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Shri-Tech Inaugural speech

Namaskar and a very warm good morning to all!

Its indeed a pleasure and an honor to be welcoming you all to the first ever Shri
Tech quiz hosted by TSRS in collaboration with NDTV, and our main sponsors
Lenovo and Quadcom. This event has also been powered by Gionee and Spice
smart phones.
I take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution made by
Mr.Rajeev Makhni of the gadget guru fame. I would also like to welcome Mr.
Kunal Sawarkar our quiz master as well as Mr. Rohan Gupta from express minds
the content managers for the quiz. Finally I welcome our joint vice chairpersons
and Maneka Maam as well as heads of school and colleagues from other
campuses to this grand event.
The aim of hosting such an event is truly for us adults to get a peek into the
virtual world that you children inhibit and explore most of the time. In fact its
out attempt to look into the future with you.
We also think that the SHRI tech quiz will not only inform and educate but also
spark you young minds to start thinking creatively and differently.
Our eminent speakers will share with you the latest in the Tech world and open
new vistas right from gaming that can be used to solve real life issues to being
safe and secure in the virtual world. All technology that eases human life or
suffering is very welcome however we need to understand this technology as a
powerful tool that you can use to serve the larger community.
Like any other competition you will pit your knowledge and skill against each
other each team must aspire to win however I urge you to bear in mind that
winning is not the ultimate. Yes prizes matter! yes winning is important! but
learning is the ultimate goal.
Best wishes to all the teams so with excitement and a positive approach let the
fun begin!! May the best win!!