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Friday November 7, 2014

Thanks to all of you who made it to conferences! If you were

unable to attend and have any questions or concerns, please
dont hesitate to contact us!!
Library News-Mrs.Wanamaker

Thank you to all those who purchased items at the books fair. You can still
go ONLINE and purchase books until November 18 th and have them

delivered right to your door! The school receives credit for all of the
purchases. Here is the address:

Computers Mrs. Petersen

In Computers, students will be formatting a two-page report and preparing the

works cited page of the report. Students should currently be working on Lesson 7
as a minimum in Keyboarding Online in order to reach our goal for completing all
the letter keys by winter break (Lesson 11). Students are encouraged to work on it
in the mornings, during guided study times, and at home.

Social Studies-Mrs. Larsen


Students will be completing their Cartographers Challenge map

this coming week. They all seem to be enjoying creating their own
island. They will turn them in on Wednesday, Nov.12 (ODD) and
Thursday, Nov. 13 (EVEN) along with their Geography Dictionaries.
Most of the work will be done in class or guided study time. We then
will be ready to head into our Canada/US Region Mapping Lab Unit. We will be
reading in our textbook to find out how the two countries compare with each other

in the areas of physical and human geography. We will also be doing several
mapping activities.

Science Mrs. Simpson


Students started the week with a formative assessment over the Focus Vocabulary.
Students were expected to be proficient on 8 of the 23 terms. They were assessed
over all 23 terms, as a way to expose them to the terms that they will learn later
this year. In infinite campus, there will be two scores. One is the number the student
got correct out of the 8 that they were expected to know. The other is the number
that they had correct out of all 23 terms. Though I included both scores in Infinite
Campus, I am only concerned about the number correct out of 8 terms at this point.
This week was also spent on practicing thermometer readings and temperature
applications. In addition, we started exposing students to the classroom textbook
through a metric measurement scavenger hunt activity.
Next week, we will start using the textbook regularly. We have a classroom set of
textbooks for students to use. Since we are limited on the number of books we
have, students will be completing their work in class. If, for whatever reason, they
do not complete their work in class, they will be expected to come in to complete
their work during guided study or before/after school.
This Weeks Learning Target (s):
I can describe how to read, both positive and negative, temperatures
on a thermometer.
I can explain where to find Celsius and Fahrenheit on a combination

Art-Mrs. Smith

Website: www.artinspiredbylife.com
This week students are accomplishing the following goals:
Continuing to work on impressionist paintings, applying short brush
strokes and mixing colors right on the canvas.
Watched clips of a movie about an impressionist artist Mary Cassatt
Reviewing progress and goals since the beginning of the year, and
setting new goals
Thank you for coming in during conferences and seeing your childs growth
in their art skills!
Square 1 Art

Products will be in by November 17th.

Ms. Loneman Language Arts

It was great seeing so many of you at conferences this week! If you were unable to
attend, your child will be bringing home a packet of materials from their
conference envelope on Monday. Please take some time to have your child lead
you through these materials so they can share what they have been working on so
far this year.
This week students worked hard on their nonfiction newsletter notes. They will then
put this into a published version using Microsoft Publisher when we go to the computer lab
next week. If students are in class and make good use of their time, they should not require
any work outside of school to complete this assignment.
The focus of our grammar work this week was on coordinating conjunctions.
Students were introduced to the FANBOYS, and practiced using the coordinating
conjunctions to connect two words, two phrases, and two independent clauses. The
students seemed to catch on quickly, so I look forward to seeing the students apply this in
their future writing assignments.
Next week will be the start of lesson 16. This lesson will wrap up prior to
Thanksgiving break with the assessments being either on November 20 th or 21st and retakes
being the Monday and Tuesday prior to break.
Lesson 16:
Main selection: The Real Vikings
Big Idea: The past is full of amazing stories.
Essential Question: How do new clues match old ideas about Vikings?
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast Target Strategy: Summarize
Fluency: Punctuation
Vocabulary Strategies: word origins
Target vocabulary: majestic, ruthless, ancestral, saga, destiny, recreational, artistry, unearthed,
forge, embodied
GT Families:
GT students will be working on their theme analysis paper next week. They will also be
introduced to a memoir extension unit which will completely replace the Journeys lesson, lesson
16. Look for these materials to be coming home with your child next week, and feel free to
contact me if you have any questions about either of these projects.
Important Dates:
November 10thVeterans Day Assembly
November 13thPublished Nonfiction Newsletter Due
As always, please contact me at any time with comments, questions, or concerns.
Email: melissa.loneman@indianola.k12.ia.us
Phone: 961-9530 ext. 3134
Twitter: @msloneman (twitter.com/msloneman)
Website: msloneman.weebly.com
Have a great weekend!

Box Tops
Send to school anytime! Collection tubs are located in
Language Arts rooms
and main office.

Language Arts with Mr. Kotz

Hello all! We will be beginning our next lesson, The Real Vikings, at the beginning
of next week. This lesson is a non-fiction piece about Vikings. I would like to
encourage you to speak to your loved one about this text.

Lesson 15:
Main Selection: The Real Viking
Big Idea: The past is full of amazing ideas
Essential Questions: How do new clues match old ideas about Vikings?
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast
Target Strategy: Summarize
Fluency: Puctuation
Vocabulary Strategies: Suffixes: -ent; -ant
Target vocabulary: majestic, ruthless, ancestral, saga, destiny, recreational, artistry, unearthed, forge,
This lesson will take approximately two weeks to complete. The pacing of each activity and
assessment may vary, depending on our daily progress.
Known Due Dates:
Final draft of newsletter due 11/14
Please feel free to use this link of our text book to have your students our main selection outside of
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.
515-961-9530 ext. 3118

Math-Mrs. Vetter

This week in math we continued Unit 2-Operations with

Whole Numbers and Decimals. We also spend time on a
screener/benchmark test that we will use to show growth over the
course of the year. They will take a different version of this test
twice more this year.
Next week we will continue with Unit 2 including Scientific Notation and more
work with Exponential Notation. I hope to wrap Unit 2 up soon.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 961-9530 ext. 3147

Have a nice long weekend!

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