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Culture in France

Taylor Noecker
Arizona State University
4 November 2014

The culture in France is very rich and important. The culture has mostly affected the area
of Paris. With a beautifully decorated and modern look, France is very well known for their
design. As it states in the Culture of France From the late nineteenth century, France has also
played an important role in modern art, cinema, fashion and cuisine. The importance of French
culture has waned and waxed over the centuries, depending on its economic, political and
military importance. (Culture) One major part of their culture is the Eiffel Tower. Not only
does this bring in mass amounts of tourism, but is one of the most well known architectural
pieces in the world.
Although France has many cultural aspects, it is currently declining. As Donald Morrison
stated in his article Death of French Culture, French literature, Music, the art scene and
cinema, and how Frances contemporary culture no longer prides itself in international influence
and recognition (Morrison) In his article, he discusses how France was once a culturally
diverse country, and now has fallen into a routine where they do not value or cherish their
customs and diversity. He continues on to say, This is a country where promoting cultural

influence has been national policy for centuries, where controversial philosophers and showy
new museums are symbols of pride and patriotism. Moreover, France has led the charge for a

cultural exception that would allow governments to keep out foreign entertainment products
while subsidizing their own. French officials, who believe such protectionism is essential for
saving cultural diversity from the Hollywood juggernaut, once condemned Steven Spielbergs
1993 Jurassic Park as a threat to French identity... (Morrison) I completely agree that like
many other countries, France has begun to stop valuing their culture and traditions as they once
As stated in the article, American Talk of the Death of French Culture Says More About
Them Than Us, by Levy Bernard-Henri, The good health of a culture (here, French culture) is
measured by the degree of curiosity that it excites at the heart of the dominant culture. (Bernard
Henri, 2007) Culture is a major part of any society, and something that needs to be valued and
cherished within each country. Levy is completely right when he discusses what culture truly is.
Although France is losing their culture and values, they are trying to preserve it. Currently,
France is using the Total Foundation. This helps communities restore and renovate old historic
French buildings and structures. So far, the foundations have more than 110 projects funded,
and nearly 360 jobs created or preserved each year in the field of restoration. (Bleak, 2013).
All in all, France has, and will continue to have, rich and valued culture. While it may be
declining slowly, France has ensured to take action and create a tradition based society where
culture is respected and appreciated.

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