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The experiment was conducted to determine the amount of carbon dioxide, dissolved
oxygen, temperature and pH of sample water.Two different water samples were
collected from two different sources in glass bottle. Water sample was collected into
the titration flask and Phenolphthalein Indicator Powder Pillow was added. The color
remains colorless because there was carbon dioxide present. Then, the solution will
go titration to determine concentration of CO2.Water sample was collected in a clean
BOD bottle. One Manganous Sulfate Powder Pillow and Alkaline Iodide-Azide
Reagent Powder Pillow was added in water sample. The Sulfamic Acid Powder
Pillow also added in water sample. The water sample is titrated with Sodium
Thiosulfate by adding 2 drops of Starch Indicator Solution. The temperature and pH
of water sample are measured using Platinum Series Combination pH electrode
w/Temp.The present of carbon dioxide could be identified by unchanged the color of
water when Phenolphthalein Indicator Powder Pillow is added. The amount of
dissolved oxygen is determined when the titration of Sodium Thiosulfate achieved a
colorless end point.

Water quality is importance to all living things, as it being consumed and used
every day. Without a good quality of water, life will be affected drastically and even
can lead to death. Quality of water is important especially to the aquatic life, and by
doing this experiment, we can also see the level of pollution in the sample water
taken. Water quality is a term used to describe the chemical, physical and biological
characteristics of water usually in respect its suitability for a particular purpose.
Generally the chemical water quality test include the measurement of the amount of
carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, hardness and organic compounds. Meanwhile for
the physical water quality, the common test includes turbidity, color, odor, pH and the
temperature of water being tested. In this experiment, students will utilize the HACH
Basic water quality kit to examine the characteristics of water through chemical and
physical test.