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6th Grade Humanities- Ms.

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Quarter Start Date

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Last Day for Work & Contracts Turned in

Quarter 1- August 11th, 2014

Quarter 2- October 20th, 2014
Quarter 3- January 5th, 2015
Quarter 4- March 16th, 2015

Course Summary


October 3 , 2014
December 5th, 2014
February 27, 2015
May 14th, 2015

Quarter End Date

October 17th, 2014
December 19th, 2014
March 13th, 2015
May 27th, 2015


This course weaves together both skills and content knowledge so that 6 grade students understand how history and geography affect each other and
shape the world around them, including the development of civilization from 10,000 B.C.E. 1650 C.E. This includes many civilizations with their art,
architecture, government, and differing religious beliefs. Students examine the relationship among social, economic, and geopolitical developments
across time and place. They use the processes of conceptual and critical thinking to analyze historical and contemporary issues. Students are encouraged
to think independently while developing grade level skills.
Mastery of 6 Grade AZ & ELA Core Curriculum S.S. Standards:

Students prepare for success in the IB Middle Years Program by:


Knowledge and understanding of Humanities content & vocabulary

Investigating research methods collecting and reporting information
Communicating to an audience in different formats using sources
Thinking critically making connections between material

American & World History, Government, Geography and Economics.

Determining central ideas and analysing how and why events happened
Interpreting words and assessing point of view
Integrating media and evaluating claims based on evidence
Reading complex texts with proficiency

Units of Study
Quarter 1
Unit 1: All Around the World
Unit 2: Cave Man to City Dude
Continued mapping lessons:
World Map
Western Asia
World Map Creation
Semester 1: Midterm Exam

Quarter 2
Unit 3: Dancing on the Ceiling of the
Unit 4: Walk Like an Egyptian
Continued mapping lessons:
Eastern Asia
Ancient Civilizations Timeline
Semester 1: Final Exam

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Unit 5: Its all Greek to Me

Unit 6: Their comin to America

Unit 7: Rome if you want to

Unit 8: Rebirth from Darkness

Continued mapping lessons: Eastern

Central & South America

Continued mapping lessons:

Western Europe

Visual Essay Presentation
Semester 2: Midterm Exam

Methods of Assessment- Standards Based Grading

3-D Museum Project

Semester 2: Final Exam


Standards-based grading practices will be used to indicate academic performance solely related to the Arizona 6 Grade Social Studies and Common
Core Standards. Students are encouraged to retake any assessment on any standard they have not mastered. Quarterly finals are not able to be retaken.
***In order to retake any assessment, students must have a parent signature on the Retake Contract AND show completed assignments that relate to
that assessment are scored at 100% on Edmodo. Retakes MUST occur within two weeks from posting in power schools.***
Students are expected to complete occasional at home practice assignments to reinforce skills
Formative Assessment
and concepts learned in class, practice assignments are considered Formative. Practice is
assigned 2 to 3 times a week on average. All formative assignments are conveniently posted
Summative Assessment
and tracked on Edmodo. Only summative assessments will be included in a students final
Midterm/Final Assessment
IB Rubric Grade
Formative assessments will be graded, reviewed and gone so students can self-correct, utilize
review techniques, and turn back in for a re-grade. Points are not deducted for late assignments. Formative assessments are important in forming
student learning.
Summative assessments of learning help students judge their academic progress toward state standards and MYP aims and objectives. Collectively,
these assessments account for 100% of a students quarterly grade. We will use a variety of assessment types and styles; exams, written assignments,
presentations, extended writing (Essays and a research paper), projects, exhibits, maps, and oral presentation
IB Rubric Grade is available to report to parents where a student is scoring according to IB-MYP Humanities Year 1 objectives and rubrics.

After School Tutoring:

Students are invited to join me every Thursday for tutoring from 8:00 am 8:40 please let me know at least
a day ahead of time. Students are welcome to attend tutoring at other times, but by appointment.
Students must follow the Paseo Hills MS Handbook and DVUSD District handbook.
MS Technology agreement must be signed and returned by parent before student will be assigned an in class

Please feel free to contact me with and questions or concerns.

~Ms. Colleen McNamara

Journey Across Time

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