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TV Program Proposal

Program Title

Brief Description (a two- or three-sentence description that could appear in TV Guide):

Target Audience (Who is the primary audience in terms of age, gender, education,
socioeconomic level, and ethnicity):

Programs Purpose (To educate, inform, enlighten, entertain, etc.) and tone:

Programs Length (minutes): 60 mins Number of Episodes: 20


In a few sentences, state what day during the week and at what time during the day that you
would like this program to air. Explain why your show is perfect for the day and time you

Two best friends Danika and Chantel, who joined the dance team at their school, just like they
did every year in high school. This year there is something special in store for the dance team.
Chantel and Danika both had their eyes on this guy named Kyle Frink. They both made a pack
that they wouldnt go on a date with him if he ever asked
The programs purpose is to entertain, it will have some serious parts, theres romantic parts but
its also going to have some humor in it.
9 pm, I think this is a good time because thats when everyone is like done dinner, after school
activities and teens and mothers are mostly settling down for bed, they just want to relax and
watch TV.
Fundraising and Show Budget

In this section, you will have to estimate how much money you will need for your Pilot episode
(the first episode of your show). This will be used to set the baseline average for the amount of
money needed to produce an entire season.


What music will be featured as part of the show? Will it feature songs that already exist or will
you hire a specific musician to record new music for the show? Below list the artist, three songs
by that artist, and a short explanation as to why that song will be used for this particular show.

Artist Song Title Justification

Stars for Important Roles

What three stars will you be hiring to play key roles in your show? List the characters they will
play and why they are the perfect choice for those roles.

Star Character Justification
Jenna Dawn

Danika Smith Professional dancer
Josh Duhamel

Kyle Frink Attractive jock,
Jennifer Anniston

Chantel Lewis Shy, beautiful, good dancer.

Commercial Sponsorship

Name three products or services that will be running commercials during your show. Keep in
mind that the commercials should be for things that appeal to you identified Target Audience.

Product or Service Justification / Relationship to Show
IPhone 6

All the teens will have an IPhone 6 in the show.

Charger is the type of car Kyle Frink will be driving in the show.
Vitamin Water

The drink that Danika and Chantel drink a lot of while dancing in
the show.
TV Show Promotion

How will use the media to promote your show? (Examples could be Late Night TV, social
media, daily talk shows, Radio interview) Identify three strategies and why they would be
particularly effective in generating interest in your particular show.

Strategy Justification
Make a twitter/face book page

To post cliff hangers to get people interested in what will be
happening next episode.

Have the radio produces talk about the intensity of the show
and to get more people interested in the show.

Immediate Competition

Describe one or two other shows that you will have to compete with in order to build your
audience. How will your show be different (or better)?

I think a show that will be my immediate competitor would be Pretty Little Liars. I think my show
would be better in a way that more than just teens will enjoy; the show is going to have
romance, humor and seriousness. My show will have dancing and behind the scenes of Danika
and Chantels life, I think it will be interesting to see the dancing and the drama behind the
scenes with Chantel and Danika.

Promotional Poster

Design a poster that will be used to create buzz for your show. The poster should be
provocative (yet still acceptable for public places). This can be hand drawn by an artist or
designed using Photoshop. The poster should feature a banner, a tagline, and when and
where your show will air.

Place your finished poster here:

Toy Promotion

In the space below, describe a couple of potential toy ideas that would spin-off from your show
(e.g., action-figures, dolls, vehicles). Why would these sell well (assuming your show is a

Pilot Episode

In a few sentences, tell the producers what the first episode will be about. You should mention
some of your characters above and what the main conflict of the episode will be.

In the first episode, it will be Danika and Chantels first day of University. As they were walking
around the school trying to find their first class they noticed that there is a dance team and
auditions was today at lunch. At lunch they went to the audition and they auditioned with their
solos they did the previous year on the High school dance team. The next day they posted who
made the dance team and Chantel and Danika both made it and first practice was after school
that day. They both went to dance team practice that day and they were all getting to know
each other. Half way through the practice a guy walked in late and they discovered his name
was Kyle Frink. They both looked at each other and said at the same time whoa hes cute. And