use of Karela.
A little bit of Karela %uice taken early in the morning gives relief to
!iabetics patients.
o remove sugar from the &rine and cure diabetics small pieces of an
unripe Karela are dried indoors and then a powder of these pieces is
prepared. hen about '( grams of this powder has to be taken
everyday in the morning and evening till the ailment is cured.
If about )( grams %uice of the leaves of the Karela plant mi*ed with a
pinch of Asafoetida is taken, it is said to relive problems relating to the
&rinary tract and it also enables the smooth +ow of &rine.
,hronic skin diseases can be cured if the %uice of the leaves of the
Karela plant is applied to the a-ected area.
#kin ailments resulting due to e*cessive heat in the body can be cured
if Karela %uice is applied on the a-ected area.
If the %uice of Karela leaves is taken with hot water it is said to give
relief from Intestinal parasites and eradicate them.
o stop vomiting in children a mi*ture of . Karela seeds and . seeds of
Black /epper ground coarsely is given to them to eat.
!rinking a little bit of the %uice of the root of the Karela plant is said to
give relief from allergic reaction on the body.
/lease 0ote his article has been written for information purposes
only, and not as a replacement for any e*isting medical treatment.
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