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VCE Teacher Review

Study Score:
Tom Appleby
Maddy Dunn
Nene Haggar
Mason Hardy
Jackson Leggate
Lucas Taylor
Edward Tunnard



+ 6.5
+ 0.6
+ 4.5
- 2.7
- 0.3
- 7.3
- 0.7

2 well above, 2 well below, 3 about the expected.

Very surprised that the predicted scores were as high as they
were for Mason Hardy and Maddy Dunn as they produced very
little work throughout the year that would have indicated this
Not surprised that Nene and Tom were the 2 high achievers, very
hard working and always asking for extra work and feedback.
Not surprised at Lucas Taylor, very little effort put into the
subject. Often completing homework for other subjects during
outdoor ed, even the morning of the exam was spent studying for
another subject,
Disappointed that I didnt push Nene harder, she was always
capable of achieving well however didnt hand any practice
exams in prior to the exam and often struggled interpreting
Disappointed that 5 students didnt sit the exam, including my 2nd
best performing student.
High Achievers hard working, always completed homework,
asked for extra work, always seeking help outside of class,
coming to see me at my office, ongoing revision completed,
always made use of class time, good time management skills, redo questions answered badly, very supportive parents.
Low Achievers rarely completed homework, enjoying staying in
at lunchtime or after school, rarely handed in practice SACs and
didnt submit any practice exams, talked and made little use of
class time, struggled reading, never saw or heard form parents.
Prevented achieving predicted - Completion of work, using
feedback, re-doing question (asked and not asked), seeking
assistance outside of class time, ability to read and understand.
Catherine Edwards 2014

How would you change your teaching if you had this data at the
start of the year?
I would work harder with those students that were not achieving
SAC results that were of their predicted grades. Outdoor and
Environmental Studies relies heavily on English skills, hence, if I
was aware of students predicted English results from the GAT I
could use these to work harder on students writing ability.
Only two of my students had a predicted mark of 30 or above out
of a class of 15, I think this could have acted as a challenge to get
the class an average of 30.
I would have pushed students with a higher predicted score (eg.
Lucas Taylor) to achieve higher, knowin is predicted score was so
high. Likewise with Mason Hardy, he never presented work to
me that I would have said was anything near a predicted 30, I
would have pushed him harder.
Bottom Students:
Jesse Reid
Connor Johnson
Rhys Toughill
Opportunities for students to receive extra assistance and
feedback, outside of class time.
Follow up with work that is not being submitted.
More collaboration between teachers, I would like to know if my
students are failing other subjects so I know how to approach the
issue with them. As I said before English is very important, if they
are not doing well in OES then they probably arent doing well at
Top Students:
Kyle Morrow
Jacob Adams
Tash Adamson
Scott Huddleston
Insist that high performing students complete an extra exam
question each week.
More effective holiday revision classes.
Going over effective study skills identifying the best ones for
each student at the start of the year.
Catherine Edwards 2014

Areas answered well / Areas answered poorly


Technology, Commercialisation, Media, Risk

Description of healthy environments
Trust for Nature
Green Building Design

Environment before humans
Environmental Movements
Importance of healthy outdoor environments for indiv. & society
Historical relationships
Very interesting to note that the topics that students did well in were
the topics from Unit 4 and the ones answered poorly are the topics from
Unit 3. Revision and engaging students in questions from past semesters
will be a focus for me this year.

Catherine Edwards 2014