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Students: Claudia Millafilo

Aracely Rodrguez
Course: English as a Foreign Language Methodology
Teacher: Maria Gabriela Sanhueza.
Date: September the 1st

Universidad Catlica de la Santsima Concepcin

English Pedagogy
Teaching Practice


N of SS:



Aim: SWBAT: Tell their partners about their future plans,orally.

Learning Outcome:

60 minutes

Pre service Teacher:

Aracely Rodrguez
Claudia Millafilo

Assumed knowledge:
Structure verb to be.
Names of places (mall, supermarket,party)
Names member of the family and friends.

REF to Planes y Programas

Exponent: Im going to visit my family on 18th september week

Target Language:
Use: the contracted form of the verb to be is used orally and in an
informal register. E.g with friends.
To share information about your plans in a conversation.
Vocabulary and structures will be useful to make plans with friends or
Meaning: to talk about future plans.
Form: Im+going to+ bare form of the verb.
Pronunciation of the contracted form of the verb to be.
Anticipated problems
..and Solutions


Ss forgot days of the week.

Ss cannot produce contracted form of verb to be.
Ss mispronounce // sound.
Ss forget to pronounce // sound

Power point presentation with



Rehearse days of the week through drilling.

Drilling oral activiy practicing contracted
form of verb to be and the // sound.
Emphasize the difference when they talk
about dates and numbers.

PROCEDURE (What T and SS are going to



What Im going to say



T shows pictures.
T asks students to say what the people in the
pictures are going to do (elicit previous
T communicates the aim to Ss.

T asks students to predict about her plans

for the 18th september week. (engaging Ss
and eliciting their previous knowledge)
T describes to Ss her/his plans for the 18th
september week emphasizing the use of Im
going to
T asks CCQS to students
T provides students with a list of verbs that
can be useful in the practice and production
1. Visit
2. Eat
3. Cook
4. Travel
5. Go shopping
6. Go out
7. Write
8. Watch
9. Play
10. Drink

T writes sentences using the verbs shown

5 min

In these pictures you can see people planning what they are
going to do.
What did they plan?
What are you going to do after this class?
Are you going to go shopping?
After this lesson you will be able to tell your and your
classmates future plans using Im+going to+ bare form of the
Would you tell me what are the plans you think I have made
for the 18th september week?

10 min

On the 18th september Im going to eat a lot.

Im also going to travel to see my family.
My mother is going to cook empanadas.
CCQs: Am I eating a lot right now?
Did my mother cook empanadas?
Did I plan to stay at home in Concepcin?


before on the whiteboard.

T asks students to read out loud the
sentences. (Controlled, drill)


T corrects students mistakes and provides

the right pronunciation.
T makes emphasis in the pronunciation of
the contracted form of verb to be and the //
T provides Ss with a worksheet with picures
in which they have to make senteces using
the contracted form and the corresponding
verbs in order to make plans. (Less


(Classrooms chairs are arranged in a circle)

In pairs,Ss describe a series of plans made
for the present week to their partner using
the structure learned.( 10 min)
T is outside the circle monitoring the Ss
Ss present their classmates plans to the
T registers different aspects of this
presentation with a rubric.
T gives a formative mark to students
according to this activity.
T asks students to bring for next class one
plan their parents have made for the 18th
september week.
*Rubric is attached in the webpage.

Now, please take a look at these sentences.

I will tell your names and you have to choose and read one
of the sentences out loud.
Remind: you have to pay attention to the pronunciation of the
contracted form of verb to be.
Repeat after me: Im shes hes- theyre youre- were.
e.g: Shes going to drink a lot.

10 min

Ok, now look at this worksheet. Here you will find 5 images.
For each image you have to create a sentence using the
structures weve already seen. You will have 10 minutes to
complete this worksheet, you can work with your partner if
you want.

20 min

Now its your turn. Please sit in a circle.

Work in pairs. Share your future plans with your classmates.
Make sure you are clearly understood by your partner.
After this, share your classmates future plans with the rest of
the class. You will have 3 minutes to present.
While you share Ill take notes in order to give you
feedback.This activity has a formative mark.
Students during the week you have to ask your parents what
plans they have made for 18th september week and bring it
for next class.