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Common Core/21

Century Skills Template
Course Number and Name: EDUU 512 The Art and Craft of Teaching
Course Developer: Kathy Theuer
Directions: Describe what Common core/21
Century skills topics are addressed in your course, what week the topics are addressed and what
activities occurs related to the topic.

Week Common Core or 21
Century Skill Topic Addressed What activity occurs related to the topic? Reading, journal,
discussion, assignment, teacher presentation,
Video clip (give title of video and link if possible) etc
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3 CC- Common Core Standards What are they? How
they are organized? How they are used?

21st- Explore 21
Century Skills
-Teacher Presentation on Planning and Designing Instruction
Resources Folder
- The Mathematics Standards: How They Were Developed and
Who Was Involved
- The English Language Arts Standards: Key Changes and their
-Reading Informational Text Standards
Journal- Locate the Reading Informational Text Standard
document in your learning activities folder. Select one standard
to follow from Kindergarten to 12
grade. Identify the standard
you selected and describe how the expectations of students
change across the grade levels.

Resources folder- Explore 21
Century Skills Website
Resources folder- Example of Wordle for Direct Instruction

Week 4 CC- Explore Problem Based Assignments Assignment- Review a Webquest through the Questgarden
Week 5 CC- Promoting Critical Thinking

- Smartboards
View the Common Core video Evidence and Arguments: Multiple
Ways of Experiencing a Text 9-10 ELA

In your post respond to the following:
1. What strategies did the teacher use in the lesson to
engage students in the text at a deeper level?
2. How did the teacher differentiate instruction for students?
3. Think back to your own school experiences or classroom
observations you have made. Describe a situation which
your critical thinking skills or those of the students you
were observing were challenged.
4. What insights have you gained about teaching critical
thinking from watching the video?

Resources Folder-Smartboard Video
Week 6 CC-Smarter Balanced Assessments- What are they?
How are they structured? How are they going to be
CC-Depth of Knowledge
CC-Inquiry/Problem Solving

Teacher Presentation on Assessing Student Learning
1. Journal- Examine one Smarter Balanced Performance Task
provided in your learning activities folder. Identify the task you
selected, grade level as well as the Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
level required of students to complete the task (located on the
task specification chart within the task). What knowledge will
students need to be successful with this task? Why do you think
that the DOK level was the appropriate level for this task?
Read the article Assessing What Matters and explore the
Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium website

In your post respond to the following:

-Interactive Clickers

1. In the article Robert Sternberg describes a model for
assessment called WICS. Which aspects of the WICS model
did you connect with and why?
2. What other skills for success in school and life, beyond those
mentioned by Sternberg, do you think should be assessed?
3. How do the Smarter Balanced Assessments, developed to
align with the Common Core Standards, compare with
Sternbergs vision of assessment?

Assignment- Design a Webquest
Resource Folder-Interactive Clickers Video
Week 7 21
- Teacher Websites Resources Folder-Teacher Website links
Week 8 21
- Teacher Blogs Resource Folder-Teacher Blog links