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Historic Preservation Grants for Homeowners

Protecting and rebuilding
historic sites is essential as
to keep a connection our
history and learn from it. A
number of different grant
programs can be found,
through different states and
towns, to assist home
restore historic properties.
homeowner to keep the
historical value of the place
without having significant
expense in the process.
Historic Preservation Grant Program
The Historic Preservation Grant Program is being offered by New York City. This is a
government funded program that gives funds for homeowners to recover damaged or
dilapidated facades. It provides $5,000 to $25,000 to cover repairs on the outside,
particularly to the facade. Qualified repairs can include: repairing or repointing masonry;
the replacement or repair of doorways or home windows and cornice restoration. Other
repairs might also qualify, based on circumstance. To be entitled for the grant, a
structure should be qualified for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, and
also the homeowner must meet the federal limits for household income. Preference in
the approval process is offered to proprietors who can utilize their very own funds to
supplement the grant.
Historic Homeowners Grant Program
The District of Columbia (D.C) provides the Historic Homeowners Grant Program. It is
made to help homeowners with low- and moderate-earnings in the commission of
licensed rehab work. These grants or loans are available for exterior repairs and
structural work in the following areas: Anacostia, Blagden Alley/Naylor Court, Capitol
Hill, Fourteenth Street, LeDroit Park, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon Square, Mount
Vernon Triangle, Shaw, Strivers' Section, U Street and Takoma Park. The restoration is
taken through before-and-after pictures taken and published through the HPO Gallery of
Stabilization Projects
South Carolina offers grants for "stabilization projects." These funds are utilized to
purchase repairs to structures which are on the National Register. This doesn't include
places of worship or church-owned property. These grants or loans are reimbursable
matching grants or loans, meaning the owner must have the ability to shell out for the
project up-front and would then be refunded when the project has been approved. The
grant typically varies from $2,500 to $25,000 dollars. The utmost award is $30,000 and
as many as $100,000 can be obtained for all those grants or loans.
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