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Rosita SCERBO]
Italian 101

Date: 08/28/2014

OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to

Great people, make introductions and exchange personal information
Great students, introduce myself, ask individuals their names, then I write on the
board. Using the same procedure I introduce: Come stai? (How are you) and Di
dove sei? (Where are you from) and I encourage the students to respond every
time. Then I focus on the formal and informal tenses. (15min)
1)Opening Activity: I encourage students to
introduce themselves and give some
information about themselves. Then looking at
some pictures on the blackboard (a doctor, a
professor, a student, the president, member of
family etc.) they have to indicate which tense
they would use with each of them(formal or
informal) (5min)
2)Meeting new people: Students go around the
class greeting each other, introducing
themselves and have a brief conversation. (10
3)Write a short dialogue: Students work in pairs
writing a short dialogue and following some
instructions. Some of the students need to use
the characteristics of the formal tense, others
will use the characteristics of the informal one.

Interpretive activity:
Opening Activity
Interpersonal activity:
Meeting new people
Presentational: Write
a short dialogue, using
the formal and
informal tenses.

Italian greetings. I explain that Italians tend to be formal in their social exchanges.
I focus on the formal and informal situations. I then show some pictures explaining
that in Italy its very common to shake hands when you are greeting someone and
that in friendly situations we also kiss each other on both cheeks, starting with the
right one and at that time we may also embrace.
After the students write the formal and informal dialogues I will ask for some
volunteers to read the dialogue to the class, so that they can also practice their
pronunciation in Italian. Then I will give each student one of the pictures that are
on the blackboard, like president Obama, a doctor, a student etc.. They will then
become the person in the picture and they will have to talk with each other using
formal and informal appropriately based upon the picture they have. (10min)
Next time: I tell the students which pages they
need to read for the next class. Since the book
is written in English, it will be easier for them
to understand what Im going to cover in class
if they have already read something about that.

HOMEWORK: I tell them

where in the book they can
find the material that we
covered in class, so that they
can go over them again and
repeat the main concepts. I
remind them which
homework is due before the
next class. They have an
online student activities
manual where they have to
complete their homework
every day.